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On September 10, join us for shake the stars with your song, a new performance collaboration by Sonia Louise Davis and Tamara Renée on the fifth-floor outdoor gallery. Visit to see the list of participating artists. 

[Shake the stars with you song: sunset. Shot by: Sonia Louise Davis. Featuring: Ivan Forde + Tamara Renée. Score composed/produced by: Tamara Renée featuring Justin Mathews on guitar and Charlotte dos Santos on voice]

Glad to be included in “Turn The Page: 10 years of HiFructose” show at Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach ( Virginia MOCA) .
This is one of The two works i have in:
“6 o'clock” 2014, colored pencils on moleskine paper cm 26x21

Art Abroad

It’s a wonderful time to be an art student right now. Or an art appreciator, or just a regular person because the world of art is alive and abundant right now, brimming with bravery and brilliance. With some of the most retrospective exhibitions across the globe gracing the walls (and sometimes the floors, ceilings and windows) from Australia to America, there’s never been a better time to embrace art wherever you are, whatever you’re into. Here’s Lucca’s museum guide to getting inspired. 

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Woman in a Studio (c.1862-1865). Alfred Stevens (Belgian, 1823-1906). Oil on panel. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Here Stevens give a glimpse of a fashionable Parisian women carefully inspecting through her spectacles a painting, perhaps a portrait of her or a family member. Stevens gave meticulous attention to contemporary dress and decor, particularly with the lady’s shawl and the furniture in the studio.

“Too Much Love” 2014, colored pencils and ink on moleskine paper, cm 26x21
MAY 22, 2016 – DEC 31, 2016
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)


New video! In which we explore the great city of Richmond, Virginia, and think about its history as well as its present.

Featuring The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Reynolds Gallery, 1708 Gallery, VCU School of the Arts, the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU, Quirk Hotel, Rappahannock Restaurant, Lamplighter Roasting Company, Early Bird Biscuit Co., Sub Rosa Bakery, and Libby Hill Park.

Conrad Roset “Spent the first part of his 29 years in Terrassa, his native city, among boxes of crayons, felt-tip pens and notebooks; the other part in Barcelona, surrounded by paints, moleskine notebooks, muses, colored pencils, and in the company of his gray cat. Drawing has been his passion and a constant feature in his life, since he played with his brother at drawing everything they liked until, years later, he draw inspiration from women to create the Muses, his most personal collection. “I search the beauty the body exudes, I like drawing the female figure.”
He received his education at the Joso School and at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Thanks to the spreading of his illustrations through the Internet, he started working for Zara. There, he says, he learnt about his trade, about regularity, and how to study styles of reference illustrators. A year later, he launched himself as a freelance artist, and since then he works for different brands, advertising agencies, and publishing companies.

He has exhibited his work in galleries and museums, such as the MOMA in Virginia, Spoke Art in San Francisco, London Miles in London, Tipos Infames in Madrid, and Artevistas and Miscelanea in Barcelona. Besides, he is a professor of illustration at the School of Design BAU.”

Title: Malva