the video was bad quality ok

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

The only thing on my mind today was Andrew Minyard and his mocking salute.
It’s super shaky, messy, and rough and the quality sucks sooo bad (I’m sincerely sorry for that, I had insane trouble with the size and resizing, it’s super annoying plus tumblr loves to screw the quality) but anyway.
Now I really wanna animate a few scenes from the books (will only take a life time but whatevs, do I have something better to do with my life ? Yes definitely..but do I care? No.). Also, thank you for 200 followers and welcome to the fandom who ever just discovered it!!

well guys, I have just returned from the cinema, and I told you that I would express an opinion on Beauty and the Beast. What can I say? I liked the show, surely, but if I start to think of the animated version is in no way comparable (but I can’t be very objective because that animated movie is my favorite and I consumed three vhs for all the times I’ve seen it) but in the other hand it’s a good movie. The visual effects are beautiful and I liked the cast. The only negative points, but it’s a damn purist’s opinion, were: the additions songs (which have not made me mad), and unfortunately, the dubbing in my own language (not the acting quality but I found the translation of the dialogues quite rough, I didn’t like it). I found a Beast more immature then the animated one but it’s not so bad because, after all, Adam is 20 years old and it could be ok. I would have a lot of things to say, maybe tomorrow I’ll do a list of positive and negatives sides. In all, I would recommend it and I definitely will buy the home video. What do you think about it?

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Hayley & Taylor at the end of the last show of Parahoy 2016

[Chinese EXO-L exclusive video]

Chen: We are currently promoting through our double title song <Monster> & <Lucky One>.What is the most important point, Lay hyung?

Lay:  First of all, the choreography is very impressive…

Chen: Just talk comfortably in Chinese

Lay: I hope everyone show lots of support. This time EXO’s dances are really cool, Please look forward to our activities. And please show lots of support to every member


There’s an entire generation walking around that have the deliriously funny Mike Judge to thank for being a tiny bit less intelligent than we could have been thanks to hours of consuming Beavis & Butt-Head in the 1990′s. It’s been a long time since the less-than-dynamic duo muttered and snickered their way into our hearts but thankfully sophomoric morons age well and many of us are ready to revisit Cornholio & Co. Ok, but here’s the bad news. There isn’t a single home video release out there, VHS, DVD or otherwise that contains all the original episodes uncut, AND has the music videos. Largely due to the licensing rights being insurmountably expensive now (and have been for ages) and societal shifts in what makes people nuts, the only way to really see episodes completely as they were is through fan made off-the-air tapes which usually give up quality for content. These early home video releases therefore make a decent alternative, and while they aren’t quite the same experience they are inexpensive and durable, and hey, you can’t have it all. SO, what’s it gonna take to convince your kids you are even lamer then they thought you were? Only $9.99 at our Noblstown Rd. location buys you 9 tapes plus a copy of “Beavis & Butt-Head Do America” just for good measure. We’ll leave it to you to defend your politically incorrect nostalgia to your family, but hey, you’re still ok by us. It’ll be Friday again eventually thrifters, until then, HANG IN THERE!

Idubbbz new Leafy video broken down so you don’t have to watch it!

-Some kind of intro that was supposed to be comedic?? Artsy?? Not sure.

-They’re in wilderness for some reason.

-Pokemon go??

-Ian calls Calvin a lesbian, ok buddy

-”Hey guys receding hairline here”

-He seems to think that big words make smol man sound “smart” 

-First point: Calvin plays the victim card apparently

-Then he makes fun of Calvin for thanking his fans for supporting him. What a shameful thing to do, how dare you appreciate your fans!!

-Makes fun of Calvin’s chin again. Big surprise!!

-Now he says he isn’t trying to shut down Leafy’s channel, he’s just trying to offend Calvin.

-Second point:  Calvin isn’t dealing with any actual drama, and hes just playing the victim. (said in a sarcastic and condescending way of course)

-Changes the Keemstar cycle to the Calvin cycle. Totally accurate…

-He seems to think the chin thing is a funny meme. More like a dead meme, but ok Ian.

-Third point: Calvin talking about the chin meme in his video was just a weak and drawn out point in Calvin’s video. He also says he thinks Calvin is actually insecure about his “very weak chin.” Ok even if he is, like, who gives a fuck??

-Ian wears a dinosaur onesie to make fun of Calvin.

-Next he makes fun of Calvin’s chin again.

-Fourth point: Calvin using the Slenderman Gangnam fucking whatever video. Makes him incompetent and shows that he didn’t want to do research, or was on a time crunch

-Then he gets pissed at Calvin for not doing enough research.

-Fifth point: “I was right to say his transitions are too long!! They’re shorter now!!” Shorter transitions apparently make videos better quality??

-Likes the  “What does he have aids or some shit?!” part in Leafy’s video. Says its impactful.

-Then he claims hes not a hypocrite. Even though he does the exact same shit hes criticizing Calvin for.. Ok Ian.

-Sixth point: Calvin repeats peoples age too often when he makes fun of them. Which is also bad for some fucking reason according to Ian.

-Seventh point: roasting Calvin’s clickbait titles and emo hair would have been stupid and obvious. Because, y’know, Ian isn’t stupid or obvious about anything he does… ever…

-Then says Calvin is ugly. Lol ok you mad hes hot as fuck Ian? Good try mate.

-Played a stupid animation of Calvin hiding his face and making fun of People. Also says Calvin looks like a hentai babe.

-Then he says Calvin should stop tweeting out pictures of Sony Vegas. Because that’s… stupid and problematic…. for some reason….?

-Makes fun of Calvin’s editing.

-Finally, he ends by telling us Leafy fans to continue making fun of Calvin’s chin, while also supporting him. Then literally shaves his fucking hairline(!?!) While comparing himself to silver play button video Calvin. 

In conclusion, I give this video a rough 3/10. It was just pointless and unneeded overall. There weren’t any real jokes, just more no chin shit. Ian really should have just avoided making this video all together. All of the points he made were just weak and a poor attempt at being funny. It was disorganized, boring, and not well done. There isn’t even much to say about this video. Its just… bad. Trust me, don’t watch it. Spare yourself the cringe-worthy 10 minutes I just suffered through.