the video wasnt that great of quality but


I have to tell you guys, I’m always surprised with the quality of the photo and video submissions! You guys are great! 

If it wasnt for the tumblr community, I’d have a hard time keeping the queue full. So THANK YOU GUYS!!


I just got back to the hotel, I JUST GOT BACK FROM SEEING PAUL MCCARTNEY IN CONCERT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Holy shit. How to put it into words? I have no clue. There ARENT any words that can describe how amazing and surreal this experience was.

So, I got emotional from the minute they were dropping me off. I saw a couple signs saying “PAUL OUT THERE TOUR SOLD OUT!” and stuff and I got so emotional because I had dreamed for this day for so long. So I cried a little bit, my mom was judging me saying im over-dramatic (she doesnt understand). I got there and it was like one more hour left for the show to start so I got in line to buy shirt. THE DAMN LINE TOOK AN HOUR -_- it was 8pm and I was barely getting to the cashier to get my shirt. I was desperate and nervous…I DIDNT wanna miss Paul’s intro. So I got it (yey! Beautiful shirt too) and I HAD to go to the rest room it wasnt even a question if I should go or not I had to because I didnt wanna leave the show AT ALL for nothing. So I did (that line was way way way faster lol). SO FINALLY I was headed to my seat, it was like 8:15pm by then and thankfully the concert hadnt started. I got to my seat and I actually chilled there more like 20 more minutes before he came on.

SO HE CAME ON AND IT WAS THE BEST FEELING IN MY LIFE EVER OKAY (“: THERE HE WAS…A LIVING LEGEND STANDING RIGHT THERE BEFORE MY EYES. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. I had to take a few deep breaths and hold my tears back because it was overwhelming. He is the wittiest most sassy most adorable most silly 72 year old ever (”: He told us a few stories from when The Beatles played that same stadium in 1966 and how he was proud to be back again ever since <3 He did a mini tribute to Jimi Hendrix as well as (of course) John and George (in which I cried). He did tributes to Nancy and Linda as well. SPEAKING OF NANCY! She was two sections down from me in the audience (: I didnt get to meet her or anything but I saw her from afar! Anyway, he sang all my favorite songs (basically all songs hes ever written are my favorite soo) and damn he did a great job ;_; He took two fans onstage with him and gave them an autograph (LUCKY DUCKIES)! (:

OKAY so but the most magical moment (one of anyway) was..okay so….it was a stadium show which had no roof, obviously and tonight was a FULL MOON. The full moon was right beside the stage and it was PURELY magical…BUT thats not all, there was a moment where Paul was singing, the full moon was out so bright and beautiful and suddenly out of nowhere I SEE A SHOOTING STAR. A massive shooting star passed right across the stage…a real shooting star ok not like a fake one that the production added or something lol. IT WAS A MOMENT OF PURE BLISS AND HAPPINESS AND MAGIC. Full moon + Shooting Star + PAUL MCCARTNEY = A MOMENT THAT I WILL NEVER FORGER IT WAS PERFECTION IT WAS MAGICAL. Seriously wow I dont even know how to explain. It is rare to see shooting starts down here like that it was really big and bright it passed for like 3 seconds then it vanished it was beautiful having that happen at that moment with Paul in front of me. (“:

Anyway, so many performances I wanna talk about…ugh so Something was freaking beautiful and Here Today made me cry :C LIVE AND LET DIE WAS FUCKING PERFECTION I DONT THINK IVE EVER BEEN SO HAPPY?! I MEAN IT WAS JUST MAGICAL THE ENTIRE SHOW WAS REALLY ;_; Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End was phenomenal!!!!! OMG JUST ALL THE PERFORMANCES WERE JUST AMAZING, SO AMAZING. 

There was a drunk guy sitting next to me, he was actually really nice and it made me happy there was someone so hyper right next to me (’‘x So I wasnt alone! OH and I bumped into a lovely tumblr fellow at the show (message mee!!) took a photo and everything ^_^ ITS SO GREAT MEETING ONLINE BEATLEMANIACS IN REAL LIFE (: WOW im probably leaving loads of stuff out but this is long now!?? I took photos and beautiful videos (well my camera sucks the quality isnt the best but by beautiful I mean the experience and the memories I have) which I will post TOMORROW once I get home (at night probably)!! (”:


As Paul was singing his last song and saying goodbye I felt a bit sad but then I remembered Im going to see him again next month and all was well (“: BEST NIGHT EVER, I LOVE YOU TO FUCKING DEATH PAUL. I MEAN IT.