the video to this is actually the greatest

Victor chooses Yuri

I’m not sure if you all have realized what Victor really… said to Yuri 

All Yuri said was that he wanted Victor to continue to be his coach until his he decides to retire. Just take a closer look at what Victor says in response… 


He just said that he wanted to be with him always!

I’m not sure if you guys understand the weight and gravity of what Victor just said to Yuri, how deep a meaning it actually holds. This statement alone  has official ended Victor’s career in skating. Viktor Nikiforov one of the greatest skaters in history has given up his title to stay with Yuri. Not only that be this is a testimony on how much Victor sees in Yuri.

At the beginning to the story where Victor, first saw Yuri on the viral video. At first Victor said that he’d take off this skating season, to coach Yuri and see where his career would go. From that statement Victor originally planned to only take off that season and maybe come later. But now he’s said that he’s going to stay Yuri’s coach. Did he decide this after Yuri asked him to stay, No… he decided that along time ago but when?

That kiss was not put there on purpose ,(there was a reason) that was the moment that Victor knew he loved Yuri and had to remain by his side. 

This was the reason why we had the interview with Victor when he was in Russia, on what he was going to do in the future, on wards. It’s hinted in his smile that he plans to stay with Yuri after she asks if he plans to compete against him. This made me come to the conclusion, that earlier that he’s already made deiced on being by Yuri’s side. Saying sorry I have other plans for Yuri, so that won’t be happening. He’s already decided and made this decision himself. He knows what he wants, and all he wants is Yuri. 

Victor had no idea he had he’d end up falling in love with Yuri, but he did… he doesn’t want to let him get. This is a choice that he’s proud to have made and one he doesn’t regret at all. 

I don’t even care that Yuri didn’t placed podium, our boy’s a fucking winner today! 

‘’BUT THIS WEEK REALLY WAS DEDICATED TO THE GREATEST LOVE STORY NEVER TOLD … [talks about how sherlock does everything to get john back]’’ - this is from the actual official ‘’sherlock reacts’’ tld video. i am not kidding i spat out coffee all over my computer when i heard this. ‘’the greatest love story never told’’. wild. (x)


Hip-hop artist Common calls “Hamilton: An American Musical” “one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.” Creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda says he actually based his George Washington character on Common and John Legend.

Common: Hamilton fanboy

Dad Reigen and his son Shou (2/2?)

Part 2 here ya go

  • Shou once had Reigen babysit his hamster for a night on short notice while he was off to take care of something
    • he didn’t want to bother ritsu so reigen was his first choice
      • the squeaky wheel drives reigen insane 
        • especially in the middle of the night and he has work tomorrow 
        • shou insists that ham-chan likes it that way
      • shou also insists that they (shou and ham-chan) facetime at least once before bed
        • before bed for shou’s current timezone, not reigen’s 
        • reigen’s flip phone does not support video calling so shou has to settle for low res pics with reigen’s finger in the foreground
  • Shou’s still unsure if Reigen is actually a psychic or not
    • Teru and the 7th division claw speak highly of him and call him “master” and the greatest psychic ever
    • Mob just says that reigen is “a good person” which still doesn’t answer his question
    • Serizawa just smiles and says yes
    • Dimple just snickers and says that they both know what reigen is 
      • ???? 
    • Ritsu is the only one who says otherwise 
      • but he’s biased
    • but all shou sees is almost no freaky esper aura 
      • just a normal one like that of a non esper
        • but maybe he’s hiding it??? 
          • but his guts say otherwise 
    • but then reigen can clearly see dimple and other spirits 
      • and a lot of people he knows respect him
        • mob, the one who took down his father and saved the city, obviously learned from the best
      • but shou has never seen him do anything with his powers
        • but this only further supports how amazing reigen is for not relying on his powers 
          • or that he’s a fr- naaaahh 
  • Shou likes to break into the office every other blue moon to fuck shit up 
    • just turn the desk around ever so slightly 
      • make the bookshelf face the wall
        • nail the rug to the ceiling 
    • y’know stuff like that 
    • reigen plans on giving shou “the talk” until serizawa informs him that there is no psychic residue from shou on the office 
      • shou just did it manually so it’d take longer 
        • to prolong the fun and stall the boredom 

So I just watched the TLD #SherlockReacts video which is ACTUALLY AUTHORISED BY THE ACTUAL BBC ON THE ACTUAL SHERLOCK YOUTUBE CHANNEL and this guy LITERALLY got away with referring to Johnlock as ‘the greatest love story never told’.

Literally the entire company has become one with the basement. 110% done with this show right now.

imagine if taemin and jongin actually had their own unit like they’d probably release an amazing song with the greatest choreo in kpop history but they’d also probably be a mess in interviews like laughing at jokes before they’re completed. saying shit literally no one understands but them. behind the scene videos of them asleep or scrambling to find lost items last minute before the stage. just overall being really dumb and cute (and cuddly) and enjoying themselves. sm please,,,

studyblr intro (new)

i haven’t actually been on here for a while. my mental health wasn’t the greatest for the last half of 2016 haha. im feeling a bit better now and i wanna get back on track and get my shit together, so here’s a new intro

so hey!! im bella and im a sophomore in high school. i like to do art and play video games in my spare time. i really like star wars, pokemon, and overwatch as of right now.

some classes im currently taking are:
ap art history
ap biology
algebra 2/advanced trig

feel free to talk to me!! (esp if you have tips for apbio lmao)


I just had the GREATEST coincidence of 2017 so far! I have met a friend on Meetme who does Let’s plays! His channel is GamesTheMonkey, and it would really mean a lot to me if you guys subscribed to him and checked out his videos! He has actually met @therealjacksepticeye as you can see in this video!! Jack if you’re reading this thank you SOOO much for having us become friends with one another!!! It’s so cool how this community can come full circle! So, yeah! That be it! ✌🏻️

Why You (yes, you) Should Totally Make A Howl

  • first off look at him. look at this welsh boy. this is a boy who would be good to write because he would be good to you.
  • he’s like romance if you shoved it into a crystal vial with a great wardrobe and hair that could also turn into a giant bird thing
  • sinnamon roll. also probably a slytherin.
  • this black-haired blue-eyed bird boy is responsible for the single greatest tantrum in cinematic history (and if somebody copyright claimed this video by the time you get to it, don’t worry, you KNOW which one I’m talking about)
  • do you want to know how much stuff I would make for your blog? the answer is A Lot, because I am weak
  • made a demonic pact with billy crystal
  • SO MANY BATMAN JOKES (for us old people who remember that long past time when we had batbale rather than batfleck)
  • I’d cry a lot over you
  • i actually would though and we should probably be concerned about that but for now let’s pretend that’s not a problem
becauseyumikuri replied to your post “Sorry to bother I’m kind of new to the fandom and was wondering why…”

not to toot my own horn but the fact people some people actually did start using my ship name is my greatest achievement in this fandom

remember when that person said n*govanman is official bc Elise used it? LMAO But like Natasha actually said “n*tlise” live on video bc of a person’s twitter username so I guess it’s official too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I really need to get some thoughts off my chest. In particular, this one scene

If you’ve seen that infamous leaked video, you know it happens right after Bruce Wayne looks at the Robin suit, and right before he has to go to Lex’s party and be “public” Bruce once again.

Ben’s face and expression in this scene just gets to me. There’s something so sad and heartbreaking about it. I wonder if he’s thinking about:

  • Losing Robin and failing his greatest ally
  • Not being sure what he’s doing as Batman anymore. 20 years of fighting crime and really, is he actually making a difference?
  • Having to be obnoxious Bruce Wayne once again. Because he probably had it with putting on the public mask

Sometimes we don’t need one-liners, drawn-out conversations, or explicit statements to make a point and connect to the audience.

Sometimes all we need is one look.

Of course I could be taking this scene all wrong…but I love to think about these little things. Just me being a big nerd.


“There’s a small movie in a movie, so to speak, where no one says a word. Instead, the guys just look at each other and they all know — Till’s not going to make it, neither up nor down. And this aluminum plate is actually a very important thing for every alpinist: some climbers have a photo of themselves on it and if something happens, it becomes a memorial stone. So Olli is actually making a gravestone for Till, knowing that his future is written. There’s a death zone on Everest. You have no chance of bringing down a dying or a dead person from up there, because it’s hard enough to get down on your own. That was actually the key factor for me to film this scene. They carry him up, fully aware that they will definitely not come back down all together. I think, this part is the greatest, because the unity in the band is the main point of the video.”

— Jörn Heitmann

99 Annoying Things Weeaboos Do
  1. Cosplay in public
  2. Thinks that anime and western cartoons r two separate things
  3. Belongs in an anime club
  4. Traveled more than 200 miles to get to a convention
  5. Made a bento lunch
  6. Go to an Asian shop on a regular basis
  7. Has actually gone to Japan solely for the anime/manga
  8. Learned Japanese on Rosetta Stone
  9. Learned Japanese just so that they could watch anime without subs
  10. CLAIM to be Japanese
  11. Fantasize over an anime character
  12. Kills anyone who doesn’t like anime
  13. Thinks Pearl Harbor is an anime that just started airing in Japan
  14. Thinks Japan is the greatest country on earth
  15. Can name all the vocaloids
  16. Without looking it up
  17. Only play Japanese video games/watch Japanese shows/ listen to Japanese music
  18. Have a diet that’s only Japanese food
  19. Use Japanese honorifics
  20. To refer to yourself
  21. Fill their room with anime merch
  22. Change their name to something Japanese
  23. Legally
  24. Has had surgery to make one look oriental
  25. Stalk the Japanese exchange students
  26. Has gone to jail for doing so
  27. Try to sound Japanese
  28. Claim their Japanese on Social media
  29. Their not
  30. Their not even Asian
  31. Thinks doing Japanese stuff keeps them I touch with their culture
  32. Their not even Japanese
  33. Wear a naruto headband to the gym
  34. Wants a girl to say “I-it’s not like I like u or anything. BAKA!!!”
  35. Break out into Caramelldansen in public
  36. Want to date a Japanese person
  37. No other nationality will do
  38. Wear the headbands from naruto
  39. Everyday
  40. Bitching at me bc their properly called “forehead protectors”
  41. Has gotten their headband- I mean “forehead protector” from hot topic
  42. Thinks anime dubs r the spawn of satan
  43. Thinks kingdom hearts is awesome
  44. Axelxes Roxas is KAWAII DESU NE
  45. It’s seiyu, not voice actor
  46. Adds “desu” to the end of every sentence
  47. They only draw anime
  48. Their taking a art corse
  49. All they submit is anime
  50. Are in an anime club
  51. Most of their friends r also weeaboos
  52. Has embarrassed their non weeaboo friends in an attempt to talk Japanese
  53. Want to become a mangaka
  54. In Japan
  55. Most of their anime/manga is hentai
  56. Writes fanfics for English class
  57. Specifically yaoi fanfics
  58. Knows nothing about anime culture except for anime, video games, school girls, and porn
  59. Everyone says they have no life
  60. And it’s true
  61. Has seen hetalia
  62. Japan was their favorite character
  63. Has such a high standard for a girl/boy friend bc of anime
  64. “I love watching the mangos and reading the animes”
  65. Spends all their money on anime merch
  66. Literally degrades their own culture
  67. Says “kawaii desu” all the time
  68. Has tsundere waifus
  69. Owns many body pillows
  70. Is “married” to a fictional character made by the Japanese
  71. Has watched a 24+ episode anime in less than 24 hours
  72. All of their clothing is anime related
  73. Spend 100+/ month just on anime/manga/hentai
  74. Has had anime related dreams
  75. Go to /a/
  76. Have a katana collection
  77. Own Japanese weapons that they will never use
  78. Their cabinets r filled with anime figurines
  79. Their walls r nothing but anime posters
  80. Have grown sexually attached to an anime character
  81. Spend a majority of their time watching anime
  82. They wish they had a girlfriend who would cosplay with them
  83. Have unrealistically high standards for the opposite sex bc of anime
  84. Have a collection of 20+ animes that are pirated
  85. Can list off 20+ animes never shown off on American TV
  86. Wants to create a machine that will make their waifus real
  87. Have watched fairy tail solely for the boobs
  88. Wears kimonos
  89. “Anime is the best thing ever!!!”
  90. “KYAAAAA I know three Japanese words. Kawaii, Baka, and desu so I must be Japanese”
  91. Says Japanese is their native language
  92. Try’s to recreate the scenes from their favorite anime
  93. Specifically naruto
  94. Puts anime/manga on a pedestal
  95. “Kyaaaaa japan is the best!!! It’s so kawaii desu!!!”
  96. Defends Pearl Harbor
  97. Automatically likes anything Japanese
  98. Anime/manga is their world
  99. When ppl call them a weeaboo they prefer the term otaku (like it’s any better in my opinion)
Random RWBY Thoughts: X (Tenth Edition)

-It is rumoured that Qrow himself came up with the name for his tavern ‘Crow Bar’, but it was actually Taiyang, the pun master. Qrow always denies this.

-Oobleck is enraged after he discovers that Ozpin watched the feature-length coffee documentary without him, and promptly deletes it from Ozpin’s DVR as revenge. (Inspired by @eren-without-powers‘ contribution to the eighth edition)

-Ozpin and Oobleck are constantly trying to one-up each other by trying to have the greatest coffee collection in all of Remnant, securing rare types of coffee or finding one-of-a-kind mugs.

-We have seen that Qrow is better than both of his nieces at the video game that they were playing… but it was Winter that taught him everything he knows. Winter happened to own the same game as she was growing up with Weiss, and the two of them played the shit out of it, despite their father’s disapproval.

-When Ruby can’t get a signal for her scroll, she uses Penny as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

-The old Shopkeep is a secret trap card hidden inside the packaging of Remnant: The Game, much like the a certain ‘Cards Against Humanity’ card.

-Qrow, with his immaturity and perverse demeanor, is the unrivaled champion of Cards Against Humanity, with Taiyang being the only person who can come close to matching him.

-Qrow, Ironwood, Ozpin, Port and Oobleck were having a ‘boy’s night’, with one of the activities being Texas Hold ‘Em poker. Glynda happened to drop in to notify Ozpin about something, when Qrow asked her if she wanted to play. She agreed to play one hand. Qrow was ready to drop a flush. The other men had crap hands and folded, leaving Glynda. Qrow had the most smug grin as he turned over his cards, revealing a flush. Glynda had a neutral expression as she turned over her own cards… and won with a straight flush. Qrow’s jaw was almost literally on the floor as she took away over half of his winnings and banked it. She returned to her business, a smug smile on her face as she walked away.

-Ozpin’s willingness to take significant risks makes him the king of Monopoly.

-You may be asking ‘What game or games is Ironwood good at?’. Thanks to his position in the Atlesian Military, he can use the Atlas military’s supercomputers to play games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, Battlefield, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Garry’s Mod on max graphics and with virtually no ping, much to Ozpin and Qrow’s extreme enviousness. Much like he fights in real life, Ironwood only uses a pistol in FPS games, yet scores headshot after headshot against Qrow.

-”Uh, sir? Here is that report you wanted-”


*Ironwood scores a cross-map no-scope*


“Uh, yes sir. That was… impressive.”


*Ironwood types ‘GET REKT SON’ in the chat bar, followed by Ozpin saying ‘there was so much lag. and this map sucks’*

-Whenever Ozpin plays online, the rest of Beacon’s internet starts lagging terribly until one day Glynda had had enough and deactivated the school’s servers, followed shortly after by Ozpin raging so hard that his yells could be heard from the courtyard.

-The only way that Nora can ever drink Ren’s healthy green gloop shake is if Ren makes it taste like pancakes by adding pancake mix and golden syrup to it.

-One night Yang and Qrow decided to have a drink-off, much to Taiyang’s concern. After a great many drinks, both were incredibly drunk. After one more drink, Qrow stumbled over the couch and blacked out, leaving an astronomically intoxicated Yang victorious.

-Every week, Team RWBY go for a McDonald’s run. Ruby always orders a good Medium Quarter-Pounder with a lemonade. Weiss, concerned with the fattening qualities of fast food, orders a salad or a wrap. Blake always goes next door and orders a tuna sub from Subway. Yang, unsurprisingly, goes for the Large BigMac meal… three of them.

There you go, a massive collection of Random RWBY Thoughts to commemorate the first ten editions in this series! As always, submissions in the submit or ask boxes are always welcome for future installments.


Dominator(and her effects) with being the “Greatest” in the Galaxy:

1.) Bombing a effortful concert
2.) Terrorizing innocent people’s lives/driving them out of their homes
3.) Bot 42
4.) “You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half!”
5.) PTSD Sark
6.) Why do you break an instrument they’re eXPENSIVE TO FIX
7.) “She’s not so bad
10.) “I destroy their hopes and then I watch them cry
12.) More PTSD Sark

Attention: This Gravity Rush 2 trailer stars the world's cutest flying cat
At first, Gravity Cat may seem like your average kitten. It crawls on laptops when you’re trying to work. It knocks over liquids with a troll-like speed. It gets into trouble, strutting on the ceiling and then flipping your entire apartment upside down. This video is an ad for Gravity Rush 2 (also known as Gravity Daze 2 in Japan), in which heroine Kat and her actual cat manipulate gravity. If Gravity Rush 2 is the first great game of 2017, this is 2017’s first great trailer. Scratch that: this is one of the greatest game trailers in recent memory. … Read more

Catching up on Grand Tour while home with mom’s amazon video and honestly the greatest thing I’ve seen all week is Richard Hammond coming across a bunch of movie sets in the North African desert and mistaking them for actual ruins and thinking they’re so remarkable they had to be made by aliens.

Like I literally saw a set used in I think Transformers 2 and also apparently a castle from Game of Thrones. It was hilarious.