the view from up top

“Umm... how about that number?” G.D

Hey guys! So I was very excited about writing this request by @danglydolan and well, here it is! I kinda changed the plot a little bit but I just hope I still did it justice haha. Let me know what you think!

Summary: “Grayson meets you for the first time at the pool or beach. He’s all blushy and shy but still tries to ask for your number” 

Warnings: None

Words: 2,000 words

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and usually I would still be curled up in my bed, dreaming my third or fourth dream right about now. So why was I up this early you might ask? Well… because it is simply impossible to sleep while living in a war zone between both your parents. As soon as the screaming picked up right where it left off the night before, I ran out of there as fast as I could and went to the one place where I always ended up in times like these; the beach. 

The beach has always been my sanctuary, my getaway whenever things got bad; and I guess I’ve already established that things at home were pretty bad. I was tired of hearing about how unhappy they were with one another, how they wished they had never gotten married, how they even wished they didn’t have something tying them to one another; and that something was me. Till this day, I don’t think they know I heard that argument, or maybe they do and they just didn’t care…

But, the beautiful sound of the waves crashing, the smell of salt from the water, the sun shining brightly on my face, these were the little things that relaxed me when I needed it most. 

I must have walked and walked for hours, clearly deep in thought, because I hadn’t realized how many more people were at the beach now. I sighed and kept walking, trying to find a more secluded area away from all these people, when all of a sudden; I was knocked to the ground by what felt like a solid wall. 

You’ve got to be kidding me…

“I’m so sorry!”

As I tried pushing myself up, I felt someone grab a hold of my arms to help me get back on my feet. I looked up and saw a guy about my age looking down at me. 

“Are you okay?” he asked. 

“I’m fine” I answered before I wiped the sand off my shorts and kept walking. 

I heard him yell he’d be right back to someone before jogging up to where I was. “Look I really am sorry” 

“Yeah, you said that already” I said as I kept walking. 

“I’m Grayson by the way” He said as he stepped right in front of me with a smile on his face. He began walking backwards once he saw I had no intention of stopping to talk. “Let me buy you something… t-to make it up to you, you know?” he asked as a light shade of pink filled his cheeks.

“I think I’ll pass, thanks for the offer though” I said as I tried to step around him but had no luck since he blocked my path yet again. 

“Come on, please? I feel really bad” 

“Really? For a second I thought you were trying to hit on me and looking for a way to ask me out” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

I felt bad for being so rude to the guy when he was just trying to be nice, but I wanted peace and quiet and he wasn’t letting me get it; plus, the look on his face once I said that was priceless. He looked like a fish out of water, opening and closing his mouth, not knowing what to say. 

“W-what? No I was just- er… I felt bad for knocking you down and I-I just wanted to make it up to you” he said, his cheeks growing redder as he talked.

“Look, I just want to go somewhere private and peaceful okay? Plus, don’t you have people over there waiting for you? You should just go back” 

“They can wait,” he said smiling, “And okay, you want to go somewhere private and peaceful? I know the perfect place, at least let me take you” 

I narrowed my eyes at him as he looked at me with a hopeful expression on his face. “You’re not going to give up are you?” 

He shook his head, “No, and I don’t know how you said no this many times. I usually don’t have to beg girls for anything” he said with a confused look on his face.

“Wow, so pushy and conceited” I teased. 

“I didn’t- I didn’t mean it like-” he stuttered and I couldn’t help but laugh at his shyness. He ended up laughing too and I swear, it was the most beautiful and contagious laugh I had ever heard. Snap out of it Y/N!

“Okay let’s get going” he said once his laughter died down. I nodded and saw him jog over to a small group of guys to tell them he was leaving before we began heading to his “secret” location. 

The whole way there, we got to know each other a little more but I chose not to tell him why I had been upset earlier, even though he had asked. We even played a small game of I spy, which I said no to at first because I thought it would be too childish, but it was actually really fun and it took my mind off of everything at home. 

Once we got there, I noticed we were on top of a beautiful waterfall. The view from up here was absolutely breathtaking, the trees, the water, everything was absolutely beautiful. And the best part was that it was only the two of us here, nobody else around to bother us. 

All of a sudden, I see Grayson remove his shirt and it took my whole attention away from the breathtaking view we had right in front of us. I had to admit, this guy looked like he was sculpted by the gods. He looked about my age, had the most beautiful hazel-brown eyes I had ever seen, short and yet wavy brown hair that you just wanna run your hands through, the sharpest jawline to ever exist, the cutest freckle on his chin, the most delicious looking plump pink lips, everything about him was perfect.

It wasn’t until I heard him say “hey you okay?” as he waved his hand in front of my face, that I realized I had zoned out this entire time and full on stared at him. I let out a groan and hoped he hadn’t noticed I was checking him out.

“U-uh yeah… yeah! Just admiring the view” I said as I stepped around him to keep looking at the water from up here. 

“Okay, well I had asked you if you were coming down with me but you never answered” he said with an excited look on his face, it was adorable. 

“Yeah! what way do we go?” I said as I walked to the edges, looking for a path down. 

He chuckled and walked over to the edge with me, “that way,” he said as he pointed down to the water. “We’re diving right in” 

“NO” I said as I shook my head profusely, “No way Jose. NOPE! I’m am not jumping in there!” 

I saw him start giggling at my outburst and it almost made me crack a smile, but I needed him to take me serious. I was NOT jumping down there. 

“Come on, you can hold my hand if you want” he offered, the light shade of pink growing on his cheeks once again. 

For a second, I actually considered it, but then my smile grew as I spotted something a little further down. “Go ahead and jump, I’ll meet you down there” I said as I started climbing down a rocky path. 

“Where are y-”

“Just go Grayson!” I interrupted, and a few seconds later, I saw him fly past me and fall into the water. I waited a few seconds until I saw him resurface, and boy was that an even better view. I bit my lip as I watched him push his dripping hair back, water running down his chiseled chest. 

“Are you coming or what?” he yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded and went over to a rope that was tied to a tree nearby. “Are you jumping in with your clothes on?”

“Yes! I’m not about to strip and be half naked in front of you Grayson!” I yelled back, leaning back a little before jumping into the air and letting go of the rope, falling into the water. 

Once I resurfaced, I saw him with his head held back and his eyes closed, his boisterous laugh being the only sound that surrounded us besides that of the waterfall. “How was it??” he asked excitedly once his laughter died down. 

“It was amazing!” I felt adrenaline still running throughout my body and I honestly had not felt this good in such a long time. I suddenly found myself wrapping my arms around Grayson’s neck as I pulled him close, “Thank you Grayson” 

I could tell I took him by surprise since he tensed up a little at first, but then I felt him loosen up a little and wrap both arms around my waist. “It’s no problem, I’m just glad you’re not all grouchy anymore” 

“I was not grouchy!” I retorted but then gave in once he gave me the “are you kidding me” look. “Okay fine, maybe I was. But it’s because… I was already having a bad day and it was barely the morning. All my parents do lately is fight and I was fed up with it already”

He nodded and gave me a sympathetic smile, “No I get it. But hey, don’t think about it anymore. I like you better when you’re smiling” 

Now it was my turn to have the pink shade growing on my cheeks, “Okay Mr. Cheesy Pants, thank you.”

He rolled his eyes and threw some water at me, “Why do you have to ruin it?” 

“Ruin what?” I asked with a laugh as I threw some water back at him. 

“Never mind,” he said, shaking his head. “You know, I never got your name…” 

“Uh-huh, and what makes you think you’re getting it?” I teased, a smirk plastered on my face. 

“Oh come on, just tell me. What’s your name?” he whined. 

“Fine! It’s Y/N” I confessed and rolled my eyes at the satisfied look on his face. 

“Y/N” he repeated, and I swear it sounded so much better when it came out from his mouth. “I’m actually feeling pretty lucky right now since I got you to give me your name so easily” 

“Oh yeah? Well what else do you want?” I asked, my stomach feeling a little sick because of how nervous I was suddenly getting. 

“Well… umm… how about that number?” he asked and groaned as soon as the words left his mouth. “That sounded so much better in my head…”

I couldn’t help but giggle at how embarrassed he looked. It made my heart melt and all I wanted was to give it to him, but I was going to wait a little longer just to torture him. 

“W-what I meant was, I really wanna take you out. O-only if you wa-”

“Yes” I interrupted, taking him out of his misery. 

“Yes? Yes to what?” he asked looking confused. 

“Yes to both” I said as I swam closer to him. “Yes you can have my number and yes I’ll go out with you” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck once again. 

I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and pull me against his body once again as a smile filled his face. I rested my head on his chest and smiled to myself as he began telling me about other places like this that he wanted to take me to. I couldn’t help but think about how this day had begun as probably one of the worst but ended up being one of the best days of my life; all thanks to Grayson.  

hope you enjoyed!

Fic: View From the Top

My submission for the @olicityhiatusficathon “Get down” from the lovely @thebookjumper.  For some reason, I’m really into writing alternative endings to the clock king episode lately. LOL Sorry for any errors, I don’t have a beta. Read it on Ao3 or below. I hope you enjoy loopy Felicity! 

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View from the Top

“Felicity, please come down from there!” Oliver called up to the water tower on top of his IT genius’ building.

“No!” She returned, her voice defiant.

“You’ll pull your stitches and you are probably pretty dizzy from the aspirin I gave you,” Diggle called. “Please come down so you can stand on two solid feet.”

“Never!” The voice said from above.

The three people on the roof slumped their shoulders and sighed.

“This is my fault,” Diggle said. “I never should have given her that much pain medication. I know how she can’t even handle liquor all that well.”

“No, it’s mine. I’m the one who brought her home, I should have stayed on the couch or watched outside to make sure she made it safely through the night.” Oliver’s voice was gruff, but it held a trace of panic in it as he watched the blonde above him hold on for dear life at the top of the water tower.

Sara Lance shook her head at the two idiots next to her. “Well, if we are really going to play the blame game, then I’m the one she took a bullet for tonight, so this is really my fault.”

“Or maybe ‘she’ is a grown woman who makes her own damn decisions,” came the slurred voice from the water tower.

Sara couldn’t help but laugh. Felicity Smoak was such a unique creature.

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The Signs are...

Aries: Midnight bond fires on a cold night, sloppy kisses, mindlessly dragging your finger across someones arm, the liberation of finishing HW, being alone in the city

Taurus: Silence in the desert, reading your favorite book on a rainy day, big sweaters/top knots/long socks, playing acoustic guitar, walking into antique bookstores

Gemini: Not being able to stop laughing with your best friend(s), bright umbrellas in heavy rain, splashing around in puddles, jumping into a giant pile of leaves, holding eye contact with someone

Cancer: The panic and excitement of a first kiss, christmas parties, falling asleep on FaceTime but not ending the call, spontaneously making cookies at 2 am, wearing someone else’s oversized sweater

Leo: Looking in a mirror and going “damn I look nice”, winning a race/competition, sitting in comfortable silence and playing with ur s/o hair, being in a room full of people but only caring about one person in there, receiving surprise gifts

Virgo: Finishing a good book, buying new school supplies, singing at the top of your lungs when no one else is around, taking a selfie and being satisfied with it, making new friends

Libra: Holding your s/o hand when nervous, performing with the spotlight solely on you, someone kissing you a million times at once and telling you they love you, binge watching disney movies, winter’s breath

Scorpio: Learning a new language, tender neck kisses, photoshoots with friends, the view of the city from up top, sipping hot apple cider in winter

Sagittarius: Playing with glow in the dark sticks, wearing red, rave parties, running into the ocean, a late night hook up

Capricorn: Leather bound books, finding small quaint towns, holding in laughter at a serious moment, someone holding you while you sob loudly, movie and popcorn

Aquarius: Wearing heels, grocery store runs, last minute christmas shopping, going cherry picking, creating something you’re proud of

Pisces: Ice skating in an empty rink, tight hugs, traveling to a foreign country, forehead kisses, picking a loved one up from the airport

i am pleased as PUNCH that that post has gotten almost 10,000 notes, most of which are from people who had no idea that undetectable = untransmittable but are now excited about it and going to tell their friends! the things you can do in a day! fuck yeah, education!

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Aroace + Astrology Signs
  • Aquarius: rollercoaster aroace. Weekends at a theme park during summer vacation. Running from ride to ride. Laughter bright and happy filling the air. High speed rollercoasters that leave them dizzy and spinning and wanting more. Cotton candy and hotdogs and a hot summer day.
  • Pisces: rainy day aroace. Waking up and watching the raindrops against the window. Listening to the calming sound of thunder as it softly vibrates the air. Huddling under a cozy and warm blanket and just letting the noises of an early morning rainstorm wash over the world.
  • Aries: Concert aroace. Loud music filling the air. Defining in intensity. Vibration the air in waves. The pushing and pulling of a large crowd. Dancing in the middle of a mosh pit. Screaming and cheering and clapping. Light shows and lasers filling the night air.
  • Taurus: Kitchen aroace. A pot of herbs on the windowsill. The warmth of a kitchen in the middle of fall. Flower and salt and sugar spilt slightly over a kitchen counter. A rolling pin dusted and gliding over dough. A large pot of stew boiling on the stove filling the air with its rich fragrance.
  • Gemini: internet aroace. Social media and glossy magazines. Keeping up with all the latest gossip. Planned trips that are too expensive to ever go on. Big extravagant dreams that are unlikely to come true but bring joy anyway. Day dreaming at 3am and 3pm. random Accumulated knowledge that is both useless and excited. Static.
  • Cancer: arts-and-crafts aroace. The feeling of yarn between fingers. The sun pouring through an open wonder, a slight breeze ruffling the curtains. Comforting silence and the soft clink of knitting needles. Quarts stones upon a table and light reflected in a million directions spelling out a million possibilities as the world goes by.
  • Leo: Pool party aroace. Canon balls and sword fights with pool noodles. The hottest day of the year being enjoyed at the edge of a pool. Laying on a pool chair in the heat of the sun, burning because of forgotten sun screen. Jumping right into the pool to cool down and the smell of Alo afterwards with no regrets.
  • Virgo: Library aroace. The quiet corner in a library that's always free and always seems to be waiting. The smell of old books and new books. Exploring row after row of shelves to find the perfect book to read. Exploring row after row of books and grabbing any that sound even a little interesting. Sitting and reading to the soft sounds of pages turning until the sun has set.
  • Libra: Night-on-the-town aroace. Large cities and bright lights. Stumbling laughter and knowing the nights just started. Partying until 3am with half-strangers. Rich food and amazing drinks. Food trucks and food carts. Hopping from one amazing location to the next. Meeting new and interesting people along the way.
  • Scorpio: Sunset aroace. Careful and slow passing days with long sunsets. The soft warmth of the last days of summer turning into fall. Crickets and cicadas and fireflies singing and dancing through the air. A golden and bright sunset filling the sky and painting the world in orange and yellows. The comforting familiarity of home.
  • Sagittarius: Roadtrip aroace. Long drives through bright sunny days down unknown and long forgotten routes. Stopping at small hotels for afternoon naps when the sun is highest and driving through the night to watch the stars. Open roads and desert highways and a warm comforting feeling of being free. Soft music playing from the radio mostly going ignored.
  • Capricorn: Camping aroace. Driving out to the middle of the forest and pitching a tent. Hiking long distances up steep rocks just to find the best view from the top of a cliff. The sound of small streams tricking over rocks. A small campfire and roasting marshmallows to make s'mores that drip chocolate down fingers. Counting the stars.

Celebrating St Vitus’ Memorial and the Cathedral in his honour in Prague, Czech Republic, the country for which he is a Patron – Art Dei Series 2.   The Image above is the Chapel of St Vitus within the Cathedral.

To many people, St. Vitus Cathedral is Prague Castle.   While the Prague Castle complex houses many buildings, St. Vitus is the one that dominates the skyline wherever you are in city.   St. Vitus Cathedral (Katedrála svatého Víta) is a Gothic masterpiece and the spiritual symbol of the Czech state.

The cathedral was commissioned by Charles IV. Construction began in 1344 on the site of an earlier 10th century rotunda.   Its original builders, Matthias of Arras and later Peter Parler, constructed the chancel with a ring of chapels – St. Wenceslas Chapel, the Golden Portal and the lower section of the main steeple.   However, it took almost six centuries to complete, with the final phase of construction in the period 1873-1929.   Above is St Wenceslas Chapel which is decorated with frescoes and semi-precious stones.   A door in the south-western corner of the chapel leads to the Crown Chamber, in which the Bohemian Coronation Jewels are stored.

As well as being the largest and most important Basilica in Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral has also overseen the coronation of Czech kings and queens.   In the chancel of the cathedral, in front of the high altar, is the royal mausoleum.   Below this, in the crypt, there are the royal tombs. Czech kings and queens and patron saints of the country are interred here.

The Great South Tower of the Cathedral was founded in the late 14th century and reconstructed in the 16th and 18th centuries.   The tower holds the largest bell in the Czech Republic, called Zikmund, which dates from the 16th century.   Visitors can climb the Great South Tower, see the bell partway up and enjoy spectacular views over the city from the top.   The tower has 287 narrow, winding steps and is more than 90 metres high.

Kings Park Psychiatric Center Building 93

Kings Park, Long Island, New York

The view from up top on the roof of building 7 is incredible. You can see for miles and miles and you can even see Connecticut in the distance across the Long Island Sound. It never ceases to amaze me.

🌻🌞 Hideweek, Day 2: Near/Similar 🌞🌻

“Kaneki, where are we going?” Hide asked, looking around at his surroundings curiously.

“It’s a surprise. Just hold tight, okay? I’m sure you’ll like it.” Kaneki replied, excitement ringing in his voice.

The street lamps were flickering on behind them as they continued walking down a quiet, residential street. Hide carefully adjusted his and Kaneki’s backpacks on his shoulders so as not to accidentally burst open their stuffed bags. Kaneki snuck a sip of his Big Girl soda before looking back at Hide and smiling. Hide cracked a wide grin, a devilish look in his eye.

“It’s so nice to crack open a cold one with the boys. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Kaneki’s smile frowned in minor agony at Hide’s meme, while Hide grew smug before chuckling heartily. Kaneki shook his head and kept his eyes up ahead.

“You’re grounded for that terrible joke. 0/10. Would not recommend ever again.”

Hide only began laughing even more. Kaneki scratched the tip of his nose with the hand that held their burgers. He couldn’t wait to take a bite out of his eye-watering meal. Now that the weekend had arrived, they both deserved it.

“The surprise is just up the road. You ready?” Kaneki turned to look at Hide, the bleach-blond nodding with the same enthusiasm Kaneki was feeling.

“Just fuck me uP!” Hide called up to the heavens, receiving a shush from Kaneki after a nearby dog began barking in response to Hide’s sudden outburst.

Kaneki quickened his pace and stopped at an open gate to his left. Whatever it was Kaneki had wanted to show Hide was obscured by trees. Kaneki turned to look at Hide with a sheepish smile.

“I’ve been meaning to take you here for awhile, but we’ve gotten so busy having to study for exams. I just hope you’ll… I hope you’ll like where I’ve taken you…” Kaneki nervously shuffled his feet, a small blush rising on his pale cheeks.

“Don’t worry about it, man! I’m sure I’ll like wherever it is you’ve taken me for our regularly scheduled weekend date.” Hide replied with a wink, making Kaneki blush harder and glare.

“Anyway…” Kaneki cleared his throat and beckoned Hide towards him. “Come on.”

Hide did as he was told and was greeted by a children’s playground. The blond felt lighter than a balloon being set free. He took in as many sights as he could see from where he stood, eyes growing in size. Hide had been quietly looking around for so long that Kaneki had started to get worried that Hide hadn’t liked the surprise. Kaneki was just about to apologize and offer them another place they could hang out when Hide suddenly screamed, “I LOVE IT!” The dog from earlier away barked even louder.

“Really…?” Kaneki asked hesitantly, a small sigh of relief escaping his lips.

“Yeah! This is so fucking cool, Kaneki! Lookit the swings! Lookit the see saws! Look at the little dinosaur wobbly seats!”

Hide wiggled around on the spot in utter joy, motioning to each attraction in the park as their backpacks bounced around with him. Hide suddenly gasped and ran forward, Kaneki giggling and following behind him. Kaneki would’ve reminded Hide to keep his voice down since it was late now, but Kaneki thought it was ridiculously endearing how much Hide looked like a kid in a candy store right now.

“LOOKIT THIS MOTHERFUCKING WHALE!” Hide screeched, looking up at it with stars in his eyes. Hide quickly turned to Kaneki and then to the top of the whale. And then back to Kaneki with the biggest shit-eating grin the blond could muster.

“I’m gonna climb the whale.”
“Hide, no.
“Hide, yes.
“Hide, you can barely climb a tree!”

Hide spat on his hands, clapped them together, and carefully began his ascent on the round mammal. Kaneki watched his friend with knots in his stomach.

“Please don’t show off like you usually do.” Kaneki called from down below, holding his breath as Hide’s foot struggled to balance itself halfway up.

“I got it, Kaneki! Just relax!”

When Hide slipped once, it was enough for Kaneki to change his mind. Kaneki was about to say something when Hide finally reached the top, swinging his legs over. The blond smiled triumphantly and set their backpacks down before pointing at their meals. Kaneki seemed hesitant, but Hide gave him a thumbs up. Somehow, that was enough. Kaneki tried his best to throw straight, and Hide caught the paper bags with ease. Hide took off his school jacket and instructed Kaneki to tie his own to his. Together, the jackets were tied into a basket of sorts for their beverages to be safely pulled up. Kaneki placed his foot into their jacket basket, and Hide hoisted him up.

The view from the top of the whale was breathtaking. Hide and Kaneki both sat down and stared up at the darkening sky for what seemed like hours.

“This place… is amazing, Kaneki…” Hide whispered, at a loss for words for once.

“I’m really glad you like it. It’s pretty near my aunt’s house.” Kaneki felt Hide gently place a hand on his shoulder a beat later.

“Near our house.” Hide corrected. Kaneki smiled and nodded. Hide’s house was 4 blocks behind Kaneki’s aunt’s house.

awesomecoolcatsworld  asked:

Movement (fell down from a high place and somehow temporarily lost his ability to move)

Anti was in the forest again but this time he was climbing trees. They were insanely tall and Anti wanted to see the view from up top, so he made it his mission to climb as far up as possible, which was an insanely stupid idea considering the branches weren’t stable at all. A branch happened to snap under his weight and he fell from way up, landing directly on his back. The fall hit his spinal chord which rendered him temporarily unable to move. He lay on the ground, looking up with a dizzy vision, groaning at the fact that he was /entirely useless/. “Fuck….” He coughed out.

Capricorn people, like their ruling planet Saturn with it’s many rings, have a fortress built around them. They’re innately private individuals, meaning that whatever they show the world on the outside, is only a drop in the ocean of their being. Capricorns may seem stoic or serious upon first meeting them. You can sense that they’re hiding something from you, that they’re only showing you what they want you to see. Although this can seem calculated and manipulative to others, what they’re hiding are surprisingly the most beautiful aspects of themselves. Capricorns struggle with vulnerability. Being vulnerable means being able to show your heart to others, to show your flaws and your pain. Since Capricorns struggle with this, what’s hiding underneath is all of that humanness and endearment. What you’ll see once you dive into those still waters is a world hidden underneath. A sort of sunken Atlantis, waiting to be discovered. Given time and patience, a Capricorn will begin to lighten up and let those Saturnine rings fall away. Like climbing a mountain, the path up may seem daunting, but the view from the top will be breathtaking.

What your Instagram says about you

MW: I’m a star, I’m a celebrity. You’ll never see me alone, and when I am, it’s because I choose to. Friends, internet memes, schedules, I’m going to update Instagram 24/7 and you’re gonna like it.

JM: Selcas, a lot, but you want to save the picture? Forget it. I ain’t gonna give you a proper view of my face, a close up here, a shot from the top there, I’ll cover my face this way, that way, be thankful I’m even gracing you with my beautiful face. I sometimes post me playing jokes on other people, and you don’t find it funny? Well, I don’t even care.

DH: I’ll cut to the chase. Me, me, me, scenery, me, food, food, me, me, mw, scenery, mw, me, mw, me, food, food, food, me, me, mw, mw…that’s not a typo. “mw”’s my best friend. Next to me.