the vinny show


Vinnie “I’ve only known Milo for a day and a half but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself” Dakota

Commission from @vinnie-cha! Castiel with as Celes Chere from Final Fantasy Vi. Went for the gold outfit with capelet instead of the leotard. I love how it came out. And vinnie-cha was great to work with. Transparent version behind the cut.

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I cannot stress enough how toxic this fandom is. A person shouldn’t have to have so much anxiety in a fandom everyday over whether or not they are shipping what the others deem “okay” or if they colored the skin dark enough to please the people who hound everyone’s art.

And death threats over this? Seriously? You’re going to sit there and tell me you want someone to END THEIR LIFE over a goddamn ship or drawing?? Are you fucking kidding me?

There is a VERY fine line between wanting to prevent certain stuff and doing it in a good, healthy way, and taking it too far.

On a scale from “I thought you were just throwing things at me” to “I’ll see your pudding pack and raise you a snickerdoodle,” Cavendish and Dakota have moved from “One of us has to speak to the customers, but it shouldn’t be you” to “Release the hounds of war!” and I think that’s great.

By the way, guys, “The Island of Lost Dakotas” was all from Dakota’s perspective.

I’m not saying there’s a Cache of Lost Cavendishes out there somewhere, I’m just saying you can’t prove there isn’t.