the vision of ezekiel

Hebrew Alphabet Chart Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Circa 1650

This broadside served as a pedagogical tool to enhance the education of young children learning the Holy Tongue; it is one of the earliest charts of its kind. The center panel presents various combinations of Hebrew vowels and consonants and a series of morning prayers, including the blessing recited for hand washing as well as the text of Psalm 23 and other biblical verses. The border is embellished with bold woodcuts, including a depiction of David with his sling, a variety of animated animals, and a rendering of Jerusalem as it will appear in the messianic era. This image of Jerusalem is based on the description from a vision of the Prophet Ezekiel (Ez. 48:30–34). The very same woodcut of Jerusalem is also printed on the title page of an appeal for charity sent by the Ashkenazic women of Jerusalem to be published in Frankfurt am Main circa 1650.

Are we alone in the whole universe? 🌌 No matter what the skeptics or the debunkers have to say, but there is hardly any doubt that alien life does exist and they have been visiting our planet since the ancient times. A study on the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics would confirm this further.
1) The 3,000-year-old hieroglyphs found in Seti I’s temple in Abydos, Egypt, are said to depict nothing less than a helicopter, plane and futuristic aircraft among the usual insects, symbols and snakes. 

2)As per the Book of Ezekiel, a prophet had a vision of a flying machine that was emitting fire, smoke and noise. The design as mentioned in the religious book matches perfectly with that of a modern day spaceship. If it were not the aliens, who could have built such an advanced aircraft, 2500 years back?
3)Did you know that the height of the pyramid (481 feet) is exactly 1/1,000,000,000 of the distance from the earth to the sun (480.6 billion feet)?
4)If you take the line of longitude that the pyramid lies on and the latitude that the pyramid lies on, 31 degrees north by 31 degrees west (the fact that they are the same number is a coincidence?) they are the two lines that cover the most combined land area in the world. In essence, the pyramid is the center of all of the land mass of the whole earth!
I could mention a hundred more strange facts about the ancient Egypt that proves that we, as human race, have been helped by some kind of divine, or extraterrestrial hand to become what we are right now. Let’s remember that the Darwin’s theory of evolution have never been proven at all, there’s still the missing ring in the evolution from the monkey to the man.

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Could you write something about Ezekiel having ptsd flashbacks and thinking he's still in the game while they're in the middle of a party or something? Bonus points if it's Jake/Ezekiel?

Thanks for the prompt! I hope this fits what you were looking for!

(warnings: panic attacks, flashbacks, violence)

Ezekiel was fine.

That wasn’t a deflection by the way. He knew, compared to some other people, and even according to some other people, he was definitely not fine. But on his own scale, looking back at where he was months ago - hell, even a couple of weeks ago - he was fine. And in a few months, he knew, he’d be looking back at this moment and going ‘like hell that was fine, this is fine.’

And that was okay too.

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The Easy Way (Part 19) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: war war and some more war 

a/n: i’m thinking that the next chapter will be the last :-( this series was so fun to write, and depending on how well everything wraps up, i may write a prologue or an epilogue (or both bc why the hell not)

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 877

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Cyndie’s group had divided throughout Alexandria and taken shelter in different homes. She told you they were sent to your town from a village by the sea, where almost everything was peaceful. She said the waves of the ocean made a sound so pleasant, she slept sweetly almost every night. 

Of course that was bullshit. Nobody slept without one eye open, and if they did, they were stupid or dead already. Bliss is ignorance, and ignorance gets you killed. 

The smoke in the air was thick and foggy, making your eyes water as debris irritated them. The Saviors were out of Alexandria, and there was only one thing left to do: Get Maggie.

You no longer had to hide behind the houses lining the border of the town. Cyndie looked around until she found a house she recognized. Opening the door slowly, she revealed a woman with short, dark hair holding a knife. 

“Shit, Cyndie. You scared me,” she sighed in relief. 

“This is Beatrice,” Cyndie introduced. “This is (Y/N) and Carl.”

Beatrice nodded at you once, allowing you to come inside. 

“Who else is in here?” Cyndie asked, walking to a bag and opening it, revealing its contents. Guns, ammunition, knives, and grenades filled up the small bag. 

“Holy shit,” you gasped. “Isn’t it, like… really dangerous to keep all that stuff in one bag?”

“Isn’t it really dangerous to fight a fucking psychopath?” Beatrice quipped. 

You sighed and raised your eyebrows. “Fair enough.”

You all used your limited time to your advantage, reloading your guns and grabbing extra knives. You could never be too prepared. 

“Negan’s dipshits got a pregnant woman. We gotta get her before they take her or hurt her,” Cyndie explained. Beatrice nodded, grabbing some extra supplies, herself. “Almost everyone’s gone. The Saviors should be going soon; There’s really nothing left of them.”

“Keep in mind, kid, they have an assload of outposts,” Beatrice reminded. “More of them could come any time, now.” 

Carl shook his head and led you out the door. “We can’t keep taking our time like this. We have to get Maggie now.” You followed him, unsure if Beatrice and Cyndie were following you. “I’m not letting those sons of bitches hurt her or her kid.”

“Carl,” you said softly, placing your hand on his shoulder. “Do you really think you can just go out there and get her back? They’ll smoke you.” 

Carl sighed, knowing you were right. “I don’t have time to make a plan. I’m just gonna take as many out as I can.” He left you, running off towards them. 

“God damn it,” you huffed. “You two, go make sure he’s okay. I’m gonna round up our best shots, and we’ll take them out. Go!” you demanded, running towards the houses filled with your family. 

You ran as fast as you had ever run in your life to the infirmary. You bursted through the door, not giving a damn if anyone was behind it. 

“If you can shoot, I need you right here, right now. They’re almost gone. We just have to get Maggie, then this shit is over for now,” you stated loudly, your voice filling the small room. Daryl and Rick ran to you, followed by Sasha, Jesus, and Eugene.  Tara led a young girl, who couldn’t have been older than twelve to your group. 

“Anyone else?” you asked. Aaron and Rosita emerged from a closet where more guns had been left by the people of Oceanside. Enid was limping behind them, but she was there, nonetheless. “Let’s go.”

Your group of eleven ran swiftly and spread out behind a few remaining spots of the front gate and some immobile cars. “Open fire!” you yelled, signaling the group. They began shooting down Saviors left and right. The roar of the giant Tiger could be heart from the other end of the town, but was soothed by Ezekiel, calming the animal into tranquility. 

Your vision went black as your head was swiftly hit by a piece of metal, and your limp body was picked up from the ground. You didn’t try to open your eyes; You just lay in an unknown predator’s grasp. A bullet was fired from behind you, and the person holding you dropped. You fell face first into the gravel, slicing below your cheekbone in the process. Blood spilled from the back of your head and your face, now, in addition to your forehead, nose, and chin. 

“Come on, honey,” a familiar voice mumbled, dragging your body behind a car. You opened your eyes slowly to see Carol crouching over you, and a fallen Savior a few feet away. 

You would have smiled at her if you hadn’t coughed up blood on your shirt. The fluid burned your throat and nose as it spilled out in front of you. “It’s okay, honey. It’s almost over. You’re doing great,” Carol whispered, rubbing your back. 

You turned your head and spit out the remaining fluid in your mouth, getting back up on your knees and aiming your gun at the Saviors. 

“Take them all down!”

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Summary: Now he remembers why he never lies - he’s so bad at it that it’s pointless to even try.

A/N: I know this has been done, like, 50 times already, but I don’t know. Ezekiel’s my baby, and I needed to give him a little more appreciation.

Hope you enjoy!

Everything’s shifting. Glitching? For some reason, that word feels a little more accurate. He’s a little dazed, his head all fuzzy and the world a little too black - no, white - now black for his liking.

But then there’s a firm hand on his arm. And when he opens his eyes and finally takes a good look at the blond woman in front of him he gains some sort of understanding. Eve. That’s Eve, he tells himself. Oh. Brain grape - no, Cassie. And that’s Stone. I shot Stone. Wait, what?

“Back where? Back what?” He stumbles out, frowning, staring at his friends. Right. Friends. These are his friends.

“You don’t remember anything?” Eve says, playfully smacking his shoulder. Something’s… Something’s different.

“You’re an unsaved game,” Cassandra says, amusement clear in her eyes, her voice. Different. Something’s really different. Did he miss something?

And he stares, open mouthed, as some things slowly come back.

The last glitch. He glitched the game. What happened after that? Is he back to square one? What happened? Suddenly he sees them - the rage people. Oh no. He needs to run. He needs to run, to get the hell out of there as soon as possible - but - they’re talking.

They’re talking. They’re smiling, they’re laughing, completely addled and perplexed, yes, but they’re talking.

It’s over. It’s done. They’re… talking.

He won?

Well, he can’t remember winning, but he certainly didn’t think he’d lose.

“We’re the Librarians,” Eve says, and Ezekiel’s brain needs to throw up because hold on for just a second -

“I’m a what?” He shrieks, followed by the sound of something in his brain cracking and his vision going black for a second.

“Eze - Ezekiel!” Eve yells, and suddenly he’s being shaken by a rather concerned Baird, and he blinks hard and tries to focus until he realizes that she’s just making it worse.

“I’m up, I’m up, I’m up,” he chants, shrugging her off rather roughly and dragging himself to his feet. “Sorry. Memory clogged. Disoriented. Fine now. Let’s, uh, let’s go home.”

He flinches as they pass through the gate, and when they arrive back at the Annex, Stone bumps into him and for a moment he’s sure they’re back where they started. But the warm glow of the Library greets him, and he takes a deep breath, swallowing his worry and striking a grin at the others.

“Well, that was quick,” he says cheerfully, bouncing on his feet. “Care to enlighten me on what happened, exactly?”

They tell him. They tell him everything. And he listens, partly amused and partly freaking the hell out because holy shit he was a badass. Now he understands why he can’t remember winning - he hadn’t reached the final save point.

He almost wants to take credit for it all, now. He wants to rub it in their faces, even the part when they stumble, implying that he laid his life down for them. See? In this story, Ezekiel Jones is not weak. In this story, Ezekiel Jones is not a third wheel. In this story, Ezekiel Jones is not the conceited “little brother” they think he is.

But Ezekiel Jones is also stubborn. Because if he relents, if he backs off and lets it go, everything will change, right? And for some reason, he doesn’t want it to. He’s afraid of losing whatever this connection he has with them. So he denies it. “So you’re telling me I did all of that?” He says, lifting his chin and trying to look as innocent as possible. (He’s really not doing a great job of it, considering Eve’s hard look.) “No. That doesn’t sound like me.” (He pointedly ignores Cassandra’s intensifying grin.) “You guys are putting me on. A little fun at my expense I get it.” (He really, really hates himself for rushing through the last part.)

“So you finally turn into a halfway decent person… And you aren’t going to even own up to it?” Stone asks, a little smile on his face.

“A halfway decent person?” Ezekiel rolls the words around in his mouth with a snort. He wants to throw up now, and it isn’t because of Stone’s knowing look, not at all. “Sounds like a step down from all awesome, don’t you think?”

As they all leave with amused looks and a kiss on Cassandra’s part, Ezekiel takes what feels like his first breath of fresh air in a long time. And when he finally returns home, too, he feels like a weight’s been lifted off of his shoulders.

Because whenever Ezekiel dreams about the blood between the rage people’s fingers, a weak yelp tearing through his throat in the middle of the night, Eve always sneaks him coffee after taking one look at the bags under his eyes. And whenever he hesitates before barreling through the glowing door, Stone’s firm arm on his shoulder is kinder, more reassuring. And whenever he accidentally makes an inside joke about something he shouldn’t know, Cassandra always takes it with a smile and a tease right back at him.

He realizes that even if he did prove to be worthy of his title, even if he did accept his heroics with a little self praise and a little more tact, nothing would have changed. His role was not compromised even with their knowing looks and their silent pride in him. Eve, Stone, Cassandra - they know what he did. And they know he knows what he did.

Ezekiel now remembers why he never lies - he’s so bad at it that it’s almost pointless to even try.

He’s still the little brother, the mess of the Librarian in Training. The only difference is, ironically, that he’d gained their trust by lying.

And he knows he’ll hold onto that trust till the very end.