the video was such lq as you can see


All performers from the Royal Variety Performance 2015 on stage (1D & Little Mix) LQ

  • first time you see a kpop group: who the fuck is who they all look the same
  • second time you see a kpop group: who the fuck is who they all look the same except that one with the cute face (notice: future bias)
  • 100th time you see a kpop group: this video is so LQ but that is my bias yes I can recognize him from the way he flips his hair

Darren Criss watching Usher’s performance and taking pictures/videos
2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival


Hello TMRFamily, Jenn here. So some of you have seen TMRFandom Profiles I made for my friends and requested one for yourself so I’m finally getting around to making them for you. These can take a bit of time to make and I’m taking summer classes so I will only be making about 15-20 profiles for now. 


  • Read this post entirely before reblogging.
  • Be in TMR Fandom. This should be a given since they’re TMRFandom Profiles.
  • You DO NOT have to be following me. It’s just something I want to do for anyone in the fandom so following me isn’t required :)
  • Reblog this post and add “want” in the tags so I know you want a profile made and to make sure you actually read this through. I will be checking the tags of the reblogs!
  • Have your askbox open for me to contact you. Since I will be working with you on these profiles, I will be in contact with you through tumblr so please have your askbox open. If your askbox is not open then I will not make you a profile. Sorry!
  • Fill out the form below and e-mail everything including a video(s) and pictures to the e-mail provided below.
  • Be patient. Please have patience while waiting for your profile. There are many others who want one as well so depending on my availability and workload, getting yours made will take some time.  
  • Feel free to drop a message in my inbox if you have any questions :)

There will be info on what to send and the requirements under the cut.

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