the video is very dark and red


Airglow waves. Do you you think our night sky is pitch black ? Have a look at this timelapse video. I captured it at Carnegie Las Campamas observatory. Those red waves are not clouds (!) - this is pretty intense airglow, which takes place in upper atmosphere. It’s very interesting to see how the waves move. While camera pans you will notice on the foreground both 6.5-m Magellan telescopes, as well as nicely setting Milky Way. I hope you’ll enjoy the view ! :) Music: “Airglow” by © Club 220

a long post about the message of the blurryface era

all the blurryface music videos (and heathens) seem to be pretty different from the rest but all of them have the same theme, which is that connection with friends is the best way to cope, and no one is really alone.

heathens/heavydirtysoul - these two music videos parallel each other closely as i talked about in my last post. both start with tyler in a dark and unfamiliar place. he is sad and withdrawn. then, he sees josh. josh is drumming furiously and doesn’t notice tyler. 

in both music videos tyler is represented by dark motifs (rooms, clothes, etc.) while josh’s motifs are glowing and bright. heathens - he’s drumming on a glowing box, which eventually becomes the stage on which he and tyler play. heavydirtysoul - his drums spark flames with every hit; they grow larger and eventually consume tyler as well. 

both videos reach a climax in which tyler and josh interact with each other for the first time. the light (heathens) and flame (hds) grows to a blinding maximum and the two are rocking out together. josh is no longer ignoring tyler. tyler is no longer withdrawn; he is interacting with josh and for the moment his anxiety is gone. it’s a release but it’s not a painful one. he is coping. 

and then in the end everything is back to normal - no yellow suit, no light, no flames. tyler is still there alone. blurryface is as present as ever. and the implication is that he has imagined josh. this is why josh didn’t notice tyler both times. he was merely an attempt for tyler to find someone to relate to. a cathartic figment of imagination. an imagination of light that tyler hasn’t found yet. 

and what these songs mean in relation to the videos is clear. “all my friends are heathens” - there are so many people here going through the same thing as me, and while the general public considers us freaks, we are all here together and ready to stay that way. “can you save my heavydirtysoul” - implies desperately trying to find a way out of the situation. imagining salvation so fervently that it manifests as almost reality. salvation, here, is josh and the flames. 

lane boy - this one is kind of similar to heathens and heavydirtysoul in that it starts with tyler, alone and contemplating, in the dark. but this time he’s worried about what he has done to become successful, and whether it’s good enough, and whether fame will change him and limit him. all these worries are new to the band, because they’re at the beginning of their rise to fame at this point. and in the video the dark road in the woods symbolizes that they’re in the dark and they’re being careful. stay low they say. 

and then they’re playing on a stage, and everything is forgotten, and they REFUSE to stay low. if you notice in the video the moment tyler sees josh on stage, that is the moment he breaks his silence and starts to dance. to me this video represents that even though not everyone in the crowd might like what the band is doing, and even though there are critics behind that stage and out in that world, being able to play in front of thousands, together, tyler and josh, is worth it. at the end of this video is the realization that having each other means much more than success. 

stressed out - i think this video illustrates the point the most obviously, but it does a great job handling the dichotomy between wanting to grow up and not wanting to grow up. obviously tyler and josh would rather hang out with each other, with no responsibilities, and make music without having to worry about how it is going to be received. and part of the music video is the deliberate denial of reality, and the fantasy of regressing into teenagerhood. but the last part? that’s the acknowledgement that they’re not always going to be kids and life will not be easy. tyler is walking down the street, alone, and without the backpack and the tricycle. this is a sign he’s maturing. and blurryface, he’s there too. i think that entire scene is representative of coming of age.

ride/fairly local - like heathens and heavydirtysoul, i think there’s strong evidence these videos parallel each other. both take place in an isolated location and make use of very polarized (no pun intended) environments. ride - the daytime and the nighttime. fairly local - the icy house and the red hallway. 

so in ride, i think it’s really important that the verses and the bridge take place at night. this is where tyler is doing all his worrying. he doesn’t know what his place in life is and what his relationship to others is. who would you live for, who would you die for, would you ever kill? he’s overanalyzing. he’s in the dark, both literally and metaphorically, about everything. and he doesn’t know where he stands with anyone. he can’t see. he’s wearing dark glasses at night. josh is nowhere to be seen. and then the chorus is where he lets up. he acknowledges that there is a lot to worry about and a lot to analyze over, but he can still enjoy his life. even though he’s hurling through the unfamiliar course of life he can still take the time to look at the things that he loves. and the light comes on, and he can look at the beauty that’s around him, and he can see that there are people and things that mean a lot to him even though he’s questioning it all. 

and then we have fairly local, where the majority of the video takes place in an icy house. the whole video seems very disconnected from the rest of the world. it’s freezing and desolate, both tyler and josh seem to ignore each other, and their demeanor is cold and apathetic. they’re trying very hard to remain unemotional, closed off, unable to see the damage they do to themselves and others. but that denial of their own feelings - that’s where blurryface manifests. he’s what’s causing their isolation, he’s there in the red hallway, changing into something darker and darker as tyler and josh continue to distance themselves.

and a thing i like about fairly local is that the quiet and desolate atmosphere of the video completely contradicts the lyrics of the song. “im fairly local, ive been around, ive seen the streets, youre walking down.” “the few, the proud, and the emotional.” he’s talking about the fanbase, and josh, and jenna, and everyone he’s been able to connect with. and the sense of group mentality and empathy are completely antithetical to the cold, quiet video that they represent breaking out of that atmosphere. 

tear in my heart - this one is an oddball. all the music videos from this era have the common thread of using human connection as a symbol of coping with blurryface. most videos choose to represent that with the relationship between tyler and josh, but this video uses tyler and jenna instead. i think the content of the video is pretty straightforward, and a lot of people have dived into this theory, but the scene in which jenna beats up tyler is important. a common interpretation is that this scene actually represents jenna beating up blurryface. blurryface doesn’t give up without a fight, of course. wrestling with such a character, such a deeply rooted part of your thoughts, is going to cause some distress. there is pain involved in battling your own mind, but the pain is a sign that you are able to fight, that you’re doing it. sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul. but it takes someone to come around and show you how. jenna and tyler’s love for each other is what gives tyler the power to challenge blurryface, but he won’t be able to do that without some pain involved. 

and now i think i understand why blurryface is the name of this strange part of everyone’s brain. the literal opposite of the word blurryface is of course clear face. as in being able to see people’s faces clearly. blurryface is the opposite of seeing people for who they truly are. blurryface is the opposite of joining people who are fighting the same battles as you and really connecting with them. the opposite of blurryface is friendship and truth, and we must always find comfort in the fact that we are not alone. there are always people out there for you. and that’s how you defeat a demon. 

Warner Bros. Animation is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its direct-to-video films featuring DC Comics’ heroes with a massive 30-film collection. The set will collect every movie from the past decade, from Superman: Doomsday, the very first film in the series, to the as yet unreleased Batman and Harley Quinn.


hi i really love colors and fallout new vegas so let me tell you fnv has great colors and anyone who says its boring sucks

the box and promotional art, with reds, dark bowns, and bright yellow. The start screen has a offset of a cool grey to show off a full moon, but its the same colors. The default UI is specifically a yellow, which every other game has as green. Its all correlated, nicely.

The game has this same color pallet throughout! with small variations like caves and vaults to bring you into a dungeon. The biggest outliner for it is Vegas, where theres a lot of clashing colors from the hotels different themes. it really feels like a Wizard of Oz experience, especially with House’s face being bright green and practically alien in the red, black, and white color scheme of Lucky 38.

Goodsprings is all light browns with wooden buildings with red paints. Primm uses dark browns, yellow lights. Novac has the bright red legion flags, the fires, more browns. The only times you see greens are for “alien” objects. Novac has Dinky, but even then it’s washed out to blend in and mesh with the mojave… compared to vault 22 with its bright green plants or vault 34’s radioactive waste puddles.

the biggest problem with the vanilla game is just the lighting. no its not natural at all, its very stylistic that makes everything yellowish. Video games have that issue trying to balance naturalistic and stylistic elements. but fnv has a really easy to read color language, with nice balances. even in the dlcs you get separate correlations! its awesome, i love the stylistic colors in each of them :D

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Hi Elise! Do you have any hcs on the Amis taking care of trans Enjolras when he gets his period and feels bad physically as well as dysphoric? Sorry that's so specific lol but I got mine today and I'm alone and feel awful :/ thanks!

I’m so sorry you have to go through this, periods are already awful as it is :/

  • Enjolras’ periods are usually pretty quiet except for the very first day, which pretty much annouces itself with a fanfare of cramps and exhaustion, which does nothing to put him in a good mood
  • Plus, everytime he buys pads, tampons and shit, of COURSE he’s checked in by some dude who looks at the products, then at him, then at the products again, maybe says something along the lines of “Sorry your girlfriend’s going to be a bitch this week”, and Enjolras is just too exhausted and DONE to go on a full spiel about misogyny, transphobia and generalized douchebaggery
  • For the longest time he refuses to believe the “chocolate helps with cramps” because he just sounds like something someone invented to justify period cravings, but Combeferre actually confirmed that yes, some of the componants could actually help.
  • So now they have an emergency cramp drawer full of dark chocolate bars and pain killers.
  • He was so bitter once he actually made a “If menstrual products ads were honest” video with Courfeyrac and Bahorel’s help. A lot of red dye was used. He ranted quite a lot, that made him feel better. Plus the video was quite successful and brought a lot of awareness to the topic.
  • When he feels very down and nauseous and just plain shitty, Joly and Bossuet come around and they watch vine compilations, because sometimes that’s all you can do, wait for it to be over. At least he’s got a great support team who know what he needs and how to help, that’s the main thing.


Actor taehyung is cold and tsundere and has a huge fanbase but how could he not being tall,tan and handsome but with tattoos and amazing acting skills and but here is beauty guru yoongi breaking gender roles with his long hair and beat makeup and sometimes he wears dresses and everyone is so blessed and one day at a event they both are attending yoongi slips on the stairs cause he is wearing a long stain dress and heels and falls into taehyung arms and it’s lowkey love a…….first site and people are lowkey shook because tae only friends are famous idol and dancer jikook and that is and yoongi is kind of a social butterfly and they tease everyone about their relationship and yoongi doing videos and all you here is this deep voice in the background and posts snapchats of tae gripping his thigh cause that is his rose tattoo on the back of his hand showing and postingon instagram someone sucking hickeys on his neck with some lovesick caption ab………. and is that taehyung new lavender hair…….


Taehyung is highkey greasy as fuck and flirty when Yoongi trips on his dress he manages to land in Taehyung’s arms and the first thing Taehyung does is smirk and let out a very playful “Looks like you fell for me.” followed by an eyebrow wiggle that makes Yoongi himself giggle. 

“I guess i did.” 

Yoongi bats his long lashes at Taehyung as the actor helps him stand up straight and when Taehyung looks he sees one of the straps on Yoongi’s heel;s have come loose so he bends down and fixes it but also lets his fingers brush against Yoongi’s leg pulling a loving shiver from the pretty pale boy. It just makes Taehyung look smug as fuck as everyone watches them because Yoongi is literally so fucking beautiful every SHOULD be looking at him. 

Taehyung pulls Yoongi closer to him once he stands back up straight and  keeps his arm wrapped firmly around Yoongi’s waist as they walk over to a table because he really can’t let this beautiful boy leave without getting his number. He’s a total gentleman pulling Yoongi’s chair out for him and leaving everyone shocked because Kim Taehyung is literally the most mysterious person ever yet there he is spoiling Min Yoongi of all people. 

That night ends with Yoongi leaving a bright red  kiss mark on Taehyung’s cheek and a paper with his number in Taehyung’s suit jacket. 

They don’t really mean to show off. Or at least Yoongi doesn’t mean too but it kind of happens. He’s very active on social media as that’s what got him his popularity so it’s normal for him to post on Snapchat and talk to his “babies” as he calls his fans. One day though, when he post, it’s a video and it’s dark outside but you can definitely see Yoongi’s thigh on display from the short shorts he’s wearing and the camera totally moves to show the tattooed hand gripping the leg his has on display before Yoongi lowers one of his own hands to interlock with the one holding his thigh and he laughs. 

“Aren’t my new nails pretty?” 


He also happens to post a new picture on instagram and like in the picture there’s shirtless guy with lavender hair SITTING against a bathroom counter and Yoongi is hugging him so his face is displayed in the mirror but the lavender haired guy’s isn’t and Yoongi has his fingers in the guy’s hair and the guy has his face buried in Yoongi’s neck and holding onto Yoongi’s hips. 

At first no one knows who it is but then a Taehyung fan notices the wings the guy has tattooed on his back match Taehyung’s and there are also scratches on the guy’s back and the closer people look they can see hickies on Yoongi’s shoulder and yeah the internet freaks the fuck out because TAEGI IS FUCKING IN FAM!!

Yoongi just captions the picture with a very cheeky “This kitty has claws.” because Yoongi is also known for his long nails. 

Taehyung too post from time to time and like everyone is seriously questioning what is going on between them so finally Taehyung shows up to an award show with Yoongi dressed damn sexy on his arm and like when a reporter ask what is happening between them Taehyung just smirks and grabs Yoongi’s ass and kisses him. Yoongi blushes but loves it like YASSS TAEHYUNG YASS BABY GRAB THAT ASS. 

They make headlines and Yoongi is a happy spoiled prince for his boyfriend~~

I'm not dating him

Request: YES (omg thank you for requesting I’m so excited!!)
Plot/prompt(s):“Please can I request an imagine :3 You are batman’s daughter and was Jason’s best friend from a young age who’s is batgirl and was trained before dick and who helped train them. After Jason ‘dies’ dick comforts her and they become really close and he develops strong feelings for her. When Jason becomes the Arkham Knight he realises he was in love with her and becomes jealous of dick. Please can it be set during the Arkham games.” -
@exodarkwolf16 Part two: Heyy :3 you can decide who the reader picks if you want to, thank you so much for taking my request :D

word count:1,337

pairing: Jason x reader, dick x sister reader, Bruce x daughter reader

warnings: jasons death, dying, lots of crying, fighting, I think that’s all

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Zarkon and Haggar headcanons plz

Zarkon has a lot of scars. His fur is really patchy and at this point he looks a little like an old shark, riddled with old injuries. His joints get stiff and sore when he’s in particularly cold environments. These are all traits he has never acknowledged or mentioned to anyone, but, shortly after this started to be a problem, his next suit of armor came back with reinforced, insulated joints designed to alleviate it. Haggar said nothing about it. 

He tends to spend long stretches of time in silence. If he’s not conferring with his subordinates or Haggar it’s not uncommon for him to go hours, sometimes days without speaking to anyone.

His primary hobby is stargazing. He used to have other ones.

Despite the size of his empire and the amount of resources at his disposal, his living quarters are rather humble. They’re sealed in such a manner as to be almost completely inaccessible to anyone besides him.

Haggar has been studying quintessence for most of her life. In her youth, she had a great reverence for the natural world and studied it in detail, trying to build devices that emulated it. Now, however, she believes more in harnessing and surpassing it. 

In contrast to Zarkon, she finds it benefits her thinking to explain her work, so she has a series of video logs (a very lengthy series considering how old she is) of her dictating her observations and theories on various topics.

Legally, she is not a member of the fleet, has no ranking title, and would be considered a civilian. The same can be said of the druids. Their reputation prevents anyone from even considering trying to enforce that though.

In her true form Haggar has dark skin and gold irises with a red flare in the pupil. Even resting, she prefers her galra appearance.

Considering how small she is compared to most galra and the silence of her tread (she wears soft shoes rather than the average soldier’s metallic boots) she’s very good at sneaking up on people. To say nothing of how she literally materializes out of thin air sometimes.

There is a slight, very very slim, chance that the whole Anti/Dr. S w/ Chase thing and the whole Dark and red man thing are connected. Jack is going to LA for a week to host that Disney thing, but like that doesn’t take a week, does it? Plus, it’s kind of suspicious that Mark’s video titles have been more, dark and stuff after Jack’s been doing that. And haven’t they been reposting things related to the egos? It’s also very coincidental that this is all happening around the time of the Disney D23, or whatever XD, which is in LA (I think).

I really hope they are connected and that we’re not just over reacting

for all the in-depth meta fandom does for “poor conflicted kylo” they always force the narrative to go backwards. kylo is shown to be somewhat conflicted by the beginning of the film by the call of the light. not enough to stop him from hurting people. either way by the end him KILLING han, his own FATHER, was very clearly intended to show that kylo is no longer conflicted by the light. he is quite literally at that point showered in red/darkness. what little blue/light was falling on him disappear. 

this is kylo fully embracing the darkness before coldly killing his father.  he does seem to be disappointed this did not magically make him stronger like in a video game where you gain hp or something. but he is not conflicted by what he is done, in fact even after being badly injured he them begins to hunt rey and finn down to KILL them. clearly not someone mourning. there is also the fact that at this point kylo knew the fo planned to destroy the base where his mother was. 

kylo ends the film defeated, true. but he also ends the film having fully destroyed what little hope for redemption he had or being able to go back, in my opinion. 

could they have a vader and have him be redeemed in the eyes of leia by sacrificing himself for her or something, maybe. but honestly i think like vader he will not be redeemed in the eyes of the rest of the universe. and frankly i don’t think he can be redeemed in the eyes of many fans, especially older ones. and i think the choice to kill han was done for this purpose. lucasfilm knew what they were doing. they knew having him kill one of the most beloved characters in the franchise’s history was something kylo could not come back from. 

kylo did what vader was unable to do. he did in fact surpass his grandfather. 

Late To Class (Part 3) [a Barry Allen AU]


WARNING: Smut (kinky)

Part 1 | Part 2

His muscles flex as he brings the fork up to his mouth, eyes squinting across the table. He still has his dark red tie strapped around his neck. You smirk, shawl lazily draped over your shoulders, just covering your breasts. “You know, kitten…” Barry purrs, swallowing his food as he stands from the chair, walking slowly towards you. A sly grin appears on his face; he crosses his arms over his naked chest, resting his ass on the corner of the table. “I’ve had a very long day at work…” he pouts, leaning closer to you.

A little gasp comes out of you when his hand tangles in your hair, pulling it harshly. Gazing up at him through lashes, you breathe heavy. “Do… do you want me to ease your stress?” you moan, pushing your plate down the table. Barry repositions himself in front of you, yanking you up by the hair.

“Please Y/N… Kitten…” he mewls, back arching as he leans against the brown wood table. You climb on top of him, ass placed comfortably on his thighs; black dress pants soon dropping to his knees. His dick hardens in his black boxer briefs, precum soaking the fabric slightly. “Kitten… I- ah… need you… right now…” he groans, tugging your hair once again.

The sheer shawl dips off your shoulders, hanging just above the small of your back, exposing your breasts. One of your hands wrap in his tie, yanking it forcefully, which makes his neck bend forward so his dark green eyes stare back at yours. He chokes a little, propping himself up on his elbows, mouth meeting yours. Lips attach to lips, sucking on each other, causing the skin to become red and puffy.

Your other hand runs up his abs, landing in his chestnut locks, making them messy. A deep moan escapes him and he bucks his hips upward, clothed cock hitting your center. “Barry!” you shout, eyes scrunching. He repeats the motion again and you gasp, hand flying to his tight boxers, pulling them down; his hard member slaps against his stomach. You breathe a heavy sigh, slowly sinking down on him. “Mr. Allen….”  you pant.

His hazel orbs grow dark and he tugs your hair roughly, grinning when you let out a blissful groan; music to his ears. He rams his hips up in you again, feeling your walls clench around him. “Ugh… Kitten…you feel…amazing around me…” Barry mutters, sweat dripping down his temples as your breasts touch his toned chest, teeth sinking in his pale flesh.

Skin slapping skin echoes through the apartment and his head thumps back against the table. A whimper struggles in his throat while your hips grind down on his. “I-… I’m close, kitten…” he whispers; brown hair damp with sweat. You hum in response, hearing your name fall from his lips as he empties himself in you. A loud scream leaves you and you pull his tie harshly, bouncing up and down.

“Mr. Allen…” you moan; a knot forming inside your stomach. His hips jut up again, hitting your g-spot perfectly, sending you over the edge. In seconds you cum, out of breath, landing on his sweaty chest. He swallows, fingers carding through your hair soothingly. “We’ll need to clean the table…” you mumble, pointer finger tracing his bicep.

“I’ll do it before I grade my papers.”

Fic: Voices Carry ch. 11

We had a nice week of peace in the last chapter of this story but now we’re jumping back into the action. Enjoy!

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Two weeks after Sara returned from S.T.A.R. Labs, she was nearly fully recovered from the bullet wound to the stomach she’d received from Malcolm Merlyn. She was off of the pain medication and Leonard was spending less time at her apartment — Avery was confused about why he wasn’t there to make breakfast with her anymore.

The day Merlyn’s plan went into action was a Friday. Avery didn’t have preschool on Fridays, and Sara wasn’t back at work yet, so she was enjoying spending time with her daughter.

Sara was sitting on the couch with a book and Avery curled by her side. She was having a quick snack before dinner and watching a Disney cartoon while she ate. Sara had long since tuned out the TV show — she was pretty sure Avery had seen this episode at least four or five times already, not that she remembered.

Hello Central City.”

Sara jumped, startled by the gravelly voice that had interrupted a princess song about kindness and love.

“Avery, go to your room,” Sara demanded. Avery’s eyes furrowed in confusion.

“What about my show?” she asked.

“It’s a commercial,” she said. She lifted Avery up off the couch and stood her on the floor, nudging her towards her bedroom. Avery shrugged and obediently left the living room.

Sara turned her attention back to the TV to see not an animated princess in a red dress, but a dark, dimly lit room. The video was obviously being filmed with a phone, and not a good one, because the quality was grainy and the man, his face covered by a black mask and hood, was very close to the camera.

“I apologize for interrupting your scheduled programming, but I figured you’d appreciate a spoiler about what comes next,” the man said. The electronic sound to the voice along with the manner of speech confirmed Sara’s suspicions. This was Malcolm Merlyn hidden behind a mask and a voice modulator, “In just over two hours, your city is going to be subject to the wrath of what I like to call a Markov device. What’s a Markov device, you might ask? It is a machine that can trigger an earthquake so powerful it will level your entire city. You have two hours to get your affairs in order before your entire city is brought to the ground.”

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Red Velvet’s Automatic MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the video from the official SMTown Youtube channel and a Wikipedia article. 

The Cult of Domesticity: I had a bit of trouble with this video, mostly because when I discussed it with my friends, they all had differing opinions and I haven’t really seen any theories come out of the fandom. I wouldn’t say there’s one definite interpretation for this video, there are a lot of different angles you can look at this from. And mine is this: they’re depressed housewives. I think the term “Cult of Domesticity” is pretty well known. It describes a period of time during the nineteenth century in Western cultures when women were defined by their roles in the home. Women were the “light of the home.” Simply domestics. Here’s a little excerpt from the Wikipedia page describing what was valued in wives during this time. 

In this video, we see Red Velvet in a dark set with changing domestic settings. The sets, hair, and clothing all have a vintage feel. The decor and food on the table as well recall a Western vibe. These factors give the vintage housewife, domestic vibe that coincide with the themes of the term “Cult of Domesticity.” 

I earlier said depressed housewives for the following reasons. The set itself is very dark, and the whole video has a moody, intoxicating vibe. It’s nearly dreamlike. The dark set contributes to this, as well as the presence of shadows throughout the video. But I think the biggest contributor to this mood is because of the continuous flow of the video. The whole set is fluid, with no corporeal thing. The girls flit in and out, the camera spinning as they arrive and depart. There’s no clear sense of anything and one action is continuously leading into another. Seulgi sits down on a couch and she’s suddenly at a dinner table. Joy twirls in the dance and she’s suddenly lying in bed. These mundane, everyday actions continuously flow into one another. They happen automatically, but without true animation. None of the girls look happy. They all wear solemn expressions and they don’t seem fully aware of their actions. It’s automatic but not natural. They’re trapped in the cycle of domestic life. As well, the camera angles and editing are a bit unconventional, and add to this anxiety and feel of unnaturalness.

The idea that women were trapped in the domestic sphere is one that would naturally lead to depression and longing for a freer time. In this case, we see black and white flashbacks, and at one point the video moves backwards. This hints at a longing to turn back time, to go back to a time when they were young and free and unchained. 

The video begins with a shot of Seulgi standing in the dark, the only light pouring in from the window she stares out of. In her hands is a plate of food. This first shot introduces two key elements. First, the use of light and shadow; second, the inclusion of domestic elements. The set is pitch black save for a small, illuminated section. This darkness not only creates a sense of unreality as the setting is no real place, but gives the video a moody effect. As well, this holds certain symbolism. Seulgi stands in darkness save for the light streaming in through the window. With such a dark setting, the use of light is important, and here it’s streaming in through the window. Seulgi, at this point of her life, is in darkness. She’s looking at something outside, something bright, something longed for, something that does not concern her. In the end, she turns away, carrying the plate of food with her.

The framing for this video is box-like, framed in black at the sides rather than at the top and bottom that’s more common. It constrains the scene, adds to the theme of feeling trapped. 

Before going to the table where the other members are, she initially sits down on a leather couch in a setting with piles of books. It recalls an antique study. This isn’t traditionally a place where you’d imagine having a meal, and it creates a contrast between the two. Seulgi, with that food, should not be in the academic setting. The two sides are incongruent. A woman cannot be a homemaker and a scholar simultaneously, according to the ideology of this time. 

Seulgi leans forward, placing the plate of food on the table that has suddenly appeared. Again, one action turns into another, always flowing. The flowing nature of the video not only helps to achieve this sense of mindless action but also represents the flow of time. Stuck in this life, time marches on, wasting their youth. 

A shadow passes overhead, and the study setting disappears, leaving us with the other members at the table. Throughout the video, you can see a shadow passing over them, used mainly as a transitional technique. This use of shadow contributes to the flowing nature of the video and as well adds to the dark mood of the video as a shadow passing over is nearly always ominous and a cause for anxiety. 

The food on the table is mainly Western dishes like pasta, salad, and loaves of bread, which again ties into this specific brand of domesticity we’re seeing. As is well known, housewives are traditionally expected to prepare all of the food in the home, and this abundance of food is very well a reference to that. 

In typical traditional Red Velvet fashion, they’re seated around a table. I discussed this a bit in my Dumb Dumb post, saying that this basically serves to show all of Red Velvet as unified. They’re gathered together but no one talks. It evokes power because it implies that when they’re gathered together they don’t need words to communicate. Their bond is so strong that they already know each other’s experiences. After the One of These Nights release, this motif is only made more powerful. 

In the context of the video, this gathering around table shows shared experience of longing. They are all the victims of the same trap and they all share the same desire for time to move backwards. 

Seulgi rises from the table and stops at a bathroom setting. There’s a mirror and sink. The glass of the mirror is kind of dingy, just like the window Seulgi stares out of in the beginning of the video. Contrast the two scenes. Gazing out of the window is looking outward, but looking in the mirror denotes introspection. One concerns longing and the other the actual, present circumstance. 

She turns on the faucet and the water flows into the sink in slow motion. Even though the water runs, Seulgi doesn’t wash her hands. She’s inattentive. It’s as if she did it reflexively, robotically, unaware of the actual action. She’s not engaged in the moment. She’s on automatic. 

The angle changes and we see the other side of the mirror, and we see that it’s a two-way mirror. On one side a mirror, on the other it functions as a window, playing with the boundary between introspection and extrospection. The line between the desired outcome and the present circumstance is blurred.

During the dance scenes, their shadows fall in front of them. The source of light is behind them. This suggests that there are darker times still ahead, with all good times behind. 

Yeri moves to this study setting. She wears a white lace dress and a rosary hangs around her neck. Her young age and white dress suggest purity, while the rosary indicates piety. It’s a clearly academic setting, but she neither sits at the desk or reads any of the books. She simply stands in the midst of it all. Though she is surrounded by opportunity, she does not engage in it, just as women were not expected to be educated in order to run the home. 

Yeri removes a book from the bookcase and light pours in the room and falls across her face. This recalls the opening scene where the light comes in from the window, hitting Seulgi. It’s something bright and longed for. We see that the source of this light is a car. This car is the first setting within the video that isn’t a home setting. The car represents a break from that. A car is something that can take you far away from home. The lights streaming and the car represent this longing to escape. 

Just in case you didn’t notice, their debut date is printed on the license plate. Just a cute little detail. 

Lights flash inside the car. Irene looks ahead determinedly as if focused on the task of driving. Wendy looks out the window as if admiring scenery. Wind even blows Seulgi’s hair as she leans out the window. Footage of a bridge is projected on the walls, but the car isn’t moving. Despite the efforts to escape, they’re just as trapped as before. 

Black and white clips of Joy and Wendy dancing in the headlights play. The black and white indicates that this is a memory. Their smiles tell us that it’s a happy one. The nature of the escape their car represents takes on a new meaning here, as the car is linked with these old happy memories, these images of youth. The car is not only supposed to take them far away, but is meant to transport them back to a time where they could dance and smile and be carefree. 

Joy twirls and transitions into a shot of her lying in bed, alone. This is perhaps the most explicit scene of depression. Her face is hidden as she lies in bed, not even accepting the comfort of a blanket. 

Joy walks up a set of stairs, another shot with red lighting showing her descending, leading to a club scene. 

In the midst of the crow, Wendy stands still. She’s in the club but she doesn’t dance. In efforts to escape, she comes to a place where youth and dancing are expected. See here that the frame begins to expand, losing its constraints. But Wendy isn’t dancing and she’s not smiling and the lighting is red. This scene is a different one than desired. It does not resemble the carefree scene of dancing in the headlights. This lacks all the innocence of youth and all the intimacy of friendship present in that memory. Though they try to regain carefree days, it cannot be fully regained. Something will always be a little off. And this scene triggers something. The video begins to move backward. We see flashes of Joy in bed, and Yeri at the bookcase. 

We see shots of Yeri between two black curtains, and red light behind her. She looks panicked, disoriented, trapped. In trying to regain youth, they gain something more malignant, this red light instead of white. Instead of the video moving backward to show that the past is attainable, it shows regret. They had wanted to go back to the time of youth but now that they have something that resembles it but doesn’t, they want to go back to what they had in their homes. With the flashes of the earlier scenes in the video, they flail desperately to go back to the start.  

We see Seulgi at the mirror and faucet again. The water moves backwards, back up into the faucet. Seulgi sits back down at the table.

The video ends with Seulgi at the window again. While trapped in the present, you cannot regain the past. Longing for it and seeking it out will only lead to regret, and it will only lead right back to where you started. They could not go back to a time of youth and freedom, only back far enough to when they first longed for it. If the video were to play again from this point, the same events from the video would play again. It doesn’t occur to them to move forward into the future and so it becomes a cycle. This is what longing for the past achieves: automatic, but unnatural living. Going through the same motions in life over and over again but not truly being present. One action turning into another, endlessly living the same day over again and not noticing because it’s not this day you care about, but one lived out long ago.

[Fic][Request] Fell for You in a Snap

Thank you for the prompt! I’m sorry this took so long (like months, lmfao). It didn’t turn out as YouTube-y as I would’ve liked, but this one gave me so much trouble, creatively. (Hence the additional prompt)

Edit: You can read this now on AO3!

Title: Fell for You in a Snap
Prompts: see above; plus this one from @otpprompts
Genre: Snapchat/YouTube AU, Fluff
Word Count: 3523
Warning: drinking, swearing
Summary: Jimin wonders if their attraction was only good for 24 hours.

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A long time ago an anon asked me about Drarry Youtuber AU and I just couldn’t resist ;w; (sorry it took so long, I haven’t been able to draw with my tablet for  AGES omg)

I just have to say: give me aLL THE AUs!!!! I bet Harry and Draco upload videos insulting each other (though very subtly) until they finally meet in person. Then, they just make collaborations and flirt with each other shamelessly :>

anonymous asked:

i always think of mc4 when i play so can i request rfa + v and unknown reacting to mc being brown skinned and what yhey think about it?

Okay, I’m white, so I hope I did this justice. Please let me know if anything I wrote is offensive! I love all skin tones and body types so I put a bit of how I would also react in here (by that I mean Jaehee being rlly into MC and dying)

~Admin MP

  • They would all think MC is beautiful no matter what
  • Yoosung likes comparing their skin colors and laughing at how pale he is 
  • When MC teases him, “it’s because you stay inside playing video games all the time!” he just pouts and sticks his tongue out but gives MC a huge hug
  • When they play videogames together, Yoosung gets pissed off on their behalf if there’s not very good options for characters with dark skin or if there’s a lot of white people in the game
  • Jumin doesn’t even realize at first jfc
  • Then he’s like “…oh. Your skin color is quite lovely.” 
  • When MC’s cheeks turn a dark red he’s transfixed and he’s like, “holy fuck mom”
  • Of course, when MC complains about not being able to find makeup that actually compliments their skin tone, he freaks the fuck out and tries to find companies especially for people with darker skin
  • Zen always likes to joke about how him and MC are opposites
  • Because he’s pale af, has white hair and red eyes
  • And MC is pretty much the opposite 
  • So he jokes about how he’s MC’s evil twin (Please we don’t need anymore “evil” twins Zen)
  • Seven is like, “I already knew?? Like?”
  • But he does think MC is very very gorgeous and asks them how tattoos would look on their skin
  • I feel like he would make them do those fucking gold foil temporary tattoos with him and he’s like “THEY LOOK SO COOL ON YOUR SKIN”
  • RIP Jaehee b/c she is very into MC and very deceased because of this
  • But she’s also very protective and if anyone ever says anything bad, she would be ready to reck someone’s ass
  • V would ask MC to describe themselves and when they say that they have brown skin, he would just smile 
  • “You sound beautiful, MC.”
  • Then he would ask MC to guide his hands along their face and skin so that he can feel what they look like (RIP MC who is blushing so hard)
  • Saeran would, kind of like Jumin, not notice at first
  • But someone would mention it and he’s like “oh. right. yeah. that’s different from me.”
  • Though he loves the way MC’s skin looks with neon clothing tbh
  • It just makes the clothing pop more and they look so aesthetically pleasing!!
  • They are all very protective, and like Jaehee, if anyone was ever an asshole to MC, here comes the MC Protection Squad

A crap quality video of some of the birds seen around my home. I was totally obsessing over the baby Cooper’s Hawk. And I had first sighted the Oriole before spotting the White-tailed Kite but got it on video later. Both were very important to me for I had been chasing the Hooded Oriole for over three years(I cried over that damn bird) And I had not seen a White-tailed Kite in over four.

Music: Ib Soundtrack Memory

All videos are mine.

Birds seen in order:

Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk: Oak Park

White-tailed Kite: Paradise Ridge Winery

California Quail: Paradise Ridge Winery

Hooded Oriole: Paradise Ridge Winery

A very young Chestnut-backed Chickadee: My Backyard

Violet-green Swallow: Spring Lake

Mallards: Lake Ralphine

Canada Geese and Violet-green Swallows: Spring Lake

White-breasted Nuthatch: My Backyard

Purple Finch: My Backyard

Red-winged Blackbird: Spring Lake

Turkey Vulture: On My Street

Yellow-rumped Warbler: My Backyard

Western Bluebird and Dark-eyed Junco: On My Street

Young Western Screech-Owl: My Backyard

Acorn Woodpecker: My Backyard

Anna’s Hummingbird: My Backyard

American Crows: On My Street

Leaked (Reader Insert x Audrey Jensen)

This is my take on some else (the reader) kissing Audrey in the video that got leaked.

I would also like to tell people I take requests. Not just on scream, but many other shows and movies. I’ll post a full list soon!

Warnings: some cussing and kissing. Nothing else really besides this being written on my phone. Any strange words or anything can thank autocorrect 😂.


I can’t believe this is happening? What did we do to deserve this? We were quiet about our relationship for a reason and now someone (Nina) had to post a video of us making out in Audrey’s car. Who gave them the right? This is our personal lives, but you know nothing is personal in a small town, right?

“Are you ok?” Asked a concerned Audrey for the umpteenth time.

I gave her my bravest face and grabbed her soft hand in mine, “I’ll be fine. What about you Aud?”

She looked at me for a moment with her gorgeous eyes. Dark hair framing her face wonderfully. Her red leather jacket fit her nicely. Much better than how my lose fit cropped top as my sleeve kept annoyingly falling off in this very important conversation.

“I don’t regret the video (y/n). I mean do not get me wrong, not the way I would like the student body finding out we are dating, but it’s nice to know I won’t have to act like you are just another one of Nina’s followers,” she told me honestly grabbing my hand.

I began to bounce my knee up and down nervously on the porch step at the mere mention of Nina and my friends.

“Yeah, I think Nina leaking that video was my pink slip being handed to me saying ‘bye bitch’,” I told her with a weak smile. She frowned at me.

“She was never a true friend to you and you know that. Besides Noah will welcome you to our twosome with open arms.”

I hugged her and she pulled me into her lap. How did I get so entirely lucky?
I felt a kiss on my neck and one on my jawbone before her lips met mine. My mind went hazy as I began to kiss back. My hands wove themselves in her hair as I straddled her lap. Her hands found my bare waist (thank you cropped top) and held me steady. I felt her tongue swipe my bottom lip for entrance when I pulled back breathless.

“We still have school Audrey. But trust me I want nothing more than to continue this,” I told her nestling my head into her neck for emphasis. I felt her nod and I got off her lap and began the walk to my car.

“Where are you going?” Audrey asked me with a smirk.

“To my car?” I said puzzled.

“Um (y/n), you are riding with me. No hiding today,” Audrey said grabbing my hand and leading me to her car. I quickly pecked her lips and got into the vehicle.
School. Everyone’s worst nightmare on a normal day. This should be fun. I got out of the car and huffed in annoyance as I already saw eyes drifting towards me. I rolled my eyes at a few passerbyers that started to giggle as I felt a hand grab mine. I looked up a bit to catch Aud’s gaze and saw a look of determination and a bit of a “no shits given” stare as she gave me a quick kiss. I smiled and squeezed her hand as we entered the school to find Noah. When I was with Audrey the looks and laughter didn’t matter. She did, no one else. Not Nina or my so called “friends”, only Audrey and I am completely ok with that.

Foof the bunny wandered through the dark red halls of BLOOD DUNGEON. Today she was out for a thievery. she was a thief. Not a very good one mind you, but one nonetheless. What the young bunny Foof lacked in cunning, dexterity, or any sneaky skills she made up for in determination, endurance, and a high pain tolerance! Foof’s average method of stealing was to barge into somewhere full tilt, stuffing her signature sack at a break neck pace while simply taking any punishment that was sent her way from the property’s original owners.

It was on this day however Foof decided to tackle the dreaded and scary FAIRY DOOR! A mystical magic door from which behind it is said to dwell some okay loot. The door was famous, infamous even, for those entering not returning the same way they went in. Our little bunbun might have bitten off a bit more than they could chew with this one…

Don’t worry, she heals well. :3

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Fandom: HWU

Ship: Hunt/MC but it’s only hinted, you can definitely read it without that.

Rating: K

A/N: No excuses. The writing is mediocre. It’s very crack-ish. BUT IT WAS SO TEMPTING. Let me know if you think it’s funny, I suppose.

“This week’s lesson,” Professor Hunt said as the last of his students settled into their seats, “is on musical improvisation.”

There was a collective groan. By the third quarter, most of Hunt’s students were looking forward to specializing. The directors and fashionistas wanted to spend more time behind the camera, and the movie stars in front of it. Few of them had any interest in music. One budding pop star towards the back cheered halfheartedly.

“Stop complaining,” Hunt snapped, his back to the class as he scribbled improv on the blackboard. “It’s an important skill for more than just theatre. Award shows, for example, sometimes require you to improvise, and often musically.”

He threw the chalk back onto the ledge in front of the backboard, where it clattered around in protest for a second or two before falling silent. “Now then. Before you can improvise your own lyrics, you have to be comfortable singing at a moment’s notice.”

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