the vetch


Whenever the other wears the other’s color, they love each other a little bit more.

My headcanon is Katara as a Fire Lady only wears her husband’s colors during important/formal events (and Zuko respects her choice) as well as Zuko humbling himself with not wearing his crown and only wearing Southern Water tribe clothing during their visits in the south. Her betrothal necklace is carved from gold and bronze (cause zuko’s a doting lover) with the shape of the flower Milk Vetch cause I love its meaning

Flowery Asks
  • Apple Blossoms: Do you believe that things will soon improve for you?
  • Azaleas: Are you taking care of yourself?
  • Bachelor Button: Are you single?
  • Buttercup: What are some childlike things that you enjoy?
  • Pink Camellia: Are you currently longing for somebody?
  • Chicory: Are you frugal?
  • Red Daisy: Are you aware of your own good looks?
  • Dog Rose: What is something that hurts you and yet still makes you feel good at the same time?
  • Edelweiss: What was the last brave thing you did?
  • Eupatorium: Does it take you a long time to make a decision?
  • Fern: What is something you find mystical or supernatural?
  • Filbert: Have you recently made amends with someone?
  • Gloxinia: What is the closest thing you've had to "love at first sight?
  • Golden-rod: Are you currently being cautious about something?
  • Heart's Ease: Who currently occupies your thought?
  • Hyacinth: What sports or physical activities do you enjoy?
  • Ipomaca: Do you think you're too attached to somebody?
  • Ivy: What has made your friends dear to you?
  • White Jasmine: Are you a friendly person?
  • Jonquil: If you currently have feelings for somebody, are they returned by them?
  • Kennedia: Do you honestly find intellect attractive, or just admirable, in a person?
  • Larkspur: Are you open-hearted?
  • Lychnis: Are you religious?
  • Milk Vetch: Is there someone whose presence comforts you?
  • Myrtle: Are you well-disciplined?
  • Narcissus: Are you a formal person?
  • Nasturtium: What was the last thing you won at?
  • Olive Branch: What makes you feel at peace?
  • Orchid: What things do you feel get better with age?
  • Parsley: What are some useful things that you know?
  • Pimpernel: Have you recently gone through a large change?
  • Quaking Grass: What is currently bothering you?
  • Reeds: Are you currently listening to music? What was the last thing you listened to?
  • Rosebud: Ideally, how would you like to tell somebody you are romantically interested in them?
  • Sweetpea: Who did you last say goodbye to?
  • Sweet-William: What last made you smile?
  • Thornapple: What person, that you know in real life, did you last dream of?
  • Tulip: Do you, at all, wish to be famous?
  • Venus' Looking Glass: What was the last compliment you received?
  • Viscaria: Who did you last dance with?
  • Woodbine: Do you have siblings?
  • Wormwood: Are you currently feeling discouraged? By what?
  • Yarrow: What was something that really helped you get over a heartbreak?
  • Zephyr Flower: In what ways do you show your love?
  • Zinnia: Which of your friends have you seen the least recently?

Wild Purple Stuff

Hairy Vetch (Vicia villosa) growing wild in an abandoned field.  Vetch is a legume that is able to capture nitrogen from the air and return it to the soil, reducing the need for fertilizer.

New Jersey, June 15, 2017.

Photo by @mellowcat-artist All Rights Reserved

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Vicia cracca, Fabaceae

If you see a tangle of sprawling stems and racemes of purple-blue flowers climbing around in the tall grass you’ve found yourself the tufted vetch, a common relative of lentils and peas. Native to Eurasia, but introduced around the world, it is often considered a weed although it is cultivated as a cover crop and for livestock forage. As a member of the Fabaceae it is also a beneficial plant because of its nitrogen-fixing potential and is very attractive to bees and bumblebees due to the presence of extra-floral nectaries, glands producing nectar even before the plant is in bloom. 

Both the leaves and the small seeds it produces are edible cooked and it has been used as a medicinal plant for its galactagogue properties, aiding in milk production for new mums. If you’re planning a wildlife-friendly patch in your garden you can collect the seeds of this perennial and sow them this autumn after gently scrubbing them with sandpaper to help with the germination process. For a hint on obtaining natural-looking results and a pleasing colour combination summer, take a look at the place where you collected the seeds and pay attention to what other wildflowers grow around it: field scabious, bird’s-foot trefoil, black knapweed and corn chamomile are some really good choices as often present together and blooming in the same period. 

in the dark, where desires grow devious,
I kneel by my window under stars like 
the tiny teeth of a seaserpent, 

wondering how best to know my life

& the silence furthers, the night full of
ambient luster

the stealth of inner self we may not know,
I concede to The Other :

the sprucewood that lends itself
to the creek’s waters

rimmed with the yellow days of summer
(their hours turn inwards, every past
memory of its wandering)

primitive as Golgotha,
everything is equal

having been gathered from the same
dark rib of thought

I am nothing that has not been had before

precarious radiance frames the skylit world,
the balance of night that shines in the cedar,
the winter-vetch, the redreeds

earth’s great labor, its cloak of injuries
our mother’s loathsome & handsome hours

how one cannot know another completely
how this is beautiful,
                           and lonely only if you let it

(we keep the final descent within us)

bensoloismyspiritanimal  asked:

Is there a flower that means pain, death, sadness or all of the above? My character (Rhistel) has Hanahaki disease and a flowers with one of those meanings are growing in his lungs. Thanks!

Hey bensoloismyspiritanimal!

Here’s a list for you! Additionally to picking the meanings you think fit his situation the best, I’d like you to google these plants and have a look at what exactly you make him cough up. Some might cause trouble, some might only bloom once (or maybe he coughs up the aleo leave by leave Idk…), basically, get an idea of what you’re going to put him through, before you write about it.
Also yew and hemlock are poisonous.

  • adonis (flos) - sorrowful remembrance, painful recollections, sad memories
  • aloe - bitterniss and pain, grief, bitterniss, religious superstition
  • cypress - death, mourning, despair, disappointed hopes
  • dog rose - simplicity, pleasure and pain
  • hemlock - you will be my death
  • leaves (dead) - death, sadness, melancholy
  • marigold - chagrin, pain, grief, trouble, cruelty, contempt, inquietude, pretty love, sacred affection, caress, sorrow
  • milk vetch - your presence softens my pain (oh the irony)
  • primrose - early youth and sadness, childhood, early youth, modest worth, I can’t live without you woman
  • southernwood - pain, jest, bantering
  • weeping willow - sadness, mourning, forksane, melancholy
  • yew tree - sadness, sorrow

- Mod Jana