the video titles are so basic omg

non-byeinary  asked:

tell me about the reaper76 smoothie au


this is inspired by some dudes username on PS4 “mangomorrison” this all came from that mans god bless @schikari was there he knows

so basically jack runs a smoothie instagram titled MangoMorrison and its just a bunch of instagram smoothie videos and like fitness inspo shit and its really great and cute (he gets his fresh produce from Zenyatta :O ) 

and so gabe is an model whos pretty well known and also on instagram  and so they’ve been following each other for a long time and so gabe posts a pic on his instagram where hes posing with a smoothie in his hand and hes like “Omg ive been super into this instagram page for a while, check out @ mangomorrison for these amazing recipes” and so morrison is like ‘omg this totally hot guy just shouted out my page’ 

and so they start talking for a while and then gabe is like “aye im going to Indiana for a shoot wanna be my tour guide ;; ))” and so they just get closer and then smth happens and they get into a relationship and its all gay and cute 


i’m sorry for the basic title but once again it is late and i am tired so!!

i thought this request was super cute omg. i had fun writing this lol so here you go!!

if you would like to request something, feel free to!

rated: pg. very fluff

pairing: markiplier x reader

word count: 776

request: can I request a Markiplier x Fem.Reader, where she comforts him after his 8 mil subscriber video, and is always really strong and his rock and stuff and never really cries, but something really sad or upsetting happens to her and she breaks down , and he’s there for her and fluff?

summary: You’ve been everybody’s listening ear and advice giver. Sometimes it gets a bit too much.

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 Helping people was something that came naturally to you. You’d always been patient and kind, you were always there to listen when people needed it. When someone needed advice, you were there to help in any way you could. You enjoyed the fact that people trusted you enough to ask you for comfort and advice - and even if they didn’t ask, you always offered.

 But sometimes it became a bit too much for you.

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✨ ProperGenius Fic Rec! ✨

In honor of reaching a follower goal this weekend, I decided to do a fic rec list! I’m a huge fan of fic, so I hope you guys will enjoy these fics! I’ll try to tag any authors who I follow on Tumblr, but if I didn’t tag you, Im sorry! As always, please read the tags of each fic before reading just in case.

Bolded fics are my favorites! Enjoy!

  • A Sofa with a View by conductor_of_light aka @nondeducible​ (G): Lestrade POV fic. Greg crashes on the sofa and witnesses some Johnlock fluff.
  • Call Him Love by itsallfine (G): Super short, insanely fluffy parentlock.
  • We by AngstandPizzaRolls (G): This fic is teeny tiny but so cute. Basically, Sherlock spills the beans about his dreams. In front of everyone.
  • Messages Between Mates by icarryasonicscrewdriver (G): A very short fic where the Yard gets ahold of John’s phone. 
  • The Case of the Teddy Interrogation by AmyPound (G): Hamish Watson-Holmes solves a case. Parentlock, so cute.
  • The Incident in the Room with the Red Curtain by flawedamythyst (T): ACD Holmes fic. Basically, Holmes needs Watson’s help with a case that involves those with homosexual tendencies. A beautiful fic tbh. 
  • A Proper Blanket Fort by berrlyn_wohl (T): The boys build a blanket fort. Very cute.
  • 34 Minutes by bendingsignpost (T): Sherlock and John do an experiment in eye contact.
  • In Which John is a BAMFy MoFo, OMG! by Kantayra (T): The title is silly because this whole fic is silly. Basically, the yard gets a video of John rescuing Sherlock and it’s great.
  • Never-Ending Cycle by orphan_account (T): Christmas-y proposal fic. Incredible cute.
  • Bed-Sharing Between Flat Mates by testosterone_tea (T): A gorgeous 5+1 fic about they boys sharing a bed. 
  • A Discourse on the Inadequacy of a Duvet by guns_and_poses (T): The fact that some of y’all haven’t read this astounds me. Pure fluffy bedsharing. 
  • Big Brother by Kantayra (M): Mycroft doesn’t want John to take Sherlock’s virginity. He’s overprotective, but not in a creepy way. It’s crack-y but pretty funny and good.
  • Is This About the Dead Polar Bear? by cwb (M): cute, and told exlusively in dialogue. This whole series is great, but this is my favorite piece.
  • Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by cypress_tree (E): Sherlock and John do an experiment where they can’t touch for a month. Lots of sexual tension.
  • Never Have I Ever by @hudders-and-hiddles​ (E): Sherlock and John go to a pub with the Yarders and play a drinking game. Love confessions!
  • Praise Me by testosterone_tea (E): Mostly porn, ya gotta love some praise kink
  • Floodgates by moonblossom (E): This is basically just porn, but it’s got a lot of feelings too
  • Possession by @caitlinisactuallyawritersname (E): 
  • Fa Subito by kim47 (E): John wears a suit. It’s great.
  • You’re the One That I Want at the End of the Day by @crimson-winter (E): Sherlock shows up at the surgery, they fuck on a conference room table.
  • The Prize We Sought is Won by deathfrisbees (E): This is… straight up military kink, don’t look at me okay.
  • The Penny Drops by Aptemis (E): John wants attention so he fucks Sherlock while he’s on the phone. Oops.
  • Diverted by 221b_hound (E): Sherlock is bored. John is shirtless. Yep.
  • 26 Pieces by Lanning (E): This one’s pretty long and plot heavy but so so worth it. I’m sure nearly everyone has read it but honestly read it again.
  • The Lights Are On by AmandaDBone (E): A gorgeous first time fic with lots of feelings.
  • Half A Dozen Dances by Ceruleandarkangelis (E): Sometimes Sherlock’s gotta go undercover as a stripper. Sometimes John Watson is aroused by it. Nice. 
  • Exquisite by sherlockholmesconsultingvampire (E): Sensitive Sherlock first time. There’s coming in pants. Basically porn.

SETH: This is your 3rd Broadway show and you’ve taken some risks. You did Equus where you were - a lot of nakedness -
DAN: Yes. Yeah. A lot of that.
SETH: How To Succeed In Business - a lot of singing and dancing. And then this is both physically demanding and as we said already, you know, you have an accent. What’s the hardest?