the vision of faust

stubbom  asked:

Out of interest, who is the most beautiful woman in art history in your opinion?

This is exactly the kind of question I love! First up at the plate is Emma Hart (later Hamilton), my icon and dream girl:

(Sketch of Emma Hart as Circe by George Romney, 1782)

Bouguereau’s work is also up there, especially this one:

(The Wave by William Bouguereau, 1896)

I love this sculpture by Antonio Corradini, partly because it is insane to me that you can make marble look like that, and also because…I mean, that body:

(Veiled Truth by Antonio Corradini, c. 1750)

And Luis Ricardo Falero’s witches also deserve a mention. I like a girl who looks like she could eat me alive:

(Vision of Faust by Luis Ricardo Falero, 1878)


FINALLY DREW THE KIDS except for some parents and siblings

im gonna add info for each one under the cut but itll take a while so the description is very much a WIP!!!

OK first is cohen!! his ability is that he can control iron and substances that have iron atoms as part of their composition. So like…chunks of iron would be taken as the chunk but he CAN control things like blood, very weakly! He’s anemic. He is grumpy but high energy and loves to run

Louis’ quirk is “gatorkind”, he has the feet, tail, and teeth of a gator! He can also grow his nails into claws at will but they need trimming pretty much immediately and are very tough. It takes a couple days from the thickness of the “claws” to wear back down into human fingernails so he uses that ability sparingly. His bite is very strong but his jaw often locks up when his mouth is closed. He’s very positive!!

Penelope’s quirk is that the bones in her limbs are made from cartilage instead of…bone. Her cranium and spine, ribs, etc are bone since they protect vitals and stuff but she is VERY very flexible and pretty lightweight. She is agile and hardworking since her quirk doesn’t give her natural strength of any sort. Her fighting style is based around using the movements of her opponent against them.

Mars (short for marseille) can control plants within a certain radius. That’s pretty much it. He is missing an arm that was lost during a crash when he was super young, and his prosthetic is self-made. It sort of connects to his nerves through roots and kind of melds with his skin in a sort of plant-flesh parfait

adede’s quirk is called “hammer arm”, named after the Pokémon move lmfao. her forearms are covered in a rigid exoskeleton. It’s a means of both offense and defense, but the exoskeleton is bulky and has sharp angles that can get in the way. The facets of the exoskeleton resemble like….really dark colored amethysts

Chelani has something to do with venom, but I’m reworking her and haven’t settled on one thing so she’s just kind of there for now.

Eileen can manipulate ink!! She is fun loving and her hair resembles tentacles. They are, however, unable to move independently like a tentacle might.

dexter can manipulate and multiply vapor/smoke/steam/etc once a certain concentration of it exists in an area. Like.. she can use smoke from a smokestack to create a large cloud of it but can’t just use the little bit of moisture that’s in the air to create a cloud. She can form small bodies of water (as in water in a cup) into a cloud or into steam with difficulty. Since vapor has to exist for her to manipulate it, she uhhh she vapes

August has animal instincts! Like Penelope, there isn’t an inherent physical strength given to him by his quirk that he could use to fight with, so he’s very into exercise and fitness. He has this bad boy persona but has a heart of gold. He can speak with animals and has heightened night vision, hearing, sense of smell, etc.

Faust is basically an earthbender. She’s blind in the eye that’s not shown. She has a strong quirk but doesn’t know how to use it to the best of her abilities. Her partial blindness gives her bad sense of distance and placement etc etc. she’s named after Faust from guilty gear

kalo is an anthro leopard and that’s pretty much it. They have the qualities of a leopard. They’re pretty chill and independent, and don’t mind helping when needed

adriens quirk is called “swords dance”, also named after a move in Pokémon. He can sort of “summon” swords and control them based on the movements of his body, sort of similar to penny from rwby


To fellow bronies who defend My Little Pony by saying its “Not really girl”.

No. That is wrong. It IS girly, unabashedly so. The problem is assuming that “girly” means badly-made, superficial, and stupid. Girly can be good. This is the holy word of creator-saint Lauren Faust.

Whenever you try to present MLP:FiM as “not girly”, you do a disservice to the show and it’s vision.