the vicar in white


Bloodborne fanart, Bloodborne Tarot Cards - Part 1.

  • 0 - The Fool - The Good Hunter
  • I - The Magician - Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  • II - The High Priestess - Vicar Amelia
  • III - The Empress - Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods
  • IV - The Emperor - Martyr Logarius
  • V - The Hierophant - Laurence, the First Vicar
  • VI - The Lovers - Father Gascoigne & Viola
  • VII - The Chariot - Cainhurst Carriage
  • VIII - Strength - Eileen the Crow
  • IX - The Hermit - Provost Willem
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune - Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower

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Whenever I see a dog with long, stringy white hair with the Vicar Amelia lifebar shopped on the lower part of the image, I grow younger and stronger.


“It was just heavy. It’s just heavy performing for people who really care about you, and you don’t really care that much about yourself sometimes. I thought it was sad…I thought it was sad, to be singing for people who really cared when I wasn’t sure if I did.“ - Lana Del Rey, Dublin (2013)


*hysterically, not histerically 😒 The Vicar in White joke (Part 2/2 - the response)

A boy is born with no body, no arms and no legs. He was just a head. On his 18th birthday, his father took him for his first pint and he took a sip and WHOOSH, out plops his torso! Everyone tells him to take another pint and he does and WHOOSH, out plop his two arms! His father, very excitable yells “take another sip!” and the boy takes a sip and WHOOSH, out plop his two legs! The boy was so excited that he runs into the road and into the path of an oncoming truck and gets killed instantly! A man turns to the boy’s father and says: “That boy should have quit while he was a-head.”


Walter Potter (2 July 1835 – 21 May 1918) was an English taxidermist noted for his anthropomorphic dioramas featuring mounted animals mimicking human life, which he displayed at his museum in Bramber, Sussex, England. The exhibition was a well-known and popular example of “Victorian whimsy” for many years, even after Potter’s death; however enthusiasm for such entertainments waned in the twentieth century, and his collection was finally dispersed in 2003.

Amongst his scenes were “a rats’ den being raided by the local police rats … [a] village school … featuring 48 little rabbits busy writing on tiny slates, while the Kittens’ Tea Party displayed feline etiquette and a game of croquet. A guinea pigs’ cricket match was in progress, and 20 kittens attended a wedding, wearing little morning suits or brocade dresses, with a feline vicar in white surplice.” Potter’s attention to detail in these scenes has been noted, to the extent that “The kittens even wear frilly knickers under their formal attire!” Apart from the simulations of human situations, he had also added examples of bizarrely deformed animals such as two-headed lambs and four-legged chickens. Potter’s collection, billed as “Mr Potter’s Museum of Curiosities” was to build into a “world-famous example of Victorian whimsy”, with special coach trips from Brighton being arranged; and the village and Potter’s museum were so popular that an extension was built to the platform at Bramber railway station.

“Vicar Amelia”
Copic markers+Colored pencils and white ink on A5 Canson Design paper.
Character is property of From Software.

“Seek the old blood. Let us pray… let us wish… to partake in communion. Let us partake in communion… and feast upon the old blood.

Our thirst for blood satiates us, soothes our fears. Seek the old blood… but beware the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young.

The foul beasts will dangle nectar and lure the meek into the depths. Remain wary of the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young.

Were it not for fear, death would go unlamented“