the vision of faust

VI: Man - The Body, A Box

A Rotten Apple
Set North then West
And around the range
For the return
Of a fish
I no longer wanted.
Having made a wish
To feel nothing
But Happiness
And Bliss.

I came across
A soft oasis
Lush with red palms
Coupled with ruins
Baring beauty
In Moss.
Eyes now lost
In Visions
Calling from
A deal presented;
One by Faust.

How I tried
Yet could not
Break my faith
As I know truth
And my body,
soul, heart, nor mind
Cannot be bought.

How I cried.

stubbom  asked:

Out of interest, who is the most beautiful woman in art history in your opinion?

This is exactly the kind of question I love! First up at the plate is Emma Hart (later Hamilton), my icon and dream girl:

(Sketch of Emma Hart as Circe by George Romney, 1782)

Bouguereau’s work is also up there, especially this one:

(The Wave by William Bouguereau, 1896)

I love this sculpture by Antonio Corradini, partly because it is insane to me that you can make marble look like that, and also because…I mean, that body:

(Veiled Truth by Antonio Corradini, c. 1750)

And Luis Ricardo Falero’s witches also deserve a mention. I like a girl who looks like she could eat me alive:

(Vision of Faust by Luis Ricardo Falero, 1878)

To fellow bronies who defend My Little Pony by saying its “Not really girl”.

No. That is wrong. It IS girly, unabashedly so. The problem is assuming that “girly” means badly-made, superficial, and stupid. Girly can be good. This is the holy word of creator-saint Lauren Faust.

Whenever you try to present MLP:FiM as “not girly”, you do a disservice to the show and it’s vision.