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The Mine
The Ruins Of Beverast
The Mine

The Ruins of Beverast /// The Mine

Until these tunnels
Shall become our grave
We dwell with the poets
The eerie echoes
Of shameful choirs
Howl deep within here
Sounds of harm
Frome where the stillborn graze
Standing armed without a strategy
In a war
That never should have been declared
Eyes adapted to perpetual dawn
The trembling march of the offensive pack
With the bark of the hounds
Our final rhyme shall be composed
We await this, our time
When the foul screams of agony
Will sound through the mine.


Men search for scrap metal in contaminated water at the bottom of one of the biggest trash dumps in the city, known as “The Mine,” in Guatemala City. Hundreds of informal workers descend daily into the mounds of the landfill and the rushing waters that come from a storm tunnel and a sewer at the bottom of a gorge to search for scrap metal to sell. This activity known locally as “mining” is extremely dangerous due to mud slides and collapses, but earns many of them about 150 quetzals ($20 dollars) a day, nearly twice the minimum daily wage.

(AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)

The naming suggestions is now closed. I will not take any more names at this time.

I have also decided upon the name I will go with as my clan name.

Suggested by cyrinus-cs, I am going with the name “The Mine”, since I do have a mostly gem themed clan. I will be contacting cyrinus-cs on Flight Rising to show the hatchlings for them to choose from.

I would like to thank somuchdragon and demonicduchess for their amazing suggestions as well.