the vibraphone

speaking of marimbas, I just thought of this today, imagine how insane I would have gone if Inside Llewyn Davis was about a mallet player instead of a guitarman 

answer: very

Oscar Isaac all pushing a vibraphone up the street, then back down the street this time with an orange riding on top. 

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percussion during a slow piece
  • percussion instructor: *sitting there fuming*
  • snare: "what's that? did I turn the snare off- of course I turned the snare off, why would I forget to d- shIT I left the snare on-"
  • bass drum: I wonder if I held that pause on that rest on for long enough? I don't think the 42 bars of rest really prepared me for that moment so forgive me if I'm mistaken
  • auxiliary percussion: "must. not. touch them until it's time... ten bars to go-- whO BREATHED ON THE WIND CHIMES-"
  • triangle: how am I expected to make a dynamic contrast who do you think am are
  • suspended cymbal: ssssssshhhHHHHHHHINGG oh wait that was supposed to be pp
  • glockenspiel: alright, I've got a pretty good part here, maybe it's the tune, not much else going on s--crap everyone heard me mess up time to die
  • vibraphone: "what's that? did I turn the brakes- of course I turned the brakes on, I'm using the pedal! why would I forget to t- shIT I'm sliding forwards-"
  • drumkit: *rocking backwards and forwards in a corner*
  • timpani: ppp? I think I'll just blow on the drum, don't worry my 73 bars of rest will give me time to take a nice deep breath
Musical confessions! (Put an instrument in my ask)
  • Flute: what made you join band/orchestra in the first place?
  • Clarinet: if you play multiple instruments, which was your first?
  • Saxophone: how often do you practice?
  • Oboe: craziest thing to happen to you in band/orchestra?
  • Bassoon: how do you prep for auditions?
  • Trumpet: how do you motivate yourself to practice?
  • Trombone: how long have you been playing/when did you start playing?
  • French Horn: what instruments would you love to learn how to play?
  • Tuba: tell us about your first concert experience
  • Marimba: favorite piece to listen to?
  • Xylophone: favorite piece to play?
  • Glockenspiel: least favorite piece to listen to?
  • Vibraphone: least favorite piece to listen to?
  • Timpani: favorite composer?
  • Chimes: favorite instrument?
  • Violin: tell us a band/orchestra related story
  • Viola: biggest instrument pet-peeve?
  • Cello: a musical goal you have?
  • Double Bass: your musical idol?
  • Piano: why do you play?
  • Conductor: what is something you do with your instrument when no one is watching/listening?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Instead of doing an actual love song, why not rave to two awful MIDI vibraphones? 

This is a Valentine present for anyone and everyone, but @nico-nasty…will you be my Bro-valentine? Because the bromance is so strong It just won a weightlifting competition in Iceland without steroids. 

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Alabama Shakes “Sound & Color”

I just found out there is a music video to this song.

I just love the vibraphone intro, and once the drums come in to meet the vibes, just dope! Also, the music video is dope..Afrofuturo. 


Sleep, by Eric Whitacre (arr. Bence Simon)

This is an absolutely gorgeous arrangement, I’m extremely impressed by his arranging ingenuity and six-mallet control!