the virus returns


Part 2/2, complete.

Colin: They locked me in a cage for almost 1 month, we still don’t know the cause of this strange virus. It might return…I’m scared.

The reason why Tony’s eyes are hidden is because Colin can’t remember everything about that day (the virus can infect the computer’s memory). He can’t remember everything, but he knew what kind of expression Sketch would have, but he didn’t want to know Tony’s expression. He’s afraid that Tony would see him as a monster.

Weigh Me Down

[Inspired by Lorn’s ‘Weigh Me Down’, I decided to come to terms with how bad my PTSD has gotten lately with the help of that scene in Tales ep 5 where Rhys terminates Jack. 

Trigger warning for: Depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts, dissociation, blood and general violence.]

Reasonable arguments are out of the question at this particular point of his life, he has long given up on trying to put some sense into the other man. He’s obstinate, deaf to opinions, and basically a condescending bastard. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how unbearable he is, to be quite honest.

Rhys is so done with the sorry excuse of a Handsome Jack knockoff he allowed to reside so shamelessly in his head.

Their minds have been connected up to some point, so the young man is quite sure the rotten little bundle of codes has felt his frustration and eventually, the utmost feeling of lethargy. He’s not sure the man’s capable of feeling the tiniest piece of empathy, though, so nothing really matters.

There’s one thing that matters, however. He keeps repeating the words in his head, it’s been a while since he started doing that; ever since he made the grave mistake of trusting Jack, to be exact (I mean, trusting the CEO who is notorious for his kill streak and narcissism over a bunch of Pandoran scum is the right thing to do, right?)

Right. Jack’s started yammering about something again and Rhys is in no mood to put up with the man. He starts with the words that have become his mantra as of late, basically talking to himself, “You weigh me down…” He doesn’t care if he’s going mad, he gave up on telling himself he’s a sane person long time ago.

As he sifts through the glorious wreckage that was once the mighty Helios, he ignores the glitching face appearing on the broken screens. He’s talking about betrayal like he has any right to after betraying Rhys himself.

Rhys has no one to blame but himself about that, really. He knew what Jack was like from the very start, but was too blinded by his fascination with the man that he chose to ignore the thorns the AI so happily stuck in his side for the sake of worshipping him like a god.

“You weigh me down.” he mutters, jumping over and ducking under the broken mess. And Jack. Still. Talks.

Breaking things down to build them anew is a thing Jack’s into now, apparently. Even though he doesn’t reside in his head anymore, Rhys can feel Jack’s booming, albeit stuttering voice in his body. Wasn’t that his goal anyway? Take over Helios, take over Rhys’s body, take over Hyperion, take over the universe. Right?

Right. “You weigh me…” Rhys is so damn tired, of running, of trying, of simply existing. He can feel depression tugging at the corners of his mind. “You weigh me down.” Maybe he should just give up. He raises his head, eyeing Jack’s colossal figure looking down at him.

He looks so pained, so vulnerable. He looks so sympathetic, so interested in Rhys.

He looks like the god damn liar he is, and he. Still. Tries. 

Unbelievable as the whole situation that’s been dominating his life is, haggardness is what guides Rhys and not Jack’s spiel. “Give me a drug and I’ll take it.” he speaks up, his emotionless voice cracking. Jack actually shuts up for a moment to regard Rhys with a surprised expression. He makes a comment about not wanting to hurt Rhys, so what the hell are you talking about, cupcake?

The grim smile darkening the host’s face is the only reply the persistent virus gets. He returns to his monologue, not fazed by the sudden mood change.

Rhys is simply feeling suicidal, looking for a way to stop existing; he has no goal in life anymore, nothing to be proud of. Hyperion is gone, so are the con artists and his friends; Jack continues to subsist and there’s seemingly nothing Rhys can do about any of this. No hope, no thrill, no trust. “Watching you sharpen knives.”

Then he hears it: a gentle whir from behind him. He turns around sluggishly to see the USB drive from before, the one connected to that dumb golden wheeled office chair, heading mercilessly for his head (Huh. Funny pun, Rhys knows).

He may want to give up with this shitty life, but welcoming Jack back into his mind is the last thing he needs-

But he’s too slow. 

The thin long device lodged easily into his port, he thinks maybe he’s being punished for his sins. He lets out a yelp that borders on a scream when he feels Jack being transferred into his head, forcing himself onto Rhys and abusing his host with his arrogant greed.

The man himself now stands before him like he did for so long, an evil smile gracing his sharp features. Rhys thinks “Handsome” Jack must be a name chosen sarcastically, because the sneer on this man’s face, the way his brows furrow, the way he squints his eyes… He’s just so damn ugly, inside and out.

Screw dying.

…oookay, maybe not. Jack making him strangle himself with his own arm has become an old trick he’s very bored of at this point, but the AI seems like he actually plans to kill Rhys this time. Well, shit. He flails and fights as the corners of his vision start to get darker. He yearns for oxygen, wheezing pathetically for air- then he notices a piece of metal that went through the wall after the fall of the space station. Perfect opportunity, unlike Jack’s shitty city.

He jams his arm onto the metal, almost gurgling in pain and lack of air in the process. He pushes and he pulls.

You weigh me down.

The arm goes offline and Rhys can breathe again. Jack’s back to his monologue.

“You give me hell but I’ll make it.” Rhys interrupts, forcing pressure on his arm to tear it off like one tears a piece of paper into two. If there wasn’t so much blood, he’d give himself a mental pat on the back for being such a badass. Naturally, he simply ends up letting out an agonized whine.

He falls down and sits on his ass, watching Jack saunter close like a lion and loom over him menacingly. The AI threatens him, boasting that he’ll never go away; he might rip off an arm (“Big deal, Rhysie!”) but what is a metal arm to a god, to Hyperion himself? Jack does not receive the terrified reaction he was waiting for, as Rhys is too distracted by his ECHO eye malfunctioning at this point to understand the words spilling from the other’s mouth.

…his ECHO implements.

He looks at Jack, stupefied and mouth slightly agape. The AI opens his arms in a welcoming gesture, assuming Rhys has finally seen how much of a raw power he has. They smile simultaneously, but the reasons behind Jack’s gloating grin and Rhys’s sour smirk are completely different.

You weigh me…

His remaining hand gropes at the floor, coming back with a piece of glass secured snugly between his fingers. Jack does not notice, too busy with his ideals and dreams.

You weigh me down.

He experimentally presses the glass to his port, and finally, finally Jack notices what’s going on. He looks scared, good. Rhys gives him a watery leer as he tears the ECHOport from his temple with the help of the glass shard. He screams, and Jack yells; his hand comes down on his lap, bloodied. His eyes have not left Jack’s, not even for a moment. Now, though, he feels like he’s watching his body move from afar, like he’s not a part of it anymore. He wonders if he’s dissociating or it’s the pain and blood loss. Maybe it’s Jack taking control, who knows? He certainly doesn’t.

He stands up with great effort, he won’t let this pathetic man look down on him while they scream at each other.

Why won’t he go away anyway? God, Rhys is so done with Jack.


Still feeling the disconnection between his mind and his body, he moves the bloodied glass shard closer to his ECHOeye; both men watch each other with wide eyes and quickened breaths.

“I’ve still got one good eye…” The shard picks at the bright blue eye. Jack falls to his knees, his form flickering in the ECHOeye’s malfunctioning vision. Rhys smiles sardonically as Jack begs. “Blind as a fool, I can fake it, telling the truth with lies.” The eye is off the socket, held by an assembly of wires connecting his sight to his brain. It’s gonna be painful as hell, he knows, but it’ll be worth it. 

He pulls. Jack lunges at him. “It won’t be long ‘til I break it.”

The pain is blinding.

Jack is gone.

He can hear the fires going off in various places, smell blood and feel the dust. The Pandoran night welcomes the remains of Helios along with Rhys in a dangerous embrace.

Silence engulfs the existence, gracing Rhys’s trembling figure with a moment to take it all in; a terrified sigh escapes him in the next moment as feelings return to his body in full force.

'Cause you know, you know… 

He’s gone. For real. Forever. Despite the pain, Rhys can feel a dumb smile tugging at his lips.

You weigh me down.

His body hits the ground, but he doesn’t feel the impact. He tries to keep his head up, still smiling, the perfect mockery of the condescending Hyperion smile.

Darkness welcomes him, with no Jack this time.


Gotham Season Three: Loose Ends

When Gotham went on break after episode 11, they left a number of characters with uncertain futures and/or unresolved story lines.

1. Fish Mooney- Oswald let her live, but where did she go? What’s she been doing? Her goal was always to become the number one power in Gotham’s underworld. When she returns, whose side might she be on-other than her own? She could end up being the “most valuable player” in a conflict.
2. Dr. Hugo Strange- If knowledge is power, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Is he still with Fish? Has he been pursuing his research?
3. “Marv”-the Arkham escapee who aged up Ivy. He ran off on his own, to escape the mob that killed Sid and Nancy. What’s happened to him since then, and what about the other “monsters” who escaped Arkham?
4.Valerie Vale-will she have an existence as an independent character, or was she merely a plot device?
5. Dr. Maxwell Symon-Yes, he’s dead. But, we got a lot of backstory on him. Is something he’s done going to turn out to be important?
6.Captain Barnes- Is his story finished? Considering that people break out of Arkham on a regular basis, maybe not. Also, if they find a cure for the Tetch virus, he might return to the GCPD.
7.Jervis Tetch- Is he stuck in Arkham for the rest of the season, or will he manage to cause more mayhem?
8. Fake Bruce- the last time we saw him, the Court of Owls was kidnapping him. What have they done with him? What will he be like when we see him again? Is his story related to Isabella’s, in any way? Are there other clones waiting in the wings?

Opinions? Ideas? Comments?

How come we don't talk about why Aoba's scrap fails?

Because I really don’t think I’ve ever seen this mentioned outside the game. People go with Aoba’s desperate attempt to make sense of his situation instead of Trip’s explanation and I think that’s silly. This takes place after Virus is saying blue is not Trip’s natural eye color and before he says Sei’s scrap won’t work on them. Since this is a flashback while Virus is talking, I wonder if Aoba forgot about this and what Virus said made him remember (he was drugged shortly after this scene). 

“Alone Together”

Summary: Percy has been stamped with the label “Delinquent” for so long, he’s starting to believe it himself. Enter Annabeth Chase, a math tutor with a sharp tongue, who alters Percy’s life irrevocably from day one.

Percy’s never been good at concentrating, but he’s exponentially worse when he’s around Annabeth Chase.

She marches into his life in the beginning of the spring semester of their junior year, after his mom sees his third quarter report card and almost passes out on the spot. “Three F’s,” Sally Jackson hisses, and she has never sounded more profoundly like a mother. “That’s it. I’m getting you a tutor.”

“You don’t need to do that,” Percy assures her. “I’ll get it up by the end of the year-”

“This is non-negotiable, Percy. I’m getting you a tutor, and that’s final.”

And his mom is not one to go back on her promises. Less than two days after that conversation, she came home and shoved a piece of paper into Percy’s hands with the words ‘LIBRARY 3:30 PM’ and ‘ANNABETH CHASE’ printed in neat, no-nonsense script.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: why does no one get sick in Star Wars? Each planet should have its own specific viruses and bacteria that people like rey should have no immune system against. Has intergalactic travel gone so far as to spread all viruses to all planets? Or do harmful viruses even exist in the galaxy? Is the technology so advanced because they never had to fight pathogens?
EXO Reaction To Comforting Each Other

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

can you do how the Exo members would comfort eachother, Like do each member and how the others would comfort them when they’re sad

*no idea how to do the GIFs for this one so it’s mostly description based*

Xiumin: *I don’t really think Xiumin would let all of them comfort him because he wouldn’t show all of them that he was upset but a couple members would probably listen to him and hug him if he was sad and just be ready for him to come to them when he was ready because I just feel like he sort of handles being sad on his own for a bit until he is ready.*

Luhan: *again I don’t think he’d be someone to talk to everyone but he’d have a couple he’d go to. But for the most part, he’d keep it to himself until he couldn’t really take it anymore before he would go to the others for support and they would probably just lend their ears and offer advice.*

Kris: *I think he would do his best not to show he was upset or anything at all, ever. But the others could probably tell and eventually would ask him about it just because they care about him*

Suho: *I definitely don’t think Suho would even rely on the members at all if he was upset because he is the leader. I honestly don’t see him turning to them if it was something serious but when emotions arise where he can’t hold the tears in, usually when he’s happy about EXO achieved, he would cry on their shoulders*

Lay: *I think Lay would turn to the others but more to talk things through where he would then handle things on his own. But when it came to Lay crying, the others would always be offering their shoulders for him*

Baekhyun: *Honestly, I think Baekhyun would go to Chanyeol because they understand each other so well. Chanyeol would then listen to him, offer some advice and then work to help Baekhyun feel better.

Chen: *I think that he would still try to hide but once the members came to him, he would just talk with them, serious for a change.*

Chanyeol: *like with Byun, Chanyeol would really only approach Baekhyun relying on him being their to listen and give him some support. Baekhyun would be serious as Chanyeol talked with him but then would try to make him feel better and more positive, getting the happy virus to return*

DO: *I just feel like DO would go off alone when he felt emotional. He might accept a couple of the other member’s company but he wouldn’t be all that willing to tell them what was wrong.*

Tao: *because he cries a lot, apparently, he’s used to turning to all the other members to cry on their shoulders, blubbering about his problems. I can see them, like Chen here, just rubbing his back and letting him cry it out*

Kai: *he doesn’t like other people seeing him cry but again, he would probably turn to a couple other members who would offer their advice and shoulders and ears for him. I think they would respect his boundaries without pushing him to talk about it.*

Sehun: *Because he’s the youngest, I think he would not like relying on the others when he’s upset or sad because it perpetuates him being younger and therefore in need of help and support. If one of the members did find out, I can see him resisting their support at first before he would ultimately accept it but only to the extent of explaining the situation and then he wouldn’t want them in any way to fix his problem. He’d want to handle it himself*

11x19 “The Chitters”: Instinct vs. Reason

There has been something that has been bothering me about the episode since I first watched it yesterday morning (still half asleep) and I maybe I am just extremely slow due to sleep deprivation, but I finally now think I understand why the Chitters as creatures disturbed me so much.

The problem for me was right from the beginning with these creatures that their story didn’t make “much sense” to me. And I now realize my problems with them stems from a rather philosophical idea, because the ~mistake I made when thinking about the Chitters was that I looked at them with the premise of them possessing a mind, possessing consciousness, possessing reason. Characteristics human being possess.

And I think that in some way this may be the crux of my problem, because you cannot apply these characteristic to them. These creatures were essentially mind- and heartless. They acted purely out of self denfense and a thought of survival. They were purely driven by animalistic instinct with no reason involved whatsoever.

And my problem was that I thought the entire time: But what is there purpose if they just come up all 27 years to mate and then die right afterwards, so where’s the perspective, the plan?

And that’s the important bit I think. The Chitters were animal-like. They just carried out simple evolution, making sure their species wouldn’t go extinct. There was no love involved, no desire, no nothing. It was just pure action, no emotion. It was pure instinct lacking any reason. It just was…

So in that regard there is a big philosophical debate in ethics about consciousness and especially in relation to animals. And commonly the debate centers around animals being unfitting to compare to humans in so far as most animals live in the here and now, they have a desire to remain pain free, but most (though there are exceptions of course but just really boardly speaking and oversimplifying a longstanding philosophical debate) they lack the tools to  think ahead, make plans.

And that is where mankind is set apart from the entire rest of beings in a way. Humans have a consciousness, use reason (more or less), have a heart and a mind. Life is more than reproduction. More than eating and sleeping and being free of pain. It’s those qualities, those things making us human. It’s those qualities that are the crux of God’s creation of mankind and they get abundantly clear when comparing them to the people infected with the Darkness’ virus. They too became mindless - “went psycho, then boom” as the one told Sam in 11x02 “Form and Void”. Given that the virus returns in the next episode I find this week’s episode to have laid some really great groundwork to the further exploration of this topic.

Like I said, maybe I’m just slow, but it was kind of importnt to me to entangle why the Chitters to me felt so creepy. They took the agency from their victims, made them mindless, heartless, instinct driven, puppets, stole everything from them that made these people who they are, made them unique and not just one of a pack. They kind of turned them into zombies. And this is basically the entire premise why zombie shows are this popular at the moment and also why they are so disturbing (to me). They pose questions about human nature and what makes us human. You have the outside looking human, but on the inside it’s a whole different beast (and inside vs. outside has been a major theme for a while on SPN).

leo--dominus  asked:

"Aoba, time to wake up~ I'm back and Virus won't return until later. Should I get you something to eat?"

The blue haired male shivered a bit, he had grown used to everything and slowly sat up. “I’m hungry..” 

[ENG] 160520 Dokyeom’s Post on SEVENTEEN Japan Homepage


Hello~!! I am SEVENTEEN’s Happy Virus, Dokyeom~!!
SEVENTEEN has returned with our first full album~!
You all have been waiting for long right? We too, wanted to meet you all CARATs soon~.
Following Adore U and Mansae, we have also received a lot of love for this time’s full album’s activities too, I’m really happy.
Also, I’m really really thankful for all the love for us SEVENTEEN in Japan!
I want to meet Japanese CARATs soon.
We will work hard to show you great songs, and a great appearance of us!
Please give SEVENTEEN’s first full album a lot of love!
I love you~!

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