the video is so badass

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Playlist for running? (Only if it's not too much trouble 💙) -Pietro

no trouble at all dude

@pietromemeimoff‘s Playlist

Man on the Run - Bush (Lyrics) (Warm-up music. BECAUSE STRETCHING IS IMPORTANT, DAMMIT)

Didn’t See It Coming” - Parachute 

Shot Me Down” - David Guetta & Skylar Grey (okay so the verses are kinda slow but chorus… bit… thing… is awesome. ALSO THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS SO BADASS YAYTRO OMG)

“Stayin’ Alive” - The BeeGees

Chariots of Fire” - Vangelis (Cool-down music. Because it’s slow and majestic and stuff)


Haha so badass!
This video is screaming for a funny caption! Let’s hear yours!

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I was kind of a show-off kid. Like, I liked to come home after school and make videos, and bring all my friends home from school, and be silly in front of the camera, and make my mom film all of us being silly in front of the camera. x


Watch Tae @ 2:57 slide his hand across Kookie’s back, as Kook sings “I need your love”, and then cry, because feels