the view from my backyard

Calum Hood:::Neighbor

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Word Count: 6.5k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yas

Calum is a little cocky shit who plays girls, y/n’s brother warns her, but she wants him anyways

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 15/?)

Hi Guys! I’m still on my holidays I wrote this part on my phone and I can’t really add links to previous parts ATM. I will edit everything when I’ll be back home xx


I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before leaving home for Jeff’s party. Originally it was supposed to be my New Year’s Eve party but since I broke my wrist I wasn’t really able to prepare anything and Jeff decided to do in at his place as his parent were in Aspen with mine. I spent there whole day helping him as much as I could with Zach, Sheri and Jess and two hours ago we got back to my home to prepare for a party. It’s hard to wash and make your hair look decent when you can’t use one of your hands so Sheri’s or Jess’ help was necessary.

“So how it’s gonna be with you and Monty today?”, Jess asked while doing my hair.

“Normal. Just how it was before we started hooking up”, I shrugged.

“I’m not really sure that’s how things are supposed to be”, she said quietly.

“He doesn’t like me like that, Jess. I finally understand that and I’m okay with this”, I saw Jessica and Sheri giving each other look that clearly had some hidden message. “What?”

“No, nothing”, Sheri shrugged, she was obviously lying.

“Just please, can we don’t talk about him anymore? Don’t mess with my head…”

It was supposed to be first time I’d see Monty since he came to my house drunk after Bryce party and since later we promised to act normal and I was curious to see if it actually was going to work. I wouldn’t mind if it did as we had another semester of chemistry together starting soon and we really need to cooperate.

Besides of that I wanted to move on with my life. And to move forward you have to make a peace with your past. I already accepted the fact that the two of us is never going to be a thing, now I have to work out healthy relation with him.

We drove to Jeff’s, many people arrived before us.  We walked in, Zach handed us a drinks before we even closed door behind us.

“We’re waiting for Justin and Montgomery and we’re gonna get whole gang photo together”, he said.

“They aren’t here yet?”, Jess asked.

“Yeah, Monty’s flight from Vermont was delayed and his picking up Justin on his way here.”

I went to the table with snack. Stress eating, that’s my thing.

“You’re stressing about seeing him, huh?”, Sheri stood next to me.

“What? No”, I chuckled with my mouth full.

“Come on”, she rolled her eyes. “Don’t stress, you promised each other clear start so act normal.”

“He’s not even here, so I act stuff my mouth with food to the point where I can’t even chew”, I rolled my eyes. “And I’m okay with everything. I’m in the process of fixing my karma and inner energy.”

“Good… Cause they’re here”, she said, sipped her drink and walked away.

I slowly turned around and saw Justin with Montgomery greeting with everyone, Jessica basically jumping at Foley as they haven’t see each other for a week when she was visitng her grandma. Montgomery looked over people, his eyes met mine.

It felt like I was melting inside and I hated myself for that. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. I was supposed to look at him, smile and feel nothing expect for normal sympathy.

I sent him a little smile, he waved at me and walked up to me.

“Hi”, he said with a smile.

“Hey, how was Vermont?”, I asked holding cup with drink tightly.

“Good”, he nodded. “You’re still wearing that thing?”, he pointed at my left hand, still injured.

“Yeah, unfortunately. But I’m taking it off before winter prom, so that’s okay.”

“Okay, love birds”, Zach stood between me and Monty and put his arms on our shoulders. “Group photo”.

We went with him to the place where Jeff and rest of the people were standing and Tyler with his camera was ready to take a photo.

“Wait, wait”, Jess said after Tyler took few pictures. “Y/N show off your left arm.”


“So that later, in a few years, we can place it in timeline”, she rolled her eyes.

“What am I even supposed to do with it?”, I asked as I was squizzed between Zach and Montgomery.

“Put it on Monty, or whatever”.

As if standing really close to him posing for a photo wasn’t awkward enough. I gave him apologizing smile and put my hands on his shoulder. When we were done with photos I quickly walked away and took Jess to the side.

“What the hell, Jessica?”, I asked.

“I thought about it while I was at my grandma’s and I came to the conclusion that you two would be great together”, she said.

“Jess, it’s not gonna happen”, I sighed. “We barely even started acting like civilized people for the first time in a month.”

“Everyone thinks so…”, she crossed her arms.

“Everyone except me and him. Jess, leave it”, I said and walked away.  

Time was passing by, everyone was having fun, we were taking a lot of photos, laughing and dancing. Montgomery was keeping his distance and didn’t come anywhere near me after group photos.

It was almost midnight and everyone went to the backyard to watch fireworks because view from Jeff’s backyard was lit. I took my cup of champagne, as let’s be honest no one uses glass at high school parties, and stayed at the back of the crowd and sat on balustrade.

“May I?”, Montgomery showed up next to me.

“Sure”, I smiled.

He sat next to me.

“So, how’s last party of the year going?”

“You know”, I shrugged. “Drunk, single, without midnight new year’s kiss… Same as always”.

Everyone started counting down and so did I although I felt Monty looking at me the whole time, I ignored it.

“…Three, two, one, happy new year!”, I said and looked at him with a smile.

“Here’s your new year’s kiss”, he said and leaned towards me and placed his lips on mine.

I was so shocked, I didn’t even reacted, I didn’t kiss him back. He moved away, I look at him with eyes wide opened.

“Maybe it wasn’t midnight kiss from your dreams, but now at least you have shitty one”, he said and walked inside.

I sat there, still in shock, unable to move. I looked around and saw Sheri looking at me.

“Go!”, she mouthed and pointed at house.

I jump off the balustrade and run inside. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I felt it was just as stupid as looking for him at last Bryce’s party but he made a move, he kissed me, he wasn’t even that drunk.

“Monty…”, I run to him and kissed.

This time I felt like he was a little shocked. For a second I felt like all my pieces are back together.

“Happy new year”, I whispered when I took a step back.

“What’s happening?”, he asked.

“I don’t know, I could ask you the same thing, you kissed me outside”, I said.

“Well, I started new year by kissing the greatest girl I know, what can be a better way?”, he chuckled and put his hands into his pockets.

“I’m the greatest girl you know?”

“You were my best friend I have ever had”, he said completely seriously. “You are the only person that gets me. Boys are great, sure, but… I never talk with them about my parents, they never ask me how I’m doing, you know what I mean?”

I nodded my head.

“You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for… I’m sorry for that kiss, it probably made you feel uncomfortable”, he apologized.

People started walking back inside.

“Come with me”, I took his hand and went upstairs with him.

“Where are we going?”, Monty asked.

“To talk somewhere quieter”, I said as I kneeled down to find key to Jeff’s parents’ bedroom that Jeff glued under the shelf after he locked the room so that no one would go inside.

“So, tell me more about how I’m the best friend anyone could ever heard”, I said when I locked the door after we got in.

“Now you’re making fun if what I said, I’m not saying anything more”, he crossed his arm.

“Can we be honest for one time if we’re trying to act like an adults?”, I asked.

Montgomery took a deep breath.

“Okay… It’s just… I never had anything like this with anyone before. You were the only one to actually confront me about my parents, you’re the only one that knows how shitty things with them really are. I mean sex was great too, but… You are just amazing as a person and that’s where your parents did great job. And I really started feeling like we were becoming friends and then you suddenly ended everything and I guess I didn’t expect it and didn’t know what to do…”

“Montgomery, I didn’t want to stop being your friend, I just decided we should stop hooking up”, I said.

So that was it… He liked me as a best friend and then I suddenly shut things off after false pregnancy alarm and he thought I don’t want to have anything do to with him. I could understand that. If he really feels I’m that important to him as he claims I can only imagine how he felt. If Jeff or Sheri ever wanted to stop being friends with me I wouldn’t take it well.

That also meant he liked me only as a friend. Nothing less, nothing more…

“Is that why you were acting like this lately?”, I asked.

“Well, you were always talking how shitty person I am, how badly I treat girls, that I’m bully… And I was mad at you, so I kinda wanted to meet your expectations I guess…”, he shrugged looking down.

“Jeez, Monty”, I came closer to him and hugged him. “I’m sorry I made you feel like this”, I whispered. “Can I ask you something?”


“What about Tina?”, I could barely even say her name out loud.

“I’m not proud of what happened with Tina, but from the start I wanted to show off with her, I didn’t really have to try hard, because that girl was a lot. I’m sorry that she got obssesed over you and you ended up with broken wrist”, he said, hugging me the whole time.

“It’s okay”, I laughed. “You couldn’t know she was crazy.”

“There’s one more thing… Nothing ever happened with her. Or with that girl at Bryce’s party. I didn’t sleep with them”, he said.

“What?”, I took a step back to look at him even though I couldn’t see his face as it was totally dark in room.

“I didn’t have sex with them”, he repeated. “I don’t know, I kinda thought that you should know”, he shrugged.

I hugged him again.

If I had found him at Bryce’s party before he had went to that room with that girl would I actually told him about my feelings? If I did how would things were between us now? Now that I know he sees me as a best friend and not someone he could get romantically involved.

Maybe things were better that way? Sure, my heart still was a little bit broken because of the fact his feelings weren’t exactly what I hoped them to be but now, after we cleared everything (okay, almost everything) I felt that I can handle being just friends with him and I was actually grateful I didn’t find him at last party because telling him I like him as more than friend would probably scare him of.

“Okay, my friend, let’s have some new year fun”, I said.

“Sooo… We’re okay?”

“Yes, we are”, I laughed. “Now let’s go, before Jeff sees we are in his parents’ bedroom, it’s a no-go zone.”

We went downstairs and then spreaded in opposite directions, Monty went to the boys, I went to kitchen to make myself a drink.

“I saw you”, Jessica whispered into my ear which made me jump a little because she scared me.


“I saw you walking down the stairs with Montgomery. You were upstairs? What did you do? You hooked up? You’re together now?”, she asked excited.

“No, we didn’t hook up, we’re not together, we’re friends”, I answered and saw excitement washing away from her face.

“What are you talking about?”, Sheri joined us.

“She was upstairs with Montgomery. They are friends. Didn’t hook up”, Jessica replied in my name.

“Is it good thing or not?”, Sheri asked confused.

“Good”, I answered before Jess could say anything. “We had a talk, I know why he acted they way he did, he said I was the best friend he ever had and… You know, we sorted things out, we’re friends.”

“Bullshit”, Jessica snorted and walked away.

“What is her problem?”, I asked.

“Well, she was really rooting for the two of you and for the whole bad boy transformator thing, she’s probably little dissapointed you don’t end up as more than friends”, Sheri explained.

“Well, I’m okay with the situation right now, I’m happy to be friends with him…”, I shrugged.

Sheri stared at me for a moment.

“Good, if you’re happy now, that’s the most important thing”, she smiled.

Obviously, it wasn’t my dreams come true, but it was the closest I could get with Montgomery and that had to be enough and I wasn’t gonna try to push the limits of my luck.


a/n: i got a wild hair up my ass to write a drabble so…enjoy nudist!Peeta!

Katniss loves the view from her new house. Particularly, the backyard.

It backs up to the woods, and just beyond the evergreen tree tops rolls the distant landscape of mountains. It’s breathtaking. Like a Bob Ross painting. The yard itself is pretty small and borders her neighbor’s fenced-in backyard, but her bedroom opens up onto a balcony, where she can sip her morning coffee as she basks in nature. Some days she even takes an early afternoon cat nap while curled up in her outdoor chaise.

Which is her plan today, after she indulges in a few chapters of her latest guilty-pleasure romance novel. Pinning her hair on top of her head in a messy knot, she grabs her mug of herbal tea and her book before slipping out onto her balcony. She squints in the sunlight, wishing she’d grabbed her sunglasses. It’s after 11, and she’d decided to take a long lunch break. She’s so glad she works from home most days instead of shut up in an office.

Setting her mug and book down on a small table next to the chaise, Katniss strolls over to the railing to admire the view for the hundredth time since she moved in a couple weeks ago. She inhales the fresh mountain air and smiles.

Movement in her peripheral catches her eye, and she turns her gaze to her neighbor’s backyard. A blond-haired man walks through the yard, a lounge chair in hand, a towel slung over his shoulder. Katniss watches him with mild curiosity as he sets the chair up in the middle of his yard.

She hasn’t met her neighbor yet, recluse that she is. She’s seen him in passing, whether in the moving truck or on her way to the store. He always gives her a wave. He seems friendly enough. Cute, too.

And with a body worthy of magazine centerfolds, she realizes with awe, watching him peel his shirt off. He could be a model. His shoulders are broad, his chest and abs sculpted. She grows flushed. She should probably stop ogling him, but it’s hard to look away from such a perfect specimen of masculine beauty. Her eyes follow the path of his hands to his waist.

And her mouth hits the ground when his shorts do.

He’s naked. Utterly naked. Butt-ass naked.

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See this? The view from my backyard. Looks nice, doesn’t it? A happy, sunny day, right?



I had the pleasure of attending the Black Forest Star Party at Cherry Springs State Park in June of 2014.  The skies were the absolute darkest I have ever seen and the entire camping trip felt like a dream. I desperately want to go back this year for some more Milky Way and Deep Sky Photography. Let’s just say that I don’t get views like this from my backyard…