the village of providence

Aries as the first sign is “closest to God,” because the “point of light” as the newly-concieved Soul has not left God’s mind yet, he is fresh from heaven, an Aries baby powder.. Cancer connect to God in their fertility, the birth of new life, the creator, God is the ultimate creator, and Cancer is like a physical  conduit that forms new life… Gemini are the cosmic web of consciousness that keep people connected, Gemini is the etheric body that is floats amongst everybody…godly.. Taurus is the sign of ‘earth goddesses’.. the fertility principle, the amity of nature, the display of a blooming flower, a protector and provider of villages. Capricorn is God the father, God has no form, he creates form but through Capricorn he is the father figure in us   … Pluto represent’s ‘Gods will’ and is thus manifested in Scorpio and with the death of the ego where the zodiac dies and goes onto meet God in Capricorn…Leo is ruled by the sun, the sun is not a planet but a star, esoterically Leo is thought to be ruled by a higher heavenly dwelling, Leo is the centre, a creative enterprise, and rules the heart.. and God is LOVE. Egyptian manuscript refers to Libra as the ‘Divine Child’ as the held scales determine one’s route into the afterlife…as the only sign to be represented by an inanimate symbol, it’s as if they are floating beyond human form. Virgo is the microscope of God, his ultra refined senses become kaleidoscopes of the mechanical world and the intricate particles of God’s design, he is the conduit of God’s perfect visions. Aquarius is the inspiration in god’s mind, it is the air dust that fills every soul on earth, Aquarius is god the collective, god that guards the inner world. Sagittarius is the quest for divine intimacy, the peak experience, the enveloping into the universe because the body is half human and half spirit, its the complete global experience..Jupiter is all about faith, mythology, and creed. Pisces as the culmination of all things is the reunion of the infinite with the ego is the salient godforce…


Beauty and the Beast Headcanon

My new BATB headcanon is after the spell is broken, Belle invites Père Robert to visit the castle library (He and Belle geek out over how cool and absolutely massive the library is when he first visits) and let’s him borrow any of the books he would like as a way to return the favor for all the times he let her borrow his books. When Belle introduces him to Adam, Adam teases her and says “So this is the man who lent you Romeo and Juliet?” And just as Belle starts to worry Adam shakes Père Robert’s hand and thanks him for being such a good friend to Belle and for supporting her love of reading. Père Robert soon becomes a mainstay of the castle library and he and Belle start a book club for the castle residents. Also he, Belle, and Adam start a school for the village children, with a focus on providing a proper education for the girls of the village. And of course he officiates Belle and Adam’s wedding and it is beautiful.

Caught in the Rain. The Rainforests of Madagascar. There are hundreds of remote villages in the rainforests of Madagascar that can only be reached by foot. Most of the people live in extreme poverty and there are many health issues. Those providing aid and services to these villagers often make long and sometimes treacherous hikes to reach them.

After an earthquake devastated Nepal in 2015, Oxfam paid Bimala to dig irrigation channels so her community could grow food once again. She says: “It has been really helpful for the women in the village because now they know they can provide for their families with their earnings.” We believe that every woman has the right to make a fair living for herself and her family. If you do too, please REBLOG.


Bunch of obscenely rich people at a massive party about how great they are for making TV shows and movies scoffing at a guy for having the nerve to say that he’s glad his show was able to bring joy to some people who needed it in south sudan.

Was it a little crass? Sure.

But the suit you’re wearing and the wine you’re drinking cost more than providing entire villages with fresh water so maybe fuck you too?

Those aren’t the faces of people who thought he was being a white saviour, they’re the faces of people who didn’t want to be reminded of people in South Sudan, or anyone but themselves when they wanted to enjoy their party.

(I mean come on, Meryl Streep damn near stood up there and told everyone how they were the most hard done by and victimised people in the country…)

Fire Emblem Fates Pairings Guide

Hey everyone! After a VERY long time spent play testing and spreadsheeting and making my girlfriend mad at me for spending so much time on my DS, I think I’m finally at a place where I feel comfortable making this guide. So let’s do this!

PLEASE NOTE: all of these pairings are based on my own personal experience, play style, and vision for the characters. Pairings are very open-ended, so I encourage you to experiment beyond this list and find what works for you. My only hope is that I can help give you some ideas.

Jakob: Charlotte/Kagero/Mozu

Jakob has good STR mods and growths, plus access to Cavalier, so capitalizing on that is his best option. Charlotte and Kagero do exactly that, while simultaneously providing strong class options and modifiers/growth rates for Dwyer (especially in Charlotte’s case - Berserker Dwyer may look hilarious, but it’s no joke). Mozu also works, since she gives access to Master of Arms via Villager and provides very balanced bonuses for both Dwyer and Jakob across the board.

EDIT: I think Nyx can also work with Jakob, since Dwyer has mixed growths, and if you augment his magic then he evens out a lot and becomes an effective mixed support.

Kaze: Selena/Rinkah/Oboro/Mozu

Selena is Kaze’s best option, since she complements his growths and modifiers for Midori, provides solid pair up bonuses, and gives access to Hero via Mercenary for both Kaze and Midori. Rinkah is also pretty great, since she fixes his defensive problems and gives solid strength bonuses on pair-up. Her modifiers are definitely a little worse for Midori, but the littlest weed dealer will have great speed, and Oni Chieftain is nothing to sneeze at. Oboro works just as well, providing really good balance across the board and access to Spear Fighter, which is pretty nice. Mozu works in a pinch, since she has good mods for Midori and enhances Kaze’s skill and speed, as well as evening out his strength modifier.

EDIT: Beruka is also good here, since Kaze fixes her speed and resistance, and she helps with defense and skill. Their pair-ups are good, and Midori reaps a lot of benefit as well.

Azura: Laslow/Takumi/Jakob

Azura has really great strength, skill, and speed growths, with modifiers to match where skill and speed are concerned. She does best with someone who enhances that while also patching up her serious defensive issues. Laslow and Takumi do exactly that, and benefit from her bonuses in the process. Their modifiers are complementary and they appreciate the speed Azura gives, so it’s a win win all around. Jakob can also work if the aforementioned bachelors are all tied up, since he helps with Shigure’s strength and gives him access to Cavalier, which suits him pretty well.

Silas: Camilla/Selena/Beruka/Hana/Kagero/Oboro/Setsuna/holy shit like everyone

Silas is so versatile. He has balanced mods and solid growths, as well as a great class pool. You can kind of pair him with anyone, so long as they’re physically-biased. His best options are probably Camilla and Hana, since they give him and Sophie even more relevant classes AND provide some of the best pair-up bonuses and modifiers to boot. But those two are definitely priority wives, and since Silas can work with so many people, I usually end up pairing him with someone lower on the priority list. Beruka is great, since she gives Wyvern Rider and high skill mods, and Selena is great since she keeps Sophie balanced and gives Silas good pair-ups. There is some class overlap on Mercenary though, which is not awesome. If you’re in a Birthright playthrough and already have plans for Hana, Kagero and Oboro work very well for a lot of the same reasons the others do, with the former favoring strength and the latter providing great balance. Oh, and Setsuna also works really well, since she’s super speedy and her passing Archer isn’t a problem thanks to Silas’ diverse class pool. Man Silas is good. And such a nice guy too! Someone get this man a medal.

Arthur: Effie

OK, so Arthur is pretty solid all around and works well with a handful of different people. And the same goes for Effie. But the two of them were just meant for each other in every sense of the word, and I seriously think this pairing is just the best option for them both, so much so that I can’t in good conscience suggest anything else. Effie enhances Arthur’s strength, he enhances her speed, they give each other and Percy relevant classes and good pair-ups/modifiers, AND their supports are hella cute. It’s just… so good. Do this pairing.

Odin: Elise/Nyx/Felicia

Odin has a mix of stength and magic growths, but his daughter Ophelia is decidedly more magic biased. Since he’s one of the only men who gives a solid magic boost where growths and mods are concerned, I think he’s best served pairing with one of the magic ladies. Elise is his best option, if only because she doesn’t have a better one herself. They complement each other well, providing strong magic pair-ups for each other and magic heavy modifiers for Ophelia, which she likes. Troubador isn’t an awesome thing to pass, but it isn’t terrible either, and Ophelia already has access to Sorcerer, which is all she really needs to be a magic powerhouse. Nyx and Felicia also work really well with Odin for many of the same reasons, but are both compatible with other bachelors in a way Elise really isn’t. That said, if you’ve already got plans for Elise, they’ll work just as well, if not marginally better.

Niles: Nyx/Beruka/Setsuna/Oboro

Niles is kind of an interesting dude where pairings are concerned. He can go one of two ways. Either you commit to the magic angle that his secondary class Dark Mage and his poor strength modifiers support, or you feed into his high speed and solid skill and go for a speedy unit. For the former, look no further than Nyx, especially in a Conquest playthrough. Since their class sets are identical, Nyx provides access to her hidden class: Diviner. This is invaluable in Conquest, where the only other potential Onmyojis are your Avatar and his/her family. She also provides stellar magic for Niles and Nina, and enhances their naturally high speed. If you want to go for the second option, Setsuna and Oboro are great. Setsuna is super fast and Oboro is really well balanced, and both help Nina a lot via complementary mods and, in Oboro’s case, access to Spearmaster. If you’re on Conquest (or already have plans for Oboro and Setsuna), then Beruka is good too, since Niles evens out her poor speed and they enhance each other’s skill. Plus, Wyvern Rider is a pretty awesome class to have kicking around.

EDIT: Mozu isn’t bad for Niles either, for a lot of the same reasons Oboro is good with him. She’s slightly worse overall, especially where class options are concerned, but fulfills a similar role and is available in all three routes.

Laslow: Camilla/Peri/Charlotte/Hana/Azura

Laslow is a pretty balanced dude who likes bonuses to strength, skill, and speed, as well as defenses if he can get it. All of the listed options do this with varying degrees of success. I think Camilla, Peri, and Charlotte are his most successful options, since they give relevant classes, good pair ups, and solid strength and speed modifiers. They also help with Soleil’s strength growth AND patch up her terrible HP growth, which is nice. Hana is super high priority, and tends to be a little bit better with her other options, but if you want Soleil to be a super effective Swordmaster, she’s your gal. Or I guess, your gal for Laslow. Laslow’s gal. Whatever. All that said, I find that my most common pairing for Laslow is Azura, since she appreciates him more than most, and Soleil loves the high speed she gets from Azura. No relevant classes are passed for Soleil, but that’s OK because she already has Mercenary and Ninja. Shigure, on the other hand, gets access to Mercenary, which is awesome for him. The only big problem this pairing has is Soleil’s HP growth, which Azura does nothing for. So save those Seraph Robes.

Benny: Camilla/Beruka/Oboro/Mozu

Benny has very low speed and very high defense. Camilla helps patch up the former while augmenting the latter, and provides some strength pair ups and modifiers to boot. She also gives Wyvern Rider, which is super awesome. Beruka worsens Benny’s speed ailment, but enhances his skill and defense to insane levels, and still passes Wyvern Rider. This pairing works really well for a Wary Fighter build on Ignacius, especially in conjunction with the General class and a bunch of active skills, like Astra and Aegis. Grab Hoshidan Unity from Spotpass to make an insane tank unit who never has to worry about getting doubled on and triggers ALL the powerful skills. In Revelation, Oboro fulfills a similar roll to Camilla, balancing out Benny’s speed weakness while enhancing his stength and defense. And Spear Fighter is pretty sweet too. Mozu can work as well, but she’s definitely the worst of these options. She’s not actually bad for him, since she does something similar to Camilla and Oboro, just to a lesser degree and without a relevant class. I’d only pair with her if you’ve exhausted all the other options.

EDIT: Peri is also really good for Benny, since he patches up her defense, she gives Ignacius more resistance, and provides a strength boost. Cavalier has some class overlap, but that doesn’t end up being an especially big deal, since you get a lot of Cavaliers anyway.

Leo: Sakura/Felicia

Leo is a magic man whose only real weakness is his speed. If you’re playing on Revelation, Sakura helps with that while enhancing his magic, and also provides monk and a big magic boost for pair ups, mods, and growths. Plus, you get to have the royalty intermingle, and who doesn’t want that? Outside of Revelation, Felicia is the clear winner where marriage options are concerned. She does everything Sakura does just as well, and blows the other magic option (Nyx) out of the water in the process, since she hurts Forrest’s potential skill and defense.

Keaton: Camilla/Peri/Hana

Keaton is strong and has good defense, and appreciates someone who can play to those strengths while also helping with his lackluster skill and speed. Camilla and Hana do that best, and give access to Wyvern Rider and Samurai respectively, which is fantastic. If Camilla is taken, Peri is great too. Keaton’s high defense evens out her poor defense, and she evens out his speed while boosting his strength. She also gives access to Cavalier, which is always appreciated.

Xander: Charlotte/Selena/Hinoka

Xander has really solid offensive mods and growths, as well as two very powerful class options in Cavalier and Wyvern Rider. Charlotte takes his strength to the next level, and boosts his speed quite a bit too. She doesn’t help with his less than stellar defenses, but that can be fixed through class changing and, for Siegbert, pairing off with a more defensively oriented kid unit. Selena provides a little more balance than Charlotte at the cost of her higher strength and access to Berserker. In Revelation, Hinoka finds the perfect middle ground between the two, providing very solid balance AND a decent strength bonus. She doesn’t bring an especially powerful class to the table, but her pair ups, modifiers, and growths are boon enough for Siegbert, who already has two excellent class chains to choose from.

Subaki: Oboro/Rinkah/Selena

Subaki has very polarized modifiers and growth rates. His HP, skill, and defense are all great, but he falls short elsewhere. Oboro helps even him out since she’s so balanced, creating a Caeldori that excels as a high skill class and provides great pair ups for Subaki at the same time. Rinkah enhances his natural defense boon, and they both benefit from covering each other’s skill/speed weaknesses. Selena is similar to Rinkah in her effects on Subaki and Caeldori, but does a better job of patching up Caeldori’s resistance growth. She also provides the ever-relevant Hero, which works well with Subaki and Caeldori’s modifiers and growths.

Saizo: Oboro/Setsuna/Orochi

Saizo has some interesting pairing options. Oboro and Setsuna are classic balance options, patching up Saizo’s speed and boosting his other stats across the board for a well-balanced, physically biased Asugi with solid class options. However, Asugi actually has an excellent base magic growth, and Orochi helps bring out his magic potential. Pairing Saizo with her results in a great balance for Asugi, as well as access to Basara, which is a pretty awesome class for his mods and growths. I find myself going with this option more often than not, for what that’s worth.

Azama: Beruka/Rinkah/Felicia

OK so Azama has the weirdest stuff going on. His modifiers and growths SCREAM “make me a Berserker!” but his class options say “I have made poor life decisions and now you have to make me a Great Master!” For that reason, Beruka and Rinkah are really good for him. They give him and Mitama access to Wyvern Rider and Oni Savage respectively, and their growths and modifiers complement Azama’s. However, Mitama does actually have very evenly balanced offensive growths and, unlike her dear ole dad, CAN work as a mixed unit. For that reason, Felicia is also a viable option for Azama, since she provides magic pair ups that make Azama a passable Great Master if you need one, and does really well for a mixed Mitama.

Hayato: Nyx/Sakura/Felicia

Hayato is all magic all the time, and so the magic ladies are his best options. They’re pretty even across the board, since all of them enhance his magic in pair ups, and boost Rhajat’s modifiers and growths very effectively. It’s honestly so close I think it comes down to personal preference and/or who you don’t have plans for. I will say that I think Sakura is the cutest with him, if you’re into that.

Hinata: Peri/Oboro/Setsuna/Hinoka

Hinata is super versatile. He works really well with a lot of people, but struggles with skill and speed (kinda weird for a Samurai). Hisame is fine with skill and speed growths, however, so it’s more about patching up modifiers for him and providing relevant pair ups for Hinata. For this reason, Setsuna is really good, since she provides lots of speed and a solid skill bonus as a Sniper. Peri and Oboro provide less in the way of skill and speed, but give Hisame and Hinata relevant classes and a nice bonus to strength. Their growths are also super complementary, which is nice. Hinoka once again finds herself in the middle of it all, providing good speed and strength in addition to a nice boost to resistance. I think these options are very viable across the board.

Takumi: Camilla/Setsuna/Azura

At last we come to pineapple brother. Takumi is, without a doubt, one of the better units in the game, just on his own. Making Kiragi live up to his dad’s potential without access to Fujin Yumi is pretty tough, but these options help get there. Camilla helps with Takumi’s low resistance modifier and growth for Kiragi while also giving him new potential as a flier thanks to Wyvern Rider. She also helps with Takumi’s speed problem, which is much appreciated. Setsuna totally negates said speed problem and avoids passing the lackluster archer thanks to class overlap, instead providing Ninja. Which is cool beans. See Azura’s thing for why she’s good with pineapple.

Kaden: Sakura/Mozu

Kaden has nice speed and resistance, but struggles with skill and defense. Mozu helps with those problems, and has the added bonus of benefitting greatly from Kaden’s aforementioned boons. They’re good for each other, and for Selkie, who also appreciates having easy access to Aptitude and Man at Arms. On the other hand, Sakura has a few problems similar to Kaden’s, but opens up a new role for Selkie. Her magic modifiers and growths work well for a mixed Selkie and make use of Kaden’s secondary class, Diviner. She makes a pretty excellent Basara. Also, nap buddies. Do it, you’ll see what I mean.

Ryoma: Camilla/Kagero

Lobster Lord has some defensive problems that Camilla helps out with. She also boosts strength, skill, and speed. And gives access to Wyvern Rider. She’s real good, and my favorite option for Ryoma on a Revelation playthrough. That said, Kagero is also awesome for Ryoma and Shiro. She boosts strength like crazy, benefits from Ryoma’s skill and speed, and helps Shiro with resistance. Plus, she gives access to Ninja. Which, as we have already established, is cool beans.

OK! Wow this is like six pages long. Feel free to send me any questions you have! I hope this helps! :)

- Ross

P.S. I know I don’t talk much about skill inheritance here, and that’s because Spotpass skill inheritance has more or less made it possible to get whatever skills you want for your characters without worrying about who is passing what. If you have any specific questions on skill builds, just shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to help out.

Eyes on Africa - Lagos, Nigeria - Makoko Floating Schools

Makoko, Nigeria

Makoko is a fishing village located in the Lagos Lagoon. Due to the weakness of the nearby soil and its proximity to water, much of Makoko rests on structures constructed on stilts above Lagos Lagoon. Traditionally this area has been self governing so schools are funded and provided by the village. 

The ingenious adaptation of building a structure that floats came from growing concerns with climate change and rising water levels. This adds to its versatility not just from an environmental standpoint but from a political and practical standpoint as well. The area of Makoko is consider a poor area and one of the slums of the city. The necessity to create a school that is not only low cost and sustainable but that also mobilizes as needed to serve the children of the village is significant. Additionally recent land reclamation efforts and commercial developments in the area have reclaimed much of the lagoon from the residents of Makoko. Their homes on stilts must be deconstructed and reassembled elsewhere, while the school’s maneuverability eliminates this process.  

Built in 2013 with locally sourced wood and electrically powered with solar panels, the floating construct is designed to house about 100 students and even has a playground and green space. It is entirely sustainable due to the application of solar cells to the roof and incorporating a rainwater catchment system. The structure is also naturally ventilated and aerated. The barrels used to help the structure float are also used as water reservoirs from the catchment system. The floating schools are an ingenious design that serves the needs of the community in a cost effective and eco-friendly way.


[image described in captions]

Maria Makiling is a diwata or lambana (faerie or forest nymph) in Philippine mythology associated with Mount Makiling, Philippines. She is said to be the benefactor of the townspeople who depend on the mountain, as she is responsible for its bounties. It is said that the mountain resembles the profile of a woman, an image of Maria herself.

She is often depicted as one of three characters: a fierce protector of the forest surrounding the mountains, a provider known to give ginger that turns into gold to poor villagers, and a spurned lover afraid to love a mortal once more. Even today there are still reported sightings of her presence, from lost hikers, disappearances attributed to her presences, and students who go to the university at the foot of the mountain, University of the Philippines in Los Baños.

Translations (Filipino to English):

  • they are maria makiling
  • part, n./adj.: this is a part of my love, that I can never wholly receive anything from you - whether it be answers, time, or shelter - and that’s okay. [source of original text]

Soon after sunrise on a cold morning, two female Japanese red-crowned cranes prepare for a possible fight over food near the tiny village of Tsurui, Hokkaido Island in a photo taken on November 18th 2014. This rare species has its breeding ground close to the village. The island has six national parks that provide refuge for a variety of rare and endangered species. Credit: EPA/Kimimasa Mayama

One of my favourite elements of AC3 was the ability to unlock alternate outfits that would show up in cutscenes. It could make them more poignant or unintentionally funny. I killed Charles Lee while wearing Achilles’ robes, and that almost made me cry. Wearing the Pirate outfit when Washington’s attack on the Village was revealed, however, was side splittingly funny

[image provided by submitter]

❀ Rules For Requests ❀

Here is the link to the form you will need to request. Please do not send any requests in any other way or they will be deleted.

Requesting A Villager ❀

Any of the 333 villagers available in ACNL are available for adoption. To request a villager, all you need to do is list the name(s) of the villager(s) you wish to adopt on the form! That’s all you need to do!

Item Requests/Landscaping Help 

You can request up to an additional 32 items alongside of a villager adoption if you wish to! These items can include pretty much everything! If you wish to not adopt a villager, you can request up to 80 items in the form! Please read the description in that portion of the form to see how to list out your items!

*I will announce weekly when my two days for fulfillment will be on my blog and those will be the only two days I fulfill requests. I will close the form two days before the fulfillment days to have ample time to get everyones requests prepared! *

FT angst week Day 3: BROKEN (promises/hearted)

I’VE FINALLY CAUGHT UP. THREE CHEERS FOR ME. Nalu fic under the cut. How does one even word. This is so all over the place and just plain bad and I’m so out of practice for writing fic that it’s embarrassing but I can’t bear to edit this anymore. So tired. Goodnight all. 

Title: Did You Really Think Three Words Were Going To Cut It After A Year, or: Lucy And Natsu Have The Aquarius Talk
Summary: Losing your water spirit is tough when you’re fighting in the pouring rain and your only companion is a stupid fire mage. 
Author’s Notes: Takes place in chapter 424, between when Natsu catches a collapsing Juvia at the front of the Rainfall Village and when Juvia wakes up and provides an explanation for Gray’s absence. I think in-world, the time between the two events was only supposed to be like five minutes or so, but I’m going to use creative license to stretch that out to, like, five hours. Basically, Natsu catches Juvia, they take her into the house and lay her in a bed, and Wendy and Happy volunteer to look after Juvia while Natsu and Lucy go out to find dinner for them all, which is when this fic takes place. Natsu and Lucy return to the village, where Juvia then wakes up and manages to explain the situation. 
Rating: G (for general audiences)
Warnings: None. 

They had only wanted some fish for dinner. 

“LUCY!” Natsu yelled, before a tentacle grabbed him and dunked him underwater again. His flames went out with a sad hiss and Lucy saw him go limp, clutching at the pink appendage wrapped around him for dear life. Ah. So his motion sickness was still in full force, it seemed. Wind buffeted rain into her eyes, and Lucy cracked her whip frustratedly. 

“Damn octopus, let Natsu go!” she screamed at the monstrous creature before them that only just qualified for the classification of octopus by dint of its eight limbs thrashing about in the river. Flinging her arm back, she retired Taurus and called forth Cancer, in the hopes that his constitution might be better suited for the damp environment. 

“Need another haircut so soon, Luc–”

“Learn to read the damn situation!” Lucy said, and Cancer put his salon tools away sheepishly. “You’re a crab, you can fight in the water, right?” 

“Are you kidding me, Lucy? I’m a hairdresser. Humidity is killer for the hair,” he explained. “Whoa, watch it!”

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Kamla Devi: The Woman Who Surmounted The Leopard

Kamla Devi is a single mother who was widowed. She single-handedly works on a farm approximately one mile from her village on the India/Tibet border to provide for her son and family which provides her with a meager income. On Sunday, August 24th, 2014, she was heading to her farm to work where she was attacked by a leopard who wanted nothing more than an easy meal.

Kamla Devi not only was attacked by a leopard but she won the thirty minute battle for her life. In the first pounce the leopard shattered two bones in her left hand and proceeded to open a large wound upon her face, taking her by surprise and tackling her to the ground. Shocked and confused she took the only tool she had, an iron sickle, and began to fight for her very life. She warded the leopard off with the sickle only to have it come back again and again. This deadly dance proceeded for approximately half an hour, in which time her legs, torso, and feet were injured. Her only weapon was thrown from her grasp when the leopard bit down on her right arm, shattering the bone and leaving her only with her bare hands to fight back. Telling the doctors who saw to her injuries “I thought I was dead but I did not lose my courage or patience”, she took to using her broken off-hand to rip at the leopard’s ears, gouge at it’s eyes, and throw it off of her. After an arduous combat that makes the MMA cage fights a cakewalk, the leopard lay dead and Kamla Devi was bloodied and bruised. She dragged herself approximately one kilometer back to her village and collapsed - still two hours away from medical attention. And she survived.

Read more here. (Warning - contains a photo which features blood, might be disturbing to sensitive readers!)

Why She Kicks Ass

  • Kamla Devi has survived an attack by a penultimate predator and killed it with what eventually amounted to her bare hands.
  • With broken bones and blood gushing from multiple wounds she dragged herself back to her village.
  • Defying medical certainty she came back from the brink of death by focusing on the love she has for her child.
  • Despite the fact she has killed a leopard she also works by herself on a farm around one mile in size by irrigating it by hand every day.
  • She proves that, no matter what, women are strong and capable beyond what anyone might imagine.

Thanks to danny-the-world for the submission!

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Aries as the first sign is “closest to God,” because the “point of light” as the newly-concieved Soul has not left God’s mind yet, he is fresh from heaven, an Aries baby powder.. Cancer connect to God in their fertility, the birth of new life, the creator, God is the ultimate creator, and Cancer is like a physical  conduit that forms new life… Gemini are the cosmic web of consciousness that keep people connected, Gemini is the etheric body that is floats amongst everybody…godly.. Taurus is the sign of ‘earth goddesses’.. the fertility principle, the amity of nature, the display of a blooming flower, a protector and provider of villages. Capricorn is God the father, God has no form, he creates form but through Capricorn he is the father figure in us   … Pluto represent’s ‘Gods will’ and is thus manifested in Scorpio and with the death of the ego where the zodiac dies and goes onto meet God in Capricorn…Leo is ruled by the sun, the sun is not a planet but a star, esoterically Leo is thought to be ruled by a higher heavenly dwelling, Leo is the centre, a creative enterprise, and rules the heart.. and God is LOVE. Egyptian manuscript refers to Libra as the ‘Divine Child’ as the held scales determine one’s route into the afterlife…as the only sign to be represented by an inanimate symbol, it’s as if they are floating beyond human form. Virgo is the microscope of God, his ultra refined senses become kaleidoscopes of the mechanical world and the intricate particles of God’s design, he is the conduit of God’s perfect visions. Aquarius is the inspiration in god’s mind, it is the air dust that fills every soul on earth, Aquarius is god the collective, god that guards the inner world. Sagittarius is the quest for divine intimacy, the peak experience, the enveloping into the universe because the body is half human and half spirit, its the complete global experience..Jupiter is all about faith, mythology, and creed. Pisces as the culmination of all things is the reunion of the infinite with the ego is the salient godforce…



Pearl Hart, née Taylor, (c.1871 – after 1928) was a Canadian-born outlaw of the American Old West. She committed one of the last recorded stagecoach robberies in the United States; her crime gained notoriety primarily because of her gender. Many details of Hart’s life are uncertain with available reports being varied and often contradictory.

Hart was born as Pearl Taylor in the Canadian village of Lindsay, Ontario. Her parents were both religious and affluent, providing their daughter with the best available education. At the age of 16, she was enrolled in a boarding school when she became enamored with a young man, named Hart, who has been variously described as a rake, drunkard, and/or gambler. (Different sources list Hart’s given name as Brett, Frank, or William.) The two of them eloped, but Hart soon discovered that her new husband was abusive and left him to return to her mother.

Hart reconciled with and left her husband several times. During their time together they had two children, a boy and a girl, whom Hart sent to her mother who was then living in Ohio. In 1893, the couple attended The Chicago World’s Fair where he worked for a time as a midway barker. She in turn developed a fascination with the cowboy lifestyle while watching Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. At the end of the Fair, Hart left her husband again bound on a train for Trinidad, Colorado, possibly in the company of a piano player named Dan Bandman.

Hart described this period of her life thus, “I was only twenty-two years old. I was good-looking, desperate, discouraged, and ready for anything that might come. I do not care to dwell on this period of my life. It is sufficient to say that I went from one city to another until some time later I arrived in Phoenix”. During this time Hart worked as a cook and singer, possibly supplementing her income as a demimondaine. There are also reports she developed a fondness for cigars, liquor, and morphine during this time.

A story of this period claims that while in Phoenix, Arizona, Hart ran into her husband. He convinced her to come back to him and move to Tucson. Once the money she had saved ran out, he returned to his abusive ways. The story continues by saying that when the Spanish–American War began he volunteered for military service. Hart then shocked observers by declaring that she hoped he would be killed by the Spanish. A variation of this story has Bandman instead of her husband leaving Hart for war.

By early 1898, Hart was in Mammoth, Arizona. Some reports indicate she was working as a cook in a boardinghouse. Others indicate she was operating a tent brothel near the local mine, even employing a second lady for a time. While doing well for a time, her financial outlook took a downturn after the mine closed. About this time Hart attested to receiving a message asking her to return home to her seriously ill mother.

Looking to raise money, Hart and an acquaintance, Joe Boot (whose name is probably an alias), worked an old mining claim he owned. After finding no gold in the claim the pair decided to rob the Globe to Florence, Arizona stagecoach.

The robbery occurred on May 30, 1899 at a watering point near Cane Springs Canyon, about 30 miles southeast of Globe. Hart had cut her hair short and took the highly eccentric act, for a Victorian Era woman, of dressing in men’s clothing. Hart was armed with a .38 revolver while Boot had a Colt .45. One of the last routes in the territory, the run had not been robbed in several years and thus the coach did not have a shotgun messenger. The pair stopped the coach and Boot held a gun on the robbery victims while Hart took $431.20 and two firearms from the passengers. After returning $1 to each passenger, she then took the driver’s revolver. After the robbers had galloped away on their horses, the driver unhitched one of the horses and headed back to town to alert the sheriff.

Reports of the next few days vary. According to Hart, the pair took a circuitous route designed to lose anyone who followed, while making their future plans. Others claim the pair became lost and wandered in circles. Either way, a posse led by Sheriff Truman of Pinal County caught up with the pair on June 5, 1899. Finding both of them asleep, Sheriff Truman reported that Boot surrendered quietly while Hart fought to avoid capture.

Following their arrest, Boot was held in Florence, Arizona, while Hart was moved to Tucson, the jail lacking any facilities for a lady. The novelty of a female stagecoach robber quickly spawned a media frenzy and national reporters soon joined the local press clamoring to interview and photograph Hart. One article in Cosmopolitan said Hart was “just the opposite of what would be expected of a woman stage robber,” though, “when angry or determined, hard lines show about her eyes and mouth." Locals also became fascinated with her, one local fan giving her a bobcat cub to keep as a pet.

The room Hart was held in was not a normal jail cell, but made of lath and plaster. Taking advantage of the relatively weak building material, and possibly with the aid of an assistant, Hart escaped on October 12, 1899, leaving an 18-inch (46 cm) hole in the wall. She was recaptured two weeks later near Deming, New Mexico.

Hart and Boot came to trial for robbing the stagecoach passengers in October 1899. During the trial, Hart made an impassioned plea to the jury, claiming she needed the money to be able to go to her ailing mother. Judge Fletcher M. Doan was shocked and angered by the jury’s not guilty finding and scolded the members for failure to perform their duties. Immediately following the acquittal, the pair were rearrested on the charge of tampering with U.S. mails. The pair were convicted during their second trial, Boot receiving a sentence of thirty years and Hart a sentence of five years.

Both Hart and Boot were sent to Yuma Territorial Prison to serve their sentences. Boot became a prison trusty, driving supply wagons to prison chain gangs working outside the walls. One day while driving a wagon he escaped and was never seen again. At the time of his escape, Boot had completed less than two years of his sentence. 

The attention Hart had received in jail continued once she was imprisoned. The warden, who enjoyed the attention she attracted, provided her with an oversize 8 by 10 feet (2.4 by 3.0 m) mountain-side cell that included a small yard and allowed her to entertain reporters and other guests as well as pose for photographs. Hart in turn used her position as the only female at an all-male facility to her advantage, playing admiring guards and prison trusties off of each other in an effort to improve her situation.

Hart’s release from prison came in the form of a December 1902 pardon from Governor Alexander Brodie. The reason for this pardon, given on the condition she leave the territory, is unclear. At the time, Hart claimed she was needed in Kansas City to play the lead in a play, written by her sister, about her life of crime. A later rumor emerged in 1964, following the death of all potentially involved parties, alleging Hart was pardoned because she had become pregnant in a manner which would embarrass the prison. There is no evidence Hart ever had a third child so this rumor, if true, may indicate a successful ploy upon Hart’s behalf. Upon release from prison, Hart was provided with a train ticket to Kansas City, Missouri.

After leaving prison, Hart largely disappeared from public view. She had a short lived show where she reenacted her crime and then spoke about the horrors of Yuma Territorial Prison. Following this she worked, under an alias, as part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. In 1904, Hart was running a cigar store in Kansas City where she was arrested for receiving stolen property. She was acquitted of the charge.

Accounts of Hart’s later life are sketchy and contradictory. One common story has her returning to the jail in Tucson 25 years after her imprisonment to visit the jail cell that once held her. Likewise, a census taker in 1940 claimed to have discovered Hart living in Arizona under a different name. Folklore from Gila County claims that Hart returned to Globe and lived there peacefully until her death on December 30, 1955. Competing claims place her death as late as 1960.

Headcanon about SS’s travels:

Based on the fact that Naruto doesn’t know about Sakura’s pregnancy it is apparent that SS were out on a mission, most likely Sasuke’s mission to stop the new threat, for over 9 months. I think that while travelling Sasuke and Sakura saw the world and helped others. They saved people and Sakura provided medical attention to villagers who were in need. Sasuke showed Sakura the world and they both tried to help as many people as they could. They bonded over helping people.