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Roadtrip Shenanigans Part 2!

More headcanons! 8D All of them? Who knows ♥
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- Ok first things first. Food. Who cooks? Gotta be some nights when they’re out in the middle of nowhere/can’t stop or just in general Ford vetoing eating out every night.
Though they have to be careful and keep an eye on Mabel - she keeps trying to add ingredients when they’re not looking.
(Mostly Stan because he’s found out that given the right wording Ford will agree to Mabel’s experiments.)
Unfortunately, as Stan knows already from their sailing - Ford makes good food when he doesn’t get distracted by something more interesting than cooking.
…Lots of things are more interesting than cooking.
It doesn’t take long into their first ‘no we’re not eating at a diner’ night for Ford to pop out of the RV with a sudden change of heart. 
“You win. How about we eat out instead?”
“Wait, what-”
“No reason! I-I mean we are on holiday, after all… right?” 
Stan doesn’t believe it for a second.
He waits until the kids are asleep though to tease him.
“So… no reason at all for going out for dinner tonight?”
“Huh? No, I already said that. We- uhh- we deserved it-”
“Uh-huh? So it had nothing at all to do with scribbling in your journal when you shouldn’t have been or something?”
“…” (It was actually looking through the photos Dipper had got of the last cryptid they’d encountered but pointing that out would be a victory for Stan.)
“So, how burnt was it exactly?”
“Well, I think it could still be classed as edible but I thought the kids might not agree with- Stan, stop laughing! You’re gonna wake them!”

(Alternatively there is no conversation. Stan doesn’t realise. And instead the next morning there’s a confused Grunkle looking around the kitchenette. “Sixer? Where’s the pan?” “Pan? What pan?”)

Suffice to say - it might be safer if they don’t cook all that much. Or together. Together is good. You think they’d know that by now.

- Almost every possible seating arrangement = mayhem.
♥ Ford driving with Dipper sat next to him with the map seems like a winning combination if they’re both determined to get them to their destination. In fact they’re the best at navigating and keeping to Ford’s route (though Stan and Mabel would disagree on this being a good outcome). But the problem is that the other two sat behind them go out of their way to be the biggest distraction they can be- or in which Stan will do anything Mabel asks without hesitation.
♥ Ford driving with Mabel’s map skills also works for a time- but Mabel is more likely to point out interesting things that catch her eye instead of the turns their meant to be taking quite early on, or start chattering away to Ford about something completely different and just add on a ‘oh, that was the turning’ after the fact. 
♥ Stan driving with Mabel leads to really out of the way stops when Mabel points out places on the map nearby that make them curious and Stan turns the RV around without a thought. This gets worse and more deliberate if the nerdy chatter from Ford and Dipper behind them gets too much for them.
They may or may not make it into a game at those points to see how long it takes for one of the two in their excitement notices they’re no longer on route.
♥ Stan driving with Dipper actually works out better than most of the above. Though that all depends on Stan listening to Dipper and not just doing what he fancies doing instead. And that usually depends on how rigidly they’ve been following Ford’s route up until that point. He’s got to stick to that goal after all.
♥ Ford driving with Stan throughout the day doesn’t really work either. As soon as the kids distract Stan (almost instantly) he stops helping out with the map. Stan driving with Ford telling him where to go also quickly breaks down into Stan coming up with arguments for amazing diversions nearby instead of doing as he’s told.
♥ The only times it’s not mayhem would probably be when the kids are asleep or just starting to drift off. Ford behind the wheel and Stan softly chattering to get the kids to sleep and to keep Ford awake. He keeps them on track then, it’s easier (and probably safer).
Just peaceful moments when Stan’s too tired to push Ford’s buttons. The whirlwinds are finally crashing out and whenever Ford glances over Stan’s staring back into the RV with a soppy smile on his face watching the little terrors finally wear themselves out.
…Ford most definitely teases him for looking so sappy in those moments.
Stan can’t quite bring himself to argue, settling for a ‘like you’re any different’.

- Matching roadtrip sweaters! Mabel makes them on the first day and dons one instantly with Ford following suit.
Dipper and Stan try but they can’t wear them for long- it’s just too warm in the little space.
Dipper may or may not write down a journal entry on how his sis and Grunkle can stand to be that warm, it’s just not right. (How do they do it? Another Pines family mystery!)
Mabel might also make sweaters for the end of the trip too - each with a unique design as a reminder of different things each family member did.

- They pick up obnoxious bumper stickers wherever they end up. Two of course - one for the RV and one for the scrapbook Mabel’s making. 
“So we got this sticker while we were being chased by the griffon, and this one when we accidentally stumbled into a fairy ring…’ Every single sticker has a story and everyone bar the Pines worries that they are weirdness magnets because how on earth do you fill up a scrapbook of different cryptids of one road trip how.

- There are also a lot of candid photos in the scrapbook. Singalongs and silly soppy smiles when they think the others aren’t looking. Proper all out laughter and leaning on one another to stay upright. Passionate arm waving and excited conversations. Half asleep confusion and pranking one another.
So. Many. Candids.
All the happy fun times, all the infectious glee and bright eyed happiness.

- The kids have to bring their homework with them - parents orders. And Ford tries to make sure they get it out of the way early whereas Stan thinks they should leave it til the end. 
Ford wins.
Ford therefore gets the job of helping while Stan drives.
…Stan shouts out the answer from the front when they’ve been puzzling over it for too long. 

- Stan tries to use Stanbucks wherever they go even though they have money to spare.
Ford can’t decide if it’s ridiculous or impressive. “They have you face on them!”
…He never knows quite what to think when Stan succeeds.

- It’s not until they reach Gravity Falls that they hit a snag that really should have come up at the beginning of the journey.
Our favourite Gravity Falls sheriff and deputy pull them over as soon as they realise it’s the Pines family driving into town.
Ford doesn’t know it’s them. Ford has a sudden realisation.
“Shi- Stan, if they ask- you were driving.”
“What? Sixer? Why-”
“I’ll explain later!”
“No, nonono, you explain now. I have been letting you drive because you told me you knew how!”
“I do know how! But that doesn’t mean I exactly stayed anywhere long enough to need to prove that!”
“Oh for the love of - really, Ford? Really?”
“What? It was just another skill I picked up while I was running from Bill.”
“…Have you ever gotten a license? In any dimension?”
“What part of on the run did you not get?”

- Stan still lets him help drive back after the trip to Gravity Falls. He doesn’t really care that much, he’d just have liked to know before he let Ford take the wheel.
He just hopes the kids parents don’t find out.

- The trip ends just as it started, with the kids back home. The close quarters got a bit too close at points but, it was a good trip, another Pines family adventure and they kind of don’t want things to go back to normal just yet. 
It’s the end of summer all over again.
“Hey, don’t give me those sad looks. You can always video call us, you know that.”
“Yeah! And besides, next time you’ll just have to come on a boat trip with us, now won’t you?”
After all, there’s always a next time.
A new adventure waiting.


- The “Cool” Dad
- always attempting to be your friend more than a father figure, attempts to get their child to spill the latest ‘gosp’
- “dad what the hell is gosp” “its teenage lingo for gossip, i keep up with you youngsters”
- cue eye rolling
- he’s incredibly chill about nearly everything and allows them to do whatevee they want, for the most part.
- the only restriction is that it can’t be illegal
- and if it is he told them to lie about who their father was.
- all their friends are jealous over how ‘cool’ of a dad their have, no matter how many times they tell them how uncool he truly is he has everyone tricked that he’s some super dad

- The Embarrassing Dad
- insists on making their kids lunch one time and puts an embarrassing “have a good day love you -Dad” in the bag without warning.
- all their friends cooed and haven’t let them live it down since.
- he’s the type to make embarrassingly bad dad jokes when talking to others and then looks over at their kid for a reaction
- a pitiful thumbs up and embarrassed smile is the best kind of reaction that he’s looking for
- constantly trying to talk to their kids friends when they’re over
- “why doesn’t that one friend come over anymore?” “because you broke out the baby pictures last time and i would rather not relive your hour ling stories about the past, and neither would she”

- The emotional dad
- constantly crying
- oh my god their kids have never seen a grown man cry so much in their lives
- always reminiscing about their kids past and getting emotional about how big they’ve gotten
- at every graduation that the child has lives through theres always friends that make comment about his screaming once you get on stage
- every picture you have to commemorate this moment has a very red eyed blotchy faced Seungkwan, their child always looks less than impressed.
- it’s nice to have a dad so passionate about their child but sometimes you just need someone that wont cry because you’ve made your first purchase with your own money that you made from your first job

- The Scrapbooking Dad
- always insisting on taking pictures
- it doesnt matter the occasion, it doesn’t matter how relevant any of it is, he wants a picture and he wants it now.
- his kids could make those “365 pictures throughout the year” collage videos you find on the internet dating back to their toddler years just from how many pictures Seokmin had taken.
- he has a bookcase full of scrapbooks hes made
- he takes the time to decorate them, with pretty stickers and dates each picture with a short description of each.
- its not just a picture book, its a life story showcasing every little insignificant thing that his kids have accomplished since birth.
- “dad, can we please take that picture of me on the potty off?” “no, its the first time you took a shit and i didn’t have to clean a diaper, it’s staying for memory sake”

- Over protective dad
- they cab only have a phone because he insists on using the find your friends app when his kids go out just to make sure that if anything happens he could always find their kid and help out
- if they’re one minute past curfew expect said phone to be blown up with questions about where they are.
- “you were suppose to be home at 10:00 its now 10:02, i checked traffic and it is light so there isnt any excuse”
- is protective and inforces his rules but isn’t terribly rude and would never actually punish his kids (he’s too soft, but ultimatey just wants the best for them)
- interogates any significant other that their child brings home, and as they protest in embarassment he simply says hes making sure to rule out any one not worthy of their time.
- always has their best interests in mind though they may not realize it until they’re much older
- probably has a bat near his bed so if needed he could protect them from anything and anyone who trys to hurt their kid

- The Charming Dad
- all their kids friends are completely endeared by him
- they’ve heard the word DILF to describe him one too many times that its starting to take some effect on their mental wellbeing
- he’s able to talk himself out of many things and their kids have had to sit by idly as they watched their dad talk up another worker to attempt to get some sort of discount
- probably has pictures of the family around the house solely to show off how attractive all of them are when guest comes over
- he’s ultimately very proud of how beautiful his family has come out, and wants the world to know about how absurdly beautiful they are compared to other families.
- its not opinion its Fact.

- Passive but Encouraging Dad
- not very good at showing how much they love their kids but try their very hardest without having to say directly that he loves them
- shows he cares by encouraging their dreams and never tries to hold them back from their dreams
- he may not be very involved in their kids lifes but when they come to him with something they claim to be passionate about he’s suddenly #1 dad.
- he’ll always be the first to encourage them to chase after whatever they want
- and even if they drop it after a couple weeks because it wasn’t exactly the right fit Jihoon will accept it and continue to support them through any other projects they wished to pursue.
- their kids know that he loves them through those kind of actions.

- The Expirmentive Dad
- always trying out new recipes for dinner
- his kids have started becoming wary after the his few failed attempts and know to prepare something to eat afterwards just incase his experiment doesnt work out in his favour
- never follows a reciepe
- “dad it said a tea spoon not a cup” “it’s better this way, just trust me.”
- it was not better this way.
- he tries his very hardest to make good dishes for his family and sometimes they actually turn out decent.
- and when they dont, no matter if mingyu himself knows it wasn’t the best, his kids say it was good while only eating a couple bites of it
- he’s grateful that they eat the prepared foods somewhere that hes not (sometimes he goes to their room and they share their snacks with him, but thats only when he’s failed terribly and hes gone desperate)

- The Involved dad
- Their child is apart of a school club? he’ll be apart of it just as much.
- “Do you guys want me to make snacks?” “Dad its not necessary-” “i’ll pack snacks.”
- always insists on going to parent teacher night to talk with each of their kids teacher one on one, he doesnt do it because he thinks his kids are miss behaving just solely for the opprotunity to be apart of their kids lifes just that much more
- was their kids soccer couch for most of their junior soccer days, but when their kids approached them about joining a different team he unwillingly allowed them to do so to allow them to be happy
- he still attenda each game and became the most embarrassing side line dad at the game
- “signs are necessary” chan ignores their kids as he pours another large amount of glitter onto the atrocious sign with his kids name and number on it.

- The Teasing Dad
- constantly making jokes about their kid, it mostly happens when they have friends over or when theyre at a family get together
- some how always managing to make their child the center of attention at the family dinners, each family member taking turns to tease his kid.
- he definitely does not attempt to stop it because he was the one that started it and seeing his kids get all embarrassed is kind of a highlight to being a father.
- Is probably always trying to get a hug or affection from their child especially when friends are around just to embarrass them that much more
- He doesn’t mind being rejected in front of all their friends when he goes in for a hug, because the embarrassed hiden smile that his kid has when they turn back to apologize to their friend is enough of a reward

- The Overly-Loving Father
- he’s wanted to be a dad since he was a child and now that he’s able to do so he doesnt waste any opprotunity to remind his kid about how much he loves them
- sometimes he shows his love in materialistic manners
- he buys they loads of gifts for every special occasion and still insists on making them do an easter chocolate egg hunt well into their teenage years
- he gets really creative when it comes to things like this so their child doesnt really mind, the chocolate is always a bonus
- is always trying to get family outings to be a thing and his favourite holiday is family day. Definitely family day because he can use it as an excuse to force his kids to spend time with him.

- The helpful dad
- the stereotype that dads are suppose to be good at physical labour such as fixing cars and doing sports falls short when it comes to wonwoo
- he couldn’t necessarily fix their car if they asked him to but he could help them ace their  physics exam
- and if they didn’t wish to read a book that was assigned for english, he’s probably already read it front to back more than once and is more than willing to help them out
- he’s not too anal about good grades but encourages them to try their hardest
- they’ve probably had to sit through a small half hearted lecture about genuinely putting their best into things when Wonwoo feels like their grades are slipping

- The “I didn’t sign up for this” Dad
- never really meant to become a dad but it ??? sort of happened and he enjoys it he just was never ready to become one
- therefore he really doesn’t know what to do.
- during toddler years he’d make any excuse not to be alone with the baby for too long, too frighten that he’d mess it up so severly that he usually calls over his mom to help out
- he’s gotten better over the years but still doesn’t properly know how to dad
- tries more to be a friend than a dad
- whenever their child is in trouble, lets the other parent do the scolding and then retreats up to their childs bedroom with a bowl of icecream to try and make amends better.
-he’s sort of getting the hang of things but their kids highly doubt he ever fully will know what being a parent consists of.
- but thats okay, he’s trying his very best.

someone i once knew

This one is for @paradoxicalpsychic ! Thank you so much for so much encouragement and prompts!!

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Talking has never been Aomine’s strong suit.

Words just… aren’t easy.

Aomine is brash and abrasive; he says whatever is on his mind, and really doesn’t give a shit about the consequences. You don’t like being told the truth right to your face? Tough. He’s not the kind to sugarcoat things, because he honestly just doesn’t see the point in it.

If he’s being honest, his nature has always been a cause of strain in his relationships. Some of his friends have gone, not willing to put up with it; the few who have stuck around have helped dull the edges around his personality, but he’s never going to be a nice guy. It’s just not who he is.

But since his poor attitude has lost him the only relationship he ever really wanted to try for - well, he has realized that he can’t keep living his life this way.

Still, though, when confronted with someone, the words that he really wants to say, the ones buried deep, they really struggle to come out. When he’s forced into social interactions, he just reverts back to old habits.

It’s a lot easier talking to someone… not face-to-face.

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Music Video - Conor Maynard Imagine

A/N-  I love you writing!! Can you do a conor imagine for me?? One where you feel insecure and sad and you really need hug. That would be great!! Lots of love

A/N- Conors PA (personal assistant) also your close friend is going to be called Marie. 

Conor had been away for the past 2 weeks recording his new song ready to be released at the end of the month. He was also away to record the music video to go with it. I would be flying out to see him for the final week and to finally spend some quality time together. 

After landing and dropping my stuff off at the hotel, I made my way to the set Conor was filming on waiting for him to finish so we could go out for food, just the two of us. Lately i had been feeling quite down and just needed to be with the person who made me happy and smile. I missed him and couldn’t wait to see him and get a long overdue hug.

 After showing my pass to security I was showed to the set everyone was working on. Conor was in the middle of filming so i took a seat next to one of his PA’S who i got on with really well. I wasn’t told what kind of music video this was going to be but as soon as i saw the models, i got the hint. 

Obviously you would think i was fine with Conor doing music videos with models, which i am, but with the way i was feeling jealously and insecurity overtook my mind. I knew i was being stupid overthinking but i knew i was no model, i had many flaws, i wasn’t as pretty, i didn’t have the tiny figure. I wasn’t them. Sometimes i do think Conor would prefer one of them. 

“You ok Y/N?” Marie asked looking concerned. 

“Me? I’m fine” I faked smiled, i wasn’t exactly in the mood to explain my feelings when i know what the response was going to be. 

“Come on Y/N I can see right through you. Somethings wrong. You can talk to me you know” Giving me a re-ensuring smile. “It’s the reason to why you don’t come to these video sets isnt it? Seeing all the girls?” 

“How do you know?” 

“I would be the same, I wouldn’t exactly like my boyfriend being touched by models in front of my eyes” I sighed. 

“It’s his career, it’s his job. I’m not going to complain but with the way i’ve been feeling it isnt ideal being here” 

“I can tell Conor you didn’t feel well?” I loved the fact Marie would help me with anything even though she worked for him personally. 

“No it’s fine. I don’t even think he know i’ve arrived yet” Glancing over to him now working outside. 

“He has noticed, i’ve seen him look over a few times. He does care about you a lot you know”

“I know”

“No Y/N i dont think you do. Well obviously you do but you don’t realise how much. When i’m with him working he enjoys what he does but he looks forward to the day being over to call you or he rushes us all off the plane when we’ve landed so he can see you sooner. When he’s in a bad mood he watches videos of you and I always see a smile appear again. He’s head over heels for you” I couldn’t help but blush. I dont get to see that side of him. I imagine it to happen but hearing it actually does makes me feel warm inside. “Don’t feel insecure babes, i know we all do once in a while but these models have nothing on you trust me” 

I just nodded and carried on to admire Conor working. He’s always been a gentleman and I do love him dearly. And it’’s nice to see him doing what he loves. 

2 hours later and the set was coming to a close. Conor was just finishing the last edits while the rest started to head off home. Watching the models packing their stuff and talking amongst themselves looking over once in a while. Marie had gone to obverse the final edits leaving me on my own. I hated seeing people look at me i would think they’re talking about me and in this case i was right. My name was mentioned a couple of times with smirks and eye rolls in mt direction. This is literally one of my worst nightmares. 

I could feel my heart beat fasten with the sound of laughter filling the room. That insecure feeling? That had gotten worse and i could feel an anxiety attack about to happen. Picking up my bag i popped it over my shoulder and headed straight for the door. 

“Y/N?” I didn’t want to stop walking, i continued to the exit of the building, blocking out all the sounds around me. It made me jump when i felt a hand touch my shoulder with enough force to stop me in my tracks. 

“Y/N” Conor spoke again with a shaky breath almost like he ran after me. “I thought you were waiting for me? I saw you walk off without saying bye or anything” 

“Sorry, i just wanted to go, i exactly feel well” Lying through my teeth, well only kind of. 

“Yeah Marie said something about not feeling yourself, what’s wrong?” I could see the worry starting to fury in his eyes and facial expression. I didn’t like that look. 

“I just want to go back to the hotel” I tried to start walking again but he grabbed my hand before i could move any further. 

“Y/N i know you better than you know yourself. Something’s wrong and we aren’t going anywhere until you tell me” Conor firmly said. Hearing laughter coming down the corridor, we moved towards the wall allowing the models to pass through. It didn’t go a miss the looks they darted towards me either. Normally i can handle shit like that but not on this day. “You know you are better than them don’t you?” Conor was starting to click on. “Don’t get jealous” 

“I’m not jealous, only kind off-”

“Feeling insecure?” Bingo. I remanded silent. “Babe” He lifted his hand to my cheek, moving my face so i was looking directly at him. “I love you and that’s all that matters. You are perfect in every way possible. I love your beauty and flaws. Remember that” I nodded and lifted onto my tip-tops placing a soft but firm kiss on his lips. That long overdue hug made an appearance as well. Burying my head into his neck taking in his warmth and scent. I felt his lips leaving small kisses along my shoulder and one hand rubbing my back. 

“Come on i think we can order room service and have a movie night instead”

Imagine chiyo and nozaki ending up growing apart, going to different colleges abd whatnot
Chiyo ends up becoming an editor for a manga magazine, working as a painter on the side
And for her first client, she gets assigned to Yumeno. She thinks its just a coincidence at first, bc shes only given thr first name, and she assumed that nozaki stopped making manga
And so she goes to meet yumeno
and so now she is nozakis editor and due to her natural charisma and business savvy (as well as knowing exactly what girls think) his new manga become really really popular. So much that it gets an anime adaptation. For which seo is singing the opening. It also gets a video game. That mikorin is developing. Furthermore it gets a live action adaptation. That hori is directing and kashima is starring in. Wakamatsu just kinda does whatever idk??
And so everybody is working together again and while looking at the concept of a new manga that nozaki has been thinking about, she realizes that its basically about all of them when they were in high school. She starts reminiscing and gets kinda depressed that she never told nozaki how she felt. She still retains those feelings but because they had grown apart she never told him. She starts crying and nozaki is like crap sakura whats wrong did I do something crap oh no
And out of the blue because it was on her mind she just blurts out that shes in love with him
And hes like “WHAT REALLY”
or something idk??? Just…. fun stuff

Aaron Carpenter Imagine - By stay-cloudy-caylen





“…and thanks for watching this video guys, it’s been really fun seeing what you guys send me! It means a lot! If you want to see more of Mahogany you can go follow her vine, twitter, instagram etc. The links will all be below, how was that Mag?“

“It seriously took forever but it was a lot of fun!”

“Okay guys! Thanks again, I love you all so much! Stay safe and be happy, bye!”

You finished watching your latest video for your YouTube channel. Figuring it was as perfect as you could get it, you clicked the upload button and watched the bar get more and more filled in by the second. You had filmed yourself and your best friend Mahogany opening your mail that you had gotten out of you P.O box earlier that day. Mag and you shared a hotel room for Magcon in LA, so you decided you would open the mail and make it into a video. It had gone pretty well and you both had loads of fun doing it.

“It’s uploaded !” you called out to your best friend from your room.

“Yay!” she called back excitedly as she skipped into your room with two bottles of water. You both high fived and plopped onto your bed letting out sighs. It had been a long day of filming and editing and it was always hard work. It took a lot of time but you loved doing it. It was definitely worth the commitment and you couldn’t complain since you had already agreed to all of this the day you uploaded your first video.

Nothing would be the same again and you knew that. Since you were already Mahogany LOX’s best friend everyone knew you would gain subscribers quickly since you had been on her vine many times.

Everyone loved you and wanted you to make your own channel so, with her help, you did. Your channel and vine set off like a rocket and you were already at five hundred thousand subscribers as well as one million on vine. Being apart of magcon helped a lot too, Mag put in a good word for you and you were included.

“What do you want to do now?” you asked as you stared at the ceiling.

“Well, we could either read through your comments now or go to the beach?” she asked as she checked her phone, “Its only noon and its really hot,”

You sighed heavily. Mag knew how insecure you were about your body but insisted in you always showing it off. Whether it was by forcing you into wearing bikinis or short shorts and crop tops or cute little summer dresses. She always tried to tell you how stunning your body was but after all, everyone was insecure about something. Your insecurity was your body but Mahogany was the only one who knew.

“Do we have to?” you begged your best friend, “You know I hate the beach for reasons,”

“Don’t be so stupid, your body is perfect!” she denied, “You have nothing to be insecure about! Now go put on that new bikini I made you buy and I’ll invite everyone,”

You froze in place, pulling her back towards you, “Everyone?”

“Yes everyone, including a certain Mr Carpenter,” she winked cheekily before running off. You face palmed, before groaning and dropping to the floor.

You had had a crush on Aaron for as long as you could remember. The first time you met him was a few months ago after you first started magcon. You two grew a tight bond and always tweeted, texted and hung out with each other. Fans began to like seeing you together and wanted you two to be a couple which lead to endless shipping off you two.
You both just laughed it off but you knew you had feelings for him. The first time you saw his perfect smile, you fell for him and you fell hard.
He didn’t like you back of course but the one little crush turned into deeper feelings and once you were in, you couldn’t get out. Mahogany was the only ones who knew since t she was your best friend. She was certain that he liked you too but you didn’t believe him.

Why would Aaron like you? A self-conscious, insecure, weird girl like you? Exactly.

You sighed again, knowing you had no choice in the matter, and got up to find your bikini. You looked at the two piece set and groaned, knowing how fat you would look in it but pulled it on anyway to make Mahogany happy.

You put a tank top and shorts on over it before tying your long dirty blonde hair into a bun. You grabbed some sunnies and flip flops before meeting your best friend in the lobby. You both left the hotel, locking the door behind you, and taking Mag’s car to the beach where you were meeting the others as they were already in town.

When you arrived at the beach car park you could already see the boys car. Great. Everyone was already their but you two. You both hopped out of the car and were immediately greeted with hugs from the boys.

“Hey Carter,” you laughed giving him and Matt hugs. You then moved onto Nash with a bit of struggle since he was a lot taller than you but it didn’t matter. You also have hugs to Shawn, Jack and Jack, Taylor and Cameron.

“I get one too, right?” Aaron grinned and pulled you in for a warm hug.

You both held on for a few seconds longer than the others and you felt the same butterflies in your belly as you did the first time you both hugged. You snapped out of your daze and followed everyone as they walked down the beach to find a spot to set up. As soon as you got to an appropriate place all the boys immediately stripped off and Mahogany took off her shorts and top. You caught sight of Aaron’s body and mentally screamed. You quickly looked away from the heaven in which he was to prevent yourself from drooling.

“Come on (Y/N) ! Strip off already!” Matt ushered you as him and the other boys ran to the water. You laughed nervously and looked at Mag’s who was giving you encouraging looks. You took a deep breath and prepared yourself for a life time of embarrassment.

No one had ever seen you in a bikini before because you never really liked going to the beach so whenever they offered, you would always pass. You decided to get it out of the way and done with and tugged off your shirt and shorts. Your best friend gave you a proud grin before running off to the water aswell.

You felt eyes on your body and turned around to find Aaron behind you. He quickly looked away so you let it blow. You mustered up enough courage to grab his hand and tug him towards the water, running quickly. He laughed and stopped your pace but before you knew it he had chucked you over his shoulder effortlessly and returned to sprinting. You thumped on his back pathetically, screaming and laughing but not minding too much as you had a great view of his ass from where you were.

Soon enough you were in the water but it didn’t quite touch your head. You could hear everyone laughing as Aaron swung you slightly making you scream and cling onto his legs.

“Let me down Aaron!” you squealed as a wave almost hit your face. He laughed his beautiful laugh but you were too busy to internally melt.

“Okay,” you sighed in relief, “On one condition..” he continued cheekily making you groan. Classic Aaron, there’s always a catch.

“And what may that be?” you replied, dodging another wave.

He let out a nervous breath , “You go on a date with me.”

You gasped slightly, but your shock soon turned to happiness. He liked you back, he actually liked you back.
You held yourself back from screaming and bit your lip.

“I accept your condition, I definitely accept.”



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trashaf-deactivated20160826  asked:

IK THAT THIS ISNT MUCH BUT I LEGIT NEED A PARENT AU PREFERABLY H2OVANOSS but if you dont wanna i understand;) take your time ily :) ♥

Okay, so this may be a bit different than what you were expecting, but I hope you’ll like it anyway! I got a lot of my inspiration from the show Hawaii Five-O (and if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it). Also, this got a bit away from me. So without further ado, Protective-Dad!Jonathan and the hockey coach that wormed his way into their lives. Enjoy!

I Found Home

Jonathan hated his ex-wife; truly despised her. It wasn’t because of the divorce; although who gets married exactly six months after your divorce is finalized? Honestly. No, it was for the simple fact that she had moved completely across the country with her new husband and Jonathan’s little girl in tow.  

The two tried to keep the divorce as clean as they could, as to not subject their daughter to a grueling court case. And that was probably their first mistake-if you don’t include their lousy attempt at marriage- because despite the lack of lawyers and Jonathan’s agreed upon partial custody, Marissa still decided that it would be perfectly acceptable to make a decision to move his daughter without his consent.

So yes, he hated her. He considered getting lawyers involved this time around, but still hesitated because their daughter was eight; she understood the implications of divorce and Jonathan just didn’t want to subject her to any more pain.

And that was how he found himself packing up his shitty little apartment in North Carolina, and moving to an even shittier apartment in Los Angeles, if only to be closer to his daughter.

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When Your Heart Beats Next to Mine

ok hello um this isnt the most… professional??? of fics i guess. like its written almost like a diary entry i guess. and it kinda takes a while for the smut to happen SORRY (and even then its not a lot of smut). so its 2009 dan’s pov yh (thank u alison and emeleeta for looking at it and helping me not hate it!!)
warnings: sooorta grinding and some handjobs

Oh my God.

Oh… my God.

Oh my GOD.

Oh my Jesus motherfrickin’ Christ oh my God?!

Let me just tell you a little story. Or maybe a massive story. Either way, I think you’ll like it.

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Integration-- pt 1/7 [Homestuck, john/karkat]

Part 1, length: 2989 words

Author: codedredalert

On Ao3. Part 1, Part 2, Part 2 notes, Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5Part 6 , Part 7 (end)

Summary: The university that John Egbert attends recently decided that everyone staying in the dorm has to have a flatmate that’s not their species. Karkat Vantas has a lot of things to say about that. They share a home for three and a half years. Disasters were bound to happen sooner or later, right?

Warnings (this part specific): canon typical abusive language, interspecies relationships, one sided blackrom feelings, alternate universe-freeform, universitystuck

A/N: for crabapples97, my giftee in the ssjohnkat2014.

Hi! Super belated merry Christmas/ Happy New Year, sorry I took so long! This fic is 10k and growing, and I’m drowning in IRL things. I’ll just post it in parts on tumblr, and consolidate, edit and post on AO3 when I’m done if you prefer to wait. Also, this is red Johnkat endgame I swear. Ijustreallylikemyblackromimsorry. I’ll try to get part 2 up soon, but I can’t promise actual dates. I hope you like the fic though!



The inside of the apartment is dark except for the light streaming in behind you. There are two crescent slivers of reflective yellow at eye level. You squint and can just about make out a person standing just before the squareish room cut to a narrow corridor.

“Welcome, human,” the person growls. He’s got this low, rough voice that’s really interesting. He spreads his arms, and you see the movement, but can’t make out much else. He’s wearing black.

“Welcome,” he continued, “to the complete disaster that is the destined-to-fail exercise of forcing a nocturnal and diurnal species to cohabit the same premises on a functional schedule without killing each other. I am the unfortunate fucker designated as your co-sufferer. Merry fucking Christmas.”

“Hi Karkat,” you say. In the dark, the person shifts.

“What?” he says, suspiciously.

“That’s your name, right?” you ask rhetorically. You happened to see the log thing when you collected your keys, and you’re pretty sure you have it right. “Karkat Vantas. Or am I saying it wrong? Vantahs. Van-tass? Vantas-tic! Heheheh.”

Rrrrhhhstt, stop. No. Do not mangle my name with your ridiculous hopbeast teeth. Do not so much as fucking look in my direction, understand, human?”

“Wow, rude. My name’s John, not ‘human’. John Egbert, actually.”

“John human Egbert,” Karkat says flatly. “You overestimate how many fucks I give. I give approximately zero fucks. We stay in the same goddamn apartment because of the integration policy this schoolfeeding facility decided to ram up our wastechutes. We are not, and we will not become, human ‘friends’. At the end of our miserable two sweeps here, we will ideally part ways without so much as looking back. After four sweeps, I want to be able to say ‘who the fuck is John Egbert’ and you will not even recall in the vaguest the name ‘Karkat Vantas’. Are we clear?”

“Karkat?” you say, when you think he’s done. “No offence, but you’re a huge weirdo. Anyway, which room is mine?”

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wow this video gives me so much feels i had to let them out

if u love Kai,or Jongin,or his dancing,or his passion,just anything bout that wonderful boy , then spend sometimes to watch this video

the fans put so much effort into it and we get to look more into the person call Kim Jongin aka EXO’s Kai 

well since i have feels, guess i just gon do a reflect post on what i think bout him from the beginning till now,how i relate to him and how he inspire me and others.this gon be long and might be personal and boring for u so just ignore me lol

at 1st when i watch his very 1st teaser, i didnt rlly feel it. its not my style of dancing so whatever,i watched a few more and like some others,i kinda got annoyed when the other members r nowhere to be seen

i gave up halfway watching the teasers and that’s a big regret cuz i got into exo later and im like wtf did i think but yeah, i was among the crowd that joke bout getting old and having kids waiting for Exo lol 

then they debut,i watch them,every single thing from korea to china to thailand i had too much free time  and its not hard to see SM put the spotlight on Kai and highlight him more than others

i saw ppl complains and got mad and even hate the boy. i didnt hate him nor like him

to me, in the beginning he was too quiet. he was still getting used to the spotlight and the fame and the attention. he didnt adjust right away.he was shy and secluded,silent and closed up. he didnt open up much.he do his job on stage,being a charismatic dancer pulling his shirts licking his tongue thrusting his hips lol. but off stage he barely spoke and either  have that “scared/shy” look or sleepy lol

and i saw a fancam of him getting carried due to injuries, w sweat all over his  body and he cringed his face.then the fans shouted “dont get hurt” and he nodded w the slightest smile

i thought that was rlly precious :)

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Ok people prepare yourself for a rant.

Now I get it, you love that famous person. If you follow me, likelihood is, I love that famous person too. Notice a key word there PERSON. They’re a human like me and you (I usually joke about being human but I’m deadly serious atm, so all joking aside).

Dan Howell, he’s a great person isn’t he, he’s talented, beautiful and has a great personality. He chose to take videos of himself talking to a camera for a while for other people entertainment. For your entertainment. What do you do in return? Like his videos? Tell other people to watch them too? Comment on his videos? Retweet every tweet? Join him on every you now? Tip him so much every you now? Great! All those things are amazing, don’t stop!! But don’t take it too far. Dan is still human, he still has the right to privacy and freedom. He may laugh at some thing you post on Twitter and tumblr and in the comments of his videos to the camera but you don’t know what is happening inside, he could be hurting inside. You don’t know his actual emotions. See that hate you find sometimes? Yeah, they’ll all probably find that hate too.

Phil Lester? Yeah, well I see that many of you say he’s not as talented as Dan. Well if you say that please leave the Phandom. I’m not even kidding. If you hate on Phil, it hurts Dan. He even said so himself. Why would you hate on one person but love and adore and basically worship the person that they spend most of their time with. I’m surprised that either of them continue to put up with your shit. Phil Lester is underappreciated and I know you’ve all heard it so much but it’s so important that you realise this. Certain types of humour appeal to certain types of people. Just because Dan’s humour appeals to you more than Phil’s does doesn’t mean to say that Phil isnt talented in fact it means that he is talented you just dont appreaciate his talent and time and effort he puts into everything. And it doesn’t mean that Dan’s humour is more appreciate because a lot of people who subscribe to Phil won’t subscribe to dan because Dan’s humour isn’t their personal favourite type. So please stop and think before you post that hate. Phil is an extraordinary person and every time you give him hate, I want to pluck your eyes out more and more. So please don’t tempt me. Also if you devote a blog to dan and hate on Phil please leave. You may like Dan’s videos more but don’t give Phil hate.

5sos. I’m sure many of you have heard of them. Well a friend just sent me a picture of someone showing their concern for the group’s members over instagram. I see exactly where they’re coming from. You 5sos fans, fangirl over them ok fine. Do that. I’m a fangirl over them too. But don’t deprive them of their freedom. As I said with Dan and phil as well, each and every single one of the members of 5sos are people. They are all humans that deserve to be treated with respect. They became part of a band, knowing fine well that if they became famous then they’d have to give up a lot of what they had. But that doesn’t mean you take advantage of that. They gave up certain things to entertain us and hopefully make us happy at the same time as being happy themself. The least we can do in return is allow them to do simple things like walk down the street without getting screamed at by a bunch of crazed fans that look like they’d be better suited to live in a mental institute rather than on the streets waiting at every corner to see them. Look, I get it, you love them. So do I. And I ache inside knowing that I’ll probably never get to see them irl because of a bunch of fangirls who won’t leave them alone enough for them to be happy enough to meet their fans willingly and regularly and talk to us as though we’ve known each other for years.

Ok so I know you all have your different opinions on ash and his relationship with bryana and how loads of you hold a grudge against her because of something she did 4 years ago that most of the fandom don’t have a clue about but come on. Look at them together, she clearly makes ash happy, why Cant you lot just accept that he was able to get over this grudge (if it even exists) and maybe get over it yourself. Surely if she makes him happy, that should make you happy if you really love him that much.

And Luke well can you please just give him space. STOP SAYING THAT HES YOURS AND ONLY YOURS AND MEANINGN IT WITH EVERY OUNCE OF ENERGY THAT IS LEFT IN YOU. I know that I say that a famous person is my child but I know that that’s not true. And every person who actually knows me will also know that I just say that ironically. I do not feel like a certain person belongs to me. Once again, slavery was made illegal (quite rightfully) in the year 1833. You can not legally own someone. Even if you are actually married to them, you cannot say that they’re yours. You have no idea what that makes them feel like. For all you know that could make them feel worthless and as tho the only reason theyre in the position they are is to please you and that should never be the case. This is their life, not yours, let them be happy in the one life they have on earth. After all “yolo” right??

Michael. Srsly, yes he has interesting hair colours but that gives you no right to make fun of him because of it. His hair, his life, his decision. When your name is Michael Clifford and you are in 5sos and you have been Michael clifford your whole life, then you can comment on his hair and make little whitty remarks about it all you like.

And Cal. Stop saying that he’s sad and depressed and everything just because there was 0.000001 second of a concert that he didn’t smile. Tell me, do you always smile when you’re happy? If you’re being honest with everyone including yourself you know the answer to that is no. And anyway even if he isn’t happy 100% of the time, that’s totally ok. Sure, we’d all prefer he wasn’t ever sad but he’s still a human, he can be weak sometimes, like everyone else. So leave him be, let him have moments when he’s sad and needs to express it. Isn’t it society that says “don’t bottle it all up” after all?

Not only that. They’ve just given us all a new single and a music video for that single and they did a countdown every day on 5sos on the wall and all some people can do is complain and ask for more. Do you know what, they are human, like you and me, they get tired, they need rest. You may seem them as your knight in shining armour or your superhero but even knights and superheros need rest. Give them a break people.

Now ok, I get it, not all of you are like that, I know that a lot of you do give famous people the respect they are due but there are still people out there who don’t. I’m sorry for taking this out in you and I’m sorry for taking up room on your dash but please consider what you say about someone before you say it especially if it’s online because it can be so easy to find things about yourself online if you’re famous. Please be considerate. Thank you. Sorry again. Xx

Shawmila Duet Masterpost #2
  • So we killed camren and then shawmila duet happened and she killed the rest of her ships herself.
  • Sometimes i feel like camila has her own personal manager or something. The way she handles herself with the media and retweets all these hundreds of articles of her in one day. Either she has a personal manager or 5h manager is camilizer as fuck
  • It sucks for camila. She is clearly dying to get away from the group but she is forced to stay till a third album. Honestly after this shawmila song i wish she would leave right now. The girls deserve better, 4th harmony would be better without her.
  • camila gets a solo in a song with shawn mendes meanwhile dinah and lauren dont even get proper solos in their OWN album. Im done.
  • I dont think Theres anything the girls can do at this point to make the media and public acknowledge them. Media talks about camila, epic gives the solos to camila, camila has a duet. Seems like they will never be anything but mila’s shadows.
  • I’m ready for 4th Harmony if Camila is going to be like this to the people who were here from the beginning. Thanks for using us as stepping stones and being backstabber before the 2nd album even dropped. You could have waited until after number 3 (if there would have been one of course) at least. I honestly just feel used and I know it’s dumb but I voted for 5H on the X-Factor every week, not just Camila and it hurts that she’s just jumping ship like this.
  • camilas collab with Shawn is making me rlly angry. I’m not too big of a fan of 5h but if I was, I would be even more mad. she is a part of a GROUP and people in a GROUP don’t just go off with other artists. It should have been the whole group or none at all
  • I feel kind of bad for Camila now that she’s tweeting about IKWYDLS and all of the replies are drags omg.
  • Its like every move camila makes is carefully planned.I cant believe i felt sorry for her and her ‘im sad’ crap she had been giving us for months. Which led to what? Solo publicity and a duet with shawn. I cant believe how blind some of you are.
  • I don’t get why everyone is getting pissed over IKWYDLS. People can release solo things while in a group. The Eagles for example. This isn’t a new concept. Please realize this doesn’t mean 5H is breaking up.
  • Considering last summer’s tour, Shamila should have named the song…I know Who you did last summer. haha! However much you hate the idea of this duet and possibly Camz dating Shawn, he’s still 500x better than Dorito Mahone
  • Honestly I’ve just come to a point where I don’t even care what Camila does anymore. Like I still have love for her but she can do whatever shit she likes. If it don’t involve 5H as a whole (I repeat; 5H not 4H) then I couldn’t really give a crap. Meaning that I won’t be promoting this so called single or even acknowledging it.
  • I’m not going to make excuses for Camila. Groups often have very little control over their management and usually do what their told. If Camila was told to do this then she will. She won’t get a choice.
  • This is bad of me but I hope the general public sees Camila as a traitor. I wish them all the best in their solo careers but the fact that she’s doing something like this and they only have ONE successful single says something about the type of person she is.
  • Camila doing this duet with Shawn is not a form of disrespect to 5H. Camila is a singer songwriter. This is her art, just like Lauren likes to draw and do photography, and like Normani loves to dance. It’s a form of expression. Please stop being so dramatic. Remember, it’s not her causing drama, it’s all the fandom’s negativity that’s causing it.
  • When are Harmos gonna realize how selfish Camila is?
  • I think this duet will ruin 5H. The rest of the girls are gonna start to want to do solo music projects as well, lauren could do it with halsey,or mani could do it becky. Eventually they will stop caring about the group and last one or 2 albums.
  • Maybe the whole Normila “feud” started from the collab thing. I would have been pissed if the girl in my group the world sees as the ‘lead’ decided to do a song duet with another artist.
  • Now I know the reason why N and D were so distant with Mila. I guess when C might have told them that she is doing a duet with shawn they must hv told her that she shouldn’t do so or something and then guessing by how Mila has been nowadays she must have accused D and N of being hypocritical and must have said that if they can do solo projects then why can’t she. Thats probably the reason for all this
  • I hope from the bottom of my soul that Camila flops hard if she goes solo. As an hardcore harmonizer from the beginning, I honestly feel betrayed by her this whole year.
  • why do people even think C is gonna flop if she goes solo? She has so many connections now, they would all promote the hell out of her and even if her voice isnt super strong neither is Taylors or Selenas and they are still incredibly popular.
  • I believe that if the fans would have never had a favorite girl things would have played out differently. Since Camila is the most popular one and management obviously knows that, they are using her popularity for their best interest not necessarily the girls’ best interest. I don’t think they would care much if they were to split up I mean they’ll have more successful artists. So don’t put all the blame Camila and send her hate. NONE of the girls should get hate from their so called fans.
  • Zayn left One Direction on their Asian tour. Fifth Harmony is having Asian Tour negotiation. If the tour will push through, someone from 5H might leave the group too. *cough camila *cough
  • It blows my mind how smart camila is. She is becoming so good at this industry thing, she knows exactly what she is doing with the whole taylor swift attitude and 'im a victim’ attitude. She knew how to play us all(well, the majority anyways.)
  • The signs were all there since a year and a half ago even. Camila changed. She is in it for herself now. It’s a shame, when the band first started I adored her.
  • everything camila has done lately has been super insensitive towards the girls, and now this whole duet thing with shawn is a huge stab in the back to not only the girls but the fandom.
  • if camila doesn’t care anymore, then neither should we. if anything we should be spending our time admiring the girls that do want work hard to make a name for the group instead of for themselves.
  • Anyone know why Camila never travels with the girls anymore? Like the last time she was obviously filming the music video for the duet or something but even last year; all of them travel together without her. Does she not want to be with them or…??
  • Camila has been done with 5h. Look at the self promo of #IKWYDLS , none of the other girls are talking about it. I guess that’s what she got into the competition(X factor) for in the first place, to be a solo artist. Eh. I wish her well, I just hope our girls do just as well without her. I understand her being true to herself & what she wants, but it’s selfish. She’s in a group. #creativedifferences #sorrynotsorry
  • IKWYDLS is getting so much promo all of a sudden i am kind of upset
  • She already has all the solos in the group.I dont understand why she had the need to go and do a duet with shawn.I would have understood if dinah had done it cause she felt undrrappreciated by her record/managment or something. But camila? Camila????
  • Camila couldn’t have chosen a worse time for this or in her case, a better time. The girls are at their highest fame rn and are gaining more popularity WW and esp in the U.S., she is releasing a single that will ride the waves and she’s releasing it with someone who has a top 10 hit and who’s song is number 1 on pop radio. She’s good, but at what cost to her group mates?
  • Its funny to me that none of the girls who barely get solos were the ones to pull this on us.Dinah and Lauren could have had enough of the bs and do a ft. But the lead singer and face of 5H was the one to do so, as if she didnt have enough shine.
Preference #1: Snapchat

Harry: “Love, I need you,” a picture of the lower half of Harry’s face popped on the screen; him biting his lip, with his collarbones in view due to him being shirtless. You quickly got concerned not knowing what he means. Snapping a photo of you with furrowed brows with your bottom lip sticking out in a pout, the caption reading “ what do you mean? are you alright?” Almost immediately after pressing send, a new picture popped up from Harry. This time with the camera angle facing down, Harry’s shirtless torso in view, with a very visible bulge pressing against the material of his tight black jeans; no caption. “What do you want me to do to help you” you send back with wide eyes, biting your lip. “Send me something pretty baby, please” captioned a picture of Harry’s hand covering the bulge in, now in just his black boxers. So you sent him exactly that; causing Harry to be more than satisfied by the end of the conversation.

Louis: Three snapchats came from Louis, all about 5 minutes apart. The first of the three was a video of Liam doing something stupid to prank the band’s dressing room, Louis’s giggles filling the background. The second is of the crowd at the show that night, with a big neon sign right in the middle of the snap. The sign was a picture of you and Louis with the heart eye emoji printed all around the photo; his caption being “see even the fans love you like i do.” The final picture is of his smiley face, a caption reading “so mch fun 2nite sunshine wish u were there”–this one being your personal favorite of the three. A soft smile graced your face, swiping over to the front camera. With a view of your mouth and collarbones, shoulders adorned with Louis’s cream sweater. The grey bar across your neck reading, “wish i was there too lovey.” After pressing the send arrow, a bubble filled with light blue appeared next to his name, “look so cuddly in my sweater baby, but i wanna see your face.” 

Liam: A video of a sleepy Liam brightens up your phone screen, the time filter letting you know it was about 2am where he was. He was all cuddled up in a pile of the white hotel sheets and a duvet, his damp hair curling; a slow song was playing in the background of the video. The caption accompanying the video spelled out “turn up the volume”. You do as he says, pressing on the top side of the volume button. It was close the the end of the video when Liam finally speaks, “This song reminds me of you.” Then the video times out back to the main screen. After double tapping on his thread, the front camera turned on to you. Making a pouty face you snap the picture, captioning with heart emojis with an “i miss you” thrown in somewhere. After a screenshot notification popped up, another picture from Liam was sent; the grey box filled with heart emojis followed by “baby you’re so pretty.” You didn’t even bother replying, just opting for calling him instead, you wanted to hear about how that song reminded him if you. 

Zayn: “What do you think of this color ?” is the caption that accompanies a picture of Zayn with newly dyed silver hair, making his iconic “o” face. You took a picture of yourself, eyes widened, mouth open, a surprised face; typing out “i love it” throwing in heart eye emojis towards the end. Right after pressing send, you swipe back to the camera screen snapping another picture of yourself, the new caption reading “i thought you were getting it cut not colored again.” A few minutes later you got a reply. Zayn with a scrunchy-eyed grin popping up on your screen after double tapping on his name; the caption reading, “i did too, but then i saw the color”. You laughed at how cute Zayn was, but you could tell this was his way of expressing how free he felt. He now had the freedom to cut and color his hair whenever and however he wanted. Plus, it didn’t hurt that Zayn looked good with any haircut and any color.

Niall: A picture of a pouty Niall fills your screen after tapping on the red square next to his name. Neon blue tears were drawn underneath each eye with the caption “missin you !!” through the grey bar above his head. You would have cooed aloud if it weren’t for the group of people surrounding you in the club. As soon as the picture timed out another picture came through from Niall. This time it was of the empty space on your shared bed where you usually sleep, with the caption “when ya comin home ? need ya t sleep.” You smiled then double tapped on his name, opening up the front camera. Puckering up your red painted lips, you took a picture of yourself, captioning it with “soon xx”. As soon as you locked your phone and set it down on the table a new notification from Niall. This time it was to tell you that Niall had screenshotted your picture. Seconds later another buzz came from your phone telling you he was typing. You swiped open the conversation just as the text appeared on the screen “so pretty baby couldn’t help but save it.” That was when you decided that you were ready to go home, to be with him. 

this is my first time writing in a while, so i hope it isnt too bad. if my url looks familiar to you, its because you might have read my previous preferences. i had to delete awhile back but im back and im trying to build back up to what i had. sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, didnt proofread very well. anyway thanks for reading, and please request!