the vfw

Wedding Day

Summary: The day of Ian and Mickey’s wedding.

Word Count: 2159

Notes: Loved this request!

It was the morning of the wedding, and Ian and Mickey were happier than ever. They had just had the best morning sex ever so they were both practically glowing as they walked down the steps of the Gallagher house. Fiona insisted that they slept there for the night because she wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for the wedding. She could not have the two of them mess something up.

When the couple got into the kitchen, Debbie started to fake gag. “How many times do you guys fuck throughout the night? I can fucking smell it,” she rolled her eyes as Mickey gave her the middle finger.

Fiona stood up abruptly with a big smile on her face. “You’re getting married!” She ran over and hugged them– Ian hugged back, Mickey just sort of stood there. Hugging anyone other than Ian (and his sister) felt so strange to him– luckily the Gallagher family had never gotten offended by his lack of showing affection. Once the eldest Gallagher sibling had let go of the embrace, she watched as their enthusiastic and nervous eyes went from her to each other.

“We’re getting fucking married today,” Ian giggled in disbelief as he pulled Mickey in for a chaste kiss. After all these years, they were finally promising to spend their lives together.

Taking everyone’s attention from the two of them, the backdoor opened to Mandy. She looked different and beautiful as could be– her hair was lighter than ever, and she calmed down on wearing such heavy eye makeup. “Hi, assholes,” she smiled before dropping her suitcase and running to greet her brother and best friend. She hugged each of them tightly and placed a quick kiss on Ian’s lips.

“What the fuck, bitch?” Mickey scowled at his sister for kissing his soon-to-be husband.

Ian shook his head and wiped the girls lipstick off his lips. “What? I felt like kissing my boyfriend one last time,” she jokes. Ian ruffled her hair and pulled her in for another hug.

“I missed you, Mands,” he said in a warm tone. “Everything been okay?”

She nods. “Everything’s been great,” the Milkovich girl responds. “Enough of me, you guys are getting fucking hitched today!” She beams as the two standing in front of her smile. It’s nice seeing Mickey genuinely fucking happy for once. When she hears an excited shriek come from behind her, she turns around to hug Fiona, Debbie, Carl, and Liam. “Can you guys fuckin’ believe these two?”

“It’s fucking awesome,” Carl smirks. He’s proud of his brother for being able to keep such a strong hold on a Milkovich because no one’s ever done that before.

Suddenly Lip walks down the stairs. It looks like he’s still half asleep but once he’s eyes set on Mandy, he gasps and freezes in his spot. When his ex girlfriend gives his a soft grin, he relaxes and walks farther down the stairs and into the kitchen. He walks over to his redhead brother and squeezes his shoulder. “You excited, man?”

Ian vigorously nods. “Fuck yes. We’ve went through enough shit to finally get here. We’re so close to the finish line now.” He kisses Mickey’s head.

Fiona smiles at her brother and then turns her head to the side to see the time. “Oh, shit! We gotta get ready!” Everyone then proceeds to finish their breakfast before rushing to get dressed and prepared.

* * *

Surprisingly, in their previous search to find someone to marry Ian and Mickey, the Gallaghers found out that many of the regulars at the Alibi were ordained, but they chose Kermit to do the job. He seemed to be the least likely to ruin the whole thing.

As Kermit was waiting at the front of the VFW for his two grooms, he heard the wedding bells chime. Everyone excitedly shifted in their seats. Because no one really knew how this wedding would work, Ian and Mickey decided to walk out at the same time and meet in front of Kermit.

When the men locked eyes, the happy sounds of the attendees were suddenly drowned out, and it was only them. This is happening. This is real. Ian’s heart was pounding so hard that he could hear it, and Mickey’s hands were profusely sweating.

Once close enough, the redhead reached out and grabbed Mickey’s clammy hands. He felt as if he couldn’t wipe the grin of his face so he didn’t even try to. The affection and joy in Mickey’s eyes were making Ian’s heart melt.

Kermit then began, and after saying “I do” a few times, it was time for their vows. “I, Ian Clayton Gallagher, take you Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, to be my lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, and in joy as well as sorrow.” Ian chuckled as he started his vows in a traditional form. “I promise to love you through the crazy shit we have yet to face. I promise to never leave you again. I promise to be my best for you. I promise to laugh with you, cry with you, fight with you, love you, and cherish you until death do us part,” he says and holds back the tears that are welling in his eyes.

Mickey smiled and cleared his throat before speaking. It was hard to him to describe his feelings in front of this many people, so he steadied his gaze on Ian and kept his focus there. “I, Mikhailo Aleksander Milkovich, take you Ian Gallagher to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health,” he smirks and he thinks of all the times he’s taken care of Ian whenever he’d been hit with a bipolar episode. He started again, “in good times and in bad times. I promise to never let you go. I promise to never give up no matter what shit is thrown at us next– we’ve made it this far.  I promise to always take care of you, protect you, fight for you, hold you, love you, and cherish you.” He speaks in the most sincere tone anyone has ever heard. “And I fucking mean that,” he adds with a smirk.

They exchange rings then and Kermit grins at them both before saying his final words. “By the power vested in me by the state of Chicago, I now present you husband and husband! You may kiss your groom,” he starts to clap before their lips even connect. While they are in the middle of their kiss, Kermit raises his arms triumphantly. “I present to you the newly married couple, Ian Gallagher-Milkovich and Mickey Gallagher-Milkovich!” Everyone erupts into a loud cheer.

Ian laughs into Mickey’s mouth, but then proceeds to kiss him harder. They’ve never kissed with so much love in front of an audience like this, but they were thrilled about it. When they separated, they rested their foreheads against the each other. “We fucking did it,” Ian giggled.

Mickey nodded proudly. It was hard to believe that they’ve came this far. “I love you.”

“I love you too, husband,” Ian smiled and pecked Mickey on the lips.

Grabbing each other’s hands, they then proceed to walk down the aisle while everyone shouted and clapped for them, but obviously those plans we changed. Fiona and Debbie launched themselves out of their seats to gather their brother and his new husband in a hug. When the girls let go, the newlyweds were suddenly embraced by Mickey’s Iggy and Mandy, which was a huge fucking surprise because it was rare for the Milkovich family to show such affection. Once everyone backed off, it was time for the reception.

* * *

As everyone crowded into the Alibi the music begins to blare. Everyone gets their drinks and starts dancing, but Ian and Mickey hold back. Ever since Ian’s been on his meds, Mickey’s cut back on the alcohol because he doesn’t want Ian to go through it alone.

When everyone was congratulating them, Mickey started to notice that Ian seemed to be growing impatient. Once everyone cleared out from around them, Mickey cocked an eyebrow at his husband and Ian instantly grabbed his shirt and pulled him forward. “Need to taste you,” Ian whispered in Mickey’s ear and started dragging him towards the bathroom.

Mickey’s dick hardened the second those words came out of his husbands month. He’s been wanting for Ian to jump on him since they were getting ready for the wedding.

Ian smirked when he saw Mickey’s needy expression on his face. He locked the doors and sunk down to his knees. He couldn’t deny that the sight of his husband made his own dick twitch, but right now he needed to take care of Mickey.

As he unzipped Mickey’s pants, he grinned at the boner he had exposed. “So fuckin’ hot,” Ian said as he stroked his cock.

Ian had barely even begun and Mickey was already trembling in the knees. He knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to last long, but that was probably for the better. He tried to keep his eyes focus on his husband.

“What do you want me to do, Mick?” Ian teased.

Mickey let out a lustful sound. “Fuckin’ suck me off!”

With that Ian wrapped his mouth around Mickey’s dick and began bobbing his head up and down. His hand wrapped around the part of Mickey’s cock that Ian couldn’t fit into his mouth. He was doing all the right things with his tongue, causing Mickey to let out sexiest moans that Ian has ever heard. He was pretty sure these sounds alone were enough to make him jizz in his pants.

Ian seductively looked up through his eyelashes. He could see that Mickey was about to cum just from the look on his face– which was fucking hot. “Gonna cum,” Mickey panted. The redhead nodded and prepared himself to swallow. A few moments later, Mickey’s cum shot down Ian’s throat. When he finished, he licked up and down his husbands dick one last time, making sure he didn’t miss anything.

Once completely done, he pulled Mickey’s pants up for him and zipped him up. “Better repay me later,” he joked and kissed him.

“You know I will,” Mickey reassured him. His placed one last kiss on Ian’s lips before the walked back out into the crowd.

As they unlocked the door and made their way out of the restroom, Iggy yelled, “Hey! They’re back!” Ian laughed and Mickey blushed.

“Horny fuckers,” Fiona said to them with a laugh. “Time to make a speech.”

Mickey’s eyebrows shot up. “I have to make a fucking speech?” Publicly speaking was never his strong suit, and the only time it was was when he was making a scene to get his point across.

“Yes, Mickey, we’re making a speech,” Ian tells him happily. Ian grabbed Iggy’s beer and tapped the glass with a fork to get everyone’s attention. He smiled, grabbed Mickey’s hand, and began. “When I was fifteen I made the crazy decision to go after Mickey Milkovich, and instead of him beating the shit out of me, we fucked. Ever since that day I have been so hooked on this asshole. We’ve been through so much– way too much, but we’re still here and stronger than ever. Eleven years ago I wouldn’t never believe that this is where we’d end up, but I’m so fuck happy that we’ve gotten here. I love you, Mick.” He kisses Mickey’s head as everyone clapped.

Mickey took a deep breath and got ready to talk. When Ian saw Mickey’s leg tapping, he grabbed his cheek. “Hey, talk to me.” Mickey nods.

“I tried so fucking hard to hate you when he first started hooking up, but you were like a drug or some shit– I never wanted to want you, but I kept coming back for more. When you left that first time is when I accepted how much I loved you– that’s when I stopped fighting it. After all the shit– Terry, Frank, Svetlana,” he pauses and looks at her apologetically and she smiles at him, then begins again, “juvie, fucking Boystown, the Army, your bipolar disorder, that bitch Sammi, the list goes on forever– I’ll always be here for you. I fucking love you,” he said sincerely. Ian smiles so wide that his mouth hurt.  

Everyone erupted in a big cheer. Fiona had tears welling in her eyes while Lip went to go hug his brother. The Gallaghers told the newly weds how proud they were of them while the Milkovich cousins and siblings shook their hands and offered them a two month supply of weed– Ian accepted it because he knew that was their way of showing their love. Ian and Mickey along with their families have finally crossed the finish line, they’ve overcome so much and nothing could stop them now.


Eddystone Model of 1917, barrel dated November 1918. This rifle has a SAA (San Antonio Arsenal) mark on it. It was taken out of storage and refurbished there in preparation for WWII. This one sports an interesting light grey or sliver finish. It is a CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) rifle, but the finish on it suggests most likely it was a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post rifle that was returned, and reworked by the CMP.

Remington Model of 1903 manufactured April 1942.

Springfield M1 Garand. This is a rifle I rebuilt to be as close to parts correct for 1944.

George Harrison, holding his niece Leslie, with his siblings Lou and Peter, Benton, Illinois, September/October 1963 (Photo courtesy Acclaim Press, via Riverfront Times)

“[S]o it was that George Harrison, along with brother Peter, stepped off a plane at Lambert Field in St. Louis and became the first Beatle to set foot on American soil.
And no one cared.
There were no throngs of screaming, frenzied young girls, no gang of reporters, no legions of police, no limo. Instead, there was a twenty-year-old British traveler with a strange haircut holding his bags, standing at his designated meeting spot beneath a replica of Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, waiting for his ride.
Five short months later he would step off of another airplane at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and enter the national zeitgeist, where he has remained.
Louise, then-husband Gordon and their son and daughter brought their foreign uncles back to the house in Benton where ‘our German shepherd Sheba greeted him,’ which George loved, says Harrison. ‘We could never afford a pet when we were growing up. In Benton we had a five-bedroom house, and one bedroom was made into a playroom and they had train sets. When George grew up we never had any toys like that, so he and Pete spent hours playing with the kids.’

Keep reading

I lost my dad when I was fourteen years old. He was very mentally ill and in the last six months of his life he suffered from schizophrenia. He worked as a roofer and lost his job because he was paranoid and jumped off a roof with no ladder. He was found upside down in a lake in Wisconsin. I never got to see the toxicology report. Still haven’t seen a death certificate. Family was his main thing and I was the biggest element in his life.

I enlisted in the Minnesota Army National Guard as a junior at Brainerd High School. My dad’s mom was in the military, so I figured I would keep up the tradition. Also, my mom is a veteran’s services secretary, so I grew up volunteering at the VFW and Military Order of the Purple Heart, USA. But it was mainly because I love being an American. I’m super proud to be one. 

I went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for basic training. I was scared out of my mind. Being away from home for the first time was the hardest part. I was really out of my element. It’s humbling having everything taken away from you and looking ridiculous during drills alongside everybody else. But it made me grateful for the things I have and I met people who will always be my friends.

I left for Advanced Individual Training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri after I graduated high school. But I struggled with the physical parts of training and I could never figure out why. I’d always been super athletic and I knew it wasn’t lack of motivation. 

When I graduated I moved back to Brainerd, but realized it was not going to work for me. I needed to get out. I didn’t want to live in the same town my whole life. I enrolled at Minneapolis Community and Technical College for personal training and yoga instruction and moved to Minneapolis. 

Two weeks into my first semester, I went to see a doctor for birth control. I told her about some other issues I was having. I was really tired. Whenever I got a day off of work, I would sleep for eighteen hours. I felt like I had a cold I couldn’t shake; I was always blowing my nose. And I had a knot in my neck. She said, “Do you have night sweats?” I told her “yes,” and she said, “We need to get you in for a PET scan tomorrow.”

I went to my PET scan the next morning, disgruntled because it was 7am and you can’t eat anything. The doctor called me with the results the next day. I wish I could have videotaped myself the moment she told me I had lymphoma. It was crazy. I thought she was joking at first. I didn’t know anything about it, but I knew it was cancer.

I was scheduled for a fine point needle biopsy and a bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy from my bone marrow showed I had cancer cells there. I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is the most advanced. I was like, “No. That can’t happen to me. I’m 19, this is stuff that happens to older people…”

Sheyla (part 1 of 2)

Military order of the cootie. No, not a joke. Cooties were bedbugs, head lice, fleas, and genital crabs; soldiers in World War I said that cooties saved lives in the trenches by keeping their heads down since cooties kept the guys scratching. So the cooties were given honors. This sign is from a VFW.

Never underestimate the Bone Gnawers

The Bone Gnawers have the best rank 1 gifts already (FIGHT ME) and then they added Trash is Treasure in 20th. Oh dear.  


Trash is Treasure

The refuse of humanity provides all the canny Bone Gnawer needs. Through the use of this Gift, any broken object can be temporarily restored to full functionality and usefulness. A raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The player takes hold of a broken object and rolls Wits + Crafts. The object functions perfectly for one turn per success, and also supplies its own power, fuel, or ammunition — a dull knife cuts, a busted microwave runs (without being plugged into anything), an old rusty Saturday night special fires even without bullets, a junked car starts up and runs. The lifespan of the object’s renewed usefulness can be extended to one full day by spending a point of Willpower, but the object requires proper power, fuel, and ammunition in such circumstances.


oh ha ha, look at those Gnawers wallowing in their trash. use it to power that old microwave!  hahah!

Oh no. That’s fun, but no. This is a gift for outright terrorism.  That “functions perfectly” part is the dangerous part here.

You can now create self destructing objects. 

Take your object, purposely destroy it, restore it with Trash is Treasure. 

  •  You can now take banned items past security checkpoints.  
  • You can create self destroying messages… or reconstruct destroyed ones from a buddy with the same trick
  • Commit crime with a restored object.  even if police immediately bag & tag it, it falls apart a day later and there goes your evidence
  •  You can sabotage equipment so it’ll pass a pre-use equipment check and then it dramatically fail later. aw, look Pentex exec is off in his corporate jet.  passes the preflight inspection, fails dramatically later. 
  • you can sabotage a security system and then restore it.  oops, little blip on system, only a few second long.  but its fine now, nothing to worry about.  janitor must have bumped something in the electrical closet while putting the mop away. But the Gnawer knows it’ll catastrophically fail soon afterward when he needs it

aside from self destructing objects… how many VFWs have a largely intact but non-functional and unloaded piece of artillery in front?  A LOT.  The quick version supplies the ammo for that. doesn’t mean the Gnawer is any good at aiming, but for pure mayhem… there’s a looooooooooot of retired military hardware just sitting in front of VFWs. One of the local ones has a whole helicopter on display outside. 

Obvs the ST should make the roll harder for something that big and complicated but it doesn’t actually require expending anything so you can potentially use it multiple times.

Not that they’re going to usually be doing that sort of thing in downtown New York or London, but off with Golgol Fangs-First deep in the amazon.. artillery bombardment is totally on the table.

anonymous asked:

I need to re-paint an A-7E Corsair II Navy aircraft for our VFW post. Where can I get a template?

are we talking standard grey/white, or aggressor camo? there are many many online resources for an aspiring modeler!  

for example, this is a marking guide from a decal set. you can find many other references by using a quick google search. is there a specific plane you are modeling?

“OH doug what do bullet holes look like then?” Look, my vocabulary is limited when it comes to forensic analysis, but it’s pretty easy to spot the difference. Also, I bet if the local VFW knew you could attract bougie patrons to their hall with a couple bullet holes they’d be serving Sunday Brunches. 

We have a new baby shower location!

I can’t believe it. It took forever to find a place the first time. That is the only reason I put my trust in my very unreliable sister in law. 

Carl’s coworker and her husband volunteer at the VFW and they were able to let us rent the space for $100! And normally it is $1000!!!

Its a bit out of the way, but has parking and seating and AC! All the things that are most important.

I also don’t have to clean up after…but I am going to anyway. 

Bucky/Steve - this american life

Title: this american life (only available to AO3 members)

Author: verity (AO3)

Rating: G

Fandom: Captain America

Word Count: ~2.9k

Warnings: nothing to see here

Summary: “Aww, I’m touched,” Sam says. “You want insulation from the marriage proposals or the casseroles?”

Steve adjusts the phone where it’s cradled between his shoulder and his ear. These things are so flimsy. “It’s a VFW hall, I don’t think they’re going to be lining up for—”

“See you Saturday, I love Tuna Helper,” Sam says cheerfully and hangs up.


Eddystone Model of 1917 rifle in 30-06. Barrel dated 11/18 

This rifle has a SAA (San Antonio Arsenal) mark on it. It was taken out of storage and refurbished there in preparation for WWII. This model had been a general issue rifle for the US in WWI as well. This one sports an interesting light grey or sliver finish. It is a CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) rifle, but the finish on it suggests most likely it was a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post rifle that was returned, and reworked by the CMP. It is pictured with a correct Remington Model 1917 bayonet.

Colt DA 45 or Model 1917 revolver in .45acp 

These were issued during WWI and even before that period chambered originally in 45 long Colt. In order to supplement the 1911 pistols, M1917’s were chambered in .45acp in WWI and WWII. This one was reworked at AA (Augusta Arsenal) in preparation for WWII, but the acceptance stamp on the pommel of the frame dates back to 1919. This pistol has reproduction rosewood grips on it, the originals would have been similar in appearance, but made of walnut. The holster is a 1940’s era civilian version. 

Remington Model 1903 rifle in 30-06. Barrel dated 4/42

Although identical to the main battle rifle of US forces of WWI, this Remington rifle was made in 1942. It is pictured with a M1905 bayonet (originally a Model of 1905, usually referred to as an M1905E1 after it was cut down. The nomenclature for these things is a bit complex, for example, Model of 1905, M1905, M1905E1, ect..) that is dated 1918. This particular one has had the blade shortened as many were in preparation for WWII. 

5 Fundraising Tips for DCI

Now that audition camps are officially over, everyone is trying to fundraise for the 2016 season. Drum Corps isn’t cheap for anyone involved, but here are some quick tips to make it a little less expensive

1. Send out letters

    GoFundMe’s are great and all, but nothing compares to an old-fashioned letter. In my experience, people are more likely to donate if you seek them out specifically instead of just writing one general post. And everyone likes to get a letter in the mail.

2. Seek out alumni

    Most corps have some sort of alumni database, and these can be used to help fundraise. Both of my parents are Bluecoats alumni, and they will always donate to someone who reaches out to them specifically, even though they have their own kids tour fees to contend with.

3. Create a good or offer a service

    Move ins are still a few weeks to a month away. Selling some items or labor can be a quick way to make a few extra bucks. Look at people like Infinity Chords, who started her business in order to pay for the summer. Even offering to mow your neighbors lawn can help.

4. Reach out to local organizations

   There are community groups that are required to donate all of their earnings every year and are constantly seeking out worthy programs or people to donate to. Groups like the VFW and Kiwanis are definitely worth reaching out to.

5. Start saving for next year

   The earlier you start saving the better, especially since some corps fees cost more than my car. Savings goals are important, and if it’s something you care about you can sacrifice in other areas of your life. Drink Dunkin instead of Starbucks for example.

Fraternal organizations. The Elks, the Moose, the Oddfellows, all that. Considered kind of obsolete in modern life, right?

Used to have an economic “function” - sufficiently large risk pools for the procurement of life, health, unemployment, and disability insurance, but were later displaced in that role by governments, employers, and unions.

You don’t see much of them anymore. There’s still the American Legion and VFW, but they draft off the military services’ collective identity formation (initiation rituals, shared experiences, collectively sung songs) rather than doing their own in-house.

But, you know, there’s potential there. Fraternal organizations can pull off some serious shit. You get a bunch of guys drinking and singing songs together, throw in some woo-woo mystic aesthetics, add a hierarchy with absurdly pompous titles and you get… the Nazi Party. (Beer Hall Putsch, and all that.)

Or the Freemasons. (Who no, don’t rule the world, but have been pretty important to several national revolutions.)

Or the Ku Klux Klan.

It’s interesting to see particularly where each particular one lifts their goofy aesthetic from. College fraternities invoke Greece, or at least the platonic Greece of Platonic Greece. I guess that makes sense for the intersection of academics, drunkenness, and homoeroticism, but other than the three letters and the occasional toga party they don’t push that too hard and their everyday mytho-aesthetic is pretty much civic Americanism - leaders are called “president”, “secretary”, “treasurer”, etc.

The Nazis were all into German palingenesis so obviously they went heavy on the historic Germanicness as a theme, something I didn’t pick up on until it was explained to me was that a lot of their everyday terms - gau, gefolgschaft, etc. - would have come across as archaic and medieval even by the standards of a culture that had been a feudal monarchy in living memory. The American equivalent would be like if the government was conquered by renn faire types who started giving things goofy-ass D&D names.

EXCEPT OH FUCKING WAIT, THAT’S THE KU KLUX KLAN. Wizards and Dragons and Realms and Provinces and Giants and Cyclopses and Goblins. The Klan was also really into being 2spooky4u. Like, as I write this, it is Frightful PM on the Wailing Deadly day of the Sorrowful month, as the Kalendar reckons it. But then that was always the schtick: “We’re knights! Or are we… ghosts?! ~oooOoOoOOOOoOoOooo~”

And I mean “really, who could take this seriously?” Well, tumblr, who could take your whole Halloween spoopy Skeleton War shit seriously? The answer is no one, so you don’t, but you keep doing it anyway, and so did they.

The Freemasons were weeaboos! I mean not as we know it now, Masonry predates the opening of Japan and subsequent Japonisme, but it’s the same thing, a goofy appropriation of an idealized version of the exotic Orient, using the then furthest-east culture they were in contact with, the Ottoman empire. There was some Moorish stuff too, so maybe the theme should be “Mediterranean Islam”. Temples and fez-wearing Shriners (ahem, “the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine”) and the Moorish Rite. THE FREEMASONS WERE ISLAMABOOS.

(Actually, you know what more recent organization has combined fraternal socialization, revolutionary potential, and a cod-Islamic theme? The Nation of Islam.)

On the one hand, fraternal organizations have been able to wage campaigns of violent subversion capable of overthrowing or supplanting governments; on the other they have always been total fucking nerds getting drunk and geeking out, the two are in no way exclusive.