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I commissioned my pal @spazerco-art to make another Animal Crossing Villager plush to go with my first one! As always, his skills are nothing short of outstanding! I love the messy hair~

I main the girl in Smash Bros. and the boy in Mario Kart; those green-eyed bottom-lashed characters are too irresistible haha.

I named him Camo after of his pants. You can see Turnip here:


Nagoro Village

The Valley of Dolls

The village of Nagor is located in in the hidden valleys of Shikoku, Japan. The village is shrinking due to lack of immigration to the place since there isn’t really anything there. People die and are never replaced.

Over a year ago, Ayano Tsukimi decided to replace the the dead and departed people with dolls. Roughly 350 dolls have taken the place of those people and the people that have since abandoned the place.

The dolls are made with straw, fabric, and old clothes, much like a humble scarecrow, and Tsukimi is constantly making new figures to replace ones that have worn out. The dolls are placed to look as though they are doing certain things that previous villagers once did.


When I was kid, this scene is when I realised that those sons of bitches Huns had murdered that little girl, her family, and her entire village, as well as the soldiers. I suddenly realised that her body was lying out there in the snow, probably burned like the village.

I legit realised that they seriously killed innocent people and little kids in wars. And I got chills.

If you didn’t think this scene was the saddest and most real sh*t as a kid, then you’re a fucking liar


Barbie Dream House by Connie
Via Flickr:
The inside… I added 7 inches to the left side here & turned the upper right into a room. I also added outer walls & additional floor space to the front, as there was hardly any space for furniture.

All these Little People in their Little Villages

All these people in their little villages in their doll houses too focused to stop and look up at the galaxies that light up our world. Yet they still dream of lying on grass pointing out constellations. Instead they get drunk on liquids with levels of ethanol in it. Praying to forget about heart breaking memories and the people who had an effect on them. The question is do we drink to forget ourselves or to forget our surrounds? I’ve always thought of you to be the type of person who would be filling your empty scotch glass with misery and regret. Once you decribed me as your scotch but other girls are just bottles of cider. They don’t have an effect on people they just get used up quickly and throw to the side. Is the same love we reach out for the same feelings our ancestors felt? Am I the only one not afraid of love but afraid I will use it all up? We believe love makes us happy but the wrong kind can make us solitude and feel melancholic. All these big hearted girls with big, puppy, brown eyes gazing at hoping to leave their small villages and towns dreaming of meeting handsome, tall, dark boys who will give them their New York fairytale of love and a white wedding. That’s the thing about us humans we want what we can’t have whether or not it’s the jacket you saw at the mall or the boy with the dark eyes and hair sitting at the back of your English class We’d sit on the beach drinking cider with your best friend gazing at the stars. It was as if we drank it like water. Your best friend and I starred into each other’s eyes when you looked away. Our heart beats synced in rhythm and our positions mirroring each other. I was wrong I wasn’t your favourite scotch, after mine months I became one of your ciders tossed to the side like your previous loves. At least I got a glimpse of what love feels like, tastes like, looks like. Honestly all I can say is you’ve made me realise nothing is perfect, you turn something imperfect worth loving…

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*Pams button for part 5 of the Dragon!Genji AU* Oml this Au is so goOD. Your writing is great!! :)

thank you doll, its one of my favorites <3

  • The dragon hunters are all assembling in the center of the village, raising their spears and swords while shouting warrior cries. The Dragon Hunter has dragged Mercy here, proclaiming that she is in league with the dragon, and wanting to destroy everyone in this village. 
  • The villagers are all hiding away, confused and unsure, none of them knowing whether or not to believe that their dear Mercy is selling them out to be eaten by a dragon. They’re all simply so terrified.
  • They tie her to a large pole with thick rope. Like a witch about to be burned at the stake, Mercy thinks. She steels herself though, telling herself no matter what they do to her, she won’t sell out Genji. She keeps lying by saying she hasn’t been in contact with any dragon, but the Dragon Hunter holds up the green scale in proof and no one listens to her words.
  • It’s a foolish hope, but Mercy still wishes Genji to simply leave their cave and escape from the angry mob forming around her. She knows that once darkness falls and she doesn’t appear, he’ll come to see if she’s alright. Especially since she told him about the Dragon Hunter hitting her, he’ll be extremely fearful for her safety. 
  • As her body aches from the binds and the rough pole presses against her spine, she prays that Genji doesn’t come, but knows its in vein. 
  • The dragon hunters begin demanding where the dragon is, but all she answers with is silence. They begin brainstorming of different ways to make her talk, and Mercy tries to not show her fear. Then, the Dragon Hunter that struck her silences them all. 
  • “We don’t need to know where the dragon is if we can bring him to us. She can make him come, can’t you?”
  • He gets close to her, and roughly grabs her chin in his hand before commanding her to scream so the dragon will hear and come for her. 
  • Mercy stays dead silent, glaring back at him. He raises his hand to hit her, but catches himself before letting everyone know of his cowardliness. 
  • “She will not fall if we hurt her. She is a fool with a soft heart, able to care for a murderous dragon and give her own life for anyone else.”
  • Quickly, he and other hunters go to the nearest house and promptly drags the first person they get their hands on out. A young girl with wide eyes and yelling for her mother. The Dragon Hunter draws a knife, and two others hold the little girl between them, all of the dragon hunters getting excited at the drawing of blood.
  • “STOP! Don’t hurt her… I’ll scream.”
  • With a victorious grin, the cruel Dragon Hunter sheathes the knife, but doesn’t let the little girl just yet.
  • Mercy closes her eyes for a moment, trying to accept that she’s about to call Genji to his death, and knowing that he’ll gladly come. She wishes for her own death instead of his or the little girl, but she can only drawn in a deep breath.
  • The desperate scream rips through the forest and Genji feels it in his heart that its Mercy. Without a second though of himself or his nearly healed wounds, he’s rushing out of the cave and towards the village. Every horrible thought of what that Dragon Hunter could do to Mercy running through his mind.
  • Her one scream did not satisfy the hunters, and the cruel Dragon Hunter placed his knife against Mercy’s cheek, the one that is not marked by his hand, and demands she do it again. Genji enters the village, and comes upon the scene of Mercy tied to a pole with a dragon hunter pressing a dagger to her cheek.
  • The dragon’s roar makes the very ground tremble, and Mercy knows that his heart is of a man, but he is still very much a terrifying, quick, deadly dragon that descends upon the men as a creature meant to kill. 

Honestly did I really even have to ask?


Who Could That Be At This Hour Paper Village and Dolls

I created Handkerchief Heights, The Lost Arms and The Black Cat Coffee Cafe from the town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea plus Lemony Snicket, Ellington Feint and S. Theodora Markson to live in it. Everything’s built from paper and I had way to much fun doing so. Let me tell you, I got real good with a glue stick, fingernails and tweezers while making the littler characters!


NAME: Jim Macken. Alois Trancy.
: Alois Trancy.
AGE: 14.
DATE OF BIRTH: November 5th
OCCUPATION(S): Villager, ‘Doll’, Earl of Trancy, Queen’s Spider.


EYE COLOUR: Icy blue
HAIR COLOUR: Platinum blond
HEIGHT: 5′5″ (165cm)


COLOR: Light blue, royal purple.
FOOD: Oily fish and chips.
DRINK: Water, red wine.
BOOK: N/A. Usually read newspapers tbh /w you.


GOTTEN TATTOOS: Not necessarily.
BEEN IN LOVE: Not necessarily this either–more of an ‘obsession’ smh save him?


A CUDDLER: Under certain circumstances.
A KISSER: ^^^^^
TRUSTWORTHY: Depends on relationship.
DOMINANT: In personality, tries to be.
SUBMISSIVE: ^^^^^, Yes.
IN LOVE: Obsessed. Not in love. Craves affection tho.


HAVE THEY HARMED THEMSELVES: Yes, most of the time not on purpose.


SIBLING(S): luka macken ( half-brother )
PARENTS: bram macken (father), edith brewer (mother) both dead.
CHILDREN: bye. ( No. )
PETS: His mansion has a ton of spiders ?? Also owns horses apparently.

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Twenty More Things That Animal Crossing Needs

This is a continuation of the first twenty Animal Crossing suggestions. You can find them here.

  1. The ability to choose your villagers’ housing locations. If you own Animal Crossing, you most likely know the pain of town planning. Villagers will constantly move into the worst spots. There should be a way to choose the exact location of their house.
  2. Putting patterns in front of buildings. Although this can be avoided by placing flowers next to the building instead, it’s often annoying to have to deal with this, especially when there are two tiles that cannot contain patterns in front of a building.
  3. More detailed patterns. Although patterns are 32 pixels in height and width, there should be an option to make them 64 for better resolution, especially for pixel art.
  4. Once again, more villagers in each town. I stated this in the first post, but I believe everyone strongly wants to have more than ten villagers in their town.
  5. More pattern slots (suggested by wtfxgame). I think we can all agree that there aren’t enough pattern slots. It’s also annoying that when you place a path, you have to leave it in your pattern inventory unless you want shirt patterns all over the ground, which leads to having characters that are completely devoted to storing pathways. When you save the pathway at Able Sisters, all of the pathways shouldn’t change.
  6. Typing with the megaphone. Everyone has experienced calling a villager with the megaphone time and time again and being answered by the wrong villager. There should also just be an option to type the villager’s name in so that Kapp'n doesn’t reply to every call.
  7. Bushes bloom longer. Whether or not it’s realistic, it’s annoying that bushes only bloom one to two months.
  8. Trees that stay pink for the majority of the year. Similar to the above suggestion, many people would appreciate having separate cherry blossom trees that were in bloom for at least several months.
  9. Villagers don’t move out if you talk to them too much. Sometimes I’m scared to talk to Diana and Apple too much because they’re my dreamies and I don’t want to annoy them to the point that they move. I think we all know this feeling.
  10. Dog villagers with pointy ears. The fact that all dog villagers have floppy ears really limits the amount of dog villagers that there can be. I mean, who doesn’t want a villager that looks like this?

  11. More complex town tunes. Most songs have sharps and flats in them, which Animal Crossing doesn’t allow you to use. Also, there should be more notes that you can use to make the tune longer. You should also be able to create multiple notes that play at once to create chords and change the length of those notes. I don’t know how it could be set up, but there is definitely a way to do it, such as having the different note lengths as options. There could even be bass notes or something.
  12. More flowers. This could also mean that certain flowers could come in more colors, like roses could come in light blue, carnations could come in other colors, and tulips could come in dark and light blue.
  13. A handheld MP3 player. Playing music at your house is cool and all, but it would be amazing if you could play music on the go? (Wow that sounded like an infomercial)
  14. Make Bianca’s eyes less freaky. Please.
  15. Get rid of the balloon set. I don’t even bother to shoot balloons anymore. Seriously, who wants that ugly crap? It doesn’t even sell for much.
  16. More public works projects slots. There are only thirty public works projects slots, which isn’t really that much considering there are like five styles of benches and street lamps. Really, you could use every slot on lamps. I don’t use them for that reason. I’d rather have none that just a couple in the entire town.
  17. Hoodies because I said so.
  18. Stop villagers from completely trashing their own houses. Villagers should be able to have a better taste in furniture and not display items that don’t match at all or are completely hideous.
  19. More non-fruit trees. This could include birch trees, willow trees, yellow trees, purple trees, red trees, and once again, cherry blossom trees that are pink for several months.
  20. Villager voodoo dolls. I want to stab Coach. Just kidding. Not really.

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Our Spooky World: Nagoro, the a Village of Dolls

Located in Japan, Nagoro is a village that has slowly been dissolving. Almost all of the residents have either left or died. However, this village is far from empty. Now it is populated by dolls.

Over a decade ago, a villager named Tsukimi Ayano returned to Nagoro. Being extremely lonely, she decided to create a doll of her father. After completing her fathers doll she went on to create the rest of her family. Eventually she decided to replace each of the departed residents with a doll version of themselves. Tsukimi creates each doll out of straw and old clothes before lovingly placing them at whichever location she feels best represents the person each doll was modeled after. As a result, dolls can be seen working in the fields, fishing, riding bikes, and sitting in a classroom, patiently waiting for class to begin. Overall there are about 350 dolls currently populating the village.