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Who Was Responsible for The Bloody Mist?

A lot of people have wondered and theorized about who it was who was responsible for arranging the ritual of academy graduate students killing one another in Kirigakure, and who enforced and propagated the violence and brutality within the village. Some ask, was it Yagura who started it? Or, by extension, was it Obito who orchestrated it?

Well I’m here to provide answers. They are ‘probably not’ and 'most certainly not’, respectively. How do I know? And who was responsible? Follow the cut and I’ll tell you.

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Analysis on Naruto 700+5

Here I’m going to talk about the new chapter of Naruto Gaiden and the things I’ve discovered reading over again the Naruto 700 and The Naruto Gaiden. Let’s begin!

So, the chapter starts with Sarada being pinned on the wall by Sasuke with his sword. He recognised her when she screams ,,Papa,,. Someone said that he recognised her voice from when he was younger, when he left and she cried seeing him go.

She is pretty angry at him because he didn’t recognised her at first, when she did, she, who didn’t remeber him at all (and I think she had the right to be like that). And his face says it all, that he regrets attacking her and that he made her be afraid of him.

Sasuke didn’t expect her to be here, when hewas going to meet with Naruto to see what’s going on with that guy, Shin. Sarada says that she had to ask him something and he listens to her problems, and realy wants to answer her questions.  And she talks about her mother and asks him ‘’IS she really my mother?’’ 

When he heard about Sarada’s insecurities, Sasuke worries instantly, for Sakura, but also for Sarada, wondering what happened back home if she came to ask such a question.

Look at his troubled face with the tear of perspiration, not knowing what to do and say to her, when Sarada starts throwing insults and all the things she kept in her soul all of these years. She is tired, she put a lot of effort in screaming and shouting these thoughts she had in mind. And I think it’s pretty normal to wonder what’s going on because all this situation is ‘’really fucked up’’ and she doesn’t understand it, her father and mother too.

Sakura knows Sasuke and she knows in what situation is he now and his past and she trusts him in returning back home., well, because we all know, the past of these two is pretty long and complicated. But Sarada is only a child who wants to meet her dad and spend time with her family, so that’s why she doesn’t understand why he left. 

Then we get the reason behind Sasuke’s departure from Konoha. It was a secret mission that he accepted to do, and one which he wanted to do. Nobody forced him to do it or it wasn’t given to him. 

And it looks like, it’s a very strong enemy. Why he does this mission because he wants everyone in this world to live happily ever after. And of course, for his family, for Sarada to have a bright future, to be happy and safe. And those years he sacrificed, not staying home, playing with Sarada, were for her, for her happiness.

Now, I disagree with Sasuke’s way of keeping her away from these problems and this guy Shin, because she would be in danger if she would have found out. But this way of not letting her implicate in this mission in bad. Very bad. This is the same way Itachi kept Sasuke out of the Uchiha’s problems. and even he, Itachi admitted that he did wrong, not telling him from the start. And the way Itachi did, it caused Sasuke probems in the future and determined him to go on a wrong path, the dark one. I hope Sarad won’t do the same.

And now, the problem with the timeskipping. This is what I’ve found out. 

 It seems that the Kage Summit took place, most probably in Konoha (the background shows it). And they look kinda old, older that in the Last. They were like, what 18,there? And I don’t think that Sasuke left in his journey of redemption that much, that he became that old.  

I think the meeting took place in the same day that it is showed in Naruto 700. In Naruto Giden,there is the KAge Summit, but it is also recalled in Naruto 700, the same Summit.

Naruto is preparing to go to that meeting but there comes Boruto and he has to solve the problems with his son. So the important Kage Summit is forgotten. 

But then, at the end we have the Seventh Hokage, Naruto meeting with the other villages’ Kages, and it’s the same room in which they meet, in Naruto Gaiden with Sasuke (the same background and benches on which the Kages stay).

And there is Sasuke, coming from woods, probably heading to the Konoha Village and Kage Summit. He has the same white vest, too.

And he is in alert here, because he knows about an enemy walking freely. And that’s why he goes to that meeting so that he could warn them about the danger to come. 

So, he was in the village that time, and he didn’t visit Sarada. Maybe he thought that he did a good choice, but it only caused her sadness. 


This list keeps track of my progress with retexturing the game.

I will update it as I continue working on it. The percentages are estimated as it’s sometimes hard to tell how much there is left or how much I overlooked.

Last updated: 28 January 2015


Items: ~95%

Badges: 100%

Menu: ~60%

Battle Screen: ~50%


Characters: ~80%

Toad Town: ~99%

Toad Town Sewers: ~70%

Peach’s Castle: ~90%

Goomba Village: ~100%

Shooting Star Summit: ~100%

Princess Peach’s Intermissions

Characters: ~70%

Castle: ~95%

Chapter 1

Characters: ~80%

Pleasant Path & Koopa Village: 100%

Koopa Bros Fortress: 100%

Chapter 2

Characters: ~100%

Mt. Rugged: 100%

Dry Dry Desert & Outpost: 100%

Dry Dry Ruins: 100%

Chapter 3

Characters: 100%

Forever Forest: 100%

Boo’s Mansion: 100%

Gusty Gulch: 100%

Tubba Blubba’s Castle: 100%

Chapter 4

Characters: 100%

Shy Guy’s Toybox: 100%

Chapter 5

Characters: 20%

Whale: 100%

Lavalava Island and Yoshi’s Village: 50%

Jade Jungle: 0%

Mt. Lavalava: 0%

Chapter 6

Characters: 0%

Flower Fields: 0%

Cloudy Climb: 0%

Chapter 7

Characters: 0%

Shiver City: 0%

Starborn Valley: 0%

Crystal Palace: 0%

Chapter 8

Characters: 0%

Star Haven: 0%

Bowser’s Castle: 0%


Characters: 0%

Parade: 0%