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everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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How Lin-Manuel Miranda's Oscar-Nominated Moana Track Evolved into Disney's Most Unique Ballad

“That’s what I relate to most in Moana — that yearning,” Miranda tells PEOPLE. “For me, that’s wanting to write musicals or make movies. For Moana, that’s longing to set sail across the ocean and provide for her village. She loves her culture, she loves the role she plays; she’s grown to accept it and be proud of it. And yet there’s that pull.”

Writing a song that encompassed those feelings was satisfying for Miranda.

“To me that’s much more complicated than, ‘I hate it here and I want to get out,’ ” he says. “To say, ‘I love it here, I love my parents, but why can’t I stop walking to the ocean and fantasizing about getting out of here?’ And questioning that instinct? It’s even more confusing. And that’s a valid story too.  It’s internal, and I think internal is interesting.”

Some of Miranda’s collaborators early-on were cast members from Hamilton, who helped by lending their voices to demos in-between rehearsals. ”

I had the great luxury of when I was writing these songs, I was in a building with incredible singers,” says Miranda — who roped friends like Phillipa Soo (Eliza) Christopher Jackson (George Washington) and Renée Elise Goldsberry (Angelica) into recording.

“So I have Phillipa doing a lot of drafts of Disney songs. I’ve got Marcy Harriell, who played Vanessa in In the Heights, singing some,” Miranda says. “There’s even a version of “Where You Are” with Chris and Renée playing the parents — who, by the way, played Simba and Nala together in The Lion King on Broadway. The Disney connection runs deep!”

Behind the Scenes of 'Beauty and the Beast'
The film’s stars and creators share memories of shooting in a French village on a stage outside London

Before production began, Emma Watson worked closely with Bill Condon and Dan Stevens to polish the script, adding what she calls “detail and depth and fullness and wholeness to the scenes.” She also focused on fine-tuning Belle’s character, expanding beyond what little was established in the 1991 film. Says Watson: “There was never very much information or detail at the beginning of the story as to why Belle didn’t fit in, other than she liked books.” Lots and lots of books, like the ones she’s holding here as she takes direction from Condon in the library. Later in the movie we also learn where Belle and her father lived before moving to the “little town full of little people.” It’s a city that holds special meaning for Watson. “l sing a song called ‘Paris of My Childhood,’ which was odd for me to sing because I was born in Paris and my childhood was in Paris,” she says. “It’s a sweet melody, a really lovely song.”

For the “poor provincial town” that Belle longs to escape, the crew built a real French village on the Shepperton back lot, providing a dramatic contrast between this cozy setting and the imposing castle nearby. Greenwood says her team combed French towns looking for a place to shoot, and though they found candidates in Conques and near Paris, when it came time to discuss bringing cast and crew to these actual villages, they realized it would be easier to create one from scratch. “As much as I thought it should be real, how could you say, 'No, I don’t want to build a French village on the back lot’? So we built it,” Greenwood explains. “That was great because we could then hybrid all the things we’d seen and put all the best elements into our village.” Including a wandering French rooster. Cocorico!

Kevin Kline’s wayward Maurice, Belle’s father, finds himself lost in the woods near the Beast’s castle on his way to sell his music boxes at the market. If he looks safe here, he won’t be for long. “I spent so much time getting pushed around,” Kline says with a laugh. “I noticed it after a couple of weeks, and I said to Bill, 'I’m on the floor again.’ [Maurice] is sort of the fall guy, so I get roughed up a lot!” As fans of the fairy tale will remember, Belle’s papa eventually reaches the Beast’s castle, a majestic but creepy estate Kline describes as “disquieting” to see in person. “It wouldn’t be my first choice if I weren’t stuck in a snowstorm and being pursued by these ravenous wolves,” he quips. Production designer Sarah Greenwood says she and her team emphasized the castle’s magic and grandeur in the grounds and exteriors nearby: “The whole landscape became part of the enchantment.”

It’s easy to become blasé when you’re an actor used to working on lavish productions. But the Beauty and the Beast cast never tired of their surroundings. “I remember the first time Emma Thompson and I saw the ballroom set and our jaws dropped because it’s just so gorgeous,” says Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who plays Plumette. The majestic ballroom was the perfect setting for the final number, when the Beast and all the household objects return to their human form. “Just breathing it in, from the costumes to the flowers to the music, and everybody dancing and swirling around in unison, there was a real magic to it.” The room also evolves with the story. “In the prologue, before he gets transformed into the Beast, it’s almost as opulent as Versailles,” set decorator Katie Spencer says. “Then it’s an echo of what happens to him, and then it comes back for the big celebration at the end.”

Filming Beauty and the Beast can be, well, a beast — at least for Luke Evans and Josh Gad, whose extra-macho Gaston and less-than-macho Le Fou shared bombastic scenes that sometimes led to mildly painful accidents. “We slapped hands so hard, [Josh] burst a blood vessel in his thumb,” Evans (right, with Gad and producer David Hoberman) recalls, laughing. “We had to stop rehearsals, get the medic in. He thought his finger was going to drop off, but I think he’ll survive. We just slapped hands hard, but obviously we just caught our thumbs at some point, and he’s a delicate flower.” But if they’re sounding too similar to their characters here, don’t worry: At least Gad can confirm that his hair in the film is completely fake. “If I had hair this good, I would not be doing Beauty and the Beast right now,” he deadpans. “I would be modeling.”

In this scene, Audra McDonald’s Madame de Garderobe sings for the prince just before he’s transformed into a hairy horned creature. De Garderobe craves attention, but McDonald herself responded a bit more modestly when she learned she’d won the role. “I was just shocked I was asked to be involved, to the point that when I was flying over there, I was like, 'Do they really want me to play her?’” she says. “I was pretty much in disbelief until they put the costume on me and shoved me out on-set.” Which then just made her even more speechless, of course. “When I walked on-set, it felt like I was walking into a dream.” Stanley Tucci, who plays de Garderobe’s maestro and husband, Cadenza, was also humbled by the splendor. “The scope of the set was enormous. They had these candelabras, these chandeliers coming from the ceiling with real candles. It was just stunning,” he says.

Sir Ian McKellen couldn’t wait to slip on that wig and mustache, especially since it meant working with a director he knows well. “I’ve done two films now with Bill Condon, and we’re always looking for a third,” the actor says. “It was absolutely typical of Bill that he wanted to have a few friends with him, so I was very, very thrilled to suddenly be in my first Disney movie.” Though most of McKellen’s work involved voicing his character Cogsworth, the actor says his favorite moment was finally meeting the cast in person for the final celebration. “There was one absolutely glorious day when went out and joined all the actors in doing the final scene, when all the characters in the castle come back to life and become real people,” he says. “So I did feel I was in the thick of it for at least a day, and singing and dancing was an absolute joy.”

Beauty and the Beast Headcanon

My new BATB headcanon is after the spell is broken, Belle invites Père Robert to visit the castle library (He and Belle geek out over how cool and absolutely massive the library is when he first visits) and let’s him borrow any of the books he would like as a way to return the favor for all the times he let her borrow his books. When Belle introduces him to Adam, Adam teases her and says “So this is the man who lent you Romeo and Juliet?” And just as Belle starts to worry Adam shakes Père Robert’s hand and thanks him for being such a good friend to Belle and for supporting her love of reading. Père Robert soon becomes a mainstay of the castle library and he and Belle start a book club for the castle residents. Also he, Belle, and Adam start a school for the village children, with a focus on providing a proper education for the girls of the village. And of course he officiates Belle and Adam’s wedding and it is beautiful.

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Where did you get that horse?

Go west of Highland Stable. The stable is located in the Faron province, which is southwest of the Necluda providence (the providence where Kakariko Village and the Dueling Peaks stable is). Go west from that stable until you reach this desert like area that has some thinly spread out trees with thick trunks. The Big Horse will be in the middle of a circle of regular sized horses. Also, it will be more difficult that usual to tame, so pack up some stealthy gear and elixirs to keep coming at it. The area you find it in is surrounded by some strong monsters, so be careful riding the horse back to the stable to register it.


Revere, Missouri
Population: 79

“Founded on October 22, 1887 by the Santa Fe Railroad, Revere was ‘probably named in honor of Paul Revere.’ During the period prior to 1900, Revere flourished as an intermediate stop for the railroad.

Revere was a town into the 2000s, but it became a village after a change in state law: a 2009 law provided for the conversion of all towns with fewer than five hundred residents into villages. On July 26, 2011 the United States Postal Service announced plans to consider closing the Revere post office as part of a nationwide restructuring plan. On May 9, 2012 it was announced that a new strategy would preserve the nation’s smallest post offices, reversing the earlier plan.”

BTS in Medieval England


The Prince duh

  • The most handsome and kindest prince this kingdom has ever known
  • There are songs written about this mans beauty that will be sung for centuries to come
  • Close friends with the head knight Jimin
  • Most trusted and loyal friend is Taehyung
  • Befriended Taehyung, a homeless peasant as a child when he found him stealing the food from the palace kitchens
  • Would sneak out at night to feed a starving taehyung
  • When Jin become old enough to choose a personal servant he picked Taehyung, who was still living on the streets
  • Jins kindness is viewed as weakness by his father
  • The public view it as strength
  • He goes out regularly with Jimin to villages, providing food to the poorest people in the kingdom
  • Did i mention how handsome he is
  • Refuses to marry for political gain
  • wants to marry for true love
  • already in love but doesn’t realise it taejin
  • Regularly sneaks out peasants arrested for stealing food to try and feed their starving families
  • His father is terrified of what will happen to the kingdom when Jin becomes king
  • Everyone else is excited
  • He becomes the best king the world has known and will be the stuff of legends 

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The Head Knight

  • The most feared and merciless men in the history of the kingdom
  • Will do anything to protect the kingdom
  • Says he only goes out with JIn to protect him but in reality he wants to protect the poor just as and doesn’t want any child to starve
  • Seeing jungkook have to starve as child made him want to help the poor
  • Pretends not to care but cares the most
  • He is ruthless when it comes to enemies of the kingdom
  • Even his own men are scared of him
  • But they trust him with their lives and would not wish for any other leader
  • Very few know a different side of his intimidating personality
  • Jungkook being one of the lucky few to know him for the sweetie he really is
  • Teaches jungkook how to fight with a sword
  • Jungkook ends up being better
  • He tries to find a way to visit Jungkook everyday
  • Jimin is happiest around Jungkook
  • Jin low-key jealous of their friendship
  • Thinks Jhope is one of the kindest, honest men that ever walked this earth

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The Blacksmith

  • He use to dream of becoming a knight, ever since he was young
  • Him and Jimin use to fight in fields using sticks as swords pretending they were in battle 
  • Unlike Jimin, Jungkook didn’t come from a family of nobles
  • He came from a poor farmer family, forced to starve whenever there was a bad harvest
  • One of the most loving boys you could ever meet
  • Jimin would try to give him food often got caught
  • Jimin left Jungkook to become a knight at 16
  • Jungkook took an apprenticeship to become a blacksmith
  • Left his family
  • Built his way up and eventually became a blacksmith for the castle
  • Reunited with Jimin
  • friendship goals af
  • Brings out the best in Jimin
  • Hates how brutal Jimin can be
  • Only person to have seen Jimin cry
  • Lives with Jhope in a small house next the the castle
  • Visits his family and village with food and gold every time there’s a bad harves
  • Bought Jimin a goat once idk why
  • Suspicious of Jhope but doesn’t know why

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Personal Servant

  • Family died of starvation when he was younger
  • Roamed the city streets for years, stealing food to survive
  • He once tried to steal food from the castle kitchens but was caught by Jin
  • Instead of telling the guards he told Tea to meet him at the gates at night
  • They became friends, Jin would sneak out as child to feed and talk to Tae
  • Taehyung is the reason Jin has such a passion for helping the poor
  • One of the most loyal and sweet boys you  could meet
  • Always has a smile on his face
  • He may be just a servant but Jin will always go for him for advice
  • Hates the king with a passion for not helping his family
  • Blames him for his families death
  • The only reason he hasnt tried to kill the king is because of Jin
  • Befriended everyone inside and outside the castle
  • Is as well known as Jin around the kingdom 
  • cute af

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The villian

  • Neighbouring kingdom and wants more power
  • Wants Jins land so he is able to feed his people
  • To stubbern to ask for help hed rather battle for land
  • Close links with J-Hope
  • Gets lots of secret information on Hobie
  • Constantly worried for Hobies safety and everytime they meet up he tries to convinve him to come back home
  • Jimins mortal enemy
  • Was almost killed by Jimin twice
  • Almost killed Jimin 3 times check make jimin
  • Has the best intentions for his kingdom
  • Is only nice to Jhope 
  • Never purposley harms innocent civilians and makes sure his men never attact villages filled with peasants
  • Orders his men to sometimes attack tax collectors and take their collections to piss off  Jin
  • Petty af
  • Stubbern
  • Refuses to acknowlege that if he asked for help Jin would help his kingdom
  • Too ashamed to ask for help
  • Would never forgive himself if anything happened to J-Hope

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The Jester

  • lives with Jungkook 
  • The funniest man around
  • Handsome af
  • In love with Suga
  • Is torn between Suga and the Jins kingdom
  • Hes made so many friends
  • Knows how dissapointed they would be is they found out
  • Hates himself for it
  • Cares little for being caught, the only reason he is still doing this is for Suga
  • Would never tell Suga how hopeless and sad he feels 
  • Has cried at night on many occasions not knwoing what to do
  • Fears for the future
  • Wishes Jin doesnt trust him as much as he does
  • Knows Jimin is suspicious
  • Wants Suga to ask for help 
  • Tries to tell him he souldnt be ashamed and hell always be there for him
  • Will be with Suga until the day he dies

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  • Intelligent af
  • Worked his way up from the bottom
  • Was born a bastard
  • Taught himself to read and write with the posters and signs around his village
  • Saved up for 2 years to buy his first medical book
  • Moved to the city within the castle walls looking for work
  • Became an apprentice
  • The king made him the royals Apothecary after he manages to made a remedy to solve the kings illness
  • The worlds best apothecary 
  • His knew discoveries are hears ahead of his time
  • Is close friends with J-hope
  • Is also known as one of the wisest among his old village
  • He will often go to villages with Jin and Jimin to help the poor and provide them medical care
  • Provides free care to those in need
  • Actual bean 
  • One of the few that isnt scared by Jimin
  • Once made Jimin laugh

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hannibalcatharsis  asked:

hello hello, question I don't know if you've got yet, sorry and please ignore if so: when do you think season 2 will end, in terms of chapter number? We were all pretty unanimous that if we got Uprising, it would end in chapter 70 with Zeke beating up the Armored Titan to a pulp, but as things stand, in which part do you think it'll end? thanks

My hope is that this season ends with chapter 51. Maybe we won’t get all of it, but I think a good portion will be included. Most significantly this:

Yes, my friend, I believe we will get handsome beardwin recoveringwin in the hospital room with leviwin. 

It’s a transitional scene, so it could wait until next season, but it not only provides some follow up for Connie’s Ragako Village nightmare but it gives the anime team a heaping dose of much needed Levi. 

If they follow the manga, Levi doesn’t appear for the rest of this arc. That’s a problem because of his huge popularity. Thus far the anime team has been trying to squeeze him in at every opportunity. Since the hospital scene provides page after page of wholesome Levi goodness. I think they’ll work it in to conclude the season on a Levi-heavy moment.

There are places in Wales I don’t go:
Reservoirs that are the subconscious
Of a people, troubled far down
With gravestones, chapels, villages even;
The serenity of their expression
Revolts me, it is a pose
For strangers, a watercolour’s appeal
To the mass, instead of the poem’s
Harsher conditions. There are the hills,
Too; gardens gone under the scum
Of the forests; and the smashed faces
Of the farms with the stone trickle
Of their tears down the hills’ side.

Where can I go, then, from the smell
Of decay, from the putrefying of a dead
Nation? I have walked the shore
For an hour and seen the English
Scavenging among the remains
Of our culture, covering the sand
Like the tide and, with the roughness
Of the tide, elbowing our language
Into the grave that we have dug for it.


‘Reservoirs,’ R.S Thomas

I can’t express how important this is to us in Wales. 50 years ago a village in Snowdonia was flooded in order to provide water to Liverpool. This meant removing the inhabitants from a place they called home. They lost their homes, their chapel, their school, even their dead, as the cemetery was also emerged in water. 

Despite fierce opposition, protests, and even pointing out the fact there were plenty of other uninhabited places that a dam could be placed, they still went ahead and drowned an entire village. Even though the city of Liverpool apologised, it will never fill the void they have left us with. 

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Hello! How about a scenario with link? Perhaps him and his s/o are cooking and link ends up adding the wrong ingredient?

I do hope this is fine 💜

- Aya

Spicy Confusion

The sky was painted a shade of light blue, clouds of various shapes and sizes decorated the once plain canvas as flocks of birds flew with ease. The sun shone brightly, its warm rays providing light and warmth for the villagers of Hateno Village to indulge. However, the chilling air seemed to have been able to pierce through the warm light and kiss each and every inch of exposed skin there was, forcing people to wear multiple layers of clothing to defend themselves from the cold. The red tint in the tips of their nose and ears - sadly - proved that it was ineffective.

Kids were forced to stay inside their homes instead to play and shopkeepers avoided leaving the doors and windows open to prevent the cold air from getting inside. Farmers had to bear with its deadly kisses as they took care of their crops and mothers rushed to finish their tasks. Despite being summer already, it seemed that the temperature did not want to cooperate with it.

Behind the house and model houses of Bolson Construction stands the home of a young couple. The pot nearby accepted the blazing heat from the burning piles of wood below, cooking the meal prepared by both Link and his lover. The simmering liquid which cooked the sliced meat slowly vaporized into thin smoke, and the aroma embraced the two young adults as they talked to one another. The dish was simple to make, Prime Gourmet Curry. It was enough for the stomachs of those who ate it to feel warmth spread throughout their bodies, and it was surely something everyone had to eat sooner or later.

The chatter between the two was disrupted by a pair of rushing footsteps nearing them, and both of them turned their heads to see an ecstatic Amira. The mother of two faced [name], a large grin plastered on her face. She intertwined her fingers together and pleaded, “Oh, dear! May I borrow you for a second? I really want to show you something I made.” The couple looked at each other before shrugging, [name] stood up and patted their clothes down. They turned their head to face Link and asked, “Can you put the Goron Spice for me?”

Link stood up and nodded as a reply, refraining from something with someone else around. They gratefully smiled, placing their lips upon his cheek for a second before joining Amira. “I’ll be back soon, don’t worry!” They exclaimed, and he watched their figures getting smaller until they were no longer there. The knight stretched, popping a few bones to release the tension from his shoulders.

He walked inside his home, breathing in the welcoming scent of wood of the space enclosed by four walls. Nearing the shelves where the Goron Spice resides in, he eyed the multiple containers; each held different kinds of spices and elixirs. Everything looked the same except the colours of the liquid inside. His lover decided to transfer each and every one of them in the same kind of jar, admitting that it was quite uncomfortable for them to see so many different containers in one spot. It was not difficult to differentiate them from each other, thanks to the help of the pieces of paper taped in each container. Link made the mistake of not paying any attention to what he was reaching for, confident that his instincts were right with its choice of jar.

He left his house and neared the pot, popped the cork open and poured the adequate amount of spice in–

Oh dear, was that purple swirling around inside the pot?

Link’s baby blue eyes widened, finally realizing the mistake he has done. He soon regretted ever trusting his instincts, and should have checked if what he got was the correct one or not. He held the jar up and read the label taped onto it.

It was not Goron Spice, but Monster Extract.

A look of disbelief and annoyance overtook his features, and Link could not help but breathe out a deep sigh. What should he say once [name] gets back?

He decided to wait instead, the food still looked edible enough to eat. Maybe they can even turn them into meaty rice balls instead.

“Link, what’s that smell?” Not even before a minute after they made the mistake did he hear their voice. He turned and watched as they neared the cooking pot with confusion. Eyeing the food before them, they crossed their arms and asked, “What did you do?”

“I… accidentally added Monster Extract instead of Goron Spice?” Link responded in a questioning tone, scratching his nape with his free hand as embarrassment flooded his cheeks, turning them into a shade of pink. He looked at the ground and waited for them to react. Instead, what he only received was a soft slap on the back of his head, causing him to gasp in surprise.

“How many times I have told you to check before confirming that it’s the right one?” They asked, although they knew they didn’t need an answer for that. Link chuckled under his breath, muttering an apology as he smiled. [name] shook their head and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, we can still eat it. Come on, it’s almost done,” they said, getting inside to get the utensils needed. “It’s your turn to wash the dishes after this for your mistake!” They exclaimed. Link shook his head and followed after, shouting back an “Okay!”

Going off the grid: Why more people are choosing to live life unplugged

For people who want to get away from today’s consumerist society, living off-grid can be an attractive option.

Imagine living off the land, producing your own food and energy and getting away from the consumption economy that drives so many of our decisions. For more and more people, off-grid living has become the way to go. Although statistics on Americans who choose to take this route are hard to come by, trends suggest that the number is increasing. Some people do it to be self-reliant or more in touch with nature. Many go off-grid to step away from society. Still others do it because it is the most financially viable option available to them.

“Going off the grid is not a game,” says Nick Rosen, founder of the Off-Grid website and author of “Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America” (Penguin Books). “It is real life and a real choice for real people.”

Rosen says people go off the grid for a variety of reasons, and they vary how deeply they go off-grid. “You can’t get off all of the grids all the time,” he says. “It’s a question of which grids you choose to get off of and in what way and for how long.” Some people live off the grid part of the year for leisure purposes, taking a few months off from their jobs so they can live in a more relaxed manner. Others get themselves off the public electrical or water systems but still participate in what Rosen calls the “car grid” or the “supermarket grid” or “bank grid.”

Off-grid is green
Book cover for Off the Grid by Nick RosenAlthough a desire to go green isn’t usually the primary driver for people going off-grid, the lifestyle has many environmental benefits. For one thing, most off-grid homes or communities are in places where nature plays an important part of their everyday lives. “You become much more aware of the sun and the wind because you need it to power yourself,” Rosen says. For another, people who are living off-grid do not tend to fill their lives with the same amount of stuff as your average consumer. “We’re all consuming too much. One of the big motivations for off-grid living is a weariness of the consumer society. It’s not necessarily anti-consumer, but post-consumer.”

Off-grid homes also eschew the American tendency toward overly large residences. “We’re over-housing ourselves,” Rosen says. “That’s been very big feature of American society since the ‘50s: The overly large house with the big heating and cooling bills, storing vast amounts of unnecessary possessions.” Although off-grid housing varies in size and scope and energy needs, Rosen estimates that the average off-grid residence uses about 20 percent of the energy consumed by a typical American home.

Another green factor is a lowered reliance on transportation. Although people living off the grid still own vehicles, they use them much less frequently. “You may only need it once a week or once a month,” Rosen says.

Other motivations: Fear and finances
Some off-grid people do it to get away. “Perhaps the biggest motivation at the moment is a loss of trust in the government and the ability of social networks to look after us,” Rosen says. These are people who feel as if society no longer provides the sense of safety that they require.

For others, going off-grid is an economic necessity brought about by hard times. “A lot of the people I met when I was traveling around the States writing my book were people who had to hand back the keys to their properties and find a new lifestyle. In one case they bought some land on eBay and moved themselves into a trailer. And they find themselves living a more ecological lifestyle just by the fact that they’re generating their own electricity and growing their own food, but they were motivated by financial matters rather than by more pure desire to tread more lightly on the planet.”

How much do you really need?
Rosen says most families could go off the grid with as little as a half an acre, “as long as it’s the right half-acre.” Ideal locations would have some woodland, an area for agriculture, enough light for solar power and a good source of water, either a well or a stream. “The era of 40 acres and a mule has been replaced by the era of a half an acre and a laptop and a solar panel,” he says.

But even a half an acre can be a lot of work — too much for most people, Rosen says. “You’re giving yourself a lot to do if you’re running your own power plant, dealing with your own water supply, disposing of your own waste and pulling your own food.”

Instead of going it alone, many people form off-grid communities. “The best way to get off-grid is to go off with others in a group of families, so each have half an acre and share resources and skills,” Rosen says. “One is tending livestock and one is growing vegetables, while a third is looking after the power supply for everybody else.”

The next generation?
Going off the grid today doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. “The existence of the Internet that has made living off the grid a real choice and a real possibility for so many people,” Rosen says. Websites like his own provide lessons and plans and advice for off-grid living, as well as a sense of community for people who might otherwise be physically isolated from each other.

In addition, some off-the-grid communities are ready for new people to join them. “There’s a huge generation of 1970s back-to-the-land movement people who are now getting pretty old and they’re sitting on these huge tracks of land that can’t be broken up,” Rosen says. These communities are looking for young people to buy their way in. “The idea of land trusts is being used as a way these older people can get some new residents to help look after them and then work on the land or take over part of the land as the older generation dies out.”

Rosen says his own ambition is to create an off-grid village of 300 or so homes in his native England, provided he can find a local zoning board willing to allow it. “I think there’s a huge demand for off-grid living that can’t be satisfied because the places where you’d want to live off the grid are the places you can’t get permission to do so,” he says.

Written by: John Platt



- As stated in a previous submission, the human I describe is almost always immortal, with the exception of angst, by a blessing given to her at birth that saved her life. She’s still got all the human aspects, she just won’t age. With that info in hand, let’s get to the fun stuff.

- You, the human, come to Rivendell with Frodo. Your first glimpse of Glorfindel is through hooded eyes as Merry and Pippin keep you held up as best as they can while he scares off the black riders. You get a glimpse of this great blinding bright light and you hear the pained scream of the riders and the rushing water. You were injured in the fight against the riders just like Frodo.

- The next time you see him he’s carrying you through the woods and down the valley. You reach up and shakily touch his face with your non-injured hand.

- He looks down at you and tell you not to speak, you’re terribly injured and you mustn’t strain yourself. You tell him he’s beautiful and then promptly pass out in his arms. Smooth, right?

- Apparently so, because when you wake up not only are Merry and Pippin at your side but Glorfindel is at the foot of your bed, smiling down at you now that you’ve woken.

- ‘How long was I out?’ / ‘four years.’ / 'Master hobbit do not scare her, it has been but three days, my lady’

- He helps you stand, telling you not to strain yourself and to be careful several times. You lean heavily on his arm as he guides you towards the kitchen to get some food.

- You refuse to let anyone cook for you, you’ll make your own food, even if you’re on your death bed. All the women in your village know how to cook, and you like providing for yourself.

- You and Glorfindel eat sandwiches across from each other.

- 'I meant what I said, when you were carrying me. You really are beautiful’ / 'I- I thank you, my lady, you are also very beautiful’

- 'Don’t flatter me, Lord Glorfindel I haven’t done my hair in five days’ / 'I do not tell lies to anyone, my lady’

- (Cue the blush)

- He goes to Elrond for advice on how to court you. Everyone goes to Elrond for advice, he’s the elf with all the advice to give and all the facepalms to do.

- Elrond recommends a date, they do those in the villages of Men.

- Glorfindel takes you on a picnic. He even made sandwiches, they’re not that bad, but his skill is better in fighting massive balrogs than in making sandwiches.

- You talk about your home, about meeting Merry and Pippin, Frodo, and Sam on your journey to come to see Rivendell.

- He tells you about his recent trip to Lothlorien, about the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn and of the trees and you stare in wonder at the sky as you lay on the grass, wishing to see the trees of Lothlorien before your journey’s end.

- There’s a second date, and a third, and then during the Council of Elrond you get the very undeniable feeling to stand up and pledge your sword to Frodo’s cause but you don’t because it would break your heart to leave Glorfindel behind.

- You have to see your friends off, knowing deep down they probably won’t be coming back.

- 'Don’t despair, my lovely hobbits, I’m always going to be with you, in your hearts. And I know that we will meet again, I saw it in a dream, there’s going to be cake’

- Just after they leave and they can’t see you anymore you start crying. They’re your friends, and now they’re heading towards death.

- Glorfindel pulls you into a hug, even though elves aren’t really the hugging type he feels the need to comfort you.

- 'They’re going to die’ / 'no, you will see them again’

- Rivendell stops feeling happy after that for a little while. Despite the music and the dancing and the food it just doesn’t feel right without your friends.

- Until Glorfindel takes you out again. It’s a bit colder now and this time it’s to a festival.

- He leads you with your arm in his, smiling down at you as you walk. It isn’t until the fireworks at night that you start to feel happier again.

- That night, as you walk home, you talk about how much you wanted to see Middle-Earth, all of it. And Glorfindel promises that once these dark times are over he will take you to see everything.

- He keeps his promise.

- About a year after the destruction of the ring he takes you to Lothlorien, you meet Treebeard, who tells you a story that takes hours to finish.

- You meet Galadriel and Celeborn who each tell you story after story about anything that comes to their minds. They tell you that you’ll always be welcome in Lorien as long as Glorfindel loves you.

- And then he takes you to Rohan, and you finally meet Éowyn, who Glorfindel talks to for nearly the whole day. He was the one who created the 'no man can kill him’ prophecy after all.

- And then you visit Legolas in Greenwood (previously Mirkwood), and King Thranduil talks to Glorfindel for a long while while you catch up with Legolas.

- You go to Dale, and you meet Bard and his children. You see the skeleton of Smaug in the lake and buy many fine pieces of jewelry from the merchants there.

- On your second night in Dale, Glorfindel proposes. When elves propose they give each other a silver ring and then get married a year later, so that’s what Glorfindel does.

- You cry, just a little.

- You visit The Shire to see your friends. Sam has two kids already, Merry and Pippin are still crazy rambunctious little rascals, and Frodo is writing his book. But they throw you an engagement party and Gandalf even comes.

- Every time you look at Glorfindel he’s smiling, and it makes you smile too.

- You get married in Rivendell, Elrond married the two of you.

- It’s perfect, he’s perfect, everything about the wedding is absolutely perfect.

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After an earthquake devastated Nepal in 2015, Oxfam paid Bimala to dig irrigation channels so her community could grow food once again. She says: “It has been really helpful for the women in the village because now they know they can provide for their families with their earnings.” We believe that every woman has the right to make a fair living for herself and her family. If you do too, please REBLOG.

teaching special education gives me (and a ton of people of varying trustworthiness) the ability to label students with learning disabilities and long-lasting identifiers based on my experiences with them in the classroom and my interpretation of achievement test results.

I believe most special education teachers take this responsibility seriously, yet *how* their beliefs manifest - and the impact of their actions hold real consequences.

It’s just something I constantly think about as we have regular meetings, regularly fill out paperwork and make decisions that affect children’s lives. A child may have high needs or require an “it takes a village” mentality to provide them the services they deserve, but I’ve seen so many instances where the biases and privilege of an individual teacher greatly impacted the type and quality of of interventions the child received.

So much more work needs to be done. especially when it comes to students of color with higher needs.

Cycle Eight--Week 1


The bright blue leather of the book’s cover has faded over time, and the silver metalwork has tarnished, but the ink inside is still crisp and clear.

A (condensed, if I’m being honest) version of Lucretia’s journal from Cycle Eight.

Day 1

For the first time, we spend the night of our arrival still airborne.

Lup is eager to explore the land below us, a world covered in vast glowing forests of fungi. Even now, when the single sun is on the far side of the planet, it glows as though it were daytime (At least, if daytime were characterized by an ever-shifting pattern of neon hues). The air is filled with clouds of spores which diffuse the light, concealing the edges of individual mushrooms so the entire world looks like a great ocean of light.

Tomorrow we head for one of the dark spots we can make out on the horizon in search of a clear landing ground. Captain Davenport has ordered that no one is to leave the ship until we can verify that the environment is inhabitable. Thus far, we have had the good fortune to only visit worlds on which we can walk and breathe, but there is no guarantee that every set of Planes will be so hospitable.

Magnus offered to go down to the surface by himself. “It’s the quickest way to see if we can survive!” he said.

Taako scoffed. “Oh, right, check it out by dying, that’s a brilliant idea. Idiot.”

“Yeah, Maggie,” said Lup. “You only just got back! Is the company really that bad?”

He didn’t push the matter, but offered to man the helm for part of the night so Captain Davenport could get some sleep.

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Pastor Vijay Sagaria from Bagdari, India, was showing the “Jesus-film” to about 150 people from various villages in November. After they watched the movie, he and his family headed to their home, 1 km away, and were shocked to find it was on fire.

They were too late to save the house, as it was razed to the ground within minutes of their arrival. Upon investigation, they discovered the fire was not an accident.

Pastor Sagaria said that others in his village deliberately burnt his house down. The residents of the village had threatened him many times before because of his faith. They warned him that if he didn’t leave, there would be dire consequences.

Pray for protection for him and his family as they continue to live in the village, in temporary shelter provided by Open Doors. They’re currently unable to rebuild their home, as the land belongs to the government. Pray as we assist them with things such as biblical counselling, blankets and food.

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Hi! I really love your oc's and am excited for your webcomic! Is it ok if we ask questions about them? Like can we know more about your smol oc? The scared looking one? They're really cute!


If you’re asking about the small one, I’m sure you mean Tobin or “Tobi”. 

He’s a smol scared blueberry child. But he’s one of the best archers at the school. He’s from a small village where he was a hunter providing food for the other villagers. ^^ He’s good with animals and is a great tracker. What he lacks in physical strength he makes up for in thinking fast and being agile.

Ask me anything about my OC’s! I’m always flattered when people ask about them, cause they’re my bbies and I love talking about them (´。✪ω✪。`)

MYANMAR. 2000. AK and Pearls. A girl child soldier who at age 15 enlisted in an armed militia group after the National Army burned her village. She is a member of the Special Women Unit of the Karen National Liberation Army. Children are among the ranks of Myanmar’s many armed groups and the UN is working to gain access to recruitment centres, training schools and camps in order to identify children, gain their release and support their reintegration and rehabilitation.

  • There are an estimated 250,000 child soldiers in the world today.
  • It is estimated that 40% of all child soldiers are girls. They are often used as non-combatant ‘wives’ (sex slaves) of the male combatants.
  • Child soldiers are recruited by government forces as well as rebel groups.
  • Not all children take part in active combat. Some are also used as porters, cooks and spies.
  • Children are sometimes forced to kill or maim a family member; breaking the bonds with their community and making it difficult for them to return.

How are child soldiers recruited?

  • Some are abducted from their homes and forced to become soldiers.
  • A village may be forced to provide a certain number of children as soldiers in exchange for staying safe from attack.
  • In some rare cases, children volunteer because of ideological reasons or to avenge the death of a family member.

Photograph: Peter Mantello

The Legend of the Frost Stone; Chapter 1: Suhdfog's Request

            It was a normal mission, or so they thought. Upon receiving a distress signal, the team made their way to a small planet named Ilirhis in the Lodjys star system. When they landed they were greeted by a small group of aliens. They were oddly human like, but with pointed ears, blueish skin, and standing at about 4’7”. The leader, who was actually considerably taller, at 5’1”, had introduced himself as Suhdfog, leader and enchanter of the Ilidif people. He had explained that, earlier that month, a Galra, or as Suhdfog called them, Ghrulos, ship had arrived. At first, they kept their distance, and did not disturb the Ilidif village, until a few days prior to the Paladins’ arrival, when they attacked and seized the castle. Suhdfog told the Paladins that he and a small group of soldiers had managed to escape and find a hiding place. That was when they sent the distress signal, hoping for help. When he had finished, Allura introduced herself, Coran, and the Paladins. Suhdfog began to lead the group back to their hiding spot, deep in the forest.

            “Hey, these guys are tiny! But the biggest one is taller than Pidge!” Lance laughed. For this, he received a kick in the shins, courtesy of Pidge herself.

            “I don’t trust these guys.” Keith said.

            “Why not? They seem harmless enough.” Hunk asked

            “I just… I don’t know. Something feels, off.”

            “We’re prepared if anything happens, so it shouldn’t be a problem.” Shiro said.

            “See, you say that now, but usually, whenever you say stuff like that, everything goes wrong.” Lance replied. Shiro glared at Lance, who scooted behind Allura, attempting to hide behind her. They continued walking for a short while until they arrived at a cave.

            “Unfortunately, it seems that we are unable to fit all of you in here.” Suhdfog said. “Please pick three of you to enter.”

            “Well, obviously Shiro and I will go,” Allura stated, “but who else?”

            “Oh! Oh! Can I come?!” Lance asked excitedly.

            “N-“ “Why not?” Shiro said, interrupting Allura. Allura shot him a disapproving glance, but said nothing, for she trusted his judgement, even if his decisions might not be exactly what she felt best. Suhdfog led them inside the cave, reminding them that they should probably duck before entering. They went deep into the cave, before reaching what seemed like a ritual room. Suhdfog told the Paladins and Allura to sit, and they did.

            “Currently, our village is about 12 varga from here, on foot. We are unsure as to what is occurring there, for we have not been there in about 3 quintants, but we are certain that it is in a state of great peril.” Suhdfog said. “We ask you to take your hero, Voltron, to our village, and liberate our home and friends. We will provide as much support as we can from the sides, but the Ghrulos are much larger than we.”

            “We can do that,” Shiro responded, “but I am slightly concerned, do you think it is possible to lead them away, because we will likely destroy your village if we try to fight them there.”

            “I am unsure.” Suhdfog said. Suddenly, one of the Ilidif soldiers entered the room, and made his way over to Suhdfog. The soldier leaned in and whispered something in his ear.

            “Oh dear!” He exclaimed, as the soldier pulled away. “Kjudus has just informed me that one of your friends has been kidnapped!”

            “What?!” Allura demanded, “how did this happen?!”

            “A group of Ghrulos footmen appeared and attacked us. They used some kind of gas to mask themselves, and when the smoke cleared, they were gone, along with the hairy faced man.” Kjudus told her.

            “THEY GOT CORAN?!” Lance yelled. “C’mon! We have to go!” The three of them rushed out of the caves, as fast as possible, with Suhdfog and Kjudus behind them. Once they had exited the cave, they spotted Pidge, Keith, and Hunk, who were looking into the darkest part of the forest.

            “What’s going on?! They took Coran? Where did they go?! Are you guys okay? Wh-” Shiro exclaimed, clearly panicking, before Lance stopped him.

            “Yeah, they took Coran.” Keith said, sombrely. “They went that way, at least we think they did. It all happened so fast, so we’re not really sure what happened.”

            “Shiro, what do we do?” Pidge asked worriedly.

            “What? Oh, uh,” he paused, looking back toward the ship, “we should probably get to our lions, then, and try to find which way they went.”

            “Right!” The others yelled in unison, as they began running back toward the ship. As fast as they possibly could, they entered their lions and flew off.

            “Alright guys,” Shiro said over the comms, “the most important thing is to get Coran back, and we should try to avoid any extra distractions if possible. We should probably split up, just while we’re trying to find them. Pidge and Keith, you guys go in the direction of the village, Hunk and I-”

            “And Lance!” Lance yelled.

            “Hunk and Lance and I will go over the forest. Make sure to let us know if you find anything.”

            “Let’s go!” Pidge said as she and Keith sped up towards the village.

            They had been flying for only about 15 minutes when Hunk, Lance, and Shiro spotted a purple ship in the distance.

            “Is that it?” Lance asked, as they slowly approached it. It was definitely a Galra ship, and a rather large one, bigger than others they had seen before. “Should we attack it?”

            “No, if Coran really is in there, he could get hurt, and if not by our own attacks, by the Galra.” Shiro said. “Pidge, Keith! We think we found him!” Shiro said after opening the connection line with Pidge and Keith.

            “Uh, unfortunately we’re a bit occupied at the momen- oh quiznak!” Keith replied.

            “Keith! What’s going on?!”

            “We’ve just run into a bunch of smaller Galra ships over the town, we can handle them, but there’s a lot, so I think it might take us a while to get rid of them all before we can safely head over to you.”

            “Alright, be careful, and we’ll do what we can here.” After turning off the second line, they heard an explosion.

            “What was that?!” Hunk screamed. Looking downward, they spotted a large crater in the ground, smoking.

            “They’ve spotted us!” Shiro hissed through his teeth. “Damn”