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You Trust Me, Right? pt. 2

Prompt: You’re a friend of Jacob’s–you’re basically his PA, like Harrison is with Tom. You’ve been able to hang out with them a lot and after a while, Tom started to develop feelings for you. 

Should we go for a part three and four?? Let me know. (I have something planned for two more, but I’d like to know if you’re interested.)

Warnings: fluff, some language

A/N: Requests are open! I will basically write anything (good luck finding something I won’t) and I can write for any of Seb’s characters (except Jack and Carter–I haven’t seen those yet) I can write Tom fanfic, Harrison fanfic, any marvel character, etc.


Part One     Part Three      Part Four

It took a total of five minutes upon walking into the hotel room for (Y/N) to collapse onto the bed. After having to land, a two hour layover, and then another anxiety ridden process of forcing herself back onto a plane and endure the whole thing over again, she was ready for food and a nap, unfortunately, they arrived in Singapore in the middle of the day. Sleep wouldn’t come for another eight hours and then who knows when she’d be able to wake up.

Everyone was tired and hungry but, for the most part, they were determined to make the best of their exhaustion and find anything relaxing to do around the hotel. It goes without saying that Tom, Harrison, and Jacob were much more devoted to this idea than she was. For some reason, when they booked the rooms, a block of three rooms on one end of the hall were chosen and then one single suite at the opposite end of the floor were given to them. She conveniently had the suite by herself at the opposite end of the building, meaning if any of the three boys needed anything, they had to seriously debate if it were worth getting up, walking all the way down the hall, and then having to go all the way back. This however was not to case when it came to their mission to stay awake.

“(Y/N)!” Jacob yelled. “(Y/N)! Open up!” She groaned loudly and dragged herself off the bed, trudging her feet across the room and opening the door.

“Hey, Harrison, Tom,” she smiled before turning toward Jacob. “What?” she grumbled as they locked eyes.

“There’s a pool,” he cooed while pushing past her and looking around her room. “Wow! You’re place looks way better than ours!”

“Yeah,” Harrison agreed. “We’re partying at your place tonight,” he teased as (Y/N) started to yawn. Tom was the last to enter and he pulled the door closed behind him then hurried toward Jacob who had already thrown open the balcony doors. (Y/N) caught her eyes drifting from the soft curl that hung along the base of Tom’s neck, down to his shoulders as they peeked around the tight tank top he had on, along his back, and finally landing on his small but cute ass.

“So you guys already changed into your swimsuits?” she asked, as she quickly tore her eyes from Tom and joined the boys at the balcony railing.

“We had to,” Jacob stated.

“Tom fell asleep as soon as he walked through the door,” Harrison added.

“I was almost there myself,” she grumbled before pushing herself away from the balcony and opening her suitcase. Tucked inside of a mesh pocket was a black two-piece swimsuit. She grabbed it and hurried into the bathroom where she stripped herself of her baggy clothes and slipped into the mid-rise bottoms and tied the swimsuit top around her neck, for some unconscious reason making it slightly too tight in order for her boobs to look bigger. When she finished, she pulled the oversized shirt back over her head and grabbed one of the bath towels draped over the rack on the wall.

“Ugh, you’re not swimming in that?” Jacob teased, remembering back to a time where she only swam in t-shirts because of continued jokes made at the expense of her body. It wasn’t her fault that her hips and breasts came in before anyone else in her class and yet she was ridiculed for it and ended up hiding her body for years because of it.

“I’m not going to walk through the hotel wearing less clothing than a hooker,” she snapped back earning a snort from Harrison and Tom.

“That would be entertaining,” Tom laughed as they walked out of her suite and toward the elevators. She tried to hide the light shade of red she could feel her face turning. Knowing that at some point Tom had liked her more romantically than as a friend has lead her to overanalyzing pretty much anything Tom said. This tidbit of information definitely wasn’t helping her psyche as she prepared herself to be practically naked in front of him as soon as they get to the pool.

As much as (Y/N) liked Zendaya, she was consistently jealous of the actress’s appearance. She was tall, slender, thin, all of the qualities that symbolize what a model should look like. (Y/N) on the other hand had struggled with the way she saw herself for the majority of her life. Whether it be from her parents joking about how she’d be ‘big as a house someday,’ the torment from being made fun of by the popular girls, as well as her consistent struggle to be healthy and look healthy while still seeming attractive, (Y/N) had suffered through it all. It was just recently that she started to accept herself and she didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of Tom.

Once they reached the floor that the pool was on, their jaws dropped.

“This is incredible!” Harrison gasped as the four gathered around some lounge chairs. The boys tore off their shirts an either eased their way in or threw themselves off the ledge and into the water.

“Hurry up (Y/N)!” Tom called as he waded through the water with Harrison and Jacob.

“No, wait!” Jacob yelled back. “Get my phone and take our picture!” (Y/N) turned around, grabbed Jacob’s iPhone, and slipped out of her shirt. She stood on the edge of the pool as the three guys gazed out over the Singapore skyline. She smiled as she took the photo and called back out to the guys.

“Got it!” At the sound of her voice the three turned around and Tom’s breath hitched in his throat. As soon as his eyes landed on her skin, his heart jumped and he was hooked. She was enticing; the curve of her hips slipped into the warm water, the way she pulled her arms up, keeping them from getting wet when she wadded in and the pool playfully lapped water against her breasts. 

“Shit,” Tom huffed as she wadded toward her friends.

“Thanks for joining us,” Jacob joked.

“We needed another person for chicken,” Harrison called out as soon as she reached them.

“Dibs on Haz!” Jacob called again.

“I guess that means you’re on me,” Tom snickered before disappearing under the water, slipping his head between her legs, and resurfacing. She balanced delicately on his strong shoulders and Tom quickly grabbed her thighs, steadying her on top of him. Her hands slipped across his head as she pushed his hair back. He couldn’t help the feeling within him as she played with his hair while they waited for their opponents.

“Hurry up,” (Y/N) shouted. “It’s getting chilly up here!” Harrison awkwardly put his leg up over Jacob’s shoulder and then Jacob sank further into the water so Haz could more simply sit on his shoulders. Almost immediately Jacob and Tom started to rush toward one another. As he moved, Tom’s grip on (Y/N)’s thighs became tighter and tighter as his hands moved further up her legs. She managed to wrap her legs under his arms and hook her feet on his back and his hands were getting dangerously close to the hem of her swimsuit, his thumbs starting to caress her upper thighs, just below her ass.

In that moment she hated that she had learned of some Schrodinger’s Cat like scenario regarding Tom’s feelings toward her, but the more she thought about the what being with Tom would be like, the more she wanted to entertain the thought of him still having these feelings for her. She wanted to be called darling and love, she wanted to have early morning walks with Tessa and wouldn’t mind being tested by Harry, Sam, and Paddy. The idea of dating Tom was starting to grow on her and she couldn’t help but think that everything that’s happened in the last few hours has been deliberately and meticulously planned to push them closer.

The more she thought about it, the more likely it was that Harrison didn’t absolutely have to show Jacob a video on his phone the second they got on the plane. Also, she knew better than to gullibly believe Jacob would want to be on Harrison’s team since she and Jacob had been the reigning champions since Harrison’s twentieth birthday party. Apparently, defending the tile of Chicken Fight Champions wasn’t as important to him as setting up Spider-Man and Bagel Bitch. 

Usually, Harrison was on bottom and Tom was on top so (Y/N) was always used to Tom’s weaknesses like the fact that, if she could get close enough, his sides were incredibly ticklish, or that if she leaned back far enough, he’d fall right over Harrison’s head. She didn’t know Harrison that well and Tom wasn’t used to having to be on bottom. Jacob easily swept Tom’s feet from out from under him and the pair went down.

Seeming to understand the reason they lost, Tom resurfaced and pulled (Y/N) close to him and whispered in her ear, “Harrison can’t bend his fingers back very far.” The sly smirk on Tom’s face caused her lips to curl toward the sky.

“Jacob has terrible balance in standing water–he’s used to the ocean and fighting waves,” she said in reply. Tom smiled again as his dark, cheerful eyes connected with hers until his head disappeared underwater as he swam beneath her, strangely overexcited to have her thighs on either side of his face. He started to lift her onto his shoulders once more, this time making sure to playfully grab her butt, hoping it would be a subtly hint at wanting to take their friendship to a different level.“Even if you go under, don’t let go of me,” she quickly added.

“Are you sure about this?” Tom asked.

“You trust me, right?” she questioned while tossing a playful smirk in his direction. Tom smiled so brightly hearing the words he said to her flow out of her mouth in her enchanting voice and charged toward Jacob and Harrison, confident in (Y/N)’s ability to get them a win as well as his own ability to win her over.

Jungkook’s Affection

After hearing all the news today, I’m just so so sorry to anyone and everyone affected, I really hope everyone’s okay or will be okay and hopefully some fluff will cheer you up bc this is why I love fluff, it’s something to make your mood better, even if it’s only for a few minutes!! Now it’s time for the second half of the Busan line, our amazing maknae who was so fucking cute in the Home Party live, he’s always cute but that was just that was some good shit man how are all of the Jungkook stans doing, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • Sweetest boyfriend
  • Who initiates the affection is a 50/50 chance, sometimes it’ll be him, sometimes it’s you but he’s actually pretty affectionate he’s a bit of a cuddle bug
  • Playful troublemaker
  • Teases you 25/8 in the most loving, playful way possible
  • It seems like the more comfortable he is with someone, the more he’ll tease them, like the boys have said that when they first met him he was so shy and now he’s forever imitating them and teasing them and it’s so obvious he loves them
  • Goes to tease you about being in love with him but then realizes he’s just as in love
  • “Lol someone has a crush”
  • “We’ve been together for three years”
  • Will make faces at you whenever you look at him
  • Asks you to tie his tie regardless of if he knows how to tie it or not, just so he can see how flustered you get when he’s so close and is acting all romantic
  • Will playfully lean away when you go to kiss him afterwards
  • Absolutely 100% will let you play with his hair and probably falls asleep when you do it
  • The boys/camera crew have documented it quite a few times but when he’s asleep, not much can disturb him
  • So you could very easily squish his cheeks, you could play with his hair, you could give him lil kisses on his cute face, you could cuddle up to him and take a nap with him that’s a r e a l l y good option bc he’s super warm
  • He’s s o ideal for cuddling don’t even get me started
  • He’s all broad and tall and probably so fucking warm and his cologne is probably amazing and cuddling him is just so pleasant
  • He’s a spooner for the main part, he’s definitely big spoon judging by his love for back hugs, also gotta mention the one Taekook moment in Bon Voyage where kook gets in Tae’s bunk and automatically lays on his side and puts his arm around him like that’s top quality spooning material
  • But he also really really loves it when you have your head on his chest bc he can play with your hair or rub your back or kiss your forehead 
  • The two are for sure the most common but there are certain days where he’d prefer to rest his head on your chest or just have you hold him really tight
  • Days where so many things have gone wrong, days where he’s either leaving for tour or just coming back, days where he just really really missed you, etc.
  • Also if you ask him to, he will be v v happy to sing you a song to help you fall asleep (just picture that for a moment)
  • Pillow talk is super playful but also really sweet??
  • Like he has his moments where he gets really close to your face and just makes a weird face to make you laugh but then he’ll kiss your nose really softly when you do laugh 
  • Tbh, making you laugh is one of his biggest goals in general, he loves making people laugh so seeing you laugh and smile and just be happy around him is one of his favorite things about the relationship
  • His hugs are equally as amazing
  • As I mentioned earlier, kook has such a love for back hugs and it’s so fucking cute
  • There are literally entire videos dedicated to kook and his back hugs, he loves them so much and I’m so here for that I mean his back hugs look amazing
  • Sometimes he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder or lay his head on it, sometimes he’ll sway the two of you all slow, sometimes he’ll wiggle you or play with your hands, it all depends on his mood 
  • But he’s also super okay with being back hugged, I mentioned it in Tae’s post but I gotta bring it back up here bc it’s so fucking precious, there have been a couple time where Tae has latched on kook and they just waddle around together
  • Will probably, at one point or another, hum the Titanic song while one of you is back hugging the other
  • He kinda always has that habit of putting his chin on your shoulder or on top of your head (if it’s at a comfortable reach and he doesn’t have to stretch too far) whenever he hugs you
  • He won’t say much during the longer hugs, he’ll just close his eyes and relax in your arms and he’ll get a lil smile when he notices you’re wearing the perfume/cologne he bought for you and it’s all very peaceful and relaxing and it’s one of those moments where you both feel really safe and warm and you wish those hugs could last forever
  • Also has a habit of leaning his arm on your shoulder whenever he stands next to you tbh, doesn’t matter if you’re shorter or taller (but he’s okay with you doing the same to him) if he doesn’t back hug you that is
  • Very soft kisses, always
  • In the beginning of the relationship, his kisses are a lot shier, a lot quicker a lot more “mission abort missION ABORT” but the longer you two are together, the more confident he gets with everything but especially kissing
  • The super quick, shy kisses that you can barely acknowledge before they’re over turn into sweet kisses that take your breath away and make your mind just go blank the entire time he’s kissing you
  • His kisses are always really sweet but they get more and more playful as he gets more comfortable with kissing you and some of them are purely to make you laugh
  • Like sometimes they’re super super quick and it’s mainly to annoy you but then to make up for it, he’ll kiss your cheeks and your nose and your forehead and just all over until you’re laughing
  • But then he has the sweet kisses that are s o so so so love filled and passionate bc he’s a passionate lil bun and he’s almost always cupping your face, if he isn’t, his hands are on your waist to pull you super close or they’re in your hair, one or the other
  • He loves initiating kisses when you least expect it bc he loves the moment of shock before you kiss back, he loves the playful scolding, he loves all of it but if you ever do it to him, he’s gonna get so flustered
  • He’s not gonna know what to do, he’s just gonna squirm around and resist the urge to scream or squeal until his heart calms back down and tbh, it’s pretty amusing to watch
  • Forehead kisses are frequent, they’re his favorite but he also loves nose kisses
  • Forehead kisses are more of his way of silently saying “I love you” or “hey you’re cute” whereas nose kisses are more of a “you haven’t smiled in a few minutes let’s change that”
  • He’s more likely to hold your hand rather than intertwine your fingers together (even though he’s got n o t h i n g against the latter) .
  • He loves being able to give your palm lil squeezes or rub circles into the back of your hand when you’re nervous (and vice versa he would really appreciate that)
  • He’s more of a hugger, more of arm over the shoulders type of person so hand holding isn’t the most common show of affection but it’s still v v loved and he’s not gonna complain if you wanna hold his hand 
  • His favorite thing to do (when you aren’t in motion) is to have one of your hands in both of his and to toy with your fingers
  • His hands would be so warm and so gentle with yours it’s just so 10/10
  • Onto PDA levels
  • He’s one of the more shy members when it comes to PDA, especially at first
  • It’ll also depend on where you two are, if you’re with the boys, it’s pretty much the exact same as being alone bc kook’s so beyond comfortable with all of them that they’re family to him 
  • But if he’s in public and the boys aren’t there, it’s gonna be restricted to hand holding or very basic PDA bc he’s a shy bun at times
  • Like kissing is definitely private, quick hugs are a maybe (an occasional arm over the shoulder or around the waist is okay though) hand holding is a yes, playing around and teasing each other is a yes
  • D e fi nitely has a couple item but it’d be something really subtle, like a matching pair of earrings (since we all know the boys loves him some piercings and I’m so fucking for it I can’t stress it enough I love his piercings so much) or matching phone backgrounds, things that are lil and easy to miss bc then it’s more of an inside thing
  • Side note, speaking of phone backgrounds, he’s the type of boyfriend that takes your phone when you aren’t looking and takes a bunch of selfies at all the weird angles and then sets them as the background after changing his contact name to something like “best boyfriend in the world” or “cool dude” with the fucking sunglasses emoji and then the smirking emoji bc he’s just he’s a meme sometimes and I love him for it but don’t let him near your phone unless you want a hundred photos of him trying to pull a double chin and another ten photos of his dog
  • Jungkook’s affection is very playful but loving (just like him) it’s constant, it’s almost always about making you laugh/smile bc that’s one of his favorites, especially when it’s caused by him
Crimes of Fashion in Times of Passion | Chapter 1

The Fashion Police receive an ominous note from the Bullet Club reporting the fashion crimes of one of their own. The rabbit hole goes deeper than Breezy and Dango could ever imagine. They must race against time to unravel a web of secrets; if they can’t, dangerous crimes of fashion could fracture the Bullet Club, put innocent citizens at risk, and threaten to disband the Fashion Police themselves.

This is either the best or worst thing I’ve ever written. There are many cameos from all your favorite wrestledorks. Please enjoy, and if you like Chapter 1, check out Chapter 2!

Chapter 1 of 2

Pairing: Tyler Breeze/Fandango (Breezango) Kenny Omega/Kota Ibushi (Golden Lovers)
Words: 3.1 k of 6.5k
Rating: T (language) | Originally published on AO3 8/20/2017 for Extreme Deadline ‘17

Fandango had expected today to be a normal day of fighting fashion’s foes. And even if he expected surprises, which he often did, he still wouldn’t have expected this one. As soon as he and Tyler closed the door to their office, a note slid under the door.

Tyler picked up the note and unfolded it. “This letterhead says ‘International Bullet Club’,” he gasped. “It says, ‘Kenny Omega is guilty of every faux pas in the book. We need your help to bring him down.’” There was a photo enclosed, and Tyler winced in disgust before turning his attention back to the letter. “There’s no signature, only two dollar signs. It looks like the Bullet Club needs our help, Dango!”

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Hey guys! So this is a post about my experience meeting MonstaX in Singapore! I’m going to be posting gifs and all that so I apologise in advance for the very long post! THERE ARE SOME THAT ARE SAVE-WORTHY! Enjoy reading!


I would like to start this post off from the very beginning which is of course, me welcoming the boys at the airport. I didn’t get to sleep the entire night because I got home late and saw no point in sleeping since their flight landed really early so I was pretty much exhausted. When I got to the airport, I managed to find a nice spot right in front of the doors they were coming out from thanks to this nice girl who let me stand beside her. Can I just say how proud I am of Monbebes because while waiting, we were greeting the people coming out of the luggage section with nice words like “good morning” and “have a nice day”. 

Anyway, the boys came out late and according to some people who came out, they were having a drink at Starbucks and chilling in the lounge. (I can’t confirm this information because I wasn’t in there obviously.) The wait was worth it of course! 

Minhyuk came out first with a bright smile on his face, waving to the fans waiting outside. Changkyun followed behind with his earphones plugged in and unfortunately, didn’t pay my side much attention. Wonho was the third to exit and took the fan gift my friend prepared before giving me a high five (to the best of his ability because he was holding something). Kihyun and Jooheon followed them and waved to all of us. Shownu then exited and he gave me a high five so I was real excited about getting two high fives in less than a minute! Hyungwon was the last to come out but he was being real adorable and waving to us all!


When I arrived at the venue, there were so many things happening and it really hit me that I was about to see my boys in person. People were handing out freebies, giving out banners for fan projects and selling merchandise. Let’s just say that I went home with a bag full of things… Anyway, I entered the hall and got to my seat, which wasn’t a great one because it was a last minute ticket a fan site couldn’t use but I’m still grateful.

The show started off with a bang and even though this is a MonstaX focused post, I’d like to commend Sistar for their stunning vocals and amazing performance quality. 

Fan site master Here, My dear sat beside me and I was helping her look out for guards while she took photos. She was thankful so she gave me this cute Hyungwon card and also tweeted me! 

When the boys came out, I was just sitting there and feeling very happy and thankful. As someone who has been following them since the start of ‘No Mercy’, I was so happy to be able to watch and listen to them in person. I’m grateful that I’m given this opportunity to walk them through this journey filled with tears, laughter and success so I got really emotional. 

Near the last few songs, fans started rushing to the front so I made my way there too. I was lucky enough to get a spot right at the front so I was in the first row! The amazing things start happening here and I’ll just be listing down the moments that happened!

1) Kihyun occasionally rapping to Jooheon’s part in ‘Rush’ and being adorable.

2) Shownu jumping off the stage to interact with fans and body waving to get to where I am. 

When we made eye contact, I thought he was just going to keep walking but he tilted his head to the side and did that thing with his eyebrows.

Then leaning closer to me to give a high five/handshake thing. HE WAS SO CLOSE I SWEAR I COULD SEE HIS SWEAT. 

3) Changkyun and Jooheon stopping in front of where I was to give people high fives! The former was holding onto a girl’s hand while performing and I’m so happy for her omg.

3) Wonho came over to where I was! 

I also got lucky because my boy noticed me.


4) Here’s a gif of our boys performing ‘Rush’ 

5) Jooheon being hot and ruining lives.  

6) Minhyuk being adorable, crossing his arms and moving side to side + Jooheon ruining lives part two.

5) Wonho killing us all during ‘Hero’ 

6) Minhyuk not following the choreography and falling backwards instead of forward. He’s such a cute lil bean help us all. 

7) Shownu because I like Shownu 

8) More of ‘Hero’ 

9) ‘Hero’ dance break!

10) The moment I made eye contact with Changkyun, I pulled a funny face at him and I’m proud of how much of a derp I can be because it made him laugh. I actually made Changkyun laugh guys asdfghjkl

11) Being caught in the act by Joohoney so he laughed at me as well and gave me a small wave pft. I WANT TO FIGHT THEM BOTH I’M MAD MHM

12) Grandpa Changkyun’s delayed reaction (poor bub must be tired) + Jooheon’s heart!

13) Minhyuk the cutest shooting hearts at the fans! 

14) Wonho feeling bad for stealing my heart so he’s sending one back :”)

15) The boys sitting at the edge of the stage for a group photo!

I’m the one in the choker! I’m so sorry I look like a turd hahaha


Okay so I had this genius plan where I made a box disguised as a fan board, put my phone in it and placed it on my head. The following gifs are from the video I managed to film. I’m generally chill with idols so this video was actually really stable. 


He was already waiting for me before I finished my high five with Bora so imagine how surprised I was to look him in the eyes. I told him “Thank you for being born.” To that, he smiled and thanked me twice! He also wiggled my hands when we linked fingers and that was absolutely adorable. 


This lil ball of sunshine smiled so brightly I forgot I was indoors and not out in the sun. I said to him “Your voice is amazing!” (rough translation because that’s what I intended to say? I said “좋다요”) I think Kihyun got shy because he was just looking down and smiling? HIS DIMPLES MADE AN APPEARANCE AND I THINK I DIED THREE TIMES. 


This angel was all smiles when I got to him and I told him “Minhyuk, please be happy!” He’s always the bright one of the group and I really hope that my angel will never get hurt. 


I’m real mad at the fact that my phone decided to fail on me when I reached Changkyun? When he leaned closer to high five me, I automatically bowed my head but my phone fell so I ended up saying “Thank you I.M- oh shit ugh”. My friend took a video from afar and you can see him looking at me all weird. (I have people who told me that they watched the video more than ten times and still laugh at what I said fuck.)


Okay, this boy is just adorable from head to toe. He gave me his cute/surprised face that he uses during aegyo when he saw me?I think he noticed my camera so I said “Jooheon?” He leaned closer to me and went “What?” So i pointed to the box on my head and said “Camera” before giving him a sneaky smile. He then stared at me incredulously and gestured at it before repeating “CamERA?” IT WAS HILARIOUS I’M STILL LAUGHING.


I think he overheard my conversation with Jooheon so you can see him looking at my camera and smiling before moving his attention to me. We were just kind of looking at each other and I went “bye” so he said “bye” as well pft. Put two awkward kids together and this is what you get.


Last but not least, we have Shownu! I planned to say to him “My dream is to dance with you one day” but I couldn’t say it anD I’M STILL HELLA SALTY ABOUT THIS OKAY. The guard at the end was suspicious and was going to question me so I was like fuck. In the end, we just did our high five, linked our fingers quickly and I said “love you, thank you!” before running off. In the video my friend took, you could see the guard at the end try to grab at me but I ran off so quick Usain Bolt would be jealous. I’m still sad that I couldn’t get a clearer shot with Shownu and to tell him what I intended to say but being able to interact with him is already amazing in itself. 


The last part of the fan meet was a photo taking session! They increased the number of people for the photo from 20 to 30 people so you can imagine how slim the chances were to sit in front of one of them. I wasn’t all that lucky so I was a row in front of them. However, I did make the most of the last moments with them. I thanked all of them for coming as I made my way to my spot because they must be tired and all that. I then waved to Wonho and my baby waved back! Jooheon was beside him so I did the “1+1=gwiyomi” thing and we did weird aegyo shit together before I turned around, laughing. My pose was of me kissing my Wonho fan (I’m the biggest loser around). When we finished taking the photo, they waved us all goodbye and that’s the end!

LASTLY, I’d just like to say that meeting and interacting with them is such an amazing experience that I will never forget. I sincerely hope that all Monbebes out there will get their chance to listen and see them in person. They are wonderful people, friendly, sweet and talented, so I’m very thankful. I met lots of great people during that day and I’m thankful to MonstaX for helping with that as well. If you made it all the way to this point, I’d just like to say thank you and a huge good luck because I want everyone to be able to meet these angels and leave with a smile on their faces. 

rae out 

(if you’d like to chat or anything just slip into my ask box or find me on my twitter @ jeonlights)

KPop Master List

well mine anyway. let’s make it clear first of all that this is entirely @tarticawhat ‘s fault. i never meant to be here, but here i am nonetheless. anyway what you’re gonna get:

quick pic/gif and 3 points for each member of the handful of kpop idol groups that are now ruining my otherwise peaceful life. so starting from the T.O.P

BIGBANG (fair warning that they are just plain strange in the best way)

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T.O.P/Choi Seunghyun (see what I did there) (band bias)

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- deep manly sexy voice that he recklessly uses to rap and to ruin lives

- does nothing then behaves like a lunatic then dotes on his nephew and usually wears a cowboy hat why, kill me

- instagram is wine, modern art, chairs that can’t be sat in, CoCo Chanel’s Paris apartment, and then pictures that do not speak well for his sanity

[[good so i’m one person into this list and ive already murdered myself to be here anyway moving on]]

GD/G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong (also band bias…that’s right two biases in BB)

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[[one solid gif is simply not enough bc of reasons and here are those reasons]]

- 1 part soft kitten prince, 1 part angry trashy cat, 1 part Fashion Feline, all parts chaos

- writes/produces/sings/raps everything. YG entertainment’s golden child, who they get drunk and release to do whatever he wants. voice described as “bratty” which is accurate. he’s literally too powerful for his own good.

- loves his cat too much. because they are the same species most probably. also spends a good amount of time getting in SeungRi’s space to make him uncomfortable.

SeungRi/Lee Seunghyun

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- beauty has been ruled illegal in 17 countries and Guam

- would look cool if he wasn’t such a magnificent dork

- voice of a young angel, freshly taught to sing, but then accidentally left in a nightclub

Taeyang/Dong Youngbae

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- sonorous voice that will carry you up into the clouds, just great

- body so good they won’t even give him proper clothing it’s abusive honestly like let him have a shirt. he’s cold.

- quite shy actually it gives me heartburn, but also really sarcastic to the rest of them

 Kang Daesung

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- has exactly 0% chill, too busy acting like a complete fool

- if you melt butter, add cream, whip it and add excellent strength and range and then drizzle milk chocolate on top you get his singing voice 

- can he see? we don’t know. hair always 1000% covering his eyes

[[*dramatic inhale and exhale* OKAY NEXT GROUP HOLY COW]]

Beast/B2st (do not ask me to explain this name)

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Yong Junhyung (simultaneously the bias and the bias wrecker)

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- embodiment of soft grunge. this is what S Korea thinks a rapper can look like

- born with an undefinable Magical Quality where he will make you love him

- smirk from hell that will not let you live. wears round glasses sometimes just

Yoon Doojoon (the bias wrecker and the bias also….)

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- the shit i put up with for this one is unreal i mean can you belIEVE the combination of blessings that occurred to compose the symphony that is this face?? don’t touch me

- solid voice and solid dancing but lets his boys have the spotlight and calmly leads them with love I’M *takes a break to calm down*

- did 2 seasons of show playing a character who just. is obsessed with eating good food. like 3-4 whole scenes per episode of him eating meals with people and they don’t even talk, they just slurp noodles. wtf. it’s so great. also Splash Splash Love just do yourself a massive favor and watch it.

Lee GiKwang/KiKwang

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- huge giant princess heart doe eyes. literally i didn’t use a gif where he’s smiling bc i want y’all to live slightly longer

- just. just let him sing to you and be grateful. that’s it.

- posts 10000 selfies to insta per day because he knows. he’s aware ok? this is a clever boy he knows what he’s got.

Son Dongwoon (he is not my son. for clarification)

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- sincerely, un-ironically believes that he’s God’s actual gift to humankind

- may actually be God’s gift to humankind, the debate is ongoing

- honestly his personality pisses me off a bit but like, here’s the thing. between his lovely voice and great dancing and general talent, just let him live. just let him keep doing what he does. let him continue, you gotta

Yang Yoseob

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- truly, the cutest. and conveniently pocket sized! the most portable, just put him in your pocket. he fits i promise

- surprisingly strong and mature voice, totally essential to the group’s sound, and therefore a blessing

- one time he showed up on DooJoon’s show just to hang w his bro and be obnoxious 

Jang Hyunseung

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- you are correct, he’s part fox, ergo the minuscule chin space. probably a kitsune. 

- brings this great element to the group where his vocals are a little higher and therefore magical, since he is a kitsune probably

- mischievous spirit(of the kitsune) causes him to have little shame, ergo spastic dancing in public. like on awards show carpets. they’re so embarrassed really  


GOT7 (you guessed it, there’s 7 of these lil shits)

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[[let it be known that they know how you feel, and yes, they are doing this on purpose. that purpose is to murder. very rude of them to be so inconsiderate.]]

JB/Lim Jaebum (true bias. no joke i want to rest but he won’t let me)

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- source of my insecurity. can do everything better than u. singing? try to live. dancing? actually is a bboy and made of coiled springs. prettier than u? u bet. his boys love him too much and follow him actually anywhere, because they know he was born when a strong but beautiful flower blossomed and released him into the world.


- the bromance with Jackson is so strong you will regret. also he can yell the loudest so there’s that.  

Jackson Wang (bias wrecker w fulltime status and 401K and benefits)

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- someone taught a puppy how to rap and do martial arts so now we have this. (puppy was previously also taught fencing bc why not) 

- certified in ruining everything, never chills unless it’s to LITERALLY JUST DRAPE HIMSELF OVER THE OTHER BOYS AND USE THEM FOR HIS BEAUTY REST. is an idiot. 

- JB’s biggest fan, i am not joking it’s painful. also one time he met his crush (Ga Yeon - female MMA fighter) and panicked so hard he ran and hid in his bathroom. bc he’s also bffs with Seo Kang Joon(absolutely we don’t have time for him AT ALL RN) and that is ANOTHER STORY.

Jr./Junior/Park Jinyoung (bias wrecker #2)

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- actual ray of sunshine, complete with cute goofy ears. as an added insult, his voice is honey and he’s recognized as annoyingly great at dancing.

- heart is so big that he is incapable of stopping himself from just kissing people all the time. mainly the other band members. without approval from the board. (me)

- not joking about the kissing he’s a menace who comes out of nowhere i think the others are scared, protect them

Mark Tuan

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 - somehow a rapper, typically the victim of Junior’s affectionate smooches, always looks shocked and unprepared and it’s the worst. Mark. you should know by now you’re not safe. ((EDIT: Less safe from Jackson’s love honestly))

- can jump and just twist 4 times in the air while parallel to the ground. just, whenever

- wanted for having too delightful of a laugh (added bonus: speaks English!) and for having the coolest dad on twitter with the sassiest replies (look up raymond tuan enjoy)

BamBam/a Thai name 

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- apparently in Korea it’s common to take sweet, innocent young men and call them “rappers” and give them oddly mature voices yet do nothing about them having better lips than me so thanks (also hasn’t ever apologized for cuteness)

- you’re not going blind, they call him BamBam because They Love To Kill, and because if your name was “Kunpimook Bhuwakul” you’d go by BamBam too

- nerdy fan of G-Dragon and one time he met him and GD hugged him and that was when we lost BamBam…sometimes I can still hear his voice  

Kim Yugyeom

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- more like YugYUM amiright?? haha anyway. he has the softest cheeks just look at them, this tall teddy bear. i bet his lullaby would sing you straight into a coma

- aegyo once caused a power outage in Seoul 3 square km wide. wasn’t even arrested.

- wears these horrible sweaters you wish you could then also own

Choi Youngjae

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- listen. this kid puts GOT7 vocals ON HIS BACK and he ain’t even tired. can probably sing opera tbh. probably should.

- BUT so dramatic, can’t calm down. choi please take a rest my son

- this is an actual infant right here, yet he’s allowed out in public with little supervision. he doesn’t like cucumbers but cucumbers aren’t even offended. 

[[at this point I regret making this one post and not four but here we are SO LET’S CONTINUE THE HOME STRETCH WITH SEVEN MORE DEAR LORD]]

BTS/Bangtan Boys (there’s also 7 of them I’m so tired, why did I do this)

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Rap Monster/RapMon/Kim Nam-joon (bias? maybe)

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- dimples. for. days. years actually I’m sure he was born with them haha. 

- dark chocolate kind of rapper voice, v masculine which is sort of standout quality for him among the others really

- group Dad clearly. that’s totally a dad belt. plus he does singer-songwriter things and that’s so attractive what a talented individual

V/Kim Taehyung/Tae Tae

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- v precious, v important, v much needs protecting despite when he acts all dangerous etc in the music videos. 

- v much a hooligan but easily shocked, wouldn’t hurt a fly. wouldn’t even hurt a fly’s feelings. is a dorky fanboy of Taeyang so no wonder he tries to be all sassy

- another bby whose voice is too raspy for his tiny bby looks. i can’t deal

J-Hope/Hobi/Jung Hoseok

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- never has there been a rapper who was simultaneously this much of a spaz but it’s so darn loveable

- looks incredible in a turtleneck/leather jacket combo it’s truly unfair

- “horse” for his long face but called so lovingly, and really he’s so happy like all the time who could be mean to him

Jimin/Park Jimin

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- a menace actually, always giggling with the maknae and playing stupid games with them and ordering them around who asked you, Jimin, who

- literally cried on the beach being emotional over his hometown and his family

- voice as soft as a fleece blank and strong as idk a fleece is pretty strong

Kookie/Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk

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- offensively adorable. as in, it’s an attack. grins are blinding and sweet (side note: fanboy of GD like BamBam, and if they all were together at once a nuclear explosion would occur immediately) 

- dancing also offensive as no boy should have hip control like that, please stop

- group as a whole has the sound that makes you think of like, the sort of angsty guy in school who looked like he got out of bed and walked directly to his desk, and had unnecessary tears in his clothing. Jungkook contributes to this sound very strongly. 

Suga/Min Yoongi

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- another “rapper” are you laughing yet because I AM IT’S RIDICULOUS

- literally asleep 90% of the time they probably carry him on the stage and wake him up five minutes before and give him a microphone like “Suga do you know the choreo” “mm yep practiced in my dreams all day”

- confuses me constantly by changing his hair color like it’s cute, yes, but I’m getting whiplash sir

Jin/Jin “Hime”(Princess)/Kim Seokjin (bias???? im too tired)

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- smile is endearingly off-center idk why but it gets me. and his voice has a nice distinctive quality like…tangy-er? than the others? i can’t brain to articulate

- literally makes short videos of himself eating meals and talking about his love of food, and the fans eat it up(HA) it’s quite precious

- group Mom 100% i bet he and RapMon get so tired, and just “how was your day” “i had to kick three of them and V is still in timeout, he’s not even maknae wth”

[[shit that is all. all of them finally this took like four hours I’m not joking i’ll never get that time back. i can’t afford to care about any other groups ever again. oh no I still have to tag them all kill me]]

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