the village hall


We made it to the village hall!!! She was pretty anxious at first and wouldn’t run on the floor. But after about 5 minutes of investigating, she was ready to work!

We did everything at training school and plus some of our own tricks. She wouldn’t roll on the floor either, but she did good and stick close to me. I even hid behind the curtain on the stage and she conquered her fear of being up there to come and find me. Once she did find me though she ran off.

(Guess we’ll have to get her over her stage fright lol).

But super proud of her! She was very ready to go when the man came to collect the keys and lock up. But no accidents and no screaming! Very happy with her. We’ll probably make this a monthly thing.

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Two quick questions, do you think anything will happen with the Blackwoods Weirwood, and who do you think is in the right concerning the Bracken vs Blackwood feud?

I don’t think anything will happen with the weirwood of Raventree Hall? I mean, it’s very dead, and has been for a thousand years. Though I could imagine a neat scene where Bran reaches out with his powers and all the hundreds of ravens that nest on the weirwood all fly off at once, quorking some message of doom. And maybe, maybe the long-dead white tree would put forth leaves, whether every branch at once or just one single red leaf? It’s a fascinating image (and lbr half my endgame predictions are based on how cool they would look), but I really have no proof that it would ever happen.

Although I do think that the Blackwood godswood is very probably the place where Aegon V proposed to Betha. So even if the Raventree weirwood never appears again in main ASOIAF, it should have a neat appearance or two in some Dunk and Egg stories. :)

As for the Brackens and Blackwoods, they’re both in the wrong, that’s the whole point.

“How did all this begin, between Blackwood and Bracken? Is it written down?”
“It is, my lord,” the boy said, “but some of the histories were penned by their maesters and some by ours, centuries after the events that they purport to chronicle. It goes back to the Age of Heroes. The Blackwoods were kings in those days. The Brackens were petty lords, renowned for breeding horses. Rather than pay their king his just due, they used the gold their horses brought them to hire swords and cast him down.”
“When did all this happen?”
“Five hundred years before the Andals. A thousand, if the True History is to be believed. Only no one knows when the Andals crossed the narrow sea. The True History says four thousand years have passed since then, but some maesters claim that it was only two. Past a certain point, all the dates grow hazy and confused, and the clarity of history becomes the fog of legend.”
Tyrion would like this one. They could talk from dusk to dawn, arguing about books. For a moment his bitterness toward his brother was forgotten, until he remembered what the Imp had done. “So you are fighting over a crown that one of you took from the other back when the Casterlys still held Casterly Rock, is that the root of it? The crown of a kingdom that has not existed for thousands of years?” He chuckled. “So many years, so many wars, so many kings… you’d think someone would have made a peace.”
“Someone did, my lord. Many someones. We’ve had a hundred peaces with the Brackens, many sealed with marriages. There’s Blackwood blood in every Bracken, and Bracken blood in every Blackwood. The Old King’s Peace lasted half a century. But then some fresh quarrel broke out, and the old wounds opened and began to bleed again. That’s how it always happens, my father says. So long as men remember the wrongs done to their forebears, no peace will ever last. So we go on century after century, with us hating the Brackens and them hating us. My father says there will never be an end to it.”

–ADWD, Jaime I

The feud of the Blackwoods and Brackens is infamous, and rightly so, for it stretches back thousands of years to before the coming of the Andals. The origins of it are contested and shrouded in legend. The Blackwoods say they were kings and the Brackens little more than petty lords set on betraying and deposing them, while the Brackens say much the same about the Blackwoods. That they were both royal houses on the Trident seems true enough, and none can doubt that their enmity sprang from some cause, so entrenched that it has become legendary. Powerful as they were, they have maintained their feud despite the many kings who have attempted to make a peace between them. –The World of Ice and Fire

I mean, I slightly lean more to the Blackwood side, but I’m perfectly aware it’s because of GRRM’s narrative bias and my aesthetic preferences. The Blackwoods are tall, willowy and have colors of black, white, and red (so goth, so favorite), the Brackens are brutish and hairy and have colors of yellow and brown (urine and feces), when the Andals came the Blackwoods stayed Old Gods worshippers whereas the Brackens converted to the Faith, the Blackwoods were on the Black sides in the Dance of the Dragons and the Blackfyre Rebellion whereas the Brackens were on the Green and Red, after the Red Wedding the Blackwoods stayed loyal to the Starks whereas the Brackens went immediately over to the Lannisters, and I’ll take sweet Melissa over conniving Barba (poor groomed Bethany though) and mysterious sinister wizard Bloodraven over angry resentful warrior Bittersteel any day. (re the last, I always have to rec @racefortheironthrone’s Conan and Elric parallels meta.)

Still, just because I prefer House Blackwood, I’m not going to let it affect my feelings over the feud, it’s for sure “a plague o’ both your houses” situation as literary family feuds always are. Though in the eventual D&E story where the village of Pennytree is made a royal fief (possibly the story codenamed The Village Hero, possibly another), I thoroughly expect GRRM to make us dislike the Brackens even more. But he may surprise us, and balance out his narrative bias re the feud, you never know. Mind you, with the way the Brackens have been depicted so far, I will be very surprised if he does. ;)

Fourth set of ten Sterek fic recs!

running through my head | haleofStilesheart ( @hale-of-stiles-heart​ ) | 3,891 | Teen | 2017-07-05

Stiles may have a problem. And it may have something to do with a certain hot jogger by the name of Derek Hale.

The Way To a Man’s Heart is Through His Dog | SylvieW ( @sylvie-w​ ) | 11,429 | Mature | 2016-03-10 to 2016-03-12

Derek brings his dog with him to pick up Laura’s son, Isaac, from daycamp, and develops a crush of one of the counsellors.

Love ‘Em How They Take So Long | Leslie_Knope ( @leslieknopeismyspiritanimal​ ) | 13,321 | Explicit | 2016-09-05

Because really, what are the chances that Stiles meets the love of his life in the Olympic Village dining hall?

The Best We Can Hope For | yodasyoyo ( @yodas-yo-yo​ ) | 4,062 | Teen | 2017-05-27

Written for the prompt: Double date at movies with jealous Derek

“She works at Target for fuck’s sake. Target doesn’t employ evil supernatural beings. Everyone knows they work at Walmart.”


Derek goes on a double date with Stiles. It goes about as well as can be expected.

When You’re Sleeping | charlesdk ( @halerogers​ ) | 2,624 | Gen | 2016-09-06

Prompt: Person A knows that person B does cute things when A is asleep (plays with their hair, gives forehead kisses, tracing lips, gentle snuggling, draws them, etc). One day person A pretends to be asleep, but ends up being unable to hold back a smile as person B begins displaying their rare affection.

OR Derek has a hard time displaying his affections for Stiles. When Stiles is awake, at least.

Paw-lease | @dapatty​, kellifer_fic ( @kellifer-k ) | 2,135 | Gen | 2017-08-20

Stiles thinks about Scott when it happens, tries to get some, y'know, perspective. He thinks about Scott, that there are worse things that can happen when you get hit with an unexpected dose of something. When the device that had been left behind as a last little screw you by the fae they’d been dealing with blew up in his hands he could’ve been reduced to tomato paste on the walls.

Instead, he has a tail and little pointy striped tabby ears on the top of his head.

Just a Hobby | @kaistrex​ | 3,014 | Teen | 2017-08-16

Five times Deputy Derek shelters his partner from the supernatural and the one time he discovers he’s just been making a fool of himself.

tell me you’re mine (like no one’s watching) | missakwatson ( @sourwolfandlionheart​ ) | 2,894 | Mature | 2017-08-17

Compared to the months his sisters had spent frantically preparing for the wedding, the ceremony seemed to fly by in a sweaty, anxious daze. It felt like only moments passed from when Derek donned his crown and wedding jacket in the early morning to the evening’s festive banquet, where the wine flowed freely and his new husband’s amber eyes sparkled as he regaled the court with tales of his youthful misadventures.

Marrying Stiles wasn’t an inconvenience by any stretch of the imagination, but as Derek paced around his room later that night awaiting his betrothed’s arrival, he realized how woefully little he really knew about the inner workings of Beacon’s crown prince.

In Time Gone By | @raimykeller | 1,029 | Gen | 2017-08-15

Stiles Stilinski is a reporter for The Daily Prophet, who has an assignment to interview Quidditch player and werewolf-rights activist Derek Hale. They both quickly realize their Hogwarts-era crushes on each other weren’t as unrequited as they had thought.

Full Count, Bases Loaded | @eeyore9990 | 4,563 | Teen | 2017-06-29

Playing in the minors, just one phone call away from having every dream come true, means Derek has no time for distractions, no time for fun. He has to bring his A-game every day, during practice and game nights equally. The coaches are always watching and he needs that next ringing phone to be the one calling him up to the majors. He’ll have fun when he’s catching for the Mets.

But then Stiles Stilinski gets picked up to pitch for the Las Vegas 51s and…

Derek has never had so much fun getting distracted.

fic rec friday

It’s a long weekend for me. Yayy!!! So have some random fics :)

Stay in Your Lane by  mikkimouse | 5.3K

Stiles works at a bowling alley and has a crush on Derek Hale, a frequent customer. He deals with this in the most mature way possible: by giving Derek dumb nicknames for every game he plays.

Bravery is a Loaded Gun by  LiviKate | 17.3K

In which the boys speak in half sentences and have two totally different conversations. What they can agree on, eventually, is that they love each other. And that Derek should jerk off more.

Love ‘Em How They Take So Long by  Leslie_Knope | 13.3K

Because really, what are the chances that Stiles meets the love of his life in the Olympic Village dining hall?

Sourwoof by  DiscontentedWinter | 4.4K

A kidnapping, a head injury, and something about a monkey? Stiles is the most annoying person Derek has ever had the misfortune to be abducted with.

Matchmaker, Please by  LadyMerlin | 4.8K

When the Sheriff said that he wanted to set Stiles up with one of his deputies, Stiles thought he’d be meeting some chubby, doughnut-loving desk sergeant. He definitely wasn’t expecting Officer Hale.

After significant efforts on the Sheriff’s part, Stiles takes Officer Hale on their first date.

Kissing the Shoreline by  theroguesgambit | 12K

Stiles doesn’t want just any summer fling. He wants Derek. And Lydia is determined to help Stiles get him.

A Start by  Inell | 1.4K

Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

Introduction to Zero-Sum Anthropology by  apocryphal | 19.7K

Stiles buys Derek a set of cooking spoons. Derek retaliates with lunch.

The war begins.


How could I resist buying this book?

The king is ready for war. 

Louis of France is not yet thirty, and already he is the greatest king in Europe. He loves his subjects. He loves God. And his armies have never been defeated. 

This war, though, is different.

He is not fighting another army. 

He is not fighting another king. 

He is fighting three children.

And their dog.

On a dark night in 1242, travelers gather at a small French inn. It is the perfect night for a story, and everyone in the kingdom is consumed by the tale of three children: Jeanne, a peasant girl who has visions of the future; William, a young monk with supernatural strength; and Jacob, a Jewish boy who can heal any wound. Together, their powers will be tested by demons and dragons, cruel knights and cunning monks. From small villages to grand banquet halls, these three unlikely friends—and their faithful greyhound—are chased through France to a final showdown in the waves at the foot of the abbey-fortress of Mont-Saint-Michel. 

anonymous asked:


“Dance with me.”

Aaron looked at Robert, eyebrows raised. “You can’t be serious.”

Robert stood, hands on hips, giving Aaron an unfailingly bright grin. ‘I’m 100% serious, actually,” he said, holding out a hand for Aaron to take. He was wearing a new, a new one, a bright blue number that had set Aaron’s heart on edge from the moment Robert had tried it on at the tailors in Leeds, Robert doing overenthusiastic twirl, after twirl, as he’d tried on half the suits in the shop.

He looked good, though. Robert always looked good, of course, but he looked even better than usual tonight, white shirt sleeves rolled to his elbows, a purple tie pulled loose at his neck, cheeks flush from the summer breeze, and the champagne he’d been necking.

Robert loved a good wedding, and well - Sam and Lydia’s had been one to remember.

“I don’t dance,” Aaron pointed out, beer bottle held halfway to his lips as replied. They’d ducked outside the packed village hall for a break, the Dingle madness even more overwhelming than usual.

“No one is going to see you dance here.”

“I don’t dance, Robert.”

Robert rolled his eyes, taking the beer bottle from Aaron’s grip, setting it down on the windowsill before he tugged Aaron into a standing position, holding him close. “You promised me a first dance at our second wedding, and you didn’t do it,” he said, trying to force Aaron into some semblance of a dancing position, a hand on Aaron’s waist, the other holding Aaron’s hand aloft, as though they were going to do a waltz.

In Robert’s dreams, maybe.

Aaron snorted in response, freeing himself from Robert’s grasp so he could sling his arms around his husband’s shoulders, falling into step with Robert’s swaying. “You were busy, weren’t ya? Faith kept you well occupied.”

“Please don’t remind me,” Robert grimaced. “I can’t believe you made me do a slow dance to an Adele song with your gran.”

“Best part of the whole day,” Aaron grinned. This close to Robert, even in the dusk, he could see every freckle, every detail on his husband’s face, right down to the tiny little scar above his right eyebrow, the one that wasn’t really even noticeable unless you got up close and personal with him like this.

Aaron noticed. He’d always noticed the little things about Robert, the tiny, insignificant things that made his husband, his.

“Sam’s really happy,” Aaron murmured, the two of them swaying on the spot, the eclectic playlist Sam and Lydia had put together switching between pop-y dance tunes, and old eighties music, the kind Robert loved to blast as he made them dinner.

“Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day of your life,” Robert hummed. “Ours was, you know. Happiest day of my life.”

“Really?” Aaron raised an eyebrow. “Cain forgot to get the flowers, me mum got bladdered before we even got to the speeches, and Liv nicked a fifty from your wallet before we even got to the registry office.”

Robert couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah, but regardless of everything that went wrong - I got to stand up in that registry office and get another chance with you. That means everything to me, you know, that you’d forgive me, after everything.”

“I love you,” Aaron said, sincere, pausing in their mindless swaying for a second so he could focus on Robert, focus on what he needed to say. “I love you, Robert. No matter whats happened in the past, I love you, and that’s all that matters. That’s why we’re here now.”

“At Sam and Lydia’s wedding?” Robert raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t be dense,” Aaron rolled his eyes. “We’ve been married nearly a year, Robert. We barely made it a few months, the first time around.”

“Don’t talk about that now.”

“I want to, because I want you to understand how much better we are now,” Aaron said, fingers aimlessly running through the blond hair at the back of Robert’s neck, dipping beneath his shirt collar to trace patterns on Robert’s skin.

“You think we’re going to make it this time?” Robert asked quietly, urging Aaron to dance again, the two of them swaying in a circle, moving from foot to foot in the closest they’d ever get to dancing, really.

Aaron pressed a kiss to Robert’s lips, letting the embrace linger for a second or two before he replied. “I think we’re going to make it forever, you and me.”

One female genital mutilation case reported every hour in the UK

A case of female genital mutilation (FGM) is either discovered or treated at a medical appointment in England every hour, according to analysis of NHS statistics by a charity.

Between April 2015 and March 2016 there were 8,656 times when women or girls attended doctors’ surgeries or hospitals and the problem was assessed — the equivalent of one every 61 minutes.

Among those who attended, a case of FGM is newly recorded every 92 minutes on average.

This means a woman or girl has their case recorded by the NHS for the first time, although in many cases they will have been cut some years before but it has not come to the attention of doctors sooner.

The figures come as the world marks the international day of zero tolerance to FGM — a UN-sponsored event to raise awareness of the issue.

Tanya Barron, chief executive of the charity Plan International UK, which analysed the statistics, said: “These figures are once again a reminder of the global prevalence of FGM as we mark international day of zero tolerance today. An estimated 200 million women and girls worldwide are affected.

"Across the UK and around the world, there’s more awareness than ever of the dangers of this practice, and momentum continues to build as we strive to end it once and for all.”

But FGM will only end if it is tackled globally, from the village halls of Mali and Sierra Leone to the classrooms of Britain, she said.

It has been illegal to carry out FGM in the UK since 1985, but there has not been a single successful prosecution. This failure has been branded a “national scandal” by the Home Affairs Select Committee.

And Sarah Champion, shadow secretary of state for women, said until perpetrators are sentenced people will continue to think they can get away with it.

She told the Press Association: “We have had the legislation now for 30 years, but legislation, unless it is embedded in practice, is just a piece of paper.

"Until we get a conviction I don’t think the message is going to go out, loud and plain, that this is child abuse and is unacceptable.”

She said that while the Government has introduced new measures, including an obligation on teachers, medics and social workers to report FGM in children, more must be done.

She added: “The Government has been good at changing legislation, they have brought in mandatory reporting.

"But funding has not gone in a meaningful way to groups working in these communities, talking to people, telling them this is child abuse and this is something they will go to jail for.”

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “FGM is a devastating act of violence that no woman or girl should ever have to suffer and the criminals who perpetrate it should be brought to justice.

"This Government has introduced FGM protection orders, a new offence of failing to protect a girl from FGM, a mandatory reporting duty for frontline professionals, new guidance for the police, and lifelong anonymity for victims to encourage them to come forward.

"We are sending a clear message that FGM will not be tolerated, and as part of this I am determined to see the country’s first successful prosecution for FGM.”

Press Association

Monte Halparin, OC OM (August 25, 1921 – September 30, 2017), better known by the stage name Monty Hall, game show host and producer, best known as the long-running host of Let’s Make a Deal.

Hall started his career in Winnipeg at CKRC radio, moving to Toronto in 1946 where he found a job with radio station CHUM, where his name was shortened to Hall. Early in his career, Hall hosted game shows such as Bingo at Home on WABD-TV and guest-hosted more established game shows such as Strike It Rich on CBS and Twenty-One on NBC. He was the host/performer of two local New York City TV film shows for children: Cowboy Theater for WRCA (Channel 4) in 1956 and Fun In the Morning for WNEW (Ch. 5) in the early 1960s. From 1956–60, along with NBC Radio newsman Morgan Beatty, Hall co-hosted the Saturday night segment of the NBC Radio Network weekend program Monitor from 8 p.m. until midnight (EST). At least two recordings of Hall on Monitor are known to exist.

Hall was a radio analyst for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League during the 1959–60 season.

He succeeded Jack Narz as host of a game show called Video Village, which ran from 1960 to 1962 on CBS. From 1961-62, Hall hosted its spinoff, Video Village Junior, which featured children. After moving to Southern California, Hall became the host of the game show Let’s Make a Deal, which he developed and produced with partner Stefan Hatos. Let’s Make a Deal aired on NBC daytime from December 30, 1963, to December 27, 1968, and on ABC daytime from December 30, 1968 until July 9, 1976, along with two prime time runs. It aired in syndication from 1971–77, from 1980–81, from 1984–86, and again on NBC briefly from 1990–91, replacing Bob Hilton, who had been dismissed. He was producer or executive producer of the show through most of its runs. During the show’s initial run, Hall appeared alongside model Carol Merrill and announcer Jay Stewart.  (Wikipedia)

Imagine Ivar saving you from certain pain.

Work IV

Part I:
Part II:

Summary: After three months of heartbreak you go back to Kattegat only to find Ivar in a terrible stage of rage what almost costs you your life. Luckily love overcomes everything.
Words: 1454

It was three months now … three months since you last saw Ivar, since you last felt his lips against your skin, since you last saw those gorgeous bleu eyes. He asked you then to come back as soon as possible but you couldn’t. You were two weeks home when your father showed signs of sickness. He didn’t get better and you couldn’t spare one moment to go to Kattegat, to see Ivar. Every minute away from your father could mean a minute less spend with him. The first month Ivar was permanent on your mind. But you forgot him a little bit when you fathers gets more sick every day. His memory just faded away while you took care of your father. Half the time you sat in tears besides his bed, praying to the gods he would get throught this. But he didn’t, he died after nine weeks of intensive sickness and you were left alone with a farm and nothing left to live for. That day was the first day you thought of Ivar again. You imaged Ivar sitting beside you on the bed, rocking you to sleep, wispering comfort words in your ear. But when you opened your eyes he wasn’t there. He never looked for you, visited you and you began to wonder if that one week with him was just a imagination.

Two weeks after the dead of your father you just began to wonder what to do with your life. You  couldn’t stay here, not with all the memories and  the heartbreak. Even if you would, what should you do? Live a lonely life far from any village? So you decided to travel back to Kattegat, to sell the farm of your fahter and to look for something else. It wasn’t a happy future you thought of but anything was better than staying in the farm, even becoming a slavegirl sounded good enough. But the closer you get to Kattegat, the more tenser you felt. What if you saw Ivar again? You were scared, scared of what he would say or do when you paths crossed each other. For that reason you left the horse in the woods and did the rest of the road on foot. With spring nearby it was harder to cover your face from al the familiar faces you saw. Kattegat chanched since you last were here. It was busier. More people, and more lookout points. You saw some shield maidens in you walk through the village. The great Hall was still as imposing as you recalled it to be. You looked from behind a wooden pallet to the builing. Ubbe sat on the steps before, staring in the distant. But that was not the only thing you saw. The great Hall had shield maidens in front of it, on each side of Ubbe. Some part of you wanted to talk to him, explain your abscent so he could prepare Ivar for it. But you were scared, even for what Ubbe would say about it. All the confidence Ivar gave you had vanished, you were that scared insecure girl again. So you left you possition, did the things you came for and then went to the beach to watch the sunset.

At some point you must have fallen asleep cause when you waked up it was dark … and Ivar sat right beside you. You startled and moved you body as slowly as possible until you sat right in the sand.
“Y/n.” He said with clenched teeth. You heard the certain rage in his tone and held you eyes on the sea, to scared to look at him. Would he understand if you explained? You swallowed and let you head rest on your knees.
“I can explain.” You began after a couple minutes of silence.
“Sure you can, how is life y/n, have kids already?” The sarcasm in his voice maked you a little angry.
“It’s not like that, I was,”
“My father died, murded by king Aella. My mother is killed by Lagertha.” He spat the words in the sand and you looked in the other direction. Thats why there were al those shield maidens, that was also maybe the reason he didn’t came looking for you.
“I’m sorry to hear that.” You reacted. What else could you said? You felt his gaze on you but it took you several moments to look back. And when you looked back you saw those blue eyes almost spitting fire. His reaction on those words came so fast you had hardly the time to pull back. His hand clutched your throat and he pressed you back in the sand. His face hardly inches removed from yours.
“I asked you to come back, I warned you for what I could do.” His fingers didn’t lost grip. He wasn’t suffocating you … yet. The tears rolled over your cheeks while your hand looked for some grip on his. “I needed you.” He wispered angry against your cheek.
“Please, Ivar, let me explain.” You squeaked, looking for some air.
“Why should I?”
“My father died to.” You threw out. He squeezed his eyes and lost his grip a little bit. You gasped for air and rolled on you side while coughing. Why did he do this? Was it anger, sadness? He almost killed you and yet you didn’t ran away.

You lay with you back towards him while you try to take control over your crying body. It came all at once, the loss of your father, the love you felt for Ivar, what he just  did to you …
“Y/n.” He said softly. He laid his hand on your arm and slowly rolled you over to your back again. “I’m sorry, I would never hurt you, I’m sorry, can you forgive me?” He asked. You had your eyes closed and opened them carefull to look at him. His anger was gone, in fact there was only sadness in his eyes now. “Please y/n, I couldn’t bare to lose you to.” He pulled a loose strand of hair behind your ear and strokes your cheek with his fingertips.
“Don’t do that again.” You replied while you wraped you arms around his neck and hides you head against it. He pulled you as close as possible and embraced you for as long as necesary. “I missed you Ivar, if I had a change to come I would but,” Your words get lost for a moment. He pulled his head back en cupped your face with one hand.
“What happend?” He asked tenderly.
“My father became ill, for nine weeks and then he died.” You wispered through your tears. He wiped them carefull away with his thumb before kissing you. On that moment you knew that you never forgot him, that you missed him with all of your heart. You fingers locked themselves in his hair, pressing your body so close you could to his. It was the most intensive kiss you shared with him and it felt like everything was on his place again.
“I need you y/n.” He murmured against your lips.
“I’m not leaving again.” You reassured him.
“Never?” He asked while kissing you again.
“I leave next week for Engeland, will you come?” It was typical Ivar to ruin sush a moment. You just said you wouldn’t leave him again, never, so your options were limited.
“If thats what you want.” You nodded. He smiled, a small insecure smile.
“I need to avenge my fathers dead.”
“Than I will be there to take care of you when you come back from battle.” You smiled a little shyly.
“Do you forgive me?” He asked, his eyes hurt by the idea of almost killing you. You nodded, planted a kiss on his lips and nodded again.
“I forgive you.” You replied. He wraped an arm around you shoulder as you let your head rest on his chest. You stared at the sea, the stars, enjoying the moment. You had so much questions for him but didn’t want to ruin the moment of peace between you.
“When my father died I pretended you were there to comfort me.” You wispered while looking back at him.
“When my mother died I pretended the same thing.”
“There in Valhalla now, celebrating with good food, laughing and telling stories.” You pussed yourself up on your elbows and looked down at Ivar. “You will avenge your fathers dead Ivar, you will concure, I’m sure of that.” You said with a strong voice, you believed in him. He maybe was a cripple but not in his mind.
“With you by my side I can overcome everything.” He said sofly, with a loving voice.

So … the end? Do you guys need more? Requests? I’m all ears. Hope you liked it, leave a comment if you do.

<1000 kudos fic recs

Hey guys thought I’d do a bit of a sterek fic rec list for fics under 1000 kudos which could use a bit more attention and love from the fandom

Trace and Memorize by StarAmongStones (2,588 words | Teen)

“If mom asks, I’m working on a project for school,“ Cora says, already halfway up the stairs.

The boy in front of Derek clears his throat, face splotchy in embarrassment, and says, “We are actually working on a project together. I don’t know why she said it like that.”

“I literally don’t care,” Derek says, turning back to his laptop.

Shut up by giantteenwolforgy (2,315 | Explicit)

Stiles faintly registers the door slamming behind Scott, but he’s too incensed to do much more than tremble. The slope of Derek’s neck is inches away and Stiles wants to suck so hard it hurts.

Keep reading

Survival (Chapter 1)

Vikings Modern Werewolf AU cross with Teen Wolf

Ivar Ragnarsson X Reader

Word Count: 2544

Summary: When Scott finds a set of names on the Deadpool that were worth as much as he was he took it upon himself to warn them before the hunters find them.

Tags: @cheyannnnerios @cafe-sabor-a-chocolate  @evilxcupcakexnik

If you read the tester piece then scroll down to the cut!!

Originally posted by siren-kitten-his

The pack had never expected to see that there was someone else that worth the same as Scott, the reason Scott was worth what he was is because he was a true alpha, they looked down the list and in the second part there was a name Ragnar Lothbrok with 25 million written next to the name, Scott scanned the list and there were a few others that he assumed were from the pack who shared the same name. “We have to find them,” Lydia spoke up.

“What?” Stiles asked.

“We have to find these people, there are going to be a lot of people after them and they won’t even know it, that looks like there is a whole pack and that means that there could be children,” Lydia explained and Scott nodded in agreement.

“We should ask Derek and Peter,” Scott suggested.


You sat next to Ivar at the boundaries of the territory, you and Ivar had been friends since you were little because you were a late bloomer, you didn’t turn until you were 10 or 11 and other had their first turn when they were around 5 or 6. Ivar, on the other hand, had his first turn at the normal age but it was more painful for him to turn because of his legs so while other children would change forms frequently you and Ivar were left behind which meant that you became good friends and deathly protective over each other. These days one was not found without the other. “What are we even here for?” Ivar asked he was sat on the stump of a tree that you both destroyed when you were younger.

“We’re making sure that no one gets inside of our territory without an escort or permission.” You reminded him.

“No one ever comes here they’re too afraid,” Ivar smirked over at you.

“That doesn’t mean that we stop doing our job.” You argued. “Plus you get to prove that you can do whatever your brothers can.” Ivar rolled his eyes at the mention of his brothers and looked away from you.

“Prince Ivar! (Y/N)!” Someone called you looked to see one of the wolves from the village. “The queen requests your attendance at the great hall.”

“Thank you.” You smiled as they hurried off you walked over to the horse that was tied to the tree and lead it over you help Ivar up even when he tried to smack you away and then you headed back leading the horse through the forest back to the village.

You were left to put the horse back into the stable, while Ivar walked across the village to the great hall where his attention was needed, he was born with weak bones in his legs but because of the healing gene his bones healed as soon as they broke, he was just left in a lot of pain when he used his legs too often. All of his brothers were already there and he wandered if they had all gotten the call at the same time, not that it bothered him, his mum would always wait for her favorite son. “Where is (Y/N)?” Aslaug asked.

“We took the horse she’s putting it away,” Ivar answered just as you walked into the hall, nodded you respect to each of the higher ranking members.

“What is it that you needed to tell us?” Aslaug asked turning to her oldest son, Ubbe.

“There are strangers roaming around the border of our territories, they haven’t tried to cross but they say that they want to talk to Ragnar,” Ubbe explained and you frowned, Ragnar hadn’t been there for years the best that they were going to get here was the queen.

“Well, father isn’t here.” Ivar sighed as he threw himself into a chair before gesturing for you to come over and sit on his lap.

“What does it matter, it seems that they will attempt to cross if we don’t give them an answer,” Ubbe argued.

“So tell them the truth.” Ivar shrugged.

“They won’t believe us.” Hvitserk, the second oldest, answered.

“Well, that’s their loss.” Ivar shrugged and you rolled your eyes.

“Is there something you want to say (Y/N)?” Aslaug asked catching your eyes rolling in their sockets, a small smile on her face.

“Well you have your best fighters and they each have a team, send one and the visitors will listen or die.” You said simply.

“Since you are so confident you should go,” Aslaug decided.

“Looks like we have some warriors to gather,” Ivar mumbled in your ear and you nodded.


From what Scott was told Ragnar was feared Alpha but the place that he was living now seemed to oppose the popular belief. “What do you want?” A voice asked and Scott could believe that voice belonged to an Alpha.

“We thought that you should know about something,” Scott answered carefully as he looked around in the dark building for the man that was talking.

“Really?” Ragnar asked.

“There is a deadpool for all the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills you and your sons are on the list,” Scott explained. Scott then realized the absence of heartbeats, they were the only ones in the building. “Where are your sons?”

“They are not here,” Ragnar answered. “Who are you?”

“Scott…” Scott answered.

“And your friend?” He asked.

“His names Stiles,” Scott answered before Stiles could get himself in trouble. Ragnar nodded.

“Well thank you for the warning but my sons aren’t in Beacon Hills,” Ragnar answered.

“They are on the list worth almost as much as you,” Stiles informed him. “I’m sure people will go the extra mile.” Ragnar raised an eyebrow and Scott pushed the paper towards him, Ragnar took it immediately finding his sons names listed after him.

“Explain Alpha,” Ragnar ordered.


You put your arm down at your side ordering the wolves to stop, the outsiders seemed to already know that you were there you wanted to avoid a fight where you could that was seeming impossible though as you heard the rustling behind you, the wolves circled around you and you notched an arrow pointing it in the direction of the rustling. A man walked out of the bushes he had green eyes and dark hair “Who are you?” You asked.

“Derek.” He answered.

“Derek?” You asked, “am I supposed to know you?”

“Derek Hale.” He said again.

“Ah, prince of your pack.” You nodded, you heard the rustling behind you caught the scent of the coyote. “And them?”

“Malia. Don’t.” Derek warned addressing the person behind you, there was a soft growl from the body behind you and it causes a few of the wolves to turn around, their ears pulled back and teeth showing but again you put your hand out behind you and they stopped.

“What do you want?” You asked.

“We want to talk to your Luna,” Derek answered.

“Our Luna?” You mumbled. “What do you think Ivar?” Ivar was nestled in the bushes a little bit away an arrow aimed at Malia’s head.

“Why not our Alpha?” Ivar asked and you nodded.

“Why not the Alpha?” You asked.

“We know he’s not here.” Malia glared.

“Seems like you know a lot.” You winked back at her. “Maybe we should take them back to see Aslaug.”

“Why?” Ivar asked.

“Because then you get to kill them for less.” You answered easing up and letting your guard down.

“That’s a good reason,” Ivar smirked as he stood dusting his trousers off. You gesture for the two to follow you as you met Ivar who was on his horse.


“So these men will kill my son’s?” Ragnar asked.

“There’s a good chance that they are going to try.” Scott nodded.

“What about the rest of the pack?” Ragnar asked.

“They’re hunters they’ll kill them too,” Stiles answered.

“Looks like I need to go home.” Ragnar decided “and you are coming with me.”


“These are the strangers?” Aslaug asked.

“They are.” Ivar nodded before sitting on the throne next to his father’s, he looked over at you and then gestured for you to come over when you did he wrapped an arm around you and pulled you into his lap, his free arm rested on the arm of the throne, his chin rested on his hand.

“What do you want?” Aslaug asked.

“We came to warn you of a threat to your sons,” Derek answered. Your Luna stayed quiet and Derek took that as a sign to continue. “We have found a list, a supernatural hit list and your son’s names are on it along with yours and your husbands, your whole pack is likely to be on the list.”

“No one has been attacked,” Aslaug informed them.

“Not yet but we want to form an alliance to make sure it stays that way,” Derek answered.

“There is no threat, I see no point in your alliance.” Aslaug dismissed and you watch Malia as she twitched in annoyance, before anyone could comprehend what was happening you had pushed yourself up grabbing the sword near the throne and thrust it out, Malia stopped into time to stop the sword from cutting her skin. “Careful of your next move they are easily angered.”

“It seems mother, they are weaker they wanted to make out that we needed them since we are stronger it would make betrayal less likely, but in reality, they are the ones that need our help to get rid of the threat to them,” Ivar explained.

“Once they kill us they’ll come for you,” Malia growled out and your eyes moved from Derek to her knowing that they were right.

“We know.” Ivar nodded. “We will be prepared.”

“Maybe it’s a good idea with Bjorn and Hvitserk taking some of our best to get rid of one of the hunting parties in the south we might need the extra help,” Ubbe suggested.

“I don’t think we need their help.” Ivar denied.

“I agree with you brother.” Sigurd nodded.

“I’m honored,” Ivar smirked back and you almost laughed at the brothers.

“Can you guys hurry up my arm is getting tired and if I drop this sword it’s going in her foot or abdomen.” You informed them, Ivar’s eyes shifted over to you as his head rested on his hands again, you glared at him “Make. A. Decision!”

“Watch your mouth darling.” Ivar winked.

“Watch your face sunshine.” You answered at the realisation that you were distracted Malia tried to grab the sword at her neck but you twisted it away from her and pulled it back dropping it on the floor in favour of overpowering her physically, you managed to get yourself behind her, you pushed her down on to the floor and placed your knee on her back pressing her head to the floor, you looked up at Aslaug and she nodded. “Alright here’s the deal,” You looked up at Derek. “It seems that they need more time to think about it so you can leave or you can stay as long as you promise not to try and kill anyone.” Derek looked between as before pulling out his phone.

“I need to talk to my Alpha,” Derek said, Aslaug nodded and you let go of Malia picked up the sword and made your way back to Ivar who pulled you down to sit with him.


Scott pulled out his phone and put it on speaker as they all got into the Jeep. “Hey, Derek.” Scott greeted.

“They want us to stay,” Derek informed them.

“Yeah stay.” Scott nodded although they couldn’t see him. “We’re heading to where you are.”

“Did you find Ragnar?” Derek asked.

“We found him.” Scott nodded.

“Slightly underwhelming,” Stiles mumbled and Ragnar raised an eyebrow at him before smirking feeling no need to prove himself to a human.

“Think what you like.” Ragnar finally spoke and the two glanced at him before going back to what they were talking to Derek about.

“How’s it going on your end?” Scott asked.

“Malia almost got herself killed,” Derek answered and Stiles’ eyes darted between the phone and the road.

“What!? You said you would keep her safe!” Stiles accused.

“That would be easier to do if she listened.” Derek said back “I have to go they want to show us to the room that we will be staying in.”

“Alright see you soon,” Scott said before hanging up the phone.

“She’ll be safe right?” Stiles asked looking at Ragnar out of the rear view mirror.

“Only if she learns her lesson,” Ragnar smirked.

“What does that mean?” Stiles speeding up slightly Ragnar only gave him a soft smile in response.


That night you and Ivar were up later than you usually were neither of you were conditioned to trust easily and so you were both up in the great hall where the fire was still burning, you were both sat in front of the fire everyone else had gone to bed long before now. “Ivar what are we doing?” You asked.

“Making sure that no one ends up dead,” Ivar answered eyes trained on the fire while his thumb moved gently across your waist, you were sat on his lap.

“What are we going to do when your father gets back, you know there is going to be a large split in this pack.” You mumbled, you hand coming up to play with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“It’s not obvious?” Ivar asked.

“To us yes… We side with your father but what about everyone else?” You asked.

“Does it matter?” Ivar asked.

“I guess not.” You mumbled, in these moments no one could be sure whether you belonged to Ivar or not but no one ever tried to test, those who were closest to you were the ones that knew the nature of your relationship. To an outsider, it would seem that the two of you were mated the way that you thought and behaved together supported this but you weren’t mated not that either of you were opposed to the idea.

“What’s wrong little wolf?” Ivar asked.

“If we leave who protects your mother?” You asked looking over at the throne that his mother would occupy in the next few hours.

“She will have my brothers, they are not the best but they will have to do.” Ivar sighed his eyes wandering to where yours were, he was worried about his mother too, there was a rival pack that had been waiting for the right time to attack and they may find it in the time that you and Ivar leave.

Chapter 2 

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