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Anniversary? (Gaston Imagine)

Request: I was wondering if you could write a Gaston x reader where everyone always thought that he was single in the village but in secret he already had a wife ? And the day they discover it ? Thank you very much ! - @httpslouisoh

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You had been dating Gaston for a year before you agreed to marry him. It’s not like he didn’t ask sooner because he did you just weren’t ready to get married. 

You have been married for four weeks today and the only one that knew was Lefou. Not because you were trying to hide the fact that you were married because you weren’t. The topic just never really came up. And to be honest you thought everyone knew.

They should have realized that you were together because you wore a ring and you were always with Gaston. No Gaston didn’t wear a ring but only because he wasn’t that kind of person and you respected that.

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BWAgency ☾ 5E00-0013-ADE0 ☾ White
A Pokémon town based on the anime & manga.

Mayor White also happens to be the President of BWAgency, a Pokémon casting agency for aspiring actors and actresses. Clients (villagers) are encouraged to wear the town uniform whenever possible. Her permanent employee, Black, is there to assist her and is also her best friend and sponsor. She has also gained the help of Misty from the Cerulean Gym and May the Pokémon Coordinator. Together, they all maintain BWAgency as a busy and productive town with their Pokémon.

With this autumn update, you can dress up as various Trainer Classes such as Lady (Kanto), Ninja (Hoenn), Hex Maniac (Hoenn), Veteran (Unova), or Clerk (Unova) and find lots of goodies spread throughout town. There’s lots of attractions such as the Cerulean Gym, a Contest Hall, Pokémon Stadium, and much more. Also, can you figure out which Pokémon each villager represents and which trainer they belong to? Talking to the villagers reveals the secret but if you’re up for a challenge, there’s also visual clues that help lead to answers. Can’t figure it out after visiting? Answers here.

If you visit my Pokémon town, please tag visits as #bwagency or #stuffinsweets. I’ll gladly visit in return. ♥

after today’s episode i am just incredibly emotional about the fact that aaron and robert are actually going to live at the mill. like the place is just so known in the village, everyone knows where it is because it is such a big part of the actual village itself. and now aaron and robert and liv too are going to be living there.

aaron bought that house - the one he chucked a brick or whatever through because of carl - for his little family and everyone in the village knows it. seeing them just sorting out their home, aaron putting things into skips and just them arguing over trivial little domestic things just made my heart sing and then skip a beat because it was so normal and out in the open.

there was a time where robert had to secretly book hotels for him and aaron, far away from the village because they were a secret and nothing more but now, now they are publicly squabbling over cupboard doors and it’s just like … yep that’s aaron and robert arguing over their decor again isn’t it? it’s just normal and a part of their relationship and it just still blows my mind that it’s like this now. it’s so open and they’re so pathetically in love with each other, focused on their home and their upcoming wedding and everyone just knows it (or they’ll be forced to once they move in and aaron and robert are suddenly the husbands who live in the nice house in the village) … yeah i’m just emotional.


More Krobus Ns bc why not??

Unova Valley absolutely needs to be a thing BUT because sticking to canon would undoubtedly make Ghetsis replace Morris I thought I’d shake it up a bit bc that’d be quite boring tbh SO  heres a dadsis au instead

- N is the child of a Shadow Brute and a Wilderness Golem.  This relationship is forbidden between the two species so his parents were executed and he was left in the Secret Woods as a baby to die

- Ghetsis was originally the owner of Plasma (replacing Joja) but he realised how awful it was and handed it over to Zinzolin and moved to the countryside, giving his daughters all his money to support themselves in a comfortable home while he lives in a tent in the forest to get back in touch with nature as a punishment for himself

- He finds N in the woods one day and saves him from getting eaten by Slimes, deciding to raise him as if he were his own child

- Obviously he has to keep N a secret from the other villagers so people find it extremely odd when they see him with child-sized clothes he’s salvaged from who knows where

- Anthea and Concordia manage to convince him to stay in their house for the winter at least and they take to N immediately loving him like a little brother

- N gets separated from Ghetsis when he’s young - Ghetsis leaves for a little while one extremely stormy night on a quick supply run but when he gets back his tent and N have been swept down the river

- N ends up in the sewers.  He sets up shop and keeps all the money he makes so that if he’s ever able to see his father again he can atleast try to repay him for his kindness and generosity

- Ghetsis has no idea whether N is alive or not and becomes depressed but can’t ever confide his loss in anyone so everyone in town think he’s just even more of a weirdo than before

- N survives on whatever he can salvage from the bug lair and any junk that comes along but mostly void eggs and is best friends with the void chicken who lays them bc he’s trapped down there until two certain farmers come along, that is…

historical AUs for femlock friday
  • 20s, Sherlock is a flapper much disapproved of for her habits (especially smoking, drinking and open lesbianism), John a former VAD at a loss after WW1 catapulted into the new culture of London in the early 20s, bored, looking for a thrill, which she finds in Sherlock
  • 30s Bloomsbury bohemian AU where John is a struggling artist and Sherlock a writer of detective novels, and they fall in love, with Sherlock becoming John’s lover and muse
  • WW1/2, John and Sherlock work as nurses together, and fall in love with one another instead of their patients.
  • 20s/30s film noir AU where John and Sherlock are PIs and go undercover investigating drugs rings in London after the style of Dorothy L. Sayers
  • 18th century maid/mistress AU!
  • restoration AU where Sherlock is an actress of the Nell Gwyn school and John is a wardrobe mistress, who becomes Sherlock’s mistress as well
  • Cromwellian AU where they live together secretively in a village, and John practises herbalism, and is accused of being a witch. Sherlock sets out to save her. (possibly even cooler if there’s a murder mystery at the back of it - some people have been murdered strangely which is why they set out to blame the witch)
  • Elizabethan/Jacobean AU where Sherlock is working in the theatre disguised as a man, John sees her and falls in love, discovers she’s a woman and is still as much in love
  • 17th century Julie D’Aubigny type AU where John is a noble swordswoman turned opera-singer on the run from the police (google Julie D’Aubigny oh my god, so MUCH) with whom Sherlock falls in love. Mycroft puts Sherlock in a convent, and John follows her: cue daring escapades and two ladies on the run.
  • WW2 AU with one of them as a VAD and the other as their patient, an invalided-out WRNS/WAAF with whom she falls in love
  • suffragette AU oh my god
  • any kind of 17th century court AU please…Julie D’Aubigny is perfect as an AU story bc real-life bisexual noble-woman swordswoman opera-singer but tbh anything in a court
  • might be a bit dry to you all but totally a reformation AU where Sherlock is a secretive preacher spreading the Lutheran message, with a hidden copy of Tyndale’s bible, who goes unnoticed because she’s a woman, and John hears the gospel and joins her - best if one of them gets found out/accused and they have to stage a daring escape to the low countries or germany
  • renaissance painter/sculptor and noblewoman who has to pose for a portrait and becomes the muse/lover of the other
  • there’s like a hundred and two more oh my god. i just. love. historical. femlock. !!!!!!! !! !

I kind of wish Iron Fist had been more comedic and like, made fun of its premise. I think it might have worked then.

“The Chosen One of this secret magical martial arts village is…an American heir to a major corporation?”

Like keep everything from the base origin, the plane crash, the village vanishing due to magic, everything, but go hog wild with how ridiculous it all is.

Hell, have this be an exchange early on:

Danny “So okay, I’m the Chosen One, the Iron Fist, I’m trained, what’s my mission? What was I chosen for?”

“Well it seems our ancient enemies The Hand, have taken over an important American company to serve as a front for their operations.”

Danny: “So…am I using magical martial arts to defeat them or using that I’m heir to a big company?”

“…Danny we’re saying they took over your family’s company.”

Danny: “The company that was only open to takeover because my parents died and I got stranded here and ended up the Chosen One?”


Danny: “Darn self-fulfilling prophecies. Okay, let’s get this show on the road!”

relaxing and calm video game music for those bad days when you just need to take a nap and sleep- listen here

stale cupcakes- animal crossing new leaf | sazanami town- pokemon black and white | cool cave- kirby’s epic yarn | aryll’s theme- legend of zelda: wind waker | forest life- animal crossing new leaf | deepest woods- tales of symphonia | gates of time- legend of zelda: skyward sword | turnabout sister’s theme ( music box ver.)- professor layton vs phoenix wright | night falls- professor layton and the curious village | a wish- secret of mana | zelda’s lullaby- legend of zelda: a link between worlds | eterna forest- pokemon diamond and pearl | sweden- mincraft | 1pm (snow)- animal crossing new leaf | secunda- skyrim


no one asked for these but i wanted to draw anubis!wraith feral form ,from that anubis au i did… you can also see how you see him in the shadows and moving in feral form, and also him interacting with other characters in that au (taking billy as housemate, the nurse as the doctor in the village, evan being the “problematic secret killer that gives him a job”) and. idk

Taejin Seong aka Tae Jin Seong 성태진 (Korean, b. 1974, Choong Ju, Chung Cheong Buk Do, Seoul, Korea) - 식사동블루스 Siksa-dong Blues, 2013  Acrylics, Ink on Embossed Wood Panel (Unfortunately a picture will never convey how truly intricate and gorgeous his work really is.)