the view from my seat

The Sidra Coffee Shop

So I saw this post about Rhysand flirting with Feyre and I thought I might write it. Sorry if this turns out bad, another writer could do a better job than me. Hell, someone probably already has. Anyway I hope you enjoy!

It was Sunday morning and I was in my favourite coffee shop, The Sidra. It was named after the mighty river that ran through the centre of town. It was said that when we were invaded, the river rose as if in answer and wiped out the forces of the invading army and saving the city. You could see the river from my view of the window seat, it was an image I was trying to capture desperately in my sketch pad. 

I took a sip from my smoothie before grabbing my pencils and shading the jasmine flowers that bloomed along the riverbank. The whole atmosphere was pleasant, sitting in the rather rustic coffee shop, a faint moody dancing around the room, quite Sunday morning chatter in the background. I was quite content to spend the rest of the day sitting on the little wooden bench sketching. 

I had just finished capturing the image of the cafe chairs that adorned the edge of the Sidra, imagining how it would have rose. It was something I wanted to paint, I could almost imagine wolves jumping out of the very river itself and taking soldiers to their watery graves as they fought to protect their city. When a shadow fell across my page causing me to jump.

Startled, I turned to face the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He had silky black hair and a muscled chest, from what I could see of how his shirt hugged his body, but it was the bright violet hue of his eyes that enticed me the most. 

“Hey,” I started. “Can I help you?” I was a little confused at why this man was here beside me, I really did want to finish this drawing but he seemed to have other plans.

“Well, darling, as it is you certainly can. I was just admiring your drawing skills from that table over there,” he gestured behind him, “and felt that you should know that it’s  almost as gorgeous as you.” 

“Um… Thank you, I guess,” I was unsure of what to say so I took a sip out of my strawberry and dragon fruit smoothie. 

“Also, darling-,”

“Feyre,” I interjected.

“Well then, Feyre darling I was wondering if you have wifi?”

Who the hell was this guy, asking if she had wifi. All I wanted was to finish my sketch in piece.

“No,” I said and I turned back to my drawing.

“Well,” he drawled from beside me. “That is disappointing because I thought I felt a connection. I’m Rhysand by the way.”

“No sorry, no wifi here. Though I’m positive your friends must be missing you,” I said as what I hoped was a subtle dismissal. Apparently I had no such luck.

“Your jumper is perfectly stunning, did you know that?” He comments. 

“Thank you,” I simply stated before turning back to my drawing. After about five minutes he walks away. Muttering a short goodbye as he left. I turned back to my drawing an odd feeling surrounding me. I sort of did a double take, today was turning out rather odd. 

It wasn’t ten minutes before I was disrupted again. What the hell was with everyone this morning? Why couldn’t I just be left in peace I thought. 

“Well hello, gorgeous,” he whistles.

I made a point to ignore him, carrying on with my attempt to capture the rest of the perfect image before the rest of the public rose from their beds. He just sits down next to me. He’s wearing a black hoodie and jeans.

“Nice outfit by the way, you look absolutely delicious.” 

“Thanks,” I reply. This was the oddest Sunday morning I had ever had. I took another sip out of my smoothie letting it wash around my mouth before trickling down my throat.

“Like you just walked off the runway,” he goes on. 

“Thanks,” I reply curtly. “Again.”

He throws some more odd compliments my way before heading off in the same direction that that Rhysand bloke had gone in. I turned around catching the tail end of their conversation. There were five of them in total.

“…way, she didn’t even blush. I’ve never met anyone who has resisted my manly charm that easily before.” The hoody guy states.

“Well Cassian, it seems you own Amren ten bucks. I told you she wouldn’t give you her number,” Rhysand drawls.

“Cough up boys,” the small one says. Her quick silver eyes flash over and meet mine and she smirks. 

“Nah ah ah,” Rhysand smirks like the cheshire cat. “I made no bargain or bet.” 

“No but you did say you would get her number and it seems you failed,” the blonde one perks up.

“Look,” he growls. “I’m just interested in her okay, lets not make a big deal out of it.” He picks up his coffee and takes a gulp. It’s black, the worst kind of coffee in my opinion. When I drank it I felt like I was choking down tar. So those men were trying to flirt with me? God, I feel so stupid.

I finish with my drawing, the crowds now to thick to properly capture the original image and pack my stuff away. I walk over and pay the bill, I’m about to leave when a thought strikes me. I may as well have a little fun with this situation they have given me. I stalk over to Rhysand, grab a napkin scribble my number down as he stares at me, fold it up and shove it into his chest before pecking him on the cheek and sauntering towards the door. 

Right before I set foot out of the cafe I turn around to see the whole bunch bent over double laughing all except Rhysand who is grinning from ear to ear and the small one, Amren, who catches my gaze and smirks at me knowingly. With that I walk out of the cafe and down the street, a small part of me hoping for a call from the gorgeous, violet eyed man I had just encountered.

I take no credit for the idea behind this piece, that should go to @greenfire2908art. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I’m sorry for the poor quality of writing I wrote this at midnight and now can’t be bothered to reread it and edit my mistakes. Yep, I’m lazy like that. I hope it’s somewhere near what you hoped for @greenfire2908art sorry if it’s not up to the right standard. I thought I’d give it a go though anyway. 

Submission - Band AUs
  • We’re cleaning out our band lockers and why do you have a bottle of ketchup in there?? And a cactus?? (Feel free to change objects)

  • I have a perfect view of you from my seat, and you are by far the most beautiful human being ever

  •  “Why is everyone standing in a line?” “Someone brought in a(n) *insert instrument* and we’re all trying it out”

  •  This wasn’t the first time that I found myself locked in the tuba locker, and it would not be the last

  •  “Oh no” “What?” “We got it stuck in the Bari sax”

  •  I didn’t have any friends to sit with during this lunch, but you rescued me and now we’re eating together in the band room

  •  I just walked in on two people having a make out session in one of the practice rooms, and I am more uncomfortable than I have ever been before

  •  A bunch of band kids playing ‘don’t touch the lava’ but the band version ‘don’t touch the spit’

  • During a lockdown drill we are squished into the band storage room and I’m basically sitting on top of you, HELP

  • “If I hear someone play ‘Sleigh Ride’ ONE MORE TIME, I will BREAK their instrument!! It’s only FREAKING October!!”

  •  You keep hitting me with your *insert instrument* and I would be so pissed,, if I didn’t have a major crush on you

  •  For finals, we have to perform a solo for the class, and I simply will not

  •  I sneezed into my instrument while we were rehearsing and now it’s silent and everyone is staring at me

anonymous asked:

People are talking badly about Tae's live 😡. Since you went there, what did you think about it? I just really hope he doesn't see what they are saying 😫

?????? Are they deaf?? I’m actually not being biased here believe it or not, but Tae’s high notes were so on point, I’ve never been prouder and more surprised. Haters got nothing else to talk about >_>

If you don’t mind me asking Kelly..What are you studying? I’d love to study abroad! 😊

At Yonsei University!

how close were u to the stage?

Here’s the view from my seat:

As you can see, the stage is actually pretty far, I usually only see 7 dancing figures or look at the big monitors. But when BTS passed by on the car, they were near the green area, which is VERY CLOSE to me. I still have a mini heart attack thinking of that moment

In truth, Kipling’s politics are not mine. But then, it would be a poor sort of world if one were only able to read authors who expressed points of view that one agreed with entirely. It would be a bland sort of world if we could not spend time with people who thought differently, and who saw the world from a different place. Kipling was many things that I am not, and I like that in my authors.
—  Neil Gaiman, The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction

After Taylor sang Ronan, I looked over at Mama Swift (because I had a clear view of her from my seat) and she was wiping tears off her face and I did a hand heart up high in the air and I THINK she saw… I’m not 100% sure obviously, but I’d like to think she saw. She’s such a strong woman and she has raised such a strong, beautiful, inspiring daughter.

Yeah, there’s been spoiler talk and all kinds of excitement in fandom today but you know what? I’m not gonna do what you all expect me to do.  

Instead, I’ll sit my elitist, condescending ass over here, sip my margarita, enjoy the view from my seat on the train and wait for Wednesday.