the vet from tw is in it too

[7/7/14] [tw eye damage, eye damage tw]

OOPS I KIND OF FORGOT TO POST ABOUT PAX’S EYE. Sorry, I’ve had a zillion things going on & sometimes I might not shoot a particular cage or rat for a while because I have so many!

He had an experimental procedure done about a month ago for his glaucoma, the eye was bulging a lot & causing him pain. He was only the second rat in the country to ever have this done to him! It is a procedure commonly done on dogs with eye issues–he was anesthetized & then fluid from his eye was drawn up with a syringe, then medicine was injected in that would basically dry up the eye & keep it from swelling any more. The vet wasn’t sure what amount of medication to use since there weren’t any available studies on rats, & she used a little too much, so now his eye is shrunken. The good news is that he is no longer in any pain, the eye is not going to swell again, & he’s off antibiotics & pain meds! He will hopefully be able to live a comfortable, mini-eyed life now.