the vet from tw is in it too

The nicotine was the only high Flash could get anymore—after he had fallen deep into a spiral of alcoholism, he couldn’t allow himself anything more than the cigarettes he always carried, but at least it was better than nothing. He sat in his wheelchair outside of the VA late that night, massaging the stumps where his legs used to be—the phantom pain had been particularly bad that day, but after seeing far too many shrinks about it, he decided that instead of spending all this time with VA shrinks who treated him like he was just another troubled vet, he put his time towards helping others. That was the only way he knew how to help himself these days, especially with his bond to Venom growing stronger by the day. He dropped some ash from his cigarette on his pants and he immediately swore, trying to brush it off, but finding there was a hole in them now. “Fucking great.” 

[7/7/14] [tw eye damage, eye damage tw]

OOPS I KIND OF FORGOT TO POST ABOUT PAX’S EYE. Sorry, I’ve had a zillion things going on & sometimes I might not shoot a particular cage or rat for a while because I have so many!

He had an experimental procedure done about a month ago for his glaucoma, the eye was bulging a lot & causing him pain. He was only the second rat in the country to ever have this done to him! It is a procedure commonly done on dogs with eye issues–he was anesthetized & then fluid from his eye was drawn up with a syringe, then medicine was injected in that would basically dry up the eye & keep it from swelling any more. The vet wasn’t sure what amount of medication to use since there weren’t any available studies on rats, & she used a little too much, so now his eye is shrunken. The good news is that he is no longer in any pain, the eye is not going to swell again, & he’s off antibiotics & pain meds! He will hopefully be able to live a comfortable, mini-eyed life now.