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Gabrielle Union just called out Michael Keaton’s complete non-apology for the “Hidden Fences” flub at the Golden Globes

Gabrielle Union isn’t about to sit down and let Hollywood’s elite disrespect Black excellence. The star delivered an important message during her Tuesday appearance on The View, calling out Michael Keaton for what she characterized as a “non-apology” after he lumped Black-cast films Hidden Figures and Fences together into one movie.

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Hello, Whoopi. I can’t believe that this is happening, and that it’s 25 years ago. I would like to say hello to all the nuns… I feel I must be the oldest nun left. Every single nun was wonderful. And how are you? Because I remember the last time I saw you was rather sad. It was at the London Palladium where you were being terrific playing my part, but you had to leave because your mother was not well, and I am so sorry about that, but it was terrific to see you. But I have such fond memories of when we did those crazy, crazy, crazy films, and we laughed, and laughed, and laughed. I can’t believe it’s 25 years. I send you lots of love and I wish I were with you. - Maggie Smith, appearing in a video message to Whoopi Goldberg for the 25th Anniversary Reunion of Sister Act