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NAME:  Elizabeth/Lizzie
GENDER:  demi girl
EYE COLOUR:  hazel but also some blue? it’s weird man
HAIR COLOUR:  dirty blonde
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:   happily dating an amazin girl
ZODIAC:  aires 
FAVOURITE COLOUR:  any shade of purple - usually darker though
FAVOURITE SEASON:   summer, even though it’s literally hot as fuck I love the relaxing time that comes with it and I get to be with friends and family as much as I want
FAVOURITE HOLIDAY:    probably Christmas
FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME:  either Counter Strike: GO (which I don’t play anymore but I still enjoy watching played) or Life is Strange (I’m on chapter 2! and it’s gr9)
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: Wanda is a character that I think needs 1000% more protection. She’s been broken over and over and over again but people still want to stop her. I also think she’s just about the most powerful marvel character, comics and movies, so I hella respect that. As for Barry, he’s just a sweetheart. He would do anything for his friends and family. He risks his life daily for them. UGH I need me a Barry Allen. 
WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE?:  probably not? I mean Wanda would be sweet to date and I bet we’d get along well, and Barry is an absolute adorable puppy but ?? idk
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE KINDS OF THREADS?: I LOVE ANGST it just seems to write itself tbh. But I also l o v e having the comfort that comes with those angsty threads. I also just love cute shit so idk haha. 
DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSE?:  oof I couldn’t decide between my babies
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?:  I’ve loved marvel for so god damn long it’s not even funny. Like ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll complain about it. I can recite almost all of Avengers because I’ve seen it 1933489 times. As for DCTV, I only really joined recently, like ?? December or November? Because my friend was like “you HAVE to watch Arrow and see Stephen Amell’s beauty” and I ended up watching a whole season in a couple days, and then watching the rest of the shows
DO YOU SEE YOURSELF STAYING WITH THE FANDOM FOR A LONG TIME?: I’m going to be here until Marvel stops milking their series for more money, and I’ll be with DCTV as long as the shows keep running - but then I’ll still be with it all after haha

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