the vhs project


hey everyone! here’s my first year film at CalArts… in glorious intentional vhs quality

so this project started out with me trying to convey a vague uneasy feeling ive had for my entire life through a surrealist narrative.. its evolved and changed a lot since then but i think the heart of that is still there

i made most of the film by drawing the characters digitally for each frame, printing each frame out, cutting out each frame and putting the shot together on a multiplane… any shot with the stop motion puppet had to be put together on a stop motion stage…

hope you guys like it! it was an insane amount of work and im so glad to be done…


A little teaser of a new project, coming soon to Space That Never Was.

For our last project in graphic design, we got to design and create our own t-shirts, but I also wanted to make a hoodie. This has one of my favorite photographs taken in 1992 by Kirk McCoy during the LA Riots. My teacher told us to pick a theme out of three he gave us and one was “juxtapose”. I instantly thought of this photograph because it takes me to the stereotyping of black people in America. To most, the man with the cart is a “looter”, but to me he looks like a hero with the Huggies in his cart for his baby. I also edited the picture to look like VHS footage. At the bottom, I added a clip from the Rodney King tape which was the fuel to the literal flame. Putting it on a hoodie only felt relevant, especially in this day and age.