the videos are such low quality i am cry

This is the video from which I got all of my screenshots and pictures of the American Horror Story signing that I posted yesterday. This was quite the experience. As you can probably see from my poor video taking skills, my hands were shaking and my voice broke. This is the conversation that I had with Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson who did face me and listen you just can’t see cuz of the angle. I wish I had more time with the whole cast so that I could explain why I was on the verge of tears upon meeting not necessairly my idols, but people who had been making me happy for months now. I wish I could have told Evan and Sarah and Angela and Kathy that but there just wasn’t time because they needed to keep the line moving. Unfortunately, I didn’t really say anything to Angela Bassett because I was in complete shock that I was able to get through almost a normal conversation with Evan and Sarah and by the time I got to Kathy my phone camera had run out of room to take video and had stopped recording, I’m sorry this is vertical and low quality, but this video means everything to me. This signing made me week/ month/ year/ life? I am so blessed that I got to go to Comic Con AND also meet some of my favorite actors and actresses. I’m gonna start crying if I keep going on. You may take screenshots of this video so long as you link me and my blog (I just ask for credit when credit is due). Thank you guys so much for fan girling with me and for understanding. I love you all so much,