the video i have is low quality

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do u have bootlegs (for in the heights) of the original cast??

i do! i dont give in out over anon though so please message me off-anon OR head to my brand spanking new bootleg site!! 

its called bootliette (because im creative) and i really just need a way to organise what bootlegs i have so now people can ask me for anything or trade or whatever :)

so yeah! come check out my boots!

Watch until the end you probably might like it

(Yes I know very low quality but Tumblr only allows 100MB and this video reached the limit)

*a little bit in the beginning the volume is high so turn your sound down
*some parts have low volume so turn your sound up to hear it

I Brought You My Bullets as different emos
  • Romance: listens to a lot of classical music, very similar to desert song emos
  • Honey, This Mirror: seems really chill most of the time but will become concentrated frothing rage in 0.002, seconds, favorite member is frank
  • Vampires Will Never Hurt You: vampire fucker. wishes they could have been in the helena music video.
  • Drowning Lessons: lowkey wishes they were dead, obsessed with idea of being in a band, hurts their head when they headbang
  • Our Lady of Sorrows: enjoys taking blurry low-quality pictures, wants a tattoo of an anatomically correct and broken heart
  • Headfirst for Halos: really loves danger days, wishes that there were more my chem music videos, wants to learn how to do backflips
  • Skylines and Turnstiles: loves the attic demos, draws pictures in class exclusively in red and black ink, is alright with anime
  • Early Sunsets Over Monroeville: likes to make aesthetic blogs and has too many, would actually fight every member of my chemical romance
  • This is the Best Day Ever: does a lot of non-emo things such as watching "how it's made" videos in their spare time, but still owns four pairs of fingerless gloves.
  • Cubicles: keeps up with gerard's twitter, also listens to ludo and death cab for cutie. loves ray toro with a passion.
  • Demolition Lovers: cannot stop crying when lotms even gets mentioned, ponders existence often, actually shies away from sunlight
  • Desert Song: wishes tape decks were still a thing, in love with mikey way's hair, sometimes will consider using sharpie and writing lyrics on their arm or shoes

You have seen me posting funny Markiplier faces. Now, here’s my most favourite video game character, Dante, with his funny derp faces from Devil May Cry 3. As you can see, I have way~ too much fun with the pause button >w<
I apologize for the low quality on quite a bit of them. Some were taken around the time before the 1080p feature was added on Youtube. Others either looked like that (No matter which HD/HQ video I watch), or turned out really blurry when blown up in size.
If you’d like a better view of them, you can either click on them or download them.


Hey my loves, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being a massive part of Dua’s New Rules. It feels like yesterday I was uploading covers on YouTube and now to have all of you guys covering me is absolutely everything. You guys are the best. Thank you, I love you so much and I’ll see you soon. Mwah.


Warning! Image switches rapidly in some parts where I go back and forth between artwork and ref.

Not really well-edited — or well-recorded — enough to be called a  ‘speedpaint’ (no sound, low video quality), but people have been asking about how I draw, so here’s a sped-up recording for this art piece, sorta.

I’ll try to make a proper speedpaint sometime in the future, once I figure a few things out.

The characters (and reference images I was using) belong to CQ and Mye


Wild Theory Time

As usual I’m probably wrong and I spend too much time reading into things about this show but here are some caps from the promo of what will be the season finale of Andi Mack.  Apologies for the quality of the caps but the video was pretty low res.  

So we have Andi and Cyrus walking away from what appears to be the spoon and Jonah is looking back at them which causes Amber to ask “you like her don’t you?”  and Jonah gets an awkward look on his face and doesnt seem to know what to say.

Now I know I’ve always said Cyrus would be the questioning boy but this makes me want to change my mind.  They are making it look like Jonah likes Andi because he’s looking back  and Amber notices and asks about it and Jonah’s all uncomfortable and flustered. But Cyrus is there too so maybe Jonah’s looking at him?

The last part of the clip is what really has me wondering.  Cyrus standing in the hallway confused and he says “I didn’t think this was possible.” Whatever “this” is it’s something Cyrus has considered before but dismissed as something that would never happen. Like having a crush on someone you don’t think would ever like you back?  And who’s walking away in the background with the same green backpack and red shirt from the earlier part of the clip….Jonah.  What did Jonah say to Cyrus that would leave him so stunned?  

Maybe just maybe Jonah likes Cyrus.



Chapters 1 & 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine included, plus a lot of botching up the gameplay.

I wanna apologize again for the low quality of recording – I thought I’d set OBS to record in higher def WHILE it was streaming, but apparently I’d forgotten to check the lil’ box that does that for me.  Whoops.  I’ll have that right for next stream!

In the meanwhile, I’ll be chopping up pieces of this video to make a reaction compilation – expect that some time soon.

Thank you again a WHOLE BUNCH to everybody who hung out for the stream!  It was a TOTAL blast, and I can’t wait until next chapter’s release!

PSA For Those Wanting a Cheap Way to Film From a Real Tripod.

$5 selfie stick from Wal-Mart

With a nifty secret

That screw the bracket goes on is a standard-size tripod mounting screw which means if you have a smart phone… (I’m using the first old one I could pull out of my phone drawer so I can take pictures with my actual phone)

Considering smart phones are often better for low light (due to built in LED lights that trigger when filming in darker conditions) and often better quality than cheap camcorders this is a mighty fine way to make an instant video camera for something like a webshow.

Helps me because I don’t have any lighting solutions to use my real cameras like my digital handy-cams or Rebel T3 right now.

delta-sans  asked:

Once you have the Animations and music, about how long does it take to put everything together? PS, I hope Cross doesn't hurt Blueberry in the next episode.

It takes me almost 4-5 hours:
1) Coordinate audio with animation
2) Render the final video
3) Rewatch the whole video
4) Grammar/Animation mistake
5) Open Flash and fix the mistakes
6) Export the flash movie to video format
7) Replace the clip in the video editor
8) Render the final video
9) Rewatch the whole video
10) F*ck I set the low Quality
11) Render the final video
12) Rewatch the whole video
13) Upload to Youtube
14) Add Spanish subtitles

That happened to me with Underverse 0.2 part 2.

Now imagine that It will probably happen again with this 21 minutes of animation.
So I’m ready with many Patience Pills and checking everyday the animation until the sountrack comes to me ;w;

Okay @ladylike-foxes and @shift-shaping this was a hard moment to extract into gif form!! Sorry for the fairly low quality - it’s a super quick moment and hard to get without Lavellan in the shot, so I had to crop it and slow it down which means adding frames and blah blah blah. Anyway here is Solas bobbing his head after being Fade-smooched as per your request ^_^

This is what happens when its rainy and I stay inside. 1 minutes worth of low quality productions :) 

someone more qualified should have done this , go easy on me I don’t make parody videos OTZ

The song is sung by Jubyphonic on youtube with a link to the original video! (x)


Probably my favorite part of Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life is the cute little son you have in chapter 2.


Now this is most likely a stretch but I have a theory that the gem next to Garnet is the same gem type (not the same gem specifically) as the one seen in The Answer. Both gems have relatively short hair that goes to the bottom of their head and are on the smaller side. I mean then again it’s one frame of a low quality video but I’m just going out on a limb and saying it could possibly be the same gem type.