the video was like that so


todorokitty just wants to be friends with midoribirb

(based on this video)

leave him alone alksdjksf

Another edit for my singer au!

These guys are killing me, I swear.


리듬파워 (Rhythm Power) - 동성로 (Dongseong-ro) MV (Feat. Crush)

dio is… very confused about what an ice-cube is

(note: she’s a very careful bunny, and she doesn’t bite hard, when i said “that’s my finger!” its because she slipped against the ice and gently gummed my finger, this is a great example on how gentle and careful she is with her teeth!)


i really fucking love this video


True story, I was watching and slowly catching up on @markiplier livestream playthrough of Evil Within 2, and just as a boss was cornering him and about to attack, I slapped my hands over my face unable to take the suspense. 

Kudos to Markiplier, I wouldn’t be able to get through a horror game. 

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the only that pisses me off more than invasive journalists are invasive and manipulative journalists. u guys r nasty. u guys r the reason why everyone thinks journalism is shit

a manager: hey. can you come here please.

me, trying to remember if i’ve done anything wrong in the last few days but getting ready to lie about it anyway: sure

a manager: have you been logged in all day?

me: yes

a manager: what code are you in right now?

me, cautiously: social media

a manager: did you just come back from break?

me: yes

a manager: is the screen at your desk locked?

me: yeah it is

a manger: ok good, grab a seat, i’m going to fire up the xbox and we’re going to play fifa ok?

me: oh. oh, ok. yeah cool.