the very old folk

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I really am just out of step asethetically from just about everyone I meet. What am I into right now? William Blake, epic poetry from ancient Mesopotamia, the Hermetica, and medieval music/very old folk. Last month it was the Manhattan Project, John Donne, quantum physics, 50s and 60s sci-fi and Richard Feynman (who I have complicated feelings about). Before that it was Lawrence of Arabia, 60s movies, and 60s jazz. I feel a pressure to hide the things I like, for a number of reasons. I think a lot of the time people assume I’m putting on a front, trying to appear cultured, but that genuinely is not where I’m coming from. I have a tendency to be guarded about this stuff, which comes from a fear of being vulnerable, and that makes the problem worse because it makes it harder to communicate my enthusiasm. I’m rapidly improving at that.

There aren’t a ton things I’m passionate about that I can bond with new people over, because I have very few “grounded” interests or reference points for most people. Though it makes it really exciting when someone is into the same stuff as me (and isn’t an asswipe about it, which, let’s be honest, is the real problem here).

If you kind of squint you might see a constellation in that list, and many are recurring images in my mind. The thing that I get out of most of my interests is just something that’s very off-zeitgeist right now, so it doesn’t tend to show up so much in modern cultural products. The place I’m coming from isn’t compatible with postmodern irony or nihilism, nor with the new sincerity approach to pop culture, nor with embracing industry-produced media. And, I mean, that’s part of the problem too. That I feel completely disconnected from most modern cultural products.

It’s a little lonely and I think this is one of the big things that drives people into grad school. But then I also have this drive to express what I get out of this stuff, and that’s honestly where I get the greatest joy in my life.

fiercekhaleesi94  asked:

I just saw your update of requests and I just wanna cast my vote for prompto! also I just wanna say your facts about yourself fascinates me. can I ask if your husband knows your love for fictional characters? I'm not sure if your love for FC are as intense as mine but I feel like it's a turn off for guys? I'm just as insecure as prompto if not more hence my love for the ray of sunshine but it just gives me a little hope that you could show your love of FC and your hubby could find it cute aboutu

Hey, Fierce! My husband and I have been together since we were 15. We’re 27 now! (Old folks lol) The very first conversation we ever had together was about our shared love for FF8. I told him how Laguna Loire is one of my all time favorite video gave characters and that I was obsessed with him. I’ve got a FC obsession problem, ok? I wear my love for them on my sleeves. He’s always just been cool with it and teases me. Which I enjoy tbh. He knows how much I adore Ignis and even calls Ignis my “new husband.”

 Let me just say though in earnest. It’s important to balance fantasy life with reality life. LOL. My husband is happy to let me be with my fantasies so long as it doesn’t hinder our relationship. There have been times in the past when we were younger that I would sit next to him and just write in my journal about being with an FC. As long as you don’t do that, I think you’ll be fine. Every guy is different though, mind! I’ve only been with my husband. I’ve never dated or anything. Seriously though, as long as you give your s/o plenty of attention or as long as they aren’t an insane narcissist, I think you’ll be ight. 💗 

 Here are my husband’s exact words for you; “Don’t feel insecure about it! It’s not a turn off! It’s just a fictional character. As a guy, I have an attachment to female FCs myself!.”

Love you guys! And you can ask me things like this ANY time. I sincerely enjoyed answering this.


A pair of very successful ghost hunters has been hired to help an elderly couple get rid of a poltergeist. The hunters slowly start to realize the ghost has a very good reason to haunt the old folks.


I rewarded myself for turning 30 by buying a whole box of sedums and sempervivums from my favorite local nursery! And these cuties from @purpletabby arrived in the mail at the same time! Rain or not, I am going to spend a chunk of today weeding and planting, and will hopefully get back into the real swing of things this evening.


Okay, I posted these a few years ago and was going to just reblog but I’d split it up into multiple posts and…nah. I’ll just repost. :P Here are my babes from the magical world of 1912, London (a collaborative spin-off of another certain epic collaborative project)…for reasons~

In order: Masque the Revenant, Leslie Hollis the Faerie, Rosetta “Mother Rose” Habborlain the Witch (and her Familiar, Felix), Mario Bienatti the Clairvoyant, Charles Abernathy the Weretiger, Roderick “Rory” Styles the Thief, Geneve Dods the Journalist & Simon Leasy the Book-Mage.

My Top Twenty Songs for 2015

This is terrible, as I bought 700 songs this year. I don’t know if I can really do “top twenty.” I guess I’ll call it “top twenty” and really mean “twenty of the songs I really loved but I could list two hundred more.”

1. “Winter” - Nieves. I know some of this is my Celtic folk background showing — this is very Dougie MacLean/ Old Blind Dogs — but I think it’s such a sad and hopeful song. Fun fact: I listened to it 93 times in a row while writing the last Adam Parrish POV scene in TRK.

2. “God’s Whisper” - Raury. This song feels like it’s both going somewhere and has been somewhere, just like my other ‘15 find Silver Firs’ “Away We Go.” Good for a road trip in an old Camaro. Probably I’d end such a Gansey-Blue playlist with “Nothing is Anything” by Wintersleep.

3. “This is Not a Game” - The Chemical Brothers, feat Miguel & Lorde. I was in love with this song from the first dire synth note at the beginning. Cinematic and cool.

4. “Elastic Heart” - Sia. I just. Desperate and bitter and pretty.

5. “You Are My Soul” - Manicanparty. This song is a little bit like “Elastic Heart” and “This is Not a Game” had a baby.  

6. “Until We Go Down” - Ruelle. This was a good year for cinematic alt rock. Just put this one in a playlist with the previous three. I don’t know if this would be on the list if I hadn’t listened to it so much for the Raven King, but as it is a pretty fine Raven King song, I’ll leave it on the list. 

7. “I Don’t Mind” - Inner Oceans. This song is just so lovely that I could puke.

8. “Brother (Kygo Remix)” - Matt Corby. There is something very ascendant about those repeated falsetto notes.  

9. “No Harm is Done feat. Tunji Ige” - Christine and the Queens. This song was dubbed “Snake People Music” by one of my friends, right after he said, “You’re one of those remix people, aren’t you.” I am, I guess. I just find this song so after-dark sexy.

10. “First” - Cold War Kids. Perfect betrayed closing credits song.

11. “I Found” - Amber Run. If I hadn’t already puked over how pretty “I Don’t Mind” is, I’d puke now for this one. 

12. “All Who Remain” - Beware of Darkness. Now here’s a great song to listen to while sulking in a dark room. “Echo” by The Lonely Wild is good to follow up for more sulking. Finish with Kishi Bashi’s cover of Beirut’s “A Sunday Smile” for more vaguely attractive ennui. No, wait, add “Forest Fire” by Brighton. That’ll sting. Go ahead and listen to that during the Noah scenes for the Raven King.

13. “Water” - Ra Ra Riot & Rostam. Perfect ironic closing credits song. I don’t know if I’ll make it waiting for this full album to drop.

14. “Counting Sheep” - SAFIA. These people are weirdos. This song is weird. Everything they do is weird. I feel weird when I listen to it. Can it be any slicker? I don’t think so.

15. “All the Kings” - Editors. And “Kings” by Tribe Society. This is two songs but because they both have the word Kings in them, I’m putting them on one line to put more songs on this list. 

16. “Never Been in Love” - Cobra Starship. This song, plus Kids of 88′s “Just a Little Bit” plus Cayucas’ “Moony Eyed Walrus” can cure any road trip of any ill. 

17. “Mainline (Jaytee Remix)” - One Day. Objectively, I know this song is terrible. Subjectively, I love it so bad. It goes next to HEALTH’s “Stonefist” and the Brevis Remix of Lil Jon’s “SYF” and Mt. Eden’s “Distance Kills” and Hudson Mohawke’s “100HM” and "Patient Zero” by Zomboy and “Me Bota Pra Dançar” by Edu K. 

18. “A. M. A. (Eule Remix)” - Maps. I would drive to this for two thousand miles. And have.

19. “Hollow Tune” - Brick + Mortar. I once drove from Virginia to NYC listening to only this song over and over. True story. 

20. AWOLNATION’s album in its entirety, particular “Jailbreak” and “I Am.” The first song struck me so hard while I was driving to Kansas that I had to actually pull over by the side of the road because I was not able to listen to it and drive at the same time. 


OMFG i finally did it—today marks my first purchase involving my own debit card, which means i am officially an adult!!!!! ASLKDJKJADSJHBASK jk, but after 22 years, i’m very slowly, but surely starting to figure shit out!!!!

i went to panda express a couple hours ago bc i haven’t had breakfast or lunch and so, i walked to the one near my house and i got some orange chicken and then i handed the cashier my card and she swiped it and gave it right back and in my head, i was like, “it worked? :O” hahahaha and then i met up with my cousin at the park and played some pokemon go and then we bought jamba juice!! now, i just need what them old folks call a job LOL today was a very good day tbh honestly

What a pleasure life is, when there is coffee and sex and poetry and jazz and art and dogs and folks who can whistle very well, and nice old men who salt their sidewalks and say ‘good evening miss’ as you pass, and friends you can sing with in three-part harmony, and beautiful cold air that turns the rabbits white.


“Samantha has a unique ability to embody whatever a song asks of her, that’s an incredible talent, and I think it’s what separates her from other people in her field. There’s never a moment’s doubt about who the character is when Sam Barks is singing the song, and that’s true whether she’s onstage in Les Miz or you’re in the pub and it’s three o'clock in the morning and you’ve had a few pints and she’s singing an old English folk song. It’s a very unique and special thing to find somebody who can do that.” — Alan Doyle on Samantha Barks.

bentothuglife  asked:

Flower asks: Rhododendron

RHODODENDRON: What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

when i was in the 4th grade i had a dream that my family decided to do this big fancy family reunion in napa. (4th grade molly was already very interested in Winecations.) we were going to this hotel that looked off the chaaaarts in the brochures but when we got there it was this like, run-down horrible old folks home where they were very clearly running some kind of scam to get old peoples’ money? like dream mollyhall didn’t do a full investigative report or anything but you just KNEW they were giving people too much medicine or not enough medicine or only feeling them tripe or some other cruel & unusual malarky.

SO ANYWAY i was somehow the only one in my family who noticed that this place was a hellhole? the rest of my family was like “stop being so ungrateful we came here for you” and i was like “we went to napa for me??? i would not……..have chosen napa” and they were like “SHUT UP AND PLAY SHUFFLEBOARD WITH YOUR UNCLE GARY” (i don’t have an uncle gary).

and at one point we were all sitting in the dining hall enjoying a HORRIBLE meal that had REALLY WEIRD SHIT in it when uncle fester from the addams family just pulled up a chair and sat down and was like, “it’s me! uncle fester!”

“you’re not a part of our family,” i explained, but uncle fester got SO MAD. he shoved back his chair and stormed off and my family was livid with me. how could i be SO RUDE to uncle fester??????????? he was my BLOOD KIN??


but nobody would listen to me! they all totally believed that uncle fester was a part of our family, even though i knew, in my heart of hearts, that he was CONNING US and wanted to MURDER SOMEONE. how did i know this? idk, i just did. and no matter how many times i tried to warn everybody that uncle fester wanted to murder all of us, they didn’t listen to me. “shut up and eat your weird goop, mollyhall!!!!”

so then some indeterminable amount of dream-time later, i noticed that one of my dream-aunts was missing from the festivities (we were standing in a room not speaking, which at this hotel was considered a festivity). and i KNEW. I KNEW. UNCLE FESTER HAD GOTTEN TO HER. i tried to tell everybody this but as usual they were like, “you know nothing jon snow,” so i had to gather evidence. to do that i went to my missing dream-aunt’s room and LO AND BEHOLD THERE SHE WAS, DEAD AS A DOORNAIL. i will not describe in detail how very dead she was, but trust me!!!! it was very dead and horrible!!!!

i started screaming and everyone came running in, including uncle fester, and i was pointing at him and explaining that he had VERY AGGRESSIVELY KILLED MY DREAM-AUNT, but everyone believed that i had done it and couldn’t believe i was blaming dear uncle fester and then the police came and tried to arrest me so i jumped out a window.

when i jumped out of the window i landed in this weird doctor-who-opening-sequence wormhole thing that had a lot of butterflies in it. idk. that part was weird.