the video is really shitty quality ok

convincing people to start watching rvb is the most difficult thing ever like:

“how long is it?”

“13 seasons”

“what? I’m not watching that it’s going to take forever!”

“nononono they have super short episode every season is like movie length”

“ok…what the hell is this format is it some kind of video game? the quality is kinda shitty”

“it’s machinima and yes it’s a bit shitty but that’s because it’s old it get’s better I promise”

“so I watched the first few episode and this show is really stupid”

“no look it starts out like a dumb comedy but it gains plot and actual story arcs later and it’s going to be totally worth it I promise”

“idk I just don’t see how this could go for 13 seasons and still be interesting.”

and then I have to restrain myself from showing them clips from newer seasons in hopes that it’ll convince them and then I cry forever.