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“I’ve re-checked the figures, sir, and it’s a mistake.”
“You’re not overdrawn by £50. I’m afraid you’re overdrawn by £60.”

If I Fall For You

TITLE: If I Fall For You

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 8 of 8
AUTHOR: the-resawrites

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki’s chosen bride is a beautiful Princess, a daughter of a powerful King. He visits her every week to get to know her and sometimes she visits him too. However, Loki falls in love with her Lady’s maid- a shy yet very smart, book-loving young maiden.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This is the end, beware of typos and this is also a short chapter. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 8

“Mother is very nice, I’m sure she’ll love you. Father… will probably need some convincing. And Thor, Thor’s going to accept you no matter what.”

“Your family sounds nice.” I chuckled. “Do you really think we can marry like that?” I snapped my fingers.

“I know, I know. If Odin says yes, then we’ll be married within a week. And if he says no, we can convince him. Don’t be nervous, darling, you’ll do well.”

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Book Photo Challenge - June - Day 21

Want to Visit: Prague

This book jumps around the world a little bit but is mostly set in Prague. I’ve always wanted to visit there before but after reading this book it sounded like such an amazing place. From the touristy spots to the little places only Karou and her friends knew about, it was magical even before the fantasy world was involved.

Thanks to @booksforthoughts for making up the June challenge


bringing this back before world enough and time (because i am 99% sure this is the murray gold extra beloved theme that will feature)


I forgot Phichit used his other hand on his iconic selfie and fuck I don’t know how to use a selfie stick yet and it looks awful but hey look I did it!!!!!!! (I forgot about the rings scene or else I would have told my friend to help me out with that omg)