the video was shitty quality

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri


Happy 43rd Birthday Isaiah

“I’m okay with being the Old Spice Guy because before I was the Old Spice Guy I was the guy looking for work on his couch.”

Degrassi Season 3 Links

Keep in mind none of these videos have subtitles.

I recorded these myself from my Netflix account.

Please do not claim as yours.

The video quality may be shitty for a few hours since I just uploaded the videos and it needs to render.

I’ll update this list as much as possible.

Please let me know if any of the links are not working.

Season 3 

S3E01 - #BreakTheInternet  

S3E02 - #IWokeUpLikeThis

S3E03 - #WorstGiftEver

S3E04 - #PicsOrItDidntHappen

S3E05 - #HugeIfTrue

S3E06 - #ThatFeelingWhen

S3E07 - #Unsubscribe

S3E08 - #IRegretNothing

S3E09 - #Woke

S03E10 - #ImSleep

Looks up animated TV series on Youtube 

40 videos of random low quality zoomed in illegal uploaded episodes

5 shitty videos of people hating on said cartoon. 1 of them me which is also shitty

A youtube ad asking you to buy the Movie based on the cartoon but not the episodes themselves

A 120 videos with talking about adult jokes and a thumbnail with a red arrow about why your childhood is ruined, or somethings ruined, or how it’s the worst episode ever with a dark secret that’ll shock you top 10 :O O face thumnail

A finger family song of said cartoon