the vest will make him comfortable

warnette fanfic

i’ve had this idea in my head for months and last night i was upset so i finally decided to go through with it and write it. I wrote for five hours straight and it’s nearly 10,000 words, which I believe makes it my longest one yet. Enjoy Warner getting dragged :)

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This is for the anon who requested “I missed you” with Hotch

You’re exhausted but you’re not going to sleep. Not until he’s home. It’s been four weeks since you’d seen him and it was too long. The lights slide across the wall as he turns into the driveway. Thank god he’s home. Thank god he’s safe. He’s quiet when he comes into the house, not realizing that you’re awake.
“Aaron.” You say softly as he makes his way to the kitchen.
“You’re awake.”
“Yea. I wanted to make sure you got home in one piece.”
“You were worried?”
“Always. Every time you strap on that vest I worry.” You move into his arms and press your cheek to his chest. You breathe him in, he always smells the same, like vanilla, coffee and gunpowder. It doesn’t seem like it would be a comforting but to you it’s home.
“I’m home safe and sound.” He mutters stroking your hair, you’re so glad that he’s here. Holding you tightly to him he presses his lips to the top of your head.
“How are you feeling? Are you hungry? Tired? Want a shower?” He chuckles softly.
“I am hungry and tired and I want a shower.”
“Okay, you climb in the shower. I’ll make you something to eat. I have leftover chicken that would make a good sandwich.”
“You don’t mind?”
“Not at all. We’ll talk after your shower then go to bed.”
“You don’t have to wait up.”
“I’ve missed you. I don’t want to go to bed without you for another night.”
“Okay.” He kisses you softly then heads to the bathroom for a quick shower. You make his sandwich then pour yourself a glass of wine. The two of you talk softly about the week, you fill him in on Jack and how he’s been. When he finishes his sandwich you pass him your glass for him to finish off then put everything in the sink. He wraps his large hand around yours and leads you to the bedroom.
“Bedtime.” You sigh softly causing Aaron the laugh.
“Bedtime.” He agrees. You join him on the bed and he wraps an arm tightly around you. You bury your face in his chest and fall into a content sleep.


     The next day, Candyman was in better shape than when Stash had found him. Candyman’s back was feeling a bit better and the bruising was beginning to calm down from being so agitated. He decided to wear something a little less tight today because of it, but also since today he was meeting up with Stash for a movie and to hang out. Candyman hadn’t figured it out quite yet that Stash was simply making sure he takes the day off.
    Candyman wore a collared shirt and a knitted vest- the vest itself being pepper patterned with grey edging. Loads more comfortable than the suits he would put himself in and still reasonably fashionable.
    His breakfast was brief and Candyman was off on the streets almost as soon as he got up, cane in hand. The dandy thankfully didn’t have that limping walk that he had before, erm, well not as bad now. He waited outside the movie theater, taking out his phone and checking the time. Yep, seemed alright.

Jared Dunn’s sleep habits (and how they effect him)

Freshly awoken:

Appearance normal, very apologetic, will make up this lost time even if it kills him.

Normal sleep:

Adorable bean, real go-getter. Enthusiastic and helpful. Lets plenty of tragic snippets of his past slip out.

Twenty-four hours no sleep:

Appearance of a ‘comfort vest’, no visible eye rings. Still painfully optimistic.

Forty+ hours no sleep:

Still vest, appearance relatively normal but haggard. Slight eye ring. The edges of things are “getting dancy” in his words. Probably time to sleep.


Hot fuckin mess. Visible eye rings from lack of sleep. Hair is messy and unkempt. He’s rambling and saying some terrifying shit. There’s a vest again and it can’t hold in all his pain.

Plus, he’s weepy as hell:

He’s killing me.

Time to sleep: