the video goes up to 360p

moontouched-moogle  asked:

"[Angel's Egg] can be found on YouTube" is a horrible recommendation when the top two results are a camrip-tier video with blown-out audio and a cut-off opening, and a version capped at 360p. There's a third one below them that seems to be alright (goes up to 1080p and the subs don't seem to be off) which I'd implore you to link directly to if you insist on using Youtube (as opposed to a torrent), since Angel's Egg deserves to be seen and heard in its proper beauty.

yeah i’ll link that one. i didn’t think it was a problem because i ran into the same videos and kept looking until i found one that wasn’t shit and figured people knew well enough to do the same. but yeah linking is just easier. 

(is this the video you were talking about?)

also, in response to your reblog on my post, yeah i agree that the official release is usually the best way to view films, but not everyone can afford to collect the good hardcopy, or the dvd isn’t available in their region or whatever else. (i also don’t want to ask people to buy a disk for a movie they haven’t even seen yet on a whim, in case it isn’t their cup of tea.) if i can find a movie on like netflix and love it enough to see it at its best, i usually go ahead and try to get the bluray.