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The first week of season four is over, so I just wanted to wish my best girl luck with the rest of her season.

Why I’m not okay with the pewdiepie thing

As a jewish person, I don’t care if pewdiepie is not actually anti-semitic. I don’t care if it was just a joke, I don’t care if it was “out of context” on the media. It doesn’t matter. It’s worse enough with the context.

The guy has 50 million subscribers, you don’t put that kind of message and laugh it off. You don’t help normalizing this kind of stuff. It’s fucked up.

There is an ENDLESS LIST of stupid funny shit you can have them write on that sign, was “death to all jews” really necessary? 

Death to all jews it’s not just some thing people said 70 years ago - No, we actually get it a lot. There are probably people out there who watch this video and smile because here is their stupid fucking radical opinion on a popular video. (the daily stormer actually calls him “our guy”). 

This sentence is not supposed to look like a joke to you, or something that can be used for a stupid meme. Please don’t be forgiving towards anti Semitic remarks while Antisemitism is clearly alive and well.

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Don't you find it ironic that Mark ask us to respect Felix even though Felix never showed us (Jewish People) any respect? I get where he is coming from but I'm sick of seeing Mark being held as some kind of messiah in the fandom.

No, I don’t find it ironic. See, it doesn’t matter how a person treats you, words are words. Standing up and being the better person is more important than falling to their level, or below, and slinging insults, stripping away their humanity over a joke. Felix did not mean to have his joke interpretted the way he did. A joke does not equal how you actually feel. Watch his video. Take away your biases for a moment and watch the video.

I see it like “Oh i’m gonna drink bleach” or “oh, you stupid little shit, i’m gonna kill you”. You don’t take those jokes seriously. And with that, seeing how there are legitimately disgusting people following Felix, that doesn’t matter, either. You are not your followers. People I disagree with followed me before I spoke out. People Felix disagree with may have left, too after he openly told them to fuck off.

Taking words to heart is bullshit in my opinion. You give meaning to those words. You allow people to speak and allow them to dig themselves their own graves. I am a free speech absolutist. I will defend ANYONE’S right to speak as long as they aren’t making bomb threats, or other threats of the sort. What Felix did was not that, simply something to point out how ridiculous those sites were. 

Censoring language is more oppressive and dictorial than allowing someone to speak. Personally, as someone with Jewish people in my family, I couldn’t give a single shit what Felix said because I’m not thin skinned and I know he didn’t truly believe in what he was saying. Dark humor is dark humor. You hate it or you love it. And censoring what people find funny is bullshit. Humor can be a way to cope, and a joke does not equal what you truly feel. Ie) Dead baby jokes.  Disney had every right to drop him, though it’s bullshit that all that hard work was lost.

Friend, I think Mark had a point. Despite this being a Markiplier blog and me kinda focusing on him everyday, I’m able to step back and realize his faults. Analyze the whole situation. People deserve to be treated civily and with respect, no matter what comes out of their mouth, again, as long as it isn’t a threat. You need to step away from this super sensitive, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings for a second and realize, that that is only causing more hatred.

We cannot fight hate with hate. We need to stand up and be bigger people, friend. Sinking down and allowing anger to control us does not make us better. We better this world by showing kindness and respect to people, even if they spit the worst of venom. What I’m seeing is hate being combated with hate, and more hate being produced. This battle is dividing us, friend. Please, take a look around at the world. How divided and hostile we’ve become towards each other. I’ve been in the center of politics for years now, and I’ve watched things be torn apart.

You don’t have to like a person, you can even hate them, to respect them and treat them like another fellow human. This isn’t about Felix right now. But people you see as your enemy, see themselves making the world a better place. They are not set out to destroy this planet. They aren’t sitting, petting a cat and twirling their mustache.

Until this site learns to treat people in a civil and respectful manner, we will only further divide and increase this tension with one another. Spreading hate over meaningless things. We don’t have long on this planet, and worrying about being victims instead of being survivors and working with each other will get us nowhere.

Are you fucking kidding me Keemstar?

After this conversation between Jack and Keem”star”

He still posted this fucking video?!

“I’ll cover your thoughts after the video” yeah because if you would do that now your video would be even more shitty.

Jack never backstabbed anyone and he is the only person on the world who I’m sure wouldn’t ever do that.

But Keem you stated several times only today how much you hated Jack, his community and you seem to love using stupid insults for everyone. Well, I guess we can’t call it backstabbing when you do this, because you need friends to backstab.

If you never heard about Keemstar, this gives a pretty nice overview of what kind of person he is.

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so...a Victuuri version of that Adam Scott, Mark Hamill clip needs to happen y/y?

“38.7 million views in 24 hours. Do you know what that means? You beat Adele. You beat the Avengers. You beat that Psy video where he wears harem pants and pushes people off treadmills. You are in a very exclusive club, my friend.”

The audience laughs, and Yuuri should laugh too, but Kerry Washington’s skin is perfect and he can’t stop staring. And her teeth are so white that they don’t even look like teeth. It’s like when he was writing his thesis and spent so much time staring at the opening sentence of the discussion section that he had to check four times to make sure he spelled “the” right. There’s a name for that sort of brain malfunction, but hell if he knows what it is. 

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bibbymoynihan: When I was a kid would tape the audio of SNL of the TV and listen to it on the bus. At the 40th I was the Land Shark. I remember watching the Mothers Day Special and seeing Chris Farley and his Mom and saying to my Mom “Maybe one day we will do that?”. Two years ago she stood next to Reese Witherspoon and I on home base. 9 years and 193 episodes ago I met Lorne Michaels and some of the most amazingly kind and talented people in the world. Last night, Kenan Thompson, Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin and Pete Davidson carried me off that stage for the last time as a cast member. The fifth longest cast member of all time. I’m very proud of that and my time there. I am a huge fan of SNL. Always have. Always will be. Endless thanks to the best and most hard working cast and crew in television. I love them so much it’s stupid. So glad I got to share a final episode with friends @vanessabayer and @thesheertruth Thanks to @ucbtny Without you I would not feel like the luckiest boy in the world today. Thanks @nbcsnl I will miss you more than you know. Thank you for all the kind words. I’m gonna live for ev…..

I’m ugly crying there was this stupid video on my dash about how humans are herbivores and the video was like “HUMANS HAVE SMALL MOUTHS! SO DO HERBIVORES! THEREFORE HUMANS ARE HERBIVORES”

What kind of horrible lapse in logic is that ajsjsjsjsjsjsjs hippopotamuses are herbivores and have the widest mouth angle in the world and some predators have small mouths did you know anteaters are predators? Look at those tiny ass mouths.

If you’re going to attempt to defend the “humans are herbivores” argument AT LEAST use something based in factual science and not your uneducated observational guessing

1. It’ll get tough. Really fucking tough. You already knew that. But that’s life, accept it. Put away the books for an hour, drink some tea, cuddle your pets, stare at the ceiling, watch some Youtube videos, and then finish your homework.

2. There will be a lot of days where you wanna quit or can’t get out of bed. Don’t call in sick and don’t drop out. You can do this, you can survive this year like all the others.

3. Enjoy learning new things. Knowledge is power, knowledge is sexy.

4. Don’t pay attention to others, you are here for you, nobody really pays attention to others anyway.

5. Be nice to teachers and help fellow students. Kindness makes life so much easier.

6. ASK THINGS. Ask the most stupid questions and ask the hardest. Just ask anything you want to know. Teachers think you’re dumb? Fuck them. Students laugh at you? Fuck them. YOU need to pass that class and YOU need that degree.

7. Make your lunch the evening before if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Breakfast helps you start up your day. If you don’t have time to eat at home, make some for in class.

8. Go to bed early. A good night’s rest is everything. It’ll make getting out of bed a lot easier.

9. Always carry a water bottle with you. ALWAYS.

10. Take a deep fucking breath. It’s all going to be okay. Take a few steps back and look at your situation with a clear view. Realize how far you’ve come already. Be proud of yourself. Celebrate small victories. You are doing okay.

—  10 steps on how to survive another year of school. // pt. 2
The boys discussing trying VR at Uruha’s house (Rajigaze 3/31)

Reita (in the middle of answering a mail): OH LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT THING!!!!

Ruki: (giggling) Huh? You’re changing the subject? 

Reita: Recently at Uruha-kun’s house….we all got a taste of the VR, did we not????

(Aoi chucklin)

Reita: WELL???HOW WAS IT?????

Ruki: It was amazing.

Kai: It really was~ 

Aoi: It was amazing.

Reita: …It was amazing


Uruha: Add something!! Ur the one who wanted to talk about it!!

Reita: No but it really was amazing!!!

Ruki: Reita’s reaction was the grossest. 

Uruha: Yeah it was pretty gross. 

Reita: Man my knees were shaking! 

Uruha: Which one did we do – oh, “Kitchen,” right? It was like this free trial version of the Biohazard game that you can download. And like, it just starts right away as soon as you put it on, no introduction or anything – I was like, wh, what is this..!?

Reita: Like you start off sitting in a chair and your hands are bound, right? And then this guy comes up and tries to cut the handcuffs off for you, but I thought he was attacking me!!! I was like WUAAUGUHAAAAHAH!!! this is the one Reita was playing poor bby

Ruki: But even then, you know it’s just a game, right?! But like, this guy is acting like it’s really happening to him, like, AAAUAGUH!!!AAAAAHAHHHHHH!!!!!

(everyone laughing) 

Uruha: For real tho u should be in a commercial for VR!

Reita: But you know what was so unfair? Aoi would have been WAY more scared, but he just took it off right away! 

Aoi: I did the one with the trolley, right? 

Reita: Yeah, the trolley one. 

Uruha: That one was scary. this is the one Aoi “played”

Reita: He totally would have been the most scared and his reaction would have been the funniest, but he just took it off…

Aoi: Well I would have pissed myself.

(everyone laughing) 

Reita: But yeah, it was really amazing. I had no idea they had that kind of technology.

Aoi: Right!?

Reita: You just look so….bad, wearing that thing.

Ruki: That and, when you’re watching the reaction…it’s scary

Reita: And Uruha took a video of me without telling me, and then he sent it to me on Line later…I was like man I looked that stupid huh !!! 

(everyone laughing)

Uruha: But man like after 5 ojisans had used that thing it was all greasy

(everyone dying) 


Uruha: Greasy.

Aoi: Don’t say that smfh

Ruki: Rei-chan was sweating so much


Uruha: [the screen] was cloudy…

(everyone laughing) 

Bruh, Mark’s video made me so uncomfortable. He didn’t even acknowledge that Felix dehumanized US. The way he says “felix is NOT an anti-semite” almost sounds like he thinks we’re ridiculous for thinking there’s even a possibility that he is. He’s joking, DUH, lighten up. Sorry not sorry man, but as a jewish person, I am very wary of goyim making jokes about Jews. One doesn’t have to consciously, proudly be racist/anti-semitic to say racist and anti-semitic stuff. I know I can say dumb racist shit that I hadn’t even considered might be fucked up but when it’s pointed out to me I apologize and learn. 

“I’m not even defending the jokes that he made, because even he has apologized for them” alright but you’re also not saying that you believe he went too far, that his jokes were inappropriate, or something like that? That would have been nice and made me trust in Mark’s reaction more. Felix is hurting, and I feel for him a little because being a dumbass doesn’t warrant death threats and “go kill urself”, but also? We are hurting??? Mark doesn’t seem to acknowledge that we’re hurt???? Also his whole intense, pissed demeanor is just off-putting but that’s my own hangup about men talking, and I won’t tone police him. Mark buddy I know you’re trying but you didn’t handle this well. 

But Seán, oh man, his video was comforting to me. l felt that he cared that people, not just Felix, were hurt. He was calm and kind and ready to be like “yo I love this guy but he did something stupid and had to face the repercussions, and tbh that’s fair. Let’s all grow from this.” Thank you, Seán.

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i think that dan deep down knew that the banana thing was fake but he still did it and played along with it for the video. thoughts? (like cmon he may be gullible but he ain't stupid)

yaaaa i think he knew something was up with that, but he wanted to sort of see what phil had planned. i don’t think he expected it would end in getting the banana peel shoved down his shirt lmao!!! and it’s so cute that he kind of wanted phil to have his pranking moment regardless of the end result (in the same way that he def knew that the gummy bears phil was giving him with a camera in his face were def going to be a prank of some sort but ate them anyway to give his babe that Quality Content) 

I have seen that stupid bowerbird “lemme smash” video ten times today so here’s a winteriron take on it. No-powers wingfic ahoy!

Bowerbird Bucky is a total fuckboy. He will sleep with any woman who allows it. He spends a lot of his free time trying to woo women. Steve said that Bucky had always been like that. He was kind of amazed that there was a word for it though, and equally amazed that it suited his friend so well. Bucky tried to flirt with Natasha but she shut that down immediately because ugh.

Enter Tony, her painfully awkward peacock friend and boss. (I’m never letting this peacock thing die.) He’d only ever been with women but then he met Bucky and fell head over heels before he could even try to stop himself. Natasha was super apologetic. “If I’d known, I would have stopped you.” It wouldn’t be a problem, usually; he’d probably just flash his wings and strut around like he’d always done for women and then get turned down (maybe even politely). But… Bucky was never looking at him. He was always looking at the tawny feathers of women instead.

It got… difficult as time went on. It hurt whenever Bucky left the bar with a pretty woman on his arm, or stepped out of parties with friends with benefits (apparently of which he had many), or even strutted out of the ritzy parties that Tony threw with women that he loathed and only dealt with for the company’s sake. It seemed like anytime he wanted to talk to Bucky in a social situation, Tony ceased to exist except for as a wingman or to dish out details on the ladies he knew. Steve insisted that Bucky also slept with men but it was hard to believe when Bucky always left with someone with bland coloring.

So Tony, impulsively stupid as ever, went to the salon that had helped him when he got back from Afghanistan previously and had his wings made tawnier, if only to get Bucky to look at him. (”A pity,” one of the stylists sighed, frowning at him. He swallowed down the shame. He knew he was pathetic.)

It took three days for anyone to notice. Well, not the media, of course, the media was freaking the fuck out. And Pepper and Rhodey knew of course, because they’d called him as soon as the news broke, yelling questions. But the rest of his friends? Never said a word.

Not until Bucky suddenly squinted at Tony’s wings for five whole minutes before blurting out, “Holy shit, did you dye your feathers?”

And with everyone’s eyes suddenly on him, Tony could only paste his paparazzi smile on and said, “Yeah! Do you like it?” As if he wasn’t sweating and trembling with nerves.

Bruce, Sam, and Clint hurriedly made general noises of agreement because they were always quicker on the uptake. Steve just stared at him, brows furrowed together in confusion. Natasha’s mouth was hanging open, and she looked a terrifying mixture of aghast and angry.

Bucky frowned, giving his wings another once-over. “No, not really.”

“That’s probably because you’re not used to it yet,” Clint blurted out, thankfully drawing Bucky’s attention away from Tony’s face before he could see how hurt he was. “It’s new and different now so you’ll probably like it when you’re used to it.”

“I doubt it.”

Tony felt a pair of hands wrap around one of his own, small and soft, but incredibly strong.

“How long does the dye last, Tony?” Natasha asked, giving his hand a squeeze.

The laugh that burst out of him was strangled and he didn’t even try and fix it. “It’s, uh, it’s permanent. So until I molt.”

Natasha looked quietly devastated even as she said, “They did a really good job, Tony. It looks nice.”

“Thanks,” Tony huffed out, smiling, because if he didn’t he’d cry instead.

Then he started avoiding his friends, because he was so pathetic he’d changed his feathers hoping Bucky would like it, and he hadn’t, and now they all knew what a total loser he was.

It wasn’t until he found Natasha standing in his living room a week later that he broke down. “Why doesn’t he like me?”

Natasha opened her mouth, then closed it again. “…I don’t know, Tony.”

“He didn’t even like the–I thought he’d–He’s always leaving with–” He stopped, took a few deep breaths. “…I’m pathetic.”

“You’re not pathetic,” Natasha replied viciously, reaching out to grab his hands.

“He’s obviously not interested,” Tony said, miserable. “But I keep trying to get his attention anyway. I even dyed my feathers because that’s the color he likes the most. I’m a creep.

Natasha gave his hands a squeeze. “You’re not a creep! You’re just… awkward. But we’ve been working on that! You’re making progress.”

Tony wondered what he must have done in a past life to be lucky enough to have Natasha as his personal assistant. “Now everyone knows what a big fucking loser I am.”

“You’re not a loser,” she insisted, trying very hard to keep the anger out of her voice. “It’ll be okay, Tony. You’ll get through this.”

Tony stared down at his feet, socked toes curling into the carpet. “…I don’t want to make it awkward for you and your friends.”

“Tony, they’re your friends, too.” Natasha wanted to throw something. Possibly Tony. But Pepper had informed her that that was natural. “It’s not gonna be awkward.”

“I should wait until I get most of my color back anyway,” Tony continued, ignoring her. “I don’t want– …Bucky didn’t like it.”

Natasha looked at his crumpling face and decided then and there that she was going to kick Bucky’s ass for being such a self-absorbed fuckboy. It was one thing to be oblivious (especially since Tony’s wooing skills were in the extreme ranges of painfully subtle and outrageously flagrant, and he was too afraid to fuck up his relationships with his other friends to be ridiculously obvious), but it was entirely another to have someone’s affections go so far over their head that they told them ‘nah I don’t really like it’ when it was so obvious that–that–

…That Tony just wanted to make him happy, even if he had to change parts of himself to do it.

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youtubers au? (also i love and appreciate you)

Percy goes to aquariums and does voice over soap operas with music and everything and they’re so weirdly popular even though he just does it cause Piper went to the aquarium with him one day and told him he should record it 

Leo forces his neighbor Frank to do a mythbusters type series of videos and they’re mostly just Leo accidentally blowing stuff up while Frank holds a fire extinguisher and shrieks when things go Boom– the video of theirs that goes viral involved an air bag and Frank screaming for Leo’s mom who comes in and starts yelling at Leo in Spanish while Frank calls his mom in the background 

Piper does a fake MTV Cribs episode of her dad’s LA house and says there’s just all kinds of stupid rooms like a ballpit room and a bounce house room and then she’s like “my dad calls this room his personal play ground and I’m not allowed in there” and his publicist nearly goes into shock which Piper thinks is just the funniest shit of all time 

“we’re moving out” is honestly the better coming out video

For years now, some of the best, wildest, most moving or revealing stories we’ve been telling ourselves have come not from books, movies or TV, but from video games. So we’re running an occasional series, Reading The Game, in which we take a look at some of these games from a literary perspective. This week: A storytelling failure.

On a crag of volcanic rock, overlooking the wastes of Udun, I crouch silently in the rain, watching the orc hordes of Mordor milling around below me.

They march and they argue. They taunt their human slaves and, when they pass close enough, I can hear them talking about me — Talion, called Gravewalker, murdered Captain of Gondor brought back to life by magic and the influence of my mostly-invisible elf/wraith buddy, Celebrimbor, who is a ghost that lives in my head.

They fear me, these orcs. As they should. Thirty or so hours into the game and I am a Middle Earth murder machine, capable of slowing time, teleporting, exploding orc heads with my magical elf powers. I can orchestrate a ballet of death — by dagger, by sword, by bow and explosion and poison and mind-control — that is as ferocious as it is beautiful.

But instead, I sit still, watching, waiting. In the distance, my nemesis (my current nemesis, the one who hates me most for this ten minutes) walks in stupid circles, just out of my sight. His name is Malmug Face-Stabber. Or something like that. I forget exactly what he’s called, because I have already hung so many of his kind on the end of my sword that they all blend together. He is Malmug The Plot Device, really. And as I sit and wait I wonder why the makers of Shadow Of Mordor didn’t include a button that would make Talion sigh.

I am bored out of my elf-inhabited mind.

Reading The Game: Shadow Of Mordor

Photo: Marian Carrasquero/NPR

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A monster that licks Popes? It's astounding that you have 475 pages of data on something with such awfully specific criteria!


FIRST THING the Pope Lick Monster is actually named after POPE LICK CREEK in Metro Louisville, Kentucky, and the POPE LICK TRESTLE, the 90ft tall railroad bridge the creature is purported to live under. This is the bridge!! First is 1904, second is TODAY (well, okay, 2011.)

The Pope family were REALLY BIG in 19th century Kentucky, and the best info we have suggests that the creek was named after JOHN POPE, the third territorial governor of Arkansas! He had one arm and three wives (not at the same time.) But this ISN’T ABOUT HIM. Also the trestle passes over a little river, or ‘lick,’ so that’s the best lead we have on the origins of the name!

People say the Pope Lick Monster has the upper body of a REALLY PALE guy with wide-set eyes and goat horns, and the legs of a goat. Or a sheep! They say it’s an escaped circus freak or a farmer who sacrificed his goats to SATAN, or maybe a human-goat hybrid (which is biologically impossible for a whole bunch of reasons including the fact that humans have 46 chromosomes and goats have 60 but okay.) It’s supposed to lure people out onto the trestle and then force them to leap to their deaths, or drop right off the bridge and land on cars passing underneath on Pope Lick Road. Other versions claim it has a giant rusty axe, or that it holds people down on the traintracks until they get run over! They say it can imitate a train whistle, it wails and screams, and it might have HYPNOTIC POWERS.


This is where things get kinda frustrating because it’s an urban legend so there’s a whole lot of ‘People say…’ and ‘It is said that…’ and I’m like, WHO SAID THAT. WHEN. WHAT’S THEIR EMAIL BC I HAVE QUESTIONS.

Um, okay, what we do know. We have a lot of anecdotal evidence dating back to the 1940s about the Pope Lick Goatman or Monster or Sheepman. Several sources say an entire Boy Scout troupe in the 50s/60s camped out near the trestle and were attacked in the middle of the night by a hairy creature that shrieked and threw rocks at them and may or may not have just been a really antisocial naked hobo guy, but I can’t find any information other than a bunch of people saying it happened, so, again, legend. We have claims of cattle mutilations and sightings of the monster leaping across the road in front of cars, and Weird Kentucky cites a guy called Doug Oller who says his grandfather saw a ‘screaming devil jumping a fence, grabbing two full-grown pigs and jumping off with them.’

Unfortunately none of the 17 Doug or Douglas Ollers in the Metro-Louiseville phonebooks are taking my calls anymore, so I can’t substantiate that claim yet.

Here’s where things get SERIOUS. The trestle is 772ft long, and at least 4 people have died trying to cross it. In 1987 Jack Bahm, 17, and David Bryant, 19, tried to cross the bridge. Bahm was killed on impact with the train and Bryant jumped, dying later of his injuries. In 2000 Nicholas Jewell, 19, died in a fall from the trestle trying to avoid the train. In 2016 Roquel Bain, 26, climbed out onto the bridge specifically LOOKING for the Pope Lick monster and got hit by the train AND fell off the bridge. People say the monster lures monster hunters and thrill-seeking teenagers out onto the bridge with its TELEPATHIC powers, but it seems like most of the time the only thing that tempts people into climbing onto the bridge is the LEGEND ITSELF. Kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy, I guess. The fact is, Pope Lick Monster or no Pope Lick Monster, the trestle is too long to escape if you’re surprised by a train.

So… YEAH. Actual demon haunting backwoods Kentucky? Scary hobo guy throwing rocks at Boy Scouts? Lethal yet non-paranormal psychological trap?? IMPROBABLY GROSS GENETIC MUTATION? We JUST DON’T KNOW. Since the 1980s the base of the trestle is protected by an 8-foot fence and a ton of ‘DANGER’ and ‘KEEP OUT’ signs but, come on, when has that ever stopped dedicated monster hunters? Or teenagers. The answer is NEVER, I should know because I’M BOTH.

There was an independent movie, ‘The Legend Of The Pope Lick Monster’ and a stage play/film, ‘The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek.’ The monster even has its own Facebook page. And THIS SHIRT, which I kind of NEED.

If you want the full 190 minute video presentation with slides that I originally made for my Youtube channel, PM me. I just need to make sure you’re not going to share it with anyone who’s going to speed up my voice so I sound like a crazy chipmunk and put stupid circus music over it, because that’s a precaution I need to take, apparently.

10 Signs an Introvert Likes you (1/10)

Summary: Bucky wasn’t the type of guy to show his feelings and neither were you the one to notice subtle things, until you come across this video. A guidence that may help you discover rather The Winter Soldier likes you or not. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 982

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Warnings: None, just cursing and FLUFF. 

A/N: So, I found this video here and the idea crossed my mind, it (ALMOST) will be a drabble series, because sometimes I was write too much, sorry not sorry. It won’t have any angst or something like that. Just fluff and comedy. Hope you enjoy! <3 

Masterlist of the Series

Originally posted by seabasschino

“Oh, please, Natasha. Cut it, already!”

“Y/N, I’m going to punch you in the face, why can’t you just accept that Barnes is totally in love with you?” Hushing her with your hand, you felt your cheeks getting hotter as she cocked her brows at you.

“He’s not, fuckin hell!” Rolling her eyes and continuing to follow you to your room, she hissed, already getting tired to try to convince you

“You’re so oblivious that it hurts me.”

“He hasn’t showed any signs, Nat.”

“It’s Barnes; he can’t even start a conversation with all of us in the room. What do you expect, huh? That he raise a fucking signpost at dinner, with neon-shining letters saying ‘I’m totally in love with you’?”

“Well, maybe not with neon-shining letters, but–”

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

“So am I, Natasha. Just because I told you that I have a little crush on him, that doesn’t mean you have to join us together, okay? Now, good night.” Closing the door behind you and leaning on it, you couldn’t help but to think ‘what if?’

Yeah, he hadn’t shown anything that indicated that he liked you, but it could happen, right?

Sighing, you prepared yourself to sleep. Slipping in your pajamas, you kept thinking about Bucky and his actions. They weren’t flirty or even a little bit malicious, he wasn’t the kind of person that would normally let people in, and that kept you awake for half an hour.

Huffing in annoyance, you grabbed your laptop and entered Youtube, maybe watching some videos would make you sleepy again.

As if the destiny – and the internet – were laughing at your face, the first video on your recommended had the title: 10 Signs an Introvert Likes you.

Looking around the room to make sure no one saw you clicking the video, you plugged your earphones while mumbling that it was something stupid to do

“Well, it won’t kill anyone…” Inhaling sharply, you pressed play just to hear a sweet voice starting to talk.

The four types of introverts can be – vaguely - described by the traits: “Social”, “thinking”, “anxious” and “restrained”.

Social Introverts: The belief that a social introvert dislike socialization, is false. Rather, they prefer to socialize in small groups of people they feel compatibly with and comfortable around, such as close friends or their family circles. Thus, they are not exactly shy or reserved.

Thinking Introverts: These are people that remain introverts in their thinking process, causing them to be more thoughtful and self-reflective.

Anxious Introverts: Anxious Introverts prefer to be alone because they feel uncomfortable or unsuitable during social gatherings, as they are not confident about their social skills, consequently, they are likely to choose solitude, but sometimes even solitude may not reduce their anxiety.

Restrained Introverts: These are people who take time into everything they do, rather is socializing or springing up an action. They may seem slow, since they think more carefully before they speak or act and are more passive nature, than the active types.”

The video was already able to catch your attention and you couldn’t help but to place Bucky into the Social and Restrained introverts. Remembering all those times he seemed to be with the gears of his brain working to start a generic conversation with anyone outside his small circles of friends – You, Steve and him, basically –. You still couldn’t believe that he let you enter the duet.

So how do you know rather an introverts likes you or not?”

“You use your telepathic powers?” Giggling at your own joke, you listened to what the woman was saying.

One: Making the first move – Generally, introverts don’t make the first move in social contexts. But, if you find that an introvert is actively making an effort to talk to you, or making a gesture to grab your attention, you can bet he/she likes you.

“Sure.” The sarcastic mumble got out as you tried to remember any time Bucky had done that, and for your surprise, he did.

It was your third week in the tower, you weren’t the quiet type of person. You liked to talk, laugh, hug and kiss, however, you would always respect others boundaries and always knew who wanted to talk or not.

Bucky was on the ‘not’ sector, so you would respect his wishes and wouldn’t start a conversation when he didn’t seemed to be on his best mood, that was basically, everyday; Until one breakfast.

You yawned as you sat on his flesh arm side, pulling a bowl and grabbing your cereal. Obviously, you didn’t expect for him to start a conversation with you, since he never did.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Snapping your eyes at him in surprise, you saw he had a shy smile on his lips and that his cheeks were a little pink. 

“Morning, Bucky.” 

“Huh… Is sunny today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you know, I love sunny days. However, I also like cloudy days, because I can be crawled under my cushions, watching a silly movie while drinking something hot.” His smile widen with you bubbling, he liked that about you, especially on the start, since he wasn’t one to talk, yet. “Do you like sunny days?”

“Huhum, it’s a perfect day to read a book outside.” He moved his hand and shrugged his shoulders, subconsciously grabbing your attention

“Hmm, would you like to read something on the garden, with me?” The moment you finished your sentence and saw him backing down his eyes at the bowl, you regretted, thinking you may had pushed him too much. “I’m sorry, you must have something else to do-”

“I’d love to.” Surprised and satisfied with his answer, the smile popped out of you as you turned your face at your breakfast again.


“He just made a comment and I was the one to babble… Yeah, just a coincidence, that’s all.” 

Or wasn’t?

Pidge headcanons

Hey so @vodka-aunt-coran you’ve inspired me so here’s some more Pidge headcanons that were bouncing around in my head-hole last night when I should have been sleeping:

-She experiments and explores in very odd ways. She is frequently found licking things, touching things, repeating certain motions/sounds just to see why they’re happening (a panel somewhere makes a squeaky noise every time it opens and she could probably just oil it to make it stop but instead she drives everyone up the wall squeaking it because she wants to know exactly why it’s making that noise before she does anything).

-A conversation that definitely happened one day: “Pidge, why are you missing an entire sleeve?” “I ripped it off.” “Why?” “There was a hole in it and it was bugging me.”

-She makes lists for every. Little. Thing. Even the most arbitrary things, because it helps her organize what’s in her brain.

-She has a terrible filter and also teenage hormones and also a brain going 500 miles an hour at all times so she can be known to say something hurtful on accident (no one is immune and she feels terrible afterwards; has been known to sulk for hours after apologizing).

-Member of Team “Smoothies Totally Count As Food It’s Just Blended Food.” Opposite Hunk, who says it can’t be food if it’s liquid and he is wrong.

-Did someone say team bonding? She and Hunk have that whole “totally ignoring each other while still enjoying each other’s company” thing going on. Sometimes they talk, share theories and tricks and tips on stuff, but a lot of the time they’re just chilling out and it’s nice.

-She and Lance make pillow/blanket forts and they have conversations about their families in there. They eat sugary snacks and watch stupid videos that Pidge managed to find in her files or just floating out there in the spacewaves. They laugh a lot. She downloads music for him to listen to at night whenever she can.

-Shiro is the one who makes her feel most at home, though, mainly because of how close he was to her father and brother. He kind of knows her, and is sort of a big brother in his own right. She feels helpless around him, because she thinks about how much he hurts almost more than anyone, and she doesn’t always know how to help.

-Keith is actually the one she understands the least, at least at the beginning, but that’s because they’re strangely a lot alike. Pidge tries to think a little before she acts, but they’re both largely impatient and single-minded in their focus. More than anyone, he understands her feeling of helplessness. After a while, they start talking and sharing their feelings, something neither of them is all that god at in general, but maybe the fact that they both understand that takes the pressure off.

-She visits and talks to Allura more often after Allura loses her father’s AI. Allura is definitely more into the dresses and tea party stuff, or was a lot more, when she was younger; she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a little disappointed when Pidge turned out not to be that interested in pretty clothes, but they still bond. Pidge looks up to Allura, wants to have that strength. And okay, maybe Pidge does get into tea parties with the mice…just a little bit. She’s not “girly” per se, but once in a while it’s nice to hang out with Allura and just feel like a girl.

-Coran, as we all know, is the literal best. He encourages all of Pidge’s questions and has the stories to match them all. Gives her little projects whenever she’s bored. Also does his best to learn about humans and their culture, so he has a little more insight into Pidge herself and what she likes to do.

-I am 100% down for Jewish Pidge (but I am not Jewish and my knowledge comes from Google and the smattering of stories I’ve gotten from various Jewish friends I’ve had literally since elementary school, so do call me out if I say anything inaccurate or offensive). She feels she probably didn’t go to temple as often as she should have back on Earth, but she does pray when she can, and you bet your butt she knows Hebrew like the back of her hand (she needs to be included in all the language stuff that gets tossed around for the others, yes please). Absolutely there are Channukah sweaters and as close to a menorah as she can get whenever they can figure out the holidays up in space–which gets tricky for everyone, but it’s worth the effort. Hunk tries to make latkes for her in some fashion, too. And matzoh ball soup. (That one is a little easier.) Credit to @commandocoran for making me fall in love with this headcanon!

-Elephants are her favorite animal. Unrelated to peanuts. She just thinks they’re cute, especially as babies.

sleepy-savior  asked:

Anita Sarceesian is basically like the shitty extreme left activist of Video games, pretty much the same kind of person as Jack Thompson. She thinks that feminism in video games means every female is like her, with absolutely no sexual traits at all because that's sexist misogyny designed by males for males. She constantly makes false claims about video games and steals clips of other peoples gameplay for her videos. -

(cont) -She does stupid things like call out games for being designed by males when they weren’t, and completely misrepresenting entire themes. Example, she claimed Bayonetta was designed by men based off the character designs, when it was designed and written by a female, who based the designs on her version of a perfect, empowered woman. And Anita completely lied about what the plot is, like not only did she definitely not play it, she didn’t even read a proper synopsis.


I see.

Kyungsoo touched Jongin’s face during Growl performance theory.

A video posted by @kkaisoo on Jan 10, 2016 at 2:58am PST

This is the video that I’m going to talk about.

Before you continue, I’ll remind you that shit is about to get delusional and there’ll be shit ton of cussing and me being a sarcastic bitch, while I’m at it everything that I’ll say here is not a fact although I think it is facts and everything that I’ll say here is my opinions. Thank you!

…After watching this video for 4896374 times I am left with hundreds of questions. When I saw this of course I fucking shit my asshole and I had a meantal breakdown. Some of my questions are, what was Jongin’s face during that time? Other members, how did they react? What happened next? Was Jongin annoyed? What happened after the performance? 

This video is only 13 fucking seconds and it’s not enough to satisfy my delusional brain and it doesn’t help that I’m skeptical, I always fucking question things and here I am writing my theory. As I said, this video is too short for my liking so I went to YouTube and searched for different angles of this performance as much as I can. Downloaded them all, made them into gifs, and boom, a theory was born.

Let’s start with Kyungsoo and Minseok mischievously smiling at each other right before Kyungsoo’s verse started.

Alright, this is an angle where we could see Kyungsoo smile no sHit.  You see that smile? This bitch is hiding something. I can fucking smell it Do Kyungsoo. Now, let’s look at and angle where we could see Minseok smiling back at him.

It’s a little blurry but you can survive. In the first set of gifs you could clearly see Minseok smile but people will shit on my head and they’ll be doubtful. So here I am, showing you a different angle. Their smiles were the one that lead me to question this whole thing. Those smiles are usually the kind of smiles that friends exchange with each other when they planned stupid shit. I don’t know about you but that is how I smile at my friend when we indeed planned something.

You could just tell me that they’re just casually smiling at each other but since I’m a fucking trash this is not normal and you can’t tell me what to do. And so I investigated and investigated, and investigated…

And it lead me to another point.

Plenty of people just simply watched this video and screamed their head off not even curious what Jongin did/looked like when Kyungsoo was touching him. If you’re curious (which I thought you would be because you’re reading this post) then here is what he looked like during those times:





I’m not even going to forget to mention that he glanced at Kyungsoo two times during this gifs period. Go back and see for yourself. And I’m not even going to forget that he was breathing hard and did you see the way he tenses up? HELLO? Someone help this horny child out of his blazer please.

He can’t even look at Kyungsoo when he was touching him. I wonder how many rounds did they fuck that night? 1? 2? 9? 3598750?

Jongin was probably eye fucking Kyungsoo at that time after he touched him. He always eye fucks him anyways.

God, I’m such a trash.

ANYWAYS, it looks like Jongin pushed Kyungsoo arm or smth but it all depends on the angle, and this angle is all we have so you’ll have to judge for your own good:

Personally, I think Jongin did push Kyungsoo’s arm slightly, because if I were in Jongin’s position I would’ve too even though I love like Kyungsoo’s palm on my cheek. Why would I do that if I were in Jongin’s shoes? Well, I think I would want it to be less obvious. I’m gonna start a new paragraph to explain this thoroughly.

Maybe Jongin wanted to make it a little less obvious. But that is not fucking working because he took off his blazer looking horny as hell and I think that is a dumbest move he ever made in his whole life if he were trying to make it less obvious. If he was trying to make it less obvious he already failed from the fucking start because as I said, he took off that blazer looking hot as hell and there’s no way he can make it less obvious when their friends literally did the same action Kyungsoo did to him seconds ago. IMHO, I think Kyungsoo is tired of being subtle touches and hiding all the time. He did this because he knows people will think it’s all for fans to see, all for fans to like/love, all for fan service. But there’s something inside of me that thinks that is not true. I think he did it on purpose to rile Jongin up. 

Wow, that’s a nice prompt for anyone to write a Kaisoo smut on. ;)

Moving along, when Kaisoo was happening the rest of the members were turned to the back and some of them were staring at the screen, right? So I decided to take a closer looks at the members when Kaisoo was happening.

The member’s positions if you are curious.

This is Chanyeol, the member who doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to get off the stage. Personally, I think he’s used to it. Like he didn’t even move a single face muscle when Kyungsoo touched Jongin. If he is used to it, I wonder if he’s used to hearing moans as well from Kaisoo’s room?

Minseok and Suho: The assholes that were involved in this shit. They looked pretty chill but they’re watching for a very, very good reason later on. ;)

The other members are pretty much zoning out, Baekhyun and Jongdae staring at the floor, Lay looking at the fans, Sehun fixing his hair for 496824759130 times that day, Jongin’s dick hard as hell and Kyungsoo looking proud as fuck. :)

Let’s get a little bit more exciting, shall we?

After this moment, Minseok, Yixing, and Suho’s verse came. You know what Minseok and Suho did?


That’s the part where I shit my pants and started crying blood. My tear ducts hurt as hell and I swear to god I wanted to kill someone because oh my fucking god I never saw it coming.




I’m going to calm down and explain shit because that is what I’m here for. i don’t really know what to fucking explain because this is pretty much self-explanatory but I’ll fucking do it anyways—

Minseok touched Kyungsoo’s cheek using his knuckles, literally the same way Kyungsoo touched Jongin but only by the knuckles. Suho touched Jongdae by the neck and that’s exactly the way Kyungsoo seduced Jongin, only missing the sliding my hand across your chest part.

Let’s break it into two parts. 

Let’s talk about Minseok and Kyungsoo’s moment first. Here’s a closeup so you could see better:


Look at Kyungsoo smiling though. Look at Minseok’s fucking smile like—


They’re basically teasing Kyungsoo right now. Like holy shit wouldn’t friends tease you when you did something in front of your crush? That smile Kyungsoo made and he looks so shy and embarrassed. He’s like, are they really teasing me right now and he looks so cute I want you to see his smile in another angle:


Kill me but don’t you deny that he looked so fucking shy. That grin is so cute I’m gonna jump off a cliff and that fucking smile is going to be death of my dead body. He really looked so shy though. I guess he didn’t saw this coming as well. I bet he thought that they’re just going to let this go and just do their thing and not tease him right in front of the fans. But thank god Minseok and Suho did this shit because this moment is my gospel now. They made it more obvious which I like, Kyungsoo and Jongin are so obvious it’s amusing how they always try to hide it while showing it. Two sides contradicts but you fucking get it, alright.

Let’s move our focus to Suho and Jongdae moment.

This is LQ as hell because I’m a piece of lazy shit but you can still clearly see Suho’s smile and Jongdae’s most gayest reaction. Jongdae doesn’t seem to know that Suho will do that to him. His reaction says it all. It’s quite funny because he’s so shocked he just had to put his palm over his mouth.

Let’s take a step further just to see more around the field.

Jongdae was probably thinking, did he just fucking do that or is this the feeling that jongin felt when kyungsoo touched him because that fucking reaction screams those thoughts for me.

Did you guys see Sehun? I was protesting with myself whether he knows something or he’s just simply laughing at Jongdae’s reaction. Since I’m a trash, I don’t believe the latter.

I’m keeping a close eye on you, Oh Sehun. 

I was asking myself what was Jongin’s reaction when Minseok touched Kyungsoo and Suho touched Jongdae and thank god there were blessed fancams and his reaction is priceless.

There’s a lot going on in this gif and did i even mention that six of them are fucking smiling/laughing just because of this whole thing. You can’t see shit from this angle but you can clearly see Jongin laugh. I’ll show a better angle.


The last second of this gif Jongin actually looked at Kyungsoo after he glanced at Minseok. Goddamn he looks so happy after he saw what their friends did to Kyungsoo. They’re teasing them and this is going to be so fucking delusional but if there was nothing going on with Kyungsoo and Jongin, they would’ve not copied Kyungsoo, Jongin would’ve not fucking smiled like this, Kyungsoo would’ve not laughed when Minseok touched him, Jongin would’ve not looked so hot and bothered after Kyungsoo touched him, Minseok and Kyungsoo would’ve not smiled evilly right from the start, Six of them would’ve not fucking smiled and laughed at the same time at the same shit, none of this would’ve happened if it’s all fanservice. It’s just Kyungsoo touching Jongin’s face, done. Nothing more.

But the opposite happened.

Minseok and Kyungsoo did look at each other and smiled evilly, Jongin did look horny as hell, Minseok and Suho did imitate Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo and Jongin did laugh at what their friends did. Am I even going to say more because I’ve proven what I think. Basically, what I am saying is that they’re in a relationship. That’s not really new but according to my experiences, my life and my friends, friends do tease each other when their friend did something to someone they like/love. Because I’m that friend who is like Minseok/Suho, copying what they did in front of their crush to my other friend. I’m not gonna copy if I think it’s too intimate tho lmAo. But yeah, you get my point.

As I stated earlier that Jongin looked at Kyungsoo, here’s a closer look:

I forgot to mention that Kyungsoo is smiling like an idiot too like Jongin. Wow, couples are really alike.

Crop it up and slow it down:

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