The Vision by Evelyn de Morgan, 1914

The Vision depicts an allegory of WWI; ‘The threatening horror dawning on Peace and Purity’. A young maiden crowned with a golden band decorated with vines and holding sheaves of barley is acompanied by the figure of Peace robed in red with a wreath of olive leaves in her hair and over her shoulder. The leaves are being dislodged by the swirling gusts of wind stirred by the malevolent figure of a bat-winged bogie with flames in its hair, who represents the destruction of war. Despite the threat of war, the dawning sun calms the ocean and parts the cloud to suggest hope.


Pietro: No, I can’t give my blessing to this, she’s my precious little sister
              and I’ve basically raised Wanda. She even jokingly calls me Daddy here and there.
Vision: Rest assured, Pietro, your sister calls me Daddy, too.
Pietro: …
Vision: …
Pietro: what
Vision: wait

Truth be told, Vision did not mean it to come out that way.



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A++ and cheers to Paul Bettany for use his incredible acting skills to represent a Vision totally nervous, confused, fascinated, protective, attracted and in love with Wanda, all in one scene.

I am not sorry at all

only for the shitty resolution

The Avengers in Cacw
  • Tony :trying to atone for his sins
  • Steve :BUCKY
  • Bucky :idk what's going on and I'm really tired, but if y'all could stop trying to fucking kill me that would be great thanks
  • Nat :protecting my children who can't protect themselves
  • Vision :according to maths......
  • Wanda :just leave me be??? jeez. also don't hurt my Steve.
  • Black Panther :fuck y'all I just want to kill Bucky
  • War Machine :good thing I'm here to keep y'all from fucking shit up. fucking amateurs.
  • Ant-Man :I love you guys???
  • Spider-Man :I need to impress Mr Stark. also I'm a big fan of each and everyone of you.
  • Clint :I can't fucking leave y'all alone for two days
  • Falcon :if Steve's going I'm going
  • Sharon :hello my name is unnecessary romantic interest I am here to make Steve look less gay
  • *the door opens with a bang*
  • Vision:Miss Maximoff. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Wakanda with the single object of seeing you... I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, Mr. Stark's expectations, the government, our differences and the circumstances that separate us. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony.
  • Clint:...
  • Sam:...
  • Steve:...
  • T'Challa:...
  • Scott:...
  • Wanda:...
  • Wanda:Vision, have you been reading Pride and Prejuice AGAIN?
  • Vision:...
  • Vision:I've been making research...

  And what do you want?  For people to see you, as I do.

“The age difference between the actors is too much, she’s just a girl and he is an old man”

Vision was totally abusive and manipulative with Wanda, they relationship is so toxic”

“She is a woman with the world ahead and he’s just a robot, a machine. How can you ship them?”

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