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day 1 red/blue

What kind of YouTuber they would be...

(Hip Hop Unit)
I got some requests asking me to do the Hip Hop unit and Performance unit :). Here’s the Hip Hop unit cx hope you like it! 

–> Vocal unit, Hip hop unit <–

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  • I feel like he would be similar to YouTuber Dk and would do a lot of different kind of videos.
  • Does tutorials on how to write lyrics for a rap song and how to turn them into a song.
  • You watch his tutorial but FAIL. You watch his videos anyway because he’s just fun to watch tbh.
  • The dad of the YouTube world.
  • Always gets shipped w/ Jeonghan.
  • Goes shopping w/ Jeonghan all the time and does videos of them at the store together.
  • Is friends w/ everyone. He is the dad of YouTube after all.
  • Tries to make jokes and puns in his videos but fails terribly.
  • Became YouTube famous because Seungkwan once again leaked a video of him almost being set on  fire by firework and he screamed like a girl, ruining his manly image.
  • Knows absolutely everything about everyone. No one knows how he gets the info he just knows lmao.
  • Knows all the latest trends. Whether it’s music, fashion, beauty, all of it.
  • Does collab videos w/ YouTuber Vernon a lot.
  • Is that YouTuber that always takes pictures if him and other YouTubers when they meet up.
  • SnapChats literally everything, because same.


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  • This boy. Where do I began? LMAO
  • He would be a mix of a musical YouTuber like his best friend Joshua and a Gamer like YouTuber Dino.
  • Him and YouTuber Joshua always do collab vids together. It’s literally just them doing random crap. them going for a walk, doing Q&A vids, or even them eating.
  • Uploads his mixtapes when he makes a new one.
  • His smile made him YouTube famous. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS SMILE?! 
  • Does video game walk-throughs.
  • You watch his walk throughs to help you when you get stuck in a game.
  • Is a huge video game nerd and does collab vids w/ YouTube Gamer Dino.
  • YouTuber Dino is still mad at him for beating him in Mario Cart. I would be also tbh.
  • When he gets one million subscribers he does a video game giveaway.
  • Gets so famous w/ his mixtapes and what not he gets to create his own Video Game.


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  • He would be a total BookTuber (Someone who does book reviews or anything to do with books.)
  • Does a book review like every week? Because this boy loves to read (LMAO Same)
  • At first he would be hesitant to upload a review but would do it anyway and when he found out everyone loves his reviews he would open up more.
  • You were his first subscriber.
  • Makes really bad puns but is still YouTube famous.
  • Gets shipped w/ YouTuber Mingyu.
  • Denies it every time. We saw you wearing YouTuber Mingyus shirt. We know everything.
  • Used to be really really emo but is now a Fluffy Emo Prince.
  • His voice kills everyone from around the world. It’s just so deep and sexy LOL.
  • If he has a favorite part of a book he will read it out loud during his review and it kills us 976410835.7% even more.
  • Helps YouTuber Mingyu write his cookbook.
  • Recommends books to his subscribers and does a group reading month when he hits two thousand subscribers.
  • His sweater paws when he holds up a book melts our hearts all the time. I swear it’s too cute for my health.
  • Writes his own book which sells over 18,000 copies in two weeks. 
  • Does a video on the best reading spots in your home. And the best books of the year that he has read.
  • You go to his channel to find books to read since you are just like him and read books like people eat candy.


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  • Is a cooking YouTuber like NerdyNummies
  • Always does collab vids w/ DK.
  • Accidentally wins one of those Cooking contests and goes on a fancy Cooking Show and WINS!
  • Buys himself a puppy w/ some of the money he won because why not? He’s a puppy himself.
  • Likes and comments on all of YouTuber Wonwoo’s videos.
  • Blushes when they get shipped and slaps YouTuber Seungkwan’s arm like a teenage girl lol.
  • Almost burns down his house while making a cooking video.
  • When he does a fan meet he bakes brownies and cookies for his fans/subscribers.
  • Wonwoo secretly comes, ok no denying it.
  • Gets Emo Prince Wonwoo to help him write his cook book.
  • It sells over 10,000 copies in one week.
  • Does A LOT of DIY cooking videos.
  • You watch them because you cant cook to save your life.
  • You accidentally bump into him at the supermarket and since you’re such a big fan he gives you a hug and signs your cookbook because you’re planning on making one of his dishes.
  • He mentions you in his upcoming video he makes.

-Hope You like it!! I’m working on the Performance unit right now :) -

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Ugh. Give me Harry x Cisco or give me death. Where is the fanfiction? Where are the videos? What’s the best tumblr tag name? How did I miss when they got married? I just clipped season two, and let me tell you people, E2-Harry has a big nerd boner for Cisco and like, stares at him unnecessarily for dragging moments, and sticks his hips out in a way that says “hey, these are not dad pants, they are sex pants”, and—-crap. Here goes another vid I’ll never finish. Thanks a lot, tumblr. You’ve failed me.

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 Harry would fight to the death to be that lollipop. No lie.

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So, I'm still really freaking shook after that vid (V and Camila do things to me holy crap) but a request/suggestion popped into my mind of B being jealous of Cheryl dancing with V and getting really upset because C & B have so much in common and are both so Betty feels insignificant and also another idea is Betty loving Vs dance so much that she gets her to perform it for her when they're alone.. if you catch my drift ;) P.s sorry this is so long! X

I love both ideas soooooo much!!! I could incorporate them into one actually!
B gets sad/jealous over C&V and then V tries to cheer Betty up to which the blonde answers “a private rehearsal would do wonders for my mood” >:)


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