the video was freaking amazing

ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS » day 3 | favorite character hobbies; garrison kennedy abbey 

Garrison might not be up-to-date on comics, like the other Superhero & Scones employees, but he has a geeky side that he’s repressed and hidden from his friends.

He loves computers.

He loves video games, and not Call of Duty or Halo. He like’s retro things like Lion King on Sega and Pokemon. We spent three whole days playing Mario Party on N64, and if he asked, I’d waste another three weeks doing the same thing with him.


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Yesterday performance I would have much rather her play the live version of body electric over video games. The set list was strong but video games sounded weird to me. Overall it was FREAKING AMAZING can't wait for the album. Your thoughts on cherry now...

Well, she does have an album coming out, so it only makes sense to perform songs from it; but I do agree that Body Electric is amazing live. I think she just plays Video Games for sentimentality’s sake, at this point.


That one time we ate our weight in raw #vegan cakes, donuts, sushi, spring rolls, curry and chocolate… Yeah that was a good time 😄
Guys! @the_peachy_pear FINALLY (congrats) made a channel and already uploaded her first video (vlog from our roadtrip)… And I am speechless. It’s her first video and it is freaking amazing. I am not just saying that. I don’t think she even believes how much I like it 😂 Link in her bio 🗻

Instagram: @annietarasova

The email I sent to “The Today Show”:

To whom it may concern,
(I hope this is the right address to send this type email)

You may or may not have received a email similar to this (I sent it way too early on my phone)
In August of this year, these two YouTubers “danisnotonfire" and “AmazingPhil" also respectfully known as Dan Howell and Phil Lester are coming to Australia for their tour, “The Amazing Tour is not on Fire”. This is a really big deal to not only me but to heaps of people over in Australia who like them, as the opportunity for us to see them in our own country is extremely rare (as their home turf is in the UK so as you could imagine it’s on the other side of the world). But first let me give you an introduction to Dan and Phil.

First thing you need to is they’re YouTubers, but please don’t let that fool you. No they may not be Taylor Swift or Brad Pitt but you need to know that they are loved so many people, and have help a lot of them through their videos. They interact with their followers in a way that normal celebrities wouldn’t. (e.g. tweeting back to fans and having a really genuine and authentic connection with them). Between them they have 12 million subscribers on youtube, and millions more on other social media sites, were previously BBC Radio 1 presenters, plus have been named some of the biggest you tubers out there, and were  amongst some of Britain’s most influential peoples.

Dan and Phil are well known for their content they bestow on their channels, danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) containing videos which relate to so many, from being addicted to your phone, skits about school, procrastination to giving advice in his well known series “Internet support group”. He also does collaborations with other YouTubers and even one with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchinson and our fellow Aussie Liam Hemsworth, and also recounts some anecdotes based on events that have happened in his life in a series called “Reasons why Dan’s a fail". Amongst all the funniness he makes deep videos about various subject such as, The Meaning of Life, A Message To My Younger Self, Opinions and about Being Nice to Others on the internet.
Here’s the link to his channel:

On the other hand AmazingPhil (Phil Lester) upload content that is simultaneously funny, quirky and creative, and was one of the reasons Dan started out on YouTube being one of Phil’s fans. Phil on the other hand creates content a bit differently to Dan veering more towards talking about whats happened in his life and different situations he’s being in, from destroying his house, to smashing 3 mirrors and being trapped in a pair of jeans when trying them on. Phil has also been a maker of many tags and challenges people make videos about on Youtube, even other big YouTubers, such as The Tumblr Tag, The Toilet tag, The Not-Milk Challenge, and more famously the “7 Second Challenge”. And a special mention that he has collaborated with our very own Kylie Minogue.
Here’s another link but to Phil’s Channel:

One of the more notable videos they both make is a collaboration with each other each year called “amazing phil is not on fire” which is basically a very creative, cool and quirky version of a Q&A. Another thing you have to understand is they’re both video bloggers, not vloggers (they don’t talk about their full life and makes daily vlogs of what they do each day). Sorry I just had to get that straight because most people I talk to don’t get the difference.

I thought that this would be a good idea, because sometimes life’s unfair and some of us may not get that opportunity to see them, whether that’s meeting them in real life, going to the show or in some coincidental chance bumping into them in public. So why not have them on a TV show that will be broadcasted nationally. I’m aware that even if it’s a yes, Dan and Phil would still have to agree to the interview, but hey, whether theres even a 1% chance that this could actually I’m willing to try at least.

I’m writing to ask a big favour, could you maybe consider having them on The Today Show when they come to Sydney? I know what a big deal I’m asking, trust me, but I thought it would be a nice idea, considering how rare this opportunity is.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and please consider having them on your show.
Ps. With this email I attached a video about them talking about The Today Show, along with a picture of the tour dates.

Kind regards,
(my name)

@unicorns-are-fangirling this is the email I sent :)



This is what’s on my playlist for this morning…and at least for the next eight hours.  I’m in an ‘Of The Night’ mood today.  My favorite Bastille song.  Check the video out.  It’s freaking amazing. 

Today I’m working on an Otayuri reverse bang work.  It’s going to be totally awesome!!  I’ve been paired up with @kayqin.  She’s really good, check her out.  This fic is going to revolve around this tattoo.  Looking forward to it!

So, check the video out.  Check kayqin’s blog out.  Check the tattoo out.  Check Pax’s sanity out…wait, that was gone long ago.

Happy Monday!




Sakurai Takahiro (aka the VA for Miyuki freaking Kazuya) singing When you wish upon a star

I’m sorry, but this is the most beautiful thing ever.

The person creating this artwork is so freaking amazing. There will be more speed art videos and tutorials in the future. This channel will also be a gaming channel and I’m honestly just so excited to see more.

Please help spread the word about this channel😇❤

Video link:


Jessica Lange Singing Gods And Monsters by Lana Del Rey:Full Audio 

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Trixie shouldn't have even been bottom 2 I mean she came up with the whole concept of "tan with you"

FUCKING RIGHT! she came up with the whole concept, arguably most of the lyrics and was the most levelheaded member of that group. fame didn’t do bad in the final product but she was controlling and argumentative as hell. katya did amazing in the video but she was freaking out the entire time. pearl…. nevermind. HONESTLY, it was so unfair that she got put in the bottom because she didn’t meet their high standards of her when a handful of girls underperformed and flopped completely!!!!!

….sorry i have a friend who’s a huge trixie mattel stan so i’m really passionate about this!