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Gillian Anderson behind the scenes of “The Truth.” I have little idea what is happening, but it’s kind of great?


I found this and I laughed so hard

credit to meme hard on youtube

A kind message to an old patron, and probably future patrons.

The only thing I can do for you, pal, is protecting your identity, even if I’m really mad, I won’t use this post to hurt you. I’ll make this post in order to give a little advice to creators’ content and people who are supporting them.


Let’s clarify something.

I’m not forcing to people to give me an economical support to keep making Underverse and other art stuff. Fortunately, I am receiving the support for many people that are really interested in my work, some of them doesn’t even care the rewards I’m doing depending the amount of money they are pledging. They are amazing and lovely people that can be happy seeing that I’m growing and I’m building a future with my art thanks to them.

Even if I’m not getting enough money like other artists with all the effort I’m putting in my animations, I still don’t care, with the current $300 dollars I’m getting on Patreon each month  and other $200 I’m getting on Youtube I can pay the rent in our temporal house with my mother and save money to the future bills I’ll have to pay when a bank give us a credit to buy our own house.

I’m not using the money to buy clothes, to buy shoes, to buy something for my mother. All the money I’m saving is for that house and the rent.  I wanted to go to USA or Spain this year to a convention but I decided not to do it because I also have to save money for  a bed for mom when we get our house because she sleeps in the couch. And also an oven and a washing machine.  Because my dad never was able to do anything for us and my mom.

Now I put the main goal of my patreon aside and explain some stuff about WHY I’m really mad, dissapointed and sad about this situation, not only with this person, it has been with a lot of them that I had to block on my Patreon. 


If you want to become my patreon, RESPECT THE RULES. 

If you can/want pledge just 1 dollar, I would be so glad with your help because any kind of help is very useful to me in order to reach that goal, or at least, making it easier to reach.

I am making rewards for all the three kind of pledges

I’m doing my best to give special content you won’t find on my Tumblr or Deviantart, and I’m also giving them a preview of my comics or some scenes of the animations.  No one goes without reward, 

Sometimes I can’t post all the rewards at the same time because each reward takes time, and I’m animating EVERYDAY with barely two or three breaks. I have to take half of a day to make a nice reward, because is the less thing I can do for my patrons for their help, even if they don’t want it.

But, dude, fooling at me and changing your pledge to STEAL the high rewards in that unfair way… I don’t think you really care how I’m feeling right now, and also other artist that probably you are/were “supporting”

You’re apologizing with me right now because I blocked you already…but what if I would never blocked you…? You were doing the same thing, because your acts are literally showing me that YOU’RE A STINGY GUY WHO DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE ARTIST’S EFFORTS TO KEEP THEIR JOB STABLE.


EDIT: Is neccesary feeling that way, Jakei?
Yes. because if I don’t do something and say something about this, things like the Cami’s previews videos stolen thing would happen again, with a person even worse with intentions of steal money with the content from another person.

I wanted to start making commissions this month via Patreon, but now realizing the kind of people that are over there… I think I’ll have to open it later.

For the honest and kind patreons who are currently supporting me, thank you so much for your help, I’ll do  my best for giving you a better work with my animations and your well deserved rewards.


Yuzuru at World Championships 2017

No-commentary video of SP above;  post-SP interview with Eng subs below.

No-commentary video of Free Skate:

Japanese commentary (parts of FP) + interview with Eng subs: 

Thanks to 6277 for the subbed videos with proper credit to Sophie Moroi for her translation, and with her permission too.  (I saw videos in Youtube that used Sophie’s translation with no permission, and even worse, with no credit to her whatsoever!)   

And I love no-commentary videos… thanks to siberia1982 for the SP and FP ones! 

Victory Ceremony:  I was watching the competition on live stream and praying so hard during ‘Hope&Legacy’.  When he finished his perfect FP, tears just streamed down my face.  YOU DID IT, YUZU!!!!  Then, after the last skater’s turn, when it was confirmed that Yuzu got the gold, I started crying again.  And I could not stop crying throughout the medal ceremony!  I was watching it on live stream and I kept wiping my eyes so that I could see clearly!   Ahhhhhh……… finally, through all those ups and downs of the past 2+ years, through all the pain and heartache, finally!!! he got the reward that he worked so hard for.  You really deserve that gold medal and all the happiness in the world, Yuzuru!!!

Gala exhibition, the beautiful Swan Prince in ‘Notte Stellata’: 

(much thanks to respective video uploaders)  

What a privilege to know you and to be your fan.  Thank you, Yuzu, and CONGRATS!!!!


@sharp-sparks I don’t feel confident enough to teach you how to draw them, as I’m honestly still learning myself. Instead, I thought I could just show you how I do it, and you can take from it what you want! 

Clexa Aesthetics - Tennis AU

The famous tennis player Lexa Woods has her life connected to Clarke Griffin in a totally unexpected way: during a match, she hits the blonde girl working as a line umpire with a ball. In the moment, though, she doesn’t even pay attention or apologize. She’s focused on the game, and right now she’s losing because she can’t get the serve in.

But Clarke can’t let this go. First, because the damned tennis ball leaves her with a concussion. Second, because instead of feeling anger, her crush on Lexa is even worse. And third, because the video goes viral and everybody recognizes her as the girl that Lexa Woods hit with a ball. So Clarke has an idea: give to the tennis player a lifesize cardboard cutout of herself to help Lexa improve her flawed serve.

Based on this super cute video 

You’re a Freaking Badass

Summary: The reader comes back from her friend’s wedding annoyed as all gets out because people don’t know how to mind their own business and Dean helps her calm down and remember that those people and their opinions don’t matter.

Word Count: 1189

Warnings: Mentions of weddings

A/N: I usually don’t write about specific events in my life, but dammit I just really needed to vent, and I also need Dean Winchester to comfort me, so here y’all go. Weddings suck. (And weddings in your hometown with all those people you grew up with and all of your parents’ friends suck even worse)

Dean looked up from the video he had been watching when the front door of the bunker opened. Y/N came in, her shoes dangling from her fingers and her hair a tangled mess from driving with the windows down.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Dean greeted. “How was the… reception…?”

When she walked by him without so much as a nod, he trailed off and furrowed his brow while watching her stalk towards her room. Well, something had happened at her friend’s wedding reception and there was no way Dean was about to let her fester away in whatever negative emotion was coursing through her body. So he shut his laptop and strolled after her.

“What’s up, Y/N?” asked Dean when he leaned up against the door jamb. She was angrily trying to unzip her dress, but was having no luck.

Finally she huffed in defeat and turned her back to him. “A little help?”

Well, Dean knew better than to get on her bad side when she was in a mood. So he quickly helped her unzip before walking over to her bed while she undressed and pulled on her sweats and an oversized tee.

As soon as she was dressed down, she whirled around and pointed an accusing finger at Dean. “You! Are not allowed to get married for at least a year.”

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Summary: The morning after Tom drunkenly reveals his feelings to you.

Imagine or Drabble: Imagine


Pairing: Tom x Reader

Disclaimer: Vague, and has mild conjunctional misatakes

Tom woke that morning to a cold and empty bed. Nothing out of the ordinary, if any person was to look at it, but Tom knew that this wasn’t the case. Last night was beyond what he could’ve imagined. Last night was the best night of his entire life. The sun poured through the hotel room’s window, brightening every inch of the place.

Tom pushed himself forward, before resting on his elbows. Around the room, there was absolutely no trace of another person, other than him and Harrison. It was confirmed; his girl—you. The very girl that fell asleep on top of him in this very bed was gone. To say that it was only a dream seemed quite crazy, and to make sure that wasn’t the case Tom rested all his weight and strength on one of his arms before using the other to reach up to his neck.

His fingers brushed across the sore and sensitive spot in his neck dreamily, as he took in the memory that came with it. It was real, all of it; the talking, the feathery kisses, and the lust, the passion, all of it was real. The hickey on his neck proved that to be. A chuckle escaped his lips, from just remembering how he felt last night and he had come to the conclusion that he wanted more of it.

The two of you had been friends for years, and it was inevitable. Falling in love with each other. The only thing was that it took Tom this long to sort out his feelings. Meanwhile, you’ve been struggling with your own for almost a year and a half now. Maybe last night was a breakthrough, a breakthrough for the either of you. To finally find that special one.

The ping his phone made whenever someone texted him caught his attention, and a weird giddy feeling swarmed his chest. It’s her, he thought to himself, but he couldn’t have been more disappointed. It was only Harrison saying good morning and asking if it was safe to return back to the hotel. Tom replied with a good morning and told his mate it was safe to come back.

While he was on his phone, it didn’t take him long to notice the Instagram notifications. To his surprise, Tom found his account to be quite lively with photos of him and you. The two of you fairly tipsy, maybe even drunk. They were innocent, the casual kiss on the cheek photos, the casual waist hug photo. What he was really nervous about was the video.

The minute long video that showed nothing more but a black screen before it was set to play. Tom could only hope he didn’t just embarrass himself and bruise his career or even worse lose you. The video starts with him just looking at the camera and smiling from ear to ear.

“Bit of an issue, me and Harrison got separated in this party,—” the camera flips and shows the medium sized crowd enjoying themselves and partying.

The camera flips around again, and Tom is greeted by his face once again, “—but it’s alright because I’ve got this lovely girl with me…”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Tom watched the video version of him, point the camera towards you the girl whom he had wished to wake up next to this morning and probably every morning. Before he knew, Tom sees himself throwing his arm over you before pulling you closer into his chest.

“Isn’t she pretty—I think she’s beautiful, and fun, and absolutely amazing.” Watching what came next made Tom’s skin crawling with goosebumps. Laughing, you shook your head saying what looks like a no, but Tom watched as he frowns. “What do you mean no? You are amazing, darling. How long has it been? I’ve known this girl for so long, she never failed to surprise me, I love her. I legitimately love her.”

As the video begins to end, Tom sees you look up at him in shock before he sees himself bring his face to yours. Giving you a sloppy kiss. The video ends a few seconds after that and Tom could start to feel his heart beginning to beat heavily. He didn’t want to believe it, but how could he possibly deny the evidence in front of him. What’s worse was that he displayed his feelings to you and to the world, in the most horrible way ever.

Immediately he left Instagram and called your phone. Already thinking of multiple ways to apologize, but the only thing was. There wasn’t any regret in him, he enjoyed kissing you and he only wished to do it many more times.  The phone rung three times before the line went dead. Meaning she declined his call. Tom fell back against the bed and closed his eyes, letting out a sigh. Thinking he had ruined everything between the two of you.

“Is there a reason you’re calling me when I’m right in the other room?”

Standing at the doorway, there you were in nothing but his t-shirt and your underwear. Surprised, Tom looked at you confused.

“I thought you left,” he said, his voice sounding small.

You looked at him confused and walked over to the bed, “Why on earth would I do that?”

Tom smiled hearing those words slip past your lips. Within seconds he reached over to you and pulled you onto the bed, under him. “I don’t ever want you to leave, not now, not ever.”

“But McDonald’s is giving away free fries,” you raised your eyebrows looking past his face and towards the ceiling, “I might have to leave for at least-”

You couldn’t finish—he wouldn’t let you finish actually. Tom had cut you off, with only his lips. They were pressed firmly against yours, and a wave of excitement flushed through your limbs. The giddy feeling from last night returning to both of you. Everything last night was firmly embedded into your mind and you enjoyed every second of it. Reaching up to get ahold of his cheek, you felt him turn his head leaning into your touch and further into his kiss.

“Fine, I won’t leave,” you mumbled against his lips that were still firmly entangled with your own.

Tom didn’t care about McDonald’s or the greasy potato sticks. All he cared about was you. Holding you. Kissing you. Just being with you. As his kiss moved from your lips to your neck, you giggled feeling squeamish. Just to mess with you further, Tom’s finger dug into your sides moving specifically were the most ticklish places on your body.

You laughed hysterically and tried to get away from him but it was no use. Hearing the hotel door open, the two of you grew quiet.

“Oi, I bought quacksons you twats,” Harrison called out.

You burst out into a fit of laughter, only to have a Tom groan.

“I do not say quackson!”


yuwoo at a fishing cafe (170719 vlive)

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What's the ideal date for y'all to go on?

EH: Double dates are always fun! Even if Jared is worse at video games than Michael is.

JK: fuk off hansen
JK: m-dog has mad skillz

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may i request a headcanon? how would Genji or McCree respond to a female who tries to express her feelings for them, but has slightly broken English?she tends to use idioms wrong accidentally and tries to use her native language to make up for words she's unsure to use. some light-heartedness fluff, if you'd like to! love your blog, drabbles and headcanons so much! ♡

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Genji Shimada

  • He never corrects you
  • He can’t really. His English is as broken as yours.
  • Usually you might be lucky to hold a conversation with him in perfect English for a minute.
  • One of you usually mucks up and turns away, cursing before you turn to face the other and figure out together what word you’re looking for.
  • Genji usually gives up quickly and goes to google translate.
  • It’s usually not a good idea because sometimes his English gets worse.
  • Mainly because he gets confused and ends up being the equivalent of those videos with songs that have been translated 15 times.
  • Sometimes the two of you give up and watch videos like these together and laugh at how the English is even worse than bot of yours.
  • secretly, but not secretly, Genji makes it a meme between the two of you.
  • One time he walked past you and waved his arm in the air, saying in a monotone, “Prediction. Prediction
  • Everyone kept asking him why you wouldn’t stop wheezing.

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Jesse McCree

  • He can’t help it honestly.
  • Jesse always corrects you.
  • Doesn’t mean it as a bad thing and usually tries to explain why using some words doesn’t work in the sentence you used.
  • He also thinks your thick accent is cute and usually likes to sit with you to teach you more English.
  • He finds the fact that you tried to speak English for him very sweet.
  • Jesse is always the guy to try and make up in a sense.
  • You find him one day reading a dictionary of your native language.
  • You find it kinda cute when he speaks in your language.
  • But you also notice his attempt to speak your language is just as broken as yours.
  • Ultimately it makes you feel better about yourself in the sense that you shouldn’t be embarrassed as much.
  • Now you and Jesse have days where you sit down and teach eachother.
  • Usually ends with cuddles and a sentence or two of what each of you learned to say for the day.