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I was tagged by @cannibalcorpescutie to post my current top ten songs, and tag 10 people. this is gonna be really tough… so in no particular order.

1: Diamonds and Rust-Judas priest
2:Little Wing-Stevie Ray Vaughan ( on my worst day this song could balance me out again)
3: Princess of the night-Saxon (metal the way it was meant to be)
4: Pancho and lefty-Willie nelson
5: Sticks that made thunder-The Steeldrivers (sends shivers up my spine)
6: Cry of Blackbirds-Amon Amarth (first song of my first heavy metal concert)
7:  Was wollen wir trinken-Uncle Tom Angelripper of sodom(songs to drink to)
8: All Hail Caesar-WOLF
9: black velvet bandi irish folk tune (there is a really specific version on my pandora i love but i cant find it right now)
10: Creature of desire-visigoth

thanks for tagging me :D

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European Silver Medallion with a Rider Killing a Chimera (Bellerophon?), Migration Period, 5th-7th Century AD

The medallion is surrounded by a stylized laurel wreath interspersed with flowers and shells. The center is occupied by a horseman galloping from left to right. He is armed with a spear that he points at the open mouth of a chimera. He wears a long tunic and a cloak floating behind his shoulder. The harness of the animal is rich and composed of pendants (croup and chest), as well as of a blanket, the edge of which copies the dotted pattern of the lower tunic of the rider. The chimera (a mythological creature with body and head of a lion, the head of a goat and the tail of a snake) moves to the opposite direction of the horseman. The open mouth of the creature is pierced by the pole of the spear, while the goat’s and snakes heads exhale their last breath.

This iconography strikes our visual memory, because it is close to the representation of the horseback saints, such as St. George. Nevertheless, this representation stylistically refers to the early Middle Ages, during which the cult of this saint had not appeared in the West yet.

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Sisenand Visigothic King of Spain  by Bernardino Montañes.

Sisenand  (605 –  636) was a Visigothic King of Hispania, Septimania and Galicia from 631 to 636.He was the governor of Septimania when there was an uprising of the nobles against the confiscations of lands and the cut of privileges to them and the clergy that were propounded by Suintila. Sisenand defended the nobles and the clergy and overthrew Suintila with the aid of Dagobert I, King of the Franks

anonymous asked:

If you were an actual goth you'd have black hair.

Obvious troll is obvious, but in case someone actually does think this: 

Ah, the posers such as Patricia Morrison, Sean Brennan, Cinamon Hadley, and Robert Smith…

(You have no idea how much I wanted to reply with a drawing of a Visigoth with the text “if you were an actual goth, you’d look like this”.)


Battle-Goblin’s beloved yet totally underrated bands: Power-ish metal edition

If you’re looking for good, ridiculous (in content, talent, or both) power metal, look no further! I have 6 suggestions that will make your knees quiver.

Elvenking: Power Folk Metal from Italy. Great, very unique voice. Violin out the ass, medieval and Celtic sounding at times. Some epic 10 minute songs. Covered “Heaven Is A Place On Earth.”  

Listen to: “What’s Left Of Me,” “Grandier’s Funeral Pyre,” “Another Awful Hobs Tale,” and “Neverending Nights.”

Unleash The Archers: Power Death Metal from Vancouver! Female singer who can wail like nobody’s business. Recently signed to Napalm Records. Great live energy. The heaviest of all 6 bands. Some background growling. Amazing guitar solos.

Listen to: “Astral Annihilation,” “Daughter of Winterstone,” “The Worthy and the Weak,” and “Tonight We Ride.” 

Twilight Force: Straight up Power Metal from Falun, Sweden. Adventure metal. Swords, dragons, magic. Collaborated with Joakim Brodén of Sabaton on the song “Gates of Glory.” One of the best vocal ranges in metal today. LUTE! Unsheathing sword noises. 

Listen to: “The Power of the Ancient Force,” “Gates of Glory,” “Made of Steel,” and “Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom.” 

Powerwolf: Power Metal from Germany. Male singer who puts some of the world’s greatest opera singers to shame. Werewolves, religion, horror. Blasphemous as fuck. Church organ. Face paint. Satire. 

Listen to: “Sanctified With Dynamite,” “All We Need Is Blood,” “Resurrection By Erection,” “Die, Die, Crucify,” and “Catholic in the Morning, Satanist at Night.” 

Gloryhammer: Power Metal from the UK. The singer looks like Link. Saga metal. Epic stage names. Enthralling story telling. Gorgeous melodies. The closest you’ll ever get to a straight up parody band, though their talent is no joke. 

Listen to: “Tales from the Kingdom of Fife” in its entirety. 

Visigoth: Heavy Power Metal from Salt Lake City. Very good voice. Perfect soundtrack for playing D&D. Fantasy, battle. Slower than most power metal bands, but heavier. 

Listen to: “Dungeon Master,” “Vengeance,” and “Creature of Desire.”


New Don’t Starve Together Skins

Formal Wear!

New drops in Don’t Starve Together!

  • Wilson                                      |                                 • Guest of Honor
  • Willow                                       |                                 • The Survivor
  • Wolfgang                                  |                               • Shadow Powers
  • Wendy                                      |                                 • Unshadowed
  • WX-78                                      |                                 •  Halloween
  • Wickerbottom                           |
  • Woodie                                     |
  • Wes                                          |
  • Waxwell                                   |
  • Wigfrid                                      |
  • Webber                                     |
Why are you racist when you say that Fassbender playing a Spanish is whitewashing:

First of all I want to say sorry if I make some grammar or spelling mistake. English isn’t my first language because I’m Spanish from Spain. Also, since this morning, I’m very angry with this whole topic. I don’t use to write statements like this but I’m very tired of seeing how ignorant people can be.

This morning I saw a tweet of Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) in which he said Fassbender couldn’t play a Spaniard because he’s white. He erased the tweet but I’m sure you’ll find a screencapture of it on Internet. I quoted him a few times and I wrote this things:

-I’ve just discovered that here in Spain WE’RE NOT WHITE. OMG I’VE BEEN LIVING A LIE. (I was just being sarcastic).

-Dear USA: Spain is in Europe. In Europe we don’t give a fuck about races because we’re all fucking mixed. (I didn’t want to generalize this much but I was angry)

-I can see why Donald Trump is being voted there. Open a book and learn about how culturally rich people we’re. (Sorry if I offend someone, again, I was angry).

Finally, I wrote:

“So it’s okay for an Aussie to play a Spaniard in the old Hispania but not for a British-German to play a Spaniard after the Visigoths. OK”.

As you can see I was very angry and disappointed. I couldn’t really understand how people who thought they weren’t being racist, they were. If you say Fassbender can’t play a Spaniard is because you think here we’re all latinos. And that is the first mistake that Americans always make.

I need you to understand two things:

-First, here in Europe we don’t say we’re white or we’re 20% or 50% latino, African, etc… When you Americans do that it’s really weird to us. Because we’re all mixed, we’re not sure from where or who we came from. My ancestors could be German because of the Visigoths or Charles V Empire, maybe French from the Napoleonic Empire, or African from the Islamic Empire. Can you see my point? We’re white or black, we’re Christians or Muslims or Jews, we can be from the East or the West, from the North or the South, but at the end it doesn’t matter, we’re all the same. Maybe I share blood with a German or an Egyptian, I don’t know and it’s okay.

If you ask me what I am, I’ll say I’m Spanish. And maybe you’ll ask again, “yeah, but, what are you?” and I’ll answer the same. If you ask a German, British, French, Italian or Polish…, they’re going to answer with the same simple answer. We’re Europeans and being European means that our history is all connected and our ancestors too.

-Latino and Spanish are not the same. Latino is from South America. And not all the South Americans look or are the same, be careful with that. Spanish are from Spain, Europe. We’re all Hispanic, because we all speak Spanish.

In South America people are generally darker than in Spain because of their geographic situation, of course.

In Spain, there are people very different, but we’re mostly white. Maybe you find the olive skinned of some people from the south (mostly from the south but not everybody who is olive skinned is from the south) as dark as the dark people in South America, but you’re wrong, sorry. That’s because the olive skinned people from Spain have that skin because of the Sun (so they’re just tanned, guys) or because the Al-Andalus times. While the people from South America are darker because of the sun, our colonization and the people who lived there before us.

When you say people from Spain are POC you’re saying that because you think we’re the same as our friends and brother from South America. And I think that’s racist. Because I’m sure you wouldn’t say that an Italian is POC and they’re our historically, geographically and culturally buddies.But you think Spanish means South American and you think South Americans are all dark.

Coming back to the main point: Fassbender can play a Spanish perfectly. In the XV century when the story takes place, the Visigoths and the Celtics had been in Spain. Visigoth were from Germany (mostly) and Celtics came to Spain from the UK. Fassbender is British and German so he’s perfect for the role.

Wallia by Alejo Vera y Estaca.

Wallia or Valia (c. 385 – 419) was king of the Visigoths from 415 to 419, earning a reputation as a great warrior and prudent ruler. He was elected to the throne after Athaulf and then Sigeric were assassinated in 415.

Early on, Wallia made peace with Emperor Honorius and accepted a treaty with the Roman Empire. He also returned Honorius’ sister Galla Placidia to him. As gains from these arrangements, Wallia was granted Aquitaine in 417 as a region where the Visigoths would be based as official allies or foederati. He established his court in Toulouse, which became the Visigothic capital for the rest of the fifth century.

In 418 he honored the alliance by invading Hispania, where his army destroyed the Siling Vandals and so reduced the numbers of Alans living there that the survivors placed themselves under the rule of Gunderic, king of the Asding Vandals.

I hang onto a word, the one word that Romanians are so proud of because they say it can’t be translated into any other language. The word dor. […] It means something like longing, like a yearning that you can’t explain and you don’t know why you have it. It hits you when you look at certain landscapes and listen to certain music, such as music played on special Romanian instruments whose names are untranslatable, flutes with many tubes and instruments like huge horns. Then you see the mountains where your ancestors lived and fought the Turks and the Huns and the Visigoths, and where they looked at the sky and dreamed the way you look at the sky and dream now. You look at all that, and you become melancholy and you yearn for something. That’s what dor means.
—  Domnica Radulescu, from Train to Trieste (Knopf, 2008)

every time I listen to Heathers and hear them say the Huns invaded Rome in “Beautiful” I scream bc nO THEY DIDNT. The Huns invaded where the VISIGOTHS lived, which caused the visigoths to go into Rome and because the romans treated the visigoths like shit they rebelled and fucked up the entire Western Roman Empire. But Visigoths is too many syllables for the song so instead we go with historical inaccuracies

Mosaic of Justinian from Ravenna, Italy. Justinian ruled the Byzantine empire between 527-565 and got closer than any other Byzantine emperor to reuniting the old eastern and western Roman empires. Justinian’s wars overextended the empire and left it vulnerable to attack from the Persians. Most of the territories that Justinian conquered were lost soon after his death. This mosaic is possibly a reworked portrait of Theodoric, the Visigothic king.

Votive Crown from the Guarazzar Treasure

A hanging crown in the Polychromatic Style with a cross pendilia and precious gems. Part of a larger trove of hanging crowns and jewelry found at a site (possibly a church) in Spain.

Crafted from gold and encrusted with glass, pearls, sapphires, emeralds, and crystals.

Made in the 600s near Toledo by the Visigothic royal court as a gift to the Church. A superb and rare example of Visigothic art. Currently at the National Museum of the Middle Ages (Musée de Cluny) in France.

Liuvigild by Juan de Barroeta.

Liuvigild, Leuvigild, Leovigild  (519 – 586) was a Visigothic King of Hispania and Septimania from 568 to April 21, 586. From 585 he was also king of Galicia. Known for his Codex Revisus or Code of Leovigild, a unifying law allowing equal rights between the Visigothic and Hispano-Roman population, his kingdom covered modern Portugal and most of modern Spain down to Toledo.

According to the chronicle of John of Biclaro, as co-king Liuvigild initiated the first of several campaigns to expand the territory of the kingdom of the Visigoths, which Peter Heather describes as a “list of striking successes”. His first strike was in 570, when he “laid waste the region of Bastetania and the city of Málaga, defeating their soldiers”. The following year he captured Medina Sidonia, assisted “through the treachery of a certain Framidaneus.” Then, around the time he became sole ruler with the death of his brother Liuva (which occurred in either 571 or 572), seized Córdoba from the Byzantine Empire. During the civil war which ended with Athanagild’s rise to power some twenty years earlier, the Byzantines gained control of a stretch of territory in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. John of Biclaro notes that upon gaining control of Córdoba, Liuvigild “slaughtered the enemy troops and made the city his own.”

His campaigns continued on an annual basis over the next five years. Liuvigild invaded Sabaria in 573, ravaging a people known as the Sappi and bringing that province under his control. Then the next year he entered Cantabria, seized Amaya, and added that province to his kingdom. In 575 he marched into Galicia, defeating a local warlord named Aspidius and taking him, his treasure and his family into captivity. In 576, he marched on the Kingdom of the Suebi in northwestern Hispania, but king Miro managed to negotiate a peace with Liuvigild. In his final campaign (577) Liuvigild marched into Orespeda, a region in southeastern Spain, and after suppressing an immediate revolt “of the common people” added this province to his kingdom. Upon the conclusion of these campaigns, Liuvigild celebrated his victories by founding a city in Celtiberia, which he named Recopolis for his son Reccared.

Though constantly at war with the Byzantines in southern Hispania, Liuvigild accepted the administration of the Byzantine Empire, adopted its pomp and ceremony, the title Flavius, the throne, crown, scepter, and purple mantle,and struck gold coins in his own name

Eurico by Manuel Rodriguez de Guzman
Euric  ( 440 – 484), son of Theodoric I, he ruled as king (rex) of the Visigoths, after murdering his brother, Theodoric II, from 466 until his death in 484. Sometimes he is called Euric II.With his capital at Toulouse, Euric inherited a large portion of the Visigothic possessions in the Aquitaine region of Gaul, an area that had been under Visigothic control since 415. Over the decades the Visigoths had gradually expanded their holdings at the expense of the weak Roman government, including Euric’s sieges of Clermont in 475 and 476, as well as advancing well into Hispania in the process.

Upon becoming king, Euric defeated several other Visigothic kings and chieftains in a series of civil wars and soon became the first ruler of a truly unified Visigothic nation. Taking advantage of the Romans’ problems, he extended Visigothic power in Hispania, driving the Suevi into the northwest of Iberia. By the time the Western Roman Empire ended in 476 he controlled nearly the entire Iberian peninsula.In 470 Euric defeated an attempted invasion of Gaul by the British king Riothamus and expanded his kingdom even further north, possibly as far as the Somme River, the March of Frankish territory.

human names

Northern Ireland is Seamus McCharty Kirkland//


Alfred F Jones – America @americasgooglehistory @americas-googlesearchhistory

Ivan Braginsky – Russia @russiasgooglehistory @russiasgooglehistorystuff

Natalya Arlovskaya – Belarus @belarusgooglehistory

Feliciano Vargas – Italy @italysgooglehistory

Kiku Honda – Japan @japansgooglehistory @japansgooglerphistory

Yao Wang – China @chinasgooglehistory

Arthur Kirkland – England @englandsgooglehistory

Ludwig – Germany @germanysgooglehistory

Avagisa – Ancient Visigoth

Kallistrate Xenia – Ancient Greece @ancientgreecesgooglehistory

Alani – Hawaii @hawaiisgooglehistory

Malahi Ngotel – Palau @palausgooglehistory

Naka Minza – Togo Republic @togosgooglehistory

Jake Kirkland – Hutt River @huttriversgooglehistory

Matthias Køhler – Denmark @denmarksgooglehistory

Gilbert Beilschmidt – Prussia @itsprussiasgooglehistory

Feliks Łukasiewicz – Poland @polandsgooglehistory @polands-googlehistory

Victoria Van Ndala – South Africa @southafricagooglesearches

Berwald Oxenstjärna – Sweden @swedens-googlehistory

Tony – Tony/America’s lil homie alien @tonys-google-history

Paraskjeva Nadježda MatuščakIt – Carpathian-Rus @carpathianrusgooglehistory

Milen Hinova – Bulgaria @aph-bulgaria-google-history

Dakota Jones – North Dakota @aphnorthdakotasgooglehistory

Anežka Dvořáková – Czech Republic @czechrepublicsgooglehistory

Karim Ugwistan Aït-Afra –  Algeria @algeriasgooglehistory

Lily Noi Jones – Illinois @illinoisgooglehistory

Hoa Nguyễn – Vietnam @vietnamsgooglehistory

Mahana Leofwine – Norfolk islands @norfolkislandsgooglehistory

Timur Cebotari – Moldova @moldovasgooglehistory

Hiroki Honda – Tokyo @tokyosgooglehistory

Aldrich – Germania @aph-germanias-google-history

Muirgheal Oonagh Ó Seachnasaigh – Ireland @irelands-googlehistory 

Stylianos ‘Stelios’ Angelopoulos – Cyprus @cyprusgooglehistory

Ice – Antarctica @antarcticas-googlesearchhistory

Valentín Cecilio Cortez – PR @puertoricosgooglehistory

Daniel Benítez – Paraguay @paraguaysgooglehistory

Nico Díaz – Chile @chilesgooglehistory

Ketty Leila Barnet – Martinique

Roderich Alexander Edelstein – Austria @austriasgooglehistory

Lili Vogel – Liechtenstein @liechtensteinsgooglehistory @liechtensteingooglehistory

Janez Cankar – Slovenia @sloveniasgooglehistory

Elizabeta Héderváry – Hungary @hungarysgooglehistory

Seamus McCharty Kirkland – Northern Ireland @northernirelandsgooglehistory

Howard from Aberdeen @a-spies-googlehistory

Alistair Kirkland – Scotland @scotlandsgooglehistory


Mathieu Jean Williams – 2p Canada @2pcanadas-googlehistory

Allen F Jones – 2p America @2pamericasgooglehistory

Viktor Braginsky – 2p Russia @2prussiasgooglehistory @2prussias-search-history

Magnus Køhler – 2p Denmark @2pdenmarks-googlehistory

Taisto Väinämöinen – 2p Finland @2pfinlandsgooglehistory

Karl Oxenstjärna – 2p Sweden @2pswedens-googlehistory

Nikolajs Galante – 2p Latvia @2platviasgooglehistory

Charlie James Salt – 2p Sealand @2psealand-google-history

Sigmund – 2p Germania @2p-germanias-google-history 

Elias – 2p Ladonia @2pladonias-googlehistory

Loki Bondevik – 2p Norway @2pnorways-googlehistory

Leon Laurinaitis – 2p Lithuania @2plithuanias-googlesearches

Gilen Beilschmidt – 2p Prussia @2pprussiasgooglehistory

Roderich Edelstein – 2p Austria @2paustriasgooglehistory


Vanya Braginsky – Chibi Russia @smolrussiasgooglehistory


Anya Braginskaya??? – Nyo Russia @nyorussiasgooglehistory

Jess Jones - Nyo America @nyoamericasgooglehistory

Nikolai Arlovsky – Nyo Belarus @nyobelarusgoolgehistory

Marie-Marguerite Williams M – Nyo Canada @nyo-canadasgooglehistory @nyocanadasgooglehistory

Beatrice Oxenstierna – Nyo Sweden @nyoswedensgooglehistory

Maren Køhler – Nyo Denmark @nyodenmarksgooglehistory

Noora Bondevik – Nyo Norway @nyonorwaysgooglehistory

Tiina Väinämöinen – Nyo Finland @nyo-finlandsgooglehistory

Erika – Nyo Ladonia @nyoladoniagooglesstuff

Wendy Kirkland – Nyo Sealand @nyosealandsgooglehistory

2p nyos:

Taika Väinämöinen – 2p Nyo Finland @2pnyofinlands-gh

Dimitry Braginsky – 2p Nyo Belarus @2pnyobelarusgooglehistory

Mildri H. Thomassen – 2p Nyo Norway @nyo2p-norways-googlesearches

Akane Honda – 2p Nyo Japan @2pnyojapansgooglehistory

//I will add more later but here are some and tell me if you’re not included in this list and some of these names may not be canon or whatever and just an oc name so yea, just including blogs anyways because everyone is welcomed here. i can add your oc name if you want //this is a total fuck up, forgive me ples