the video was so orange

“Everything’s changed.”
— stiles x lydia


note: another edit dedicated to my beautiful parents and in celebration of canon stydia ! Also, I was too lazy to put on my watermark so I put it in the end. Please do not steal this !!


Oingo Boingo At Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 1983


My keeper got a new iPad today, so I got to come out to test the camera.

I wasn’t too thrilled about being picked up, but I didn’t scream this time, I just kind of huffed and wiggled around a lot–and tried peeing on him to see if he’d let me go.

That didn’t work. :(

I guess it’s not the worst thing, if he’d let go, I’d have fallen to the floor!

He tried to take another video of me walking, but I kept running for the edge and he was pretty sure I’d run right off so no videos happened.

tonight a carat bumped into seungkwan, vernon and dino in seoul, but because seungkwan had a new hairstyle, she posted the photo with a sticker over his hair so it would stay as a surprise.

I don’t know if the boys requested her to do so, but I just find that so sweet.