the vhs project


hey everyone! here’s my first year film at CalArts… in glorious intentional vhs quality

so this project started out with me trying to convey a vague uneasy feeling ive had for my entire life through a surrealist narrative.. its evolved and changed a lot since then but i think the heart of that is still there

i made most of the film by drawing the characters digitally for each frame, printing each frame out, cutting out each frame and putting the shot together on a multiplane… any shot with the stop motion puppet had to be put together on a stop motion stage…

hope you guys like it! it was an insane amount of work and im so glad to be done…

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of gravity falls I made a vhs collection of all the episodes (along with all the dipper and Mabel guides, as well as interviews with hirsh special with time baby) since they still haven’t made a dvd. I even made vhs box covers in photoshop to make them look authentic (yes this is legal as long as I don’t sell it, ergo I’m not selling it obviously) @fuckyeahgravityfalls @gravityfalls


A little teaser of a new project, coming soon to Space That Never Was.