the very moment there was finger poking i expected him to be on the ground

Bygones of the Sun | 01 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 10.4k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

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damn the delivery boy.

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Expecting Parents AU / Fluff and Non-explicit smut.

Summary: Jeon Jeongguk is a computer science major working as a pizza delivery boy, and you are an uninspired published author who has just started an art degree. When you realise that the delivery boy is your old high school crush, he keeps coming back, but with more to offer than just puff pastry and vegetarian supreme. Though little did he know that he would end up giving you something much more that flips both of your worlds completely upside down in the form of two blue lines and nine months.

Count: 9,656 words.

month one.

Two lines.

The second is a little faint, but it is there, undeniably there, growing stronger by the second as your heart sinks deeper into the pit of your stomach and suddenly you are keeling over the sink, throwing up a combination of panic and regret. You wipe your mouth, sit back on the closed lid of the toilet, shut your eyes and take a deep breath, holding it until your lungs burn and your lashes fly back apart to look at the test still shaking between your fingertips.

There, right before your eyes, two fucking blue lines protruding like two middle fingers, poking up at you and saying – Congratulations sucker, you are pregnant!

Twenty-three years old and pregnant.

You throw up again.

This has got to be the biggest mistake of your life.

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anonymous asked:

I always imagine Draco gardening, (idk because he gardened with his mom when he was little maybe?) anyway, now I've imagined Harry coming to see Draco, spotting him with dirt on his cheek and knees scuffed from the ground. I can't decide how Harry would react though. Would he think it's cute? Out of character? Weird?

As Harry walks down the stone steps into Draco’s garden, he can’t help but feel as if he is trespassing upon a scene he isn’t meant to see.

He’d known he wasn’t due at Draco’s til half past noon but he’d been bored and restless at his flat alone, and if truth be told he’d missed Draco something terrible after a week away on assignment.  So on a whim he’d tried to use the floo a few hours early and had been pleasantly surprised to find Draco had left the connection open for him.

Except when he’d stepped out into the lounge he’d not seen Draco anywhere.  He’d called out for him, and poked around his house, but there was no sign of him anywhere.  Harry had almost started to worry that something might be wrong until he’d noticed the kitchen door ajar which had led him out into the dewy, sunlit garden.  

It was unusually warm for this time of year and Harry had only expected to find Draco enjoying the sunshine.  He mostly definitely hadn’t expected to find Draco on his knees amongst a bed of flowers; his sleeves rolled up and grass stains on his knees.  But what Harry found most startling was the sight of Draco bent over on his hands and knees, a line of sweat dripping down his neck and his long, elegant fingers digging into the dark, rich soil.

Harry wasn’t sure why he found it so shocking, he’d known Draco liked to take care of his own flowers.  He’d told him as much on their third date, mentioning how he used to tend to the flowers in the garden with his mother as a child.   He’d said it casually enough at the time as if it was nothing, but Harry had known then it was Draco’s way of revealing something very intimate about himself to Harry.  The significance of that small comment had not been lost on him.

However there was a big difference between knowing Draco liked to garden and seeing him work the earth with his bare hands.  Harry wasn’t sure what it was exactly, all he knew was that the sight before him made his clothes feel too small and his heart feel too big.

And so when Draco abruptly stands a moment later, embarrassed and rubbing his hands on his pants Harry nearly sprints across the garden, pressing Draco back against the stone wall and tangling his fingers into Draco’s and holding on as if trying to anchor himself.  There is something different about this kiss, something raw and desperate and Harry dimly wonders if Draco feels as exposed as he does.

“If I’d have known you liked to see me dirty I might’ve invited you over to watch me garden a long time ago,” Draco teases when they finally stop kissing, his eyes locked on Harry with a gentle fondness that makes his chest ache.

“I love you,” Harry whispers quite suddenly.

Draco doesn’t say anything at first, just blinks a few times and Harry’s stomach drops immediately, wondering if he’s misread the moment.  But then its Draco’s turn to nearly slam Harry back against the wall, kissing him as if his life depends upon it.  

Draco doesn’t say anything, doesn’t say the words back, but his hands tremble as he hold’s onto Harry, pressing messy kisses to his neck and face and just about  anywhere he can reach. 

 And Harry smiles, because Draco hasn’t said the words out loud, but its in his eyes and his touch and his smile, and he knows that Draco is saying it back in his own way.  So Harry closes his eyes, letting Draco’s touches wash over him as he inhales the smell of grass and dirt, memorizing every moment and relishing in the overwhelming sensation of being loved.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

The only form of light currently available to the Losers was Bill’s crummy car interior light. They had impulsively decided to take a night time drive (for an adventure! Bill had explained) and the seat upholstery was currently making the back of Eddie’s legs itch. But he didn’t voice his complaint as in the past half hour they’d been driving, Stan had passively expressed a desire to escape the horror that was the back seat of Bills car. Stan was not good at dealing with being squished between Richie and Ben. Eddie blamed claustrophobia or whatever it was called when Richie Tozier just became too much for you to deal with. So Bill suddenly took a hard lane switch to pull over at Stan’s 90th complaint. Eddie had been regretfully kicked out of his place in the front seat to take Stan’s deserted space. The car beeped annoyingly as Eddie hopped down and his shoes hit the ground. He looked up briefly to  give Stan a glare, who replied with a pleased shrug. Eddie tried to give Beverly a pleading look to switch for the middle row seat but she shook her head. Mike was a no-go, he liked to be behind Bill so he could give him directions. 

So Eddie slunk down in the middle of the last row, Richie giving him a shit-eating grin the whole time. “Bite the big one, Rich.” he grumbled as he buckled and Bill finally pulled back onto the road.  Eddie could barely hear the radio from his current spot but caught a very static rendition of  ‘Miss You’. He huffed and leaned back into his seat. He only glanced up when he heard Richie start to softly giggle. Her scrunched up his nose and raised an eyebrow. Richie pointed across Eddie at Ben who was taking a good, long look at Beverly. He snickered again but Eddie smacked him on the arm. 

“Y’know it’s funny Eds. He’s lovesick.” 

Eddie glanced to his left to observe the lovesick boy in question. He sighed and leaned closer to Richie, chin tilted upwards. “How do ya think this is gonna end up anyway?” he asked. They didn’t talk about the tension that existed between Bev, Ben and Bill often. Mostly because there really wasn’t tension visible but they all knew it was there. 

“Well, I’m sure if it’s the way Ben hopes, he’ll be losing his virginity.” Richie chuckled again and Eddie rolled his eyes, annoyed and smacked him again. 

“ow, jeez Eds, you know you’re stronger than you look?” Richie titled his chin down only to catch Eddies irritated look. “ahh, I don’t know Eddie. None of us do…i’m sure they’ll figure it out when they’re older.” Richie shrugged. He did that often, pushing all the answers to his problems to being an adult because by then they’d be mature enough to  just know, right? Eddie seemed to cringe at the mention of adulthood. 

“Wouldn’t it be better to figure it out now? They’d have more time together that way.” Eddie whispered back. Richie shook his head, glasses catching a glare from the yellowy car light. He took notice of the puzzled look on his friends face and chewed on his cheek. Richie himself didn’t have a positive outlook for adulthood either but he couldn’t help but feel Eddie felt it was impending doom at the moment. 

“It might not be so bad, Eds. They’ll work it out and have a nice life and I see you having the pretty boring domestic future of your dreams!” He toned his chuckle to a softer whispered giggle again. Eddie huffed, rolling his head back. 

“You really think that’s what I want?” Eddies whisper seemed a lot more offended and insecure and Richie worried if there was a double meaning to the question. He cleared his throat. He was about to reply when Eddie spoke again, picking at the hem of his pants. “I don’t even know if I’ll get married.” 

“Really? I think you’re tailor made for marriage. Girls love guys who’ll be whipped enough to do whatever they want.” He laughed loud enough that time that Bev turned her head. He faded it off at the sight of Eddies still offended face. “That was a little joke..ha…’bout that big.” Richie held up his pointer finger and thumb with barely any space between them to show how small and cornered he felt. 

“That’s not what I meant. I just don’t think it’ll happen for me…I’m not that lucky.” Eddie sighed and sounded heavily upset for someone who’d not but moments ago told Richie to ‘Bite the big one.’ 

“Well. If neither of us are married by the time were thirty, we could get married.” Richie had started that off like a joke but as he got further into the sentence, it started to sound more like a genuine offer. Eddie head snapped up so fast, Richie could’ve sworn he got whiplash just by looking. 

“That’s a lame joke, Rich. even for you.” 

“So maybe it wasn’t a joke.” Richie shrugged, turning to look out the window like he wasn’t thinking himself to death. He heard Eddies breathing hitch, he focused on the blurs of the street instead. He was expecting a classic flustered Eddie response but was pleasantly shocked. 

“Why do you think I won’t be married when I’m thirty?” Eddie bumped his shoulder, tongue poking out of the corner of his smile. Richie pretended to be thinking up a list of possible answers, counting his fingers. Eddie smacked his hands down that were now up to eight. “You’re high maintenance.” he stuck his tongue out at him. 

“Oh so are you!” Eddie whisper shouted. Richie chuckled again. 

“That’s why we’re good together, Eds.” He shrugged. Eddie gave him a look as if to say ‘Is that so?’ so Richie kept going. “Wouldn’t it be nice, us annoying each other until we die?” He giggled again, Eddie’s giggle driving him into more. They went quiet again, listen to the static radio,the tapping of Bevs shoe, Mikes directions, Stans loud wondering as to where they were going, Bills constant reply of ‘somewhere Fun!’ , and Bens quiet snores. 

“You think we’ll still know each other when we’re thirty?” Eddie suddenly whispered. Richie knew he’d meant all seven of them but he still said his answer.. 

“I’m telling ya Eds, we’ll be married!” 

Eddie couldn’t stop laughing, leaning back into Richie’s shoulder.

Thranduil’s Talented Tongue - Thranduil x Reader

This Thranduil x Reader fanfic is based on the above imagine by @elven-nicknacks.

And believe me, the king takes his obligations very seriously. So better be prepared for some steamy action with Thranduil’s talented tongue.

I decided to take this one-shot towards a teasing side and include some very light bondage. But admit it, dominant and in control Thrandy is just absolutely irresistible. So I hope you enjoy your time with the King of Smirkwood ;). And I am definitely not sorry for the smut, the queen deserves a loving treatment from her king.

You can also find this one-shot on AO3.

Length: 3.986 words

I do not own Thranduil (unfortunately), nor any of the other characters from Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I do not make any money with this, this is purely for entertainment.

Thranduil’s Talented Tongue

With an exasperated sigh you slammed the door shut behind you, the wood creaking dangerously on its hinges. You were fuming and in a bad temper. „Ah! Those endless meetings!“ you grumbled to yourself, cursing under your breath as you fought to unfasten your cloak. „They drag on forever. Can they not spare the king for one evening?“

You stomped towards the bed and kicked off your slippers seeing with satisfaction as they bounced off the bedpost. „Why do I need to do without him and go to bed alone? They are all just boring officials with boring reports about boring things.“ 

You flung your cloak into the furthermost corner of the room and threw yourself onto the soft bed, enjoying the springy feeling as you bounced up and down softly with the momentum of your body’s motions. A naughty smile dawned on your face as you were reminded of all the other times the bed had bounced and shaken vigorously those countless times when Thranduil had made love to you there. He was such a passionate lover, tireless and ever striving to please you, his queen. You loved his playfulness and the fact that you could instil in him such desire that he would eventually cast away his self-restraint and do all those unspeakable things to you, his kisses burning on your skin, their imprint remaining on your body as a delicious memory. Just thinking about what he did to you sent flashes of heat through your body and you could feel your core begging to be caressed by his hands as they wandered all over your body just to find the spot that longed to be touched the most.

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sheridandwyer  asked:

Hiya! Just found your blog! ❤ May I please request headcanons of the RFA + V + Saeran finding out mc is very ticklish and actually enjoys it, although she refuses to admit it out of embarrassment? She can't even say the word without getting all quiet and becoming a blushing mess? Thank you so much!

Haha, hope you like this! We veered a little bit on some of these. 


  • You were cuddling on the couch and it was getting kind of crowded
  • So he tells you to move over
  • You’re feeling a little playful, so you refuse
  • So he prods yours sides a little
  • You giggle and squirm to the side
  • He thinks its cute that you’re ticklish
  • But he doesn’t actually tickle you often
  • He starts to realize you won’t budge out of his way unless he starts to tickle you
  • “MC, do you actually like being tickled?” he says with a growing smile
  • You blush and try to deny it, but he can tell you’re lying
  • It just becomes a habit where his fingers will dance against your side whenever he embraces you


  • You always catch him off guard and poke his sides when he’s distracted
  • Or you’ll tickle around his neck
  • This guy is just ticklish every where and it makes it so easy
  • One day he sees you with your headphones on, and music loud, and he sees the perfect opportunity for revenge
  • He comes behind you and tickles your stomach
  • He didn’t expect you to be so ticklish though
  • You’re trying your best to run off as he continues to tickle you
  • He ends up pinning you on the ground as he finishes his handy work
  • You’re flushed and out of breath by the time he lets up
  • He’s so glad he got his revenge, but you looked so cute with that huge grin on your face
  • He leans over and kisses your nose before letting you free


  • There was a small fuzz got stuck in your hair
  • She reaches out to swipe it off and accidentally brushes your neck
  • You squirm and let out a short squeal
  • She stares at you wide eyed before laughing a little
  • “I didn’t know you were ticklish,” she chuckles before poking your side
  • You yelp again and back away from her
  • Liking the feeling of teasing you a bit, she starts chasing you around the house to tickle you
  • She doesn’t go all out but just hearing your little giggles at her prods and pokes makes her laugh just as hard as you
  • She would be lying if she said she didn’t poke your side occasionally on purpose, even if she claimed it was an accident


  • He had a long day at work
  • He sees you reading peacefully on the couch
  • He sits beside you and wraps his arms around you while resting his head on your shoulder
  • You pat him gently and let him rest there
  • Then he smells something sweet and pleasant…your perfume
  • He buries his face in the crook of your neck and inhales your scent
  • He was so gentle that you suddenly jump away from him
  • He stares at you blankly for a few moments, confused that you moved away but you were also laughing
  • He gets a small smirk on his face as he realizes you’re ticklish
  • He doesn’t tickle you on purpose
  • But ever since that day, whenever he tickles you by accident, he always chuckles at your adorable response


  • He was building something, and he had been pouring a lot of time into it
  • But here you come trying to annoy him by poking his cheek repeatedly
  • He’s getting really  irritated, so he just turns around and pokes your side
  • His eyes widen when you let a giggle slip
  • He smirks and you try to make a run for it, but it’s too late
  • He’s pinning you to the ground tickling anywhere he can reach
  • Tears are running down your face from laughter
  • “You gonna stop annoying me?” he says with a little squeeze on the area right above your knee
  • You try to catch your breath as you agree
  • You would think he would use this new information all the time, but he usually only tickles you appropriate times
  • In other words, only when he wants something or you’re bothering him


  • You stole all the blankets when you two were laying on the couch
  • He tries to grab the edge of the blanket, but he accidentally pinches your side
  • You let out a tiny laugh and his heart flutters a little
  • He gets a bit addicted to it and wants to hear it again
  • He’s pretty good at reading he mood when you want to be/don’t mind being tickled
  • So if you’re having a bad day and need a laugh, he’ll tickle you a little before giving you a small kiss
  • Hearing you laugh even gets a chuckle out of him


  • He was just trying to pass by you
  • So he rests a hand on the small of your back
  • Only it brushed a sensitive area and you shuddered and let out a small yelp
  • He apologizes, but he kind of chuckles a little at your reaction
  • After that, he’ll tickle you at the most random time
  • He’ll never full on pin you down and tickle you
  • But his little prods and pokes are enough to get you smiling 

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worth the wait

pairing: jongin x reader
genre: greaser!au, fluff, slight smut
summary: sometimes next times don’t happen, but when they do they’re worth the wait

A/N: based on a caption shookjin on ig wrote, you can @ them if u want lol idk, secondly its nothing like grease, thirdly sorry for making you wait so long for any sort of fic update! this is finally a happy ending everyone wants from me, i hope it was worth the wait god im so funny i have so many friends also not proofread as always 

Originally posted by intokai

The saturated wood coated his tongue in its taste with each provocative lick. His tongue swirled around the end trapped between his teeth, the wet muscle peeked through, giving the long haired girl in front of him something to squeal at. She covered her giddy smile with her hand as she turned away after shoving at his firm chest.

He bit at the toothpick hard enough for it to tilt upwards and push his top lip away from his pearly teeth. The bright, midday sun peeked out from the behind the clouds just enough to irritate Jongin’s eyes. Raising his eyebrows and squinting, his titled his head to the side, a look of slight irritation plastered onto his handsome face. Dark locks of hair that were once perfectly shaped dropped slightly over his forehead, glistening in the light from gel that saturated it.

Pushing his torso off the black car supporting his weight, he lazily plucked the ends of her skirt between his fingers and pulled. She quickly turned back around. Her hands falling from her face to protect her decency from the flirtatious man. Heat rose to her cheeks, staining her light skin in its faint colour.

The hand that was forcibly brushed away, made its way to his lips to remove the toothpick from between his lips.

“Listen, doll. Stop being so shy and go on a date with me. We can go watch a movie, drive around.” Imagining the scenario in her head, she once again became shy. Her long hair covered her embarrassed face as the ground underneath them suddenly became very interesting to her and her fluttering heart.

Jongin enjoyed the reactions he could conjure up from girls. The way their faces would flush and how they’d avoid eye contact while trying so desperately to hide their joy at the mere thought of Jongin taking them on a date. But he always knew, he’d done this too many times to not become accustomed to such behaviour. Sometimes he’d forget why he even flirted with girls, was it to actually score a date or watch the way everyone became flustered around him? All he knew right now was that the shy girl in front of him was definitely worth all the days of flirtatious remarks and lingering touches he’d so relentlessly dished out. So why didn’t he remember her name?

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Fairy Tail Pranks ❤️️

Summary: A Valentine’s Day special based on the show “Impractical Jokers”. Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Loke love their jobs. They get to go around pulling pranks on people and each other all while earning a paycheck. It seemed like a normal day on the job, but one prank ends up changing Natsu’s life forever when he runs into a special woman at the park.

Rated: T for foul language.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, & Humor.

Word Count: 5,283

Read on or AO3.

Fairy Tail Pranks

“So your friend,” Loke started, running a hand through his short orange hair, “is she hot?”

“She’s engaged,” Levy said, wanting to crush whatever hopes the playboy had of hitting on her old college roommate in one blow. “Happily, I might add, judging by her tone when I talked to her.”

“Sooo,” he grinned, “what you’re saying is she’s not married yet?”

Levy could only drag a hand over her face in frustration. “She’s unavailable to you, and any other man for that matter.” She turned to face Jellal, seeing he finishing up a conversation with the sound crew. “Change of plans. Loke can’t prank Lucy tomorrow.”

“What?” Loke’s jaw dropped, shoulders going slack. “But I wanted to meet her!”

“Yeah, and I don’t want her getting hit on by a pervert!” Levy reasoned, then spoke to Jellal. “Throw someone like Gray or Natsu on her prank.”

“Why not Gajeel?” Jellal asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Lucy’s already met Gajeel. We all went to college together, so she’ll recognize him,” Levy explained. “It has to be a guy she doesn’t know,” she cast a glare over her shoulder at Loke, “but I don’t want her getting hit on.”

“Fair enough,” Jellal nodded. “I’ll probably send Gray.”

“Sounds good,” Levy smiled, excited to see Lucy’s expression tomorrow. Gray was married already, but his wife was back in their hometown holding down the fort. There was no way Gray would hit on her friend.

Levy McGarden worked with her boyfriend, Gajeel, and friends for a TV show called ‘Fairy Tail Pranks’. The show was fairly new, only started up two years ago. They were now back in Levy’s hometown where her old friend still lived. She hadn’t seen the beautiful woman known as Lucy Heartfilia in years, so she was excited for a reunion.

Only the reunion wouldn’t go as planned.

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Be a Good Boy

Member: JungKook // BTS

Genre: Smut, Romance

Short Summary:  A submissive/masochistic JungKook having a choking kink + there’s mommy kink, as well as orgasm denial (courtesy of @koneko14 ) and I don’t know where that came from ;-0

A/N: I’ll be waiting for my compensation for this ;-) @koneko14

Words: 1.3k

/ PT.1 // PT.2 /

“Jeon JeongGuk, if you don’t keep your hands to yourself, I swear to God that I will make you immobile.” She growled, warning in her tone as her eyes narrowed in onto the man whom she spoke to.

To her further aggravation, he was smirking with satisfaction of her annoyance, and she cursed quietly as his hips puckered up with his hands suddenly gripping her waist and pushing her down.

Since she was supposed to be the one leading that day, she was not going to put with his assertions in no shape or form and so she stopped herself from riding his dick, pushing his broad self into the bed and getting off, walking around the bed and leaning over to reach the black box under. “Are you serious?” JungKook’s voice stammered for a second, before a nervous chuckle escaped his lips.

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Flower Fucking

🌹He knew Dan wanted to take it slow, and he was ok with that, Phil was older by nearly ten years and he didn’t want to push his boyfriend. He loved him a lot, kissing him softly and cuddling him whenever he could.
🌹Dan was sure he was ready, they had been dating for around six months and he loved Phil with all his heart, he was definitely ready. Now he just had to try and find a way to tell Phil he was ready, he wanted to tell Phil at the right moment, but he also wanted to prepare for it, some music or flowers or something.
🌹After a few days of thinking about it, Dan came up with a plan; he would start by kissing Phil, pushing his hands up his shirt before leading him to the bedroom. He planned to have candles and flowers in his room, he didn’t want to use music so he could hear Phil clearly.
🌹Dan had a day at home, alone, to prepare his room for it, putting lube in the draw and candles around the room. Finally, he placed the flowers, before examining his work. He had an extra part now, he decided to make Phil wait for a few minutes whilst he put on lingerie and spread himself out on the bed.
🌹After a tiring day at work, Phil was ready to cuddle with Dan on the couch, to relieve his stress and relax a bit. He was not expecting an eager Dan to be sitting on his lap and making out with him. But he was all for it, his baby was beautiful and Phil knew how much Dan was into this.
🌹They kissed for a while, limbs intertangled, Dan’s hands up Phil’s shirt, exploring the planes of his chest. It was just as Phil got his shirt off, when Dan breathed into his ear ‘Want to take this to the bedroom?’, seductively nibbling on Phil’s ear.
🌹'Mmm, only if you’re ready baby’ Phil whispered, very much hoping Dan was. ‘Come in in about five minutes’ Dan groaned, cock hardening slightly at the thought of what they were going to do. He got up, running to his room to light the candles and get changed.
🌹Phil counted out five minutes on the clock, but he was not prepared for the sight inside. Dan strewn out on the bed, wearing black lace panties and thigh highs, and when he turned Phil could see the panties were backless, exposing Dan’s pale ass to him. ‘Oh fuck baby’ He whimpered, taking in the sight.
🌹He looked around, seeing all the flowers and candles that were strewn around the room, setting the mood. Dan had clearly put a lot of effort into this, Jesus Christ Dan wanted this, wanted him. He could feel his cock swelling in his jeans, there was probably a visible tent but he couldn’t bring himself to care in that moment.
🌹'Come here’ Dan whispered, hand snaking down his body to emphasis the curve of his waist to the elder. Phil complied, walking over to Dan, before stripping down to his boxers. Carefully, he clambered on the bed, facing Dan before leaning in and continuing what they started.
🌹Dan put his arms around Phil, pulling him close and grinding lightly on him, lightly but noticeably. Phil deepened the kiss, hands sliding down the back of Dan’s panties, gripping his arse tightly. ‘Phil- ah-Phiill’ Dan whimpered, overcome by desperation and lust for the man feeling him up.
🌹Phil’s hands played with Dan’s nipples, brushing them lightly at first before pinching them harder. His mouth working on his neck to colour it with reds and pinks. Dan whined against Phil, and bucked up, moaning as he ground down into Phil for some friction.
🌹 Phil reached for the lube in the bedside drawer, he somehow knew it was there and he threw the bottle next to them as his hands slid down to Dan’s panties, eyes full of lust and wanting. Flicking Dan’s panties to one side, his attention came to rest on Dan’s hard, red, leaking cock that wad poking above the waist band.
🌹The audible pop of the lube cracked above Dan’s desperate whimpers, that filled the room with the sound of sex and desperation.Coating his fingers with the slick substance, Phil spread Dan’s ass cheeks and carefully inserted a first finger. His head came lower, until he was looking straight at with the finger pumping in and out of Dan.
🌹He started to suck hickies into Dan’s soft, round ass whilst fingering him open, adding another layer of pleasure to the mix. ‘I love you so much Phil’ Dan breathed out, breath getting short. Phil responded by taking away his fingers and kissing him all along the jaw line, before saying 'I love you too baby’
🌹He grabbed a condom from the drawer, hand blindly feeling for the foil, before ripping it open and sheathing up his cock.’ Hurry Phiww’ Dan whined, becoming impatient. Phil spread a layer of lube on his cock, before lining himself up.
🌹'Ready baby?’ he asked the whimpering mess of Dan, receiving a nod in return. He pushed in slightly, letting Dan adjust to the feeling. Dan felt full, there was a slight burn but he forgot that when he felt a firm hand grip his cock and stroke it. Phil slowly pushed in, until he bottomed out, distracting Dan by giving him hickies and jerking him off.
🌹’M-move’ Dan stuttered, hips jerking to try and fuck himself on Phil’s cock. Phil responded to this by pulling nearly all the way out, before pushing back in, careful not to hurt Dan. He kept this up, jerking Dan off whilst fucking him gently, cock hitting his prostate every other time.
🌹'Close’ Dan whined out, heat pooling in his stomach as Phil’s thumb dipped in his slit. 'Come then baby’ Phil replied, sucking another hickie into Dan’s marked up neck, heat building up in his own stomach. Dan cried out, as white spurted out on his stomach and Phil’s hand.
🌹Phil continued to pound into him, chasing his own orgasm which was drawing closer, spurred on by Dan’s moaning. 'A-ah’ Phil cried out, coming into the condom with a final thrust into Dan. He pulled out, kissing Dan’s tired eyelids as he cleaned them up.

the scathe of branches, 1.8k, more of that sweet, sweet Loki whump, I’ll end up crossposting these eventually when I’m less lazy but here you go for now, title from the poetic edda cause I’m a pretentious bitch like that, uhhh cw for descriptions of burns I guess

Loki wasn’t entirely certain it would work. The window of time was very short, and the Tesseract did have a mind of its own, of sorts. If it decided it didn’t want to work with him, or even just took time to think about doing so -

It was a better option than the ship, though, which was a great deal further away. And Surtur certainly wasn’t wasting time rising out of the Eternal Flame in all his blazing, destructive, glory. The end of the world. Of Asgard, anyway. And here he was making it happen.

Didn’t quite manage it with Jotunheim. Second time’s the charm?

The trouble, it turned out, didn’t come from the Tesseract itself. It came from Surtur, half out of the flames, turning his head to look at Loki.

He really should not have waited to make sure the Eternal Flame worked as expected. That, in retrospect, had been his real mistake.

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I’d Be Lying: Thomas x Reader (Part 1)

 Pairing: Thomas x Reader 

Warnings: Angst, smutty smut smut, and fluff 

Word count: 11,219 (idek what happened)

A/N: I originally planned this to be more tragic, but my heart is too fragile for that. I’m also going by scenes from the movie that I obviously had to change up a bit. This is what our dear reader is wearing (just cause I like it and it makes her look bad ass). Forgive me if i have any grammar and/or spelling mistakes as it is midnight and I am very tired. So enjoy and be prepared for part 2!


Being the only girl in the maze did have it’s cons. Like being babied by the boys, them being timid around her whenever they start “rough housing”. 

“Be careful, or you might hit Y/N!” 

“Alby will kill us if anything happens to her!” 

“Oh no, Y/N are you okay?” 

She knew they meant well. But she wanted to have fun just as much as they did. At some point she had to sit them all down and explain to them. She was not a dame. And she proved it. She wanted to be a runner, and she was good at it too. But for Alby’s sake, she stuck with Newt and Chuck at the crops. 

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When student outdid the master || Doctor Strange x Reader

Writing Challenge

Hello! This is my story written for Bianca’s Autumn Writing Challenge (created by @fanlove-fandomlife)

I tried my best and I hope you all will like the story. Enjoy! 🎃 🦇

Words: 1758

Warnings: none

SUMMARY: Pumpkin carving with Dr Strange

Author: Cass

Originally posted by mas-sera-o-benedict

“Well. I’m a doctor and I shouldn’t laugh, but… Really? Pumpkins? I thought you have something different for me” Strange shook his head in disbelief, his brow was raised as man was looking at you.

You frowned softly, looking at your mentor and rolled your eyes annoyed.
“Yes, pumpkins. Come on. It’s October… Almost end of the month to be honest! Halloween!” You jumped happily. “We have to get ready for it!”

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No Missed Chances

Member: Yuta // NCT

Genre: Romance, Smut

Short Summary: He was so jealous of you spending your time with Johnny, he thought he saw red. Revenge would ensue.

Words: 2.5k

She had been getting the chills starting from around half an hour ago- starting from the moment she reached the living room of his dorm and beginning to talk with Johnny because it was easier to communicate with him, plus the man had such a laid-back air around him that she was simply drawn to him.

Quite clearly, Yuta, or her boyfriend for specifics, had not been too amused, having totally expected her to focus all of her attention on him instead of his friend. He was getting more and more annoyed by the passing minute, and the situation was becoming funny both to her and Johnny as they spoke, starting to simply discuss the weather all to annoy Yuta that bit more. To get him closer to the edge of snapping.

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bts reaction to you falling and landing on them

these are actually so fun to write?? i didn’t realize how much i enjoy writing reactions lmao.

thank you for requesting this! i hope you all like it  ♡ (i didn’t know if you wanted them to be strangers or friends, so i did a mix of both!)


Walking dogs was the only job you could get in college without it interfering with school, so naturally, you took it. You were able to manage most of the time, but today was different. The dogs were unusually crazy, running around and barking at everyone and everything. Why they were like this, you had no idea. All you knew was that you were bound to get injured, and you were right.

Apparently, dogs know a cute boy when they see one and like clockwork, one by one they started to run after him. Which meant, you were also being dragged to him. One thing happened after the next, and you were tripping over their leashes, landing on the boy. “Fuck! I’m so sorry-”

“You’re kind of cute.” You looked at him with a puzzled expression, not realizing that you were still lying on top of him. You scrambled to get up, frantically looking around for the dogs. “Over there,” he chuckled, pointing to the patch of grass that they were each doing their business on.

“I don’t meet very many pretty girls with extremely cute dogs, so if you’re up for it, would you maybe want to go on a date?”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


You definitely knew better than to bother Yoongi when he was writing, producing and most of all; sleeping (even if you were his girlfriend, he’d kill you). Running around their dorm, chasing Taehyung seemed like a fun idea to cure your boredom, but the others beg to differ. 

“You two are either going to break something, get injured, or wake Yoongi up. I’m sure neither of you wants that?” Namjoon sighed exasperatedly. You snorted as you ran past him. “Says the human form of destruction!” Taehyung’s howls of laughter could be heard all over the house, but that happiness didn’t last long.

“Tae- fuck!” You landed again something hard, but not as hard as the ground. You could only presume that you had landed on a person and your fingers were crossed that it wasn’t Yoongi. 

“Having fun there, babe?” 

You rest your head on his chest, a nervous smile playing on your lips. You were about to spew apologies, until you felt his arms link around you. You hear him hum softly before pulling his blanket over the two of you.

“I’ll yell at you later, right now, let’s just cuddle.”

(just imagine urself as jimin lmao)

Originally posted by jimiyoong


Bike riding was not your thing. Anything that had to do with moving definitely was not up your alley, but Hoseok being the extremely adorable and convincing person he is, he managed to get you on one.

“If I fall and die, you’re paying for my funeral service.”

He chuckles, holding onto the bike you were on. “You won’t fall, I won’t let you,” he assures. You felt your heart melt when he flashed you the biggest and most innocent smile.

You took a deep breath, gripping onto the handles so hard your hands were turning white. “Easy there, you need to trust me! I’m your friend!” You started pedaling slowly while narrowing your eyes at him, a silent gesture to make sure he didn’t let go.

But of course, Hoseok did the unexpected, slowly moving his hands away from the bike, leaving you to keep pedaling no matter how afraid you were. “Hobi, I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

It was the moment you were going way too fast for his liking was when he realized how bad of an idea the whole thing was. He sprinted towards your bike until he finally reached you, only to have you come falling off of the bike and onto him.

“If it helps, you look really pretty right now.”

Please choke, Jung Hoseok.”

Originally posted by jaayhope


Having you and Namjoon in one room was definitely the epitome of the end of the world; it was a disaster. So when Hoseok and Yoongi realized that you two were the only ones left to pick up Jungkook’s birthday cake, they knew they were screwed.

“We’re just picking up a cake, what could go wrong?” You whined, trailing behind Yoongi who was busy making sure all the decorations were in place. “Are you afraid we’ll lose the cake or something?”

“No,” he snorted. “I know you’ll bring the cake, I just expect it to be all over you instead, and not in the box.”

Now that you were right on top of Namjoon, with a face full of frosting; you knew what Yoongi meant. Your laughter and the quiet (and rude) comments made from the strangers walking past you two only made the situation even more amusing. “You know, when you spilled your drink all over me the first time we met, I knew I had found the one.”

Namjoon felt a light smack against his arm as a smile appeared on your face. “May I remind you, that situation, and this one were both your fault.”

“Whatever, all I care about right now is how good the frosting on your lips look. Can I have some?”

Originally posted by jjeonguk


A walk in the park was something you and Jimin loved to do, you tried to do it at least once a month, just to clear your head from any stressful thoughts you two may have had.

It was usually calming, but the number of children running around screaming that day was innumerable.

You absolutely adored kids, but when you felt one of them running into your legs every five minutes, causing you to trip every time, you could not say you were loving them at that moment. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to leave? You’ve tripped over about six kids in ten minutes,” Jimin teases. 

You roll your eyes, a snarky comment about to leave your mouth until you feel yourself come in contact with Jimin’s body.

Your eyes are shut closed until you hear Jimin’s light groans under you. As soon as you open them, the sight of Jimin clutching his head makes you panic. “Jimin, what the fuck? Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine, as long as we stay in the position.” 

“Park Jimin! There are children around!”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


It was known that Taehyung was extremely playful when it came to you, sometimes in a cute way, and sometimes not. He loved to mess with your head, he loved how confused and flustered you got, and it makes it even more enjoyable for him knowing he caused it.

“Taehyung, stop,” you groaned as the boy continues to pester you. The last half hour of your lives was spent with Taehyung doing all he could to get you annoyed, and it was definitely working.

“Don’t act like you don’t enjoy my presence!” 

“We are in public, and you’re over there poking my sides, tugging on my hair, and you keep touching my face! I’ve told you before that-”

Without thinking, Taehyung smirks and puts his foot out in front of you, only to have his whole plan backfire when you grab onto him. You both end up on the ground, in a position that Taehyung had to admit, he loved. 

A smirk was plastered on his face as you get up with pink cheeks and the most annoyed expression. 

“Tell me again why I’m dating you?”

Originally posted by rapnamu


You moved around restlessly as you glanced at the time on your phone. You had been waiting in line for twenty minutes, and you were still in the back. If you had known that the coffee shop your sister deemed as “abandoned” was this full, you would have refused to come.

It was loud, small, and you were sure you’ve had about two people accidentally touch your ass. “Why can’t we just leave?” 

Your sister rolled her eyes, waving you off. “The coffee here is amazing, now stand still and stop complaining, will you?”

You loved to annoy your sister by doing the exact opposite of what she wanted, but when you swung your arm and felt the burning on your skin, you knew you fucked up.

You turn around, mistakenly rushing over to the boy on the floor with scalding coffee all over him, which caused you to slip and land right on top of the stranger.

As if the situation wasn’t already embarrassing enough, you felt your cheeks heat up when you actually saw how attractive he was.

“Wow,” you breathe out, causing the boy to smile shyly. 


“Hot,” your sister interrupted, sending a wink your way.

Your face, along with his turn beet red.

“I could say the same about you.”

Originally posted by jengkook

Strange Behavior

A/N: I wrote this for @keichanz, in response to a prompt she posted awhile ago. It was such a cute idea, I had to give it a shot. I’m sorry it’s so much later than I anticipated. ^^; I hope you enjoy it!! 



“Do you think Inuyasha and Kagome are acting… ah, strange?”

At the monk’s question, the demon slayer glanced up from her inspection of Hiraikotsu—where it lay across her lap as she mended its ripped leather strap—and craned her head towards the pair in question. Inuyasha and Kagome stood several yards away, leaning side-by-side against the exterior wall of Kaede’s hut. Inuyasha had his arms resting in his sleeves, one foot propped against the wall behind him as though readying to push away any moment. Such a typical pose for the half-demon: seemingly relaxed and yet always prepared to spring into action. Next to him, Kagome played with a strand of her hair as she spoke, lips upturned in an impish smile. Sango could hear the murmur of their voices—the distinctly amiable, carefree quality to their tones—but couldn’t make out the words.

After watching them a moment longer, she turned back to Miroku and raised an eyebrow. “They seem perfectly fine to me.”

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anonymous asked:

Could I get a Jungkook roommate au where he likes you but you dont know? Thank you so much for considering ❤️❤️❤️

Originally posted by jinkooks

Hey love~ Sorry for the long wait!! The thing is that I liked your idea a bit too much lol. I wrote a bit too much and I’m thinking of making a part 2 ;) Thank you for this amazing idea and I hope you’ll request again in the future~

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 2363 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.




“Jeon Jungkook.”, you stared at his framed picture as you tilted your head,  patting the frame of your nerdy glasses “The ultimate mystery man”

You were working on your literature assignment as you decided to chose Jeon Jungkook as your inspiration. Who was he? What kind of person was he? Those were things you didn’t knew about him. People might have thought you were crazy due to the fact that you were clueless about a man you’ve been rooming with for over a year and a half.

You  heard the door click as you turned your head to look at the culprit. Jungkook probably came back from his last class of the day.

“Welcome back, Jungkook!” you waved your hands at him

He stared at you, completely startled as he nodded at you and smiled awkwardly like a shy school boy. You grabbed onto his arm as he wanted to disappear in his room once again.

“Wait wait wait!! ”, You stood up

“What’s the matter?” he stared at you as he dropped his bag on the floor

“To tell the truth”, you kicked the ground with your feet

Jungkook couldn’t help but to freeze on the spot. What were you about to say? What was going on this time? Had he forgotten to put the toilet seat down, again? He seemed distant, from the way you saw it, but  always cooperative, no matter what. What could’ve had happened this time? What had he done this time?

“I’ve been working on my literature project. You know… I have to write a poem and I thought you’d be a great topic”

“M-Me?” he pointed at himself “You’re writing a poem about me?” he raised a brow “Why me?”

“I don’t know! I mean, you’re very interesting for some reason and I want to know more about you! You’re always so silent and that intrigues me”, you smiled at him

“What does this have to do with me being your topic?” he looked dumbfounded

“Just be my topic, will you?” you smack edhis arm in a very friendly manner

“Sure…whatever pleases you”, he nodded before disappearing in his room

“This little!” you shook your head in disagreement “Why does he always have to hide in his room”, you pout and took off your glasses

His door slung open again as you noticed his  new outfit. A tank top and some shorts. He was going to the gym and you knew it just by looking his attire and his sports bag.He ruffled his hair as he passed by you

“Leaving to the gym again?” you sighed as you stared at him

Jungkook nodded at you as his heart softened , seing you pouting over the situation.

“ I’m in no position to say this, since we’re only roommates”, you suddenly said “ But it feels really lonely when you’re not around”, you poked his shoulder as he   stiffened up. He shivered  as your finger came in direct contact with his warm skin

“Come back early, will ya?” you tip toed as you ruffled his black hair" It’s dangerous out there"

Jungkook’s immediate reaction was to grab your hand and remove it from his silky strands of hair.   He was astonished.

“I-I’ll be back soon”, he nodded as growing flush made its apparition across his cheeks

He skipped out through the door as he stumbled  like an adorable bunny.

“This cute little bastard”, you chuckled to yourself before closing the door.

The more you looked at him, the manlier he became. He kept on getting taller and manlier by day and you couldn’t help but notice all these little things. He was also   the ultimate Boyfriend Material. After  living with him for a while and you couldn’t help but dream of having a husband as responsible and amazing asJungkook.

Jungkook  was the kind of boy that did  his laundry on his own.There was no way on this earth where he would’ve  left you in presence of  his dirty clothing  or even worse , his underwear.The idea of getting his laundry mixed up with yours scared him to its fullest, but you didn’t know this tiny detail.

He was probably cleaner than you,  his room was a perfect example, as it was always so tidy and amazingly clean.You never dared stepping  inside his room, but you went in a few times in the past .It  smelled like hair products and strawberry chapstick.

You probably didn’t know, but there was this one time where your underwear got mixed up with his shirts. The boy felt  like dying the moment he saw that red and black lacy bra dropping on the floor.

“Well..Jeon Jungkook…. congrats, you’re F*cked now”, he ruffled his hair in frustration “How in the world did it got here?!”

He tried his best to avoid such a situation, yet it still happened. What if you caught him ? He didn’t want you to think he’s some closet pervert that steals underwear!

He didn’t wanna touch it either, what if you’d see him? Well he did wanna touch it, but he was afraid to do so. He had to pick up your bra anyway since it was on the floor. He closed his eyes before his fingers touched the soft fabric and his face was getting redder by the second.

He was basically touching your bra, which implied a lot of stuff in his brains

“W-Wait…if I just touched this…doesn’t it mean that I-I-I indirectly…. OMFG…what the F*ck have I just done?” he dropped your bra to the floor before burying his red face in his hands

“You succeeded Jeon Jungkook, Y/N is going to think you’re a pervert”, he wanted to die “No…you actually are a pervert, since you just touched your roommate’s underwear”

You were away for the day with your friends, so he was safe, but still, the boy was feeling disgusted by himself. What had he done? You were such a nice girl and he just touched your bra as if it was no one’s business. How was he going to face you now?

He didn’t had the choice, but to pick up your bra and bring it back to the laundry basket, so that you won’t notice.As he was walking to put it there, he couldn’t help but feel his body heat up.What was wrong with him? He didn’t knew what was wrong with him either. This was the beginning of his hormonal tragedy.

That was the event that made him avoid you at all costs. He couldn’t help but think about that bra and how it would look on you, since it’s obviously yours. He felt disgusting and hated himself for thinking that way, when you were so sweet and nice to him. You were such an innocent cute girl and he felt like shit for acting like this. It wasn’t his fault, he never wanted his hormones to act up, they just did on their own. What could you expect from a 19 years old teen anyways?

Second thing you ignored, was you were driving him insane with each and every little gestures of yours. The way you tied up your hair, the way you bent to get something, the way you applied lipstick or then again how you’d pull your hair to the side as it revealed the side of your neck. Every  time you’d nudge his arm and his skin would be in contact with yours. He could also add up the fact that you’d enjoy wearing revealing clothes a bit too much, which was why he avoided you like pest during the summer. His only way to decompress and to get his stamina focus onto something else was to hit up the gym with his buddies and forget about you.

“Why does she have to stick like glue to those shorts?!” he growled in annoyingly to his friend “Why can’t she let me live”

“Don’t blame her bro, she can wear whatever she wants. It’s up to you if you can keep it in your pants”, Taehyung nudged the latter

“Take it easy man…take it as a challenge! A competition! You’re good at competitions!!Show her you can win”, Namjoon encouraged his dongsaeng

“You can’t understand hyung”, Jungkook shakes his head “This is another level, in which I’m unable to fight back… I can’t… I just can’t”, he kept on running on the treadmill

“Damn, that girl be making you sexually frustrated for real man”, jimin chuckled nonstop like a perverted ahjussi

“Calm down, Ahjussi”, Taehyung laugh at jimin “We all need girlfriends tbh”, he pouted before looking at jungkook “ At least you’re sharing a room with a girl”

“Kim Tae, I promise you. There’s nothing great about rooming with a girl, if you want my opinion, unless you want to be alert 24/7 ″, Jungkook rolled his eyes

"That must be what torture feels like, huh? So close yet so far~” Hoseok added

“What about when she showers, man?” Namjoon raised a brow

“Don’t even start talking about showering…” Jungkook hung his head low “I feel like I’m going insane every time, she comes out with that flower-like aroma…ugh…and her hair”, he buried his face in his hands

Jungkook still remembered how you’d come out of the shower with your wet hair and goodly scented body. He was drunk with feels every time you showered. He always  felt nervous around you.

You could say he was physically attracted to you for sure, but as the time passed by, he couldn’t help but get attached to you and your little affectionate gestures. How you’d make sure to prepare a share for him when you made breakfast.You weren’t forced to make him food, yet you still did, because you adored the boy so much.

“Jeon Jungkook!” you smile before grabbing his arm “I made food and I need your feedback!”

He stiffens under your touch and slowly removes your arm politely before nodding and giving you a slight smile

“Are you sure? I can eat this? I-I mean… I don’t want to steal your food”, he walks with you to the small table

“Yah~ I made this just for you, Jungkookie!” you made that cute expression “I mean… you’re my one and only roommate, right?!” you shoot him a wink and he feel his cheeks heating up as he sits to taste your food

It tasted damazing and his eyes couldn’t  help but widen

“You like it?!” your eyes widen

Jungkook nods before smiling at you for the first time ever

“It’s amazing”, he stared at you

Jeon Jungkook complimented your food?!

The boy was slowly warming up to you and you knew he was a very adorable boy hiding it behind a shy mask. Jungkook was also a sweetheart with you. He’d randomly throw his jacket over your shoulders when you’d be complaining about the cold weather.  He even covered you up with a blanket the times you ended up sleeping in the living room. He also helped you many times with your calculus assignments and even  bought you drinks when you got tired during the finals.

“Hey..Jungkook”, you say with your eyes halfway open

“H-Hey”, he nudged your shoulder “You shouldn’t be sleeping here. You’ll catch a cold”

“Awww…you worried about me?” you smiled weakly “I’m ok …I’ll be just fine…I still need to finish this”

“No you’re not”, jungkook replied and it was the first you heard his firm manly voice standingout “Y/N, get up and go to bed, we can always study tomorrow for the test”

“No, I promise. I’m totally fine”, you pushed his hand away

“I’m not fine about this”, he said in a stern tone “You’re exhausting yourself! You better get up or I’ll bring you to bed”

You  were already too tired and your brain couldn’t seem to function, so you couldn’t get the was the last part of his sentence

“Jungkookkkk…. I’m fine!” you patted his toned arm

He lifted you up bridal style with no difficulty. You were like a feather in his arms. Working out quite frequently for the past months did pay off.

“Yah…what’s going on?” you blinked

“Just sleep, I know what I’m doing”, he commented without even staring at you as he went up the stairs, laying on the bed

“Woooahh…seems like you’ve been working out, nowadays”, you pocked his toned arm

He stepped back as he  slowly removed  your girly fingers from his arm

“Yeah… I did ,a bit”, he commented before bringing the bed covers on top of your small body

“Then that means, you’ll be able to protect me, if there’s a bulgar”, you chuckled cutely

You were drunk with tiredness and Jungkook couldn’t help but find this side of you amusingly adorable.

Jeon Jungkook was indeed there to protect you whenever you needed it. You may have shared a roommate kind of relationship, but you both unexpectedly were bounded to also share a bed-kind relationship in a few hours ( I see y'all dirty minded ppl lmao).


Jungkook finally came back after his work out with the other boys was done.You could clearly notice his moist looking skin and the wetness that his hair was giving out.

Drops of sweat sliding along his jaw and neck, like a boy that was posing for a sports magazine. You could also notice how his forearms were still toned from the work out he just had done.

He was kind of hot, you had to admit. He was getting hotter as the day passed by and you couldn’t help but feel yourself flush as your eyes wouldn’t budge away from his amazing body.

Jungkook went to shower like he usually does. He came out wearing his black and white hoodie that seemed so fluffy you could die.

Jungkook sat on the living’s room couch and started changing channels, till he found this one horror movie that was showing especially for the night.

You thought this was the perfect occasion for you to know more about him. Did he really liked horror movies? What kind of boy was he? You needed to know for the sake of the poem you’ll write on this cutie pie.

Little did you knew that shit was going to go from 0 to 100 real quick, just because of a horror movie.


The Limits of Terminology

Words: ~5k

Tags: Friends to lovers. Defining the relationship.Slight mention of sex but nothing too graphic guys

Rating: Mature I guess. Cus of the sex.

Summary: Dan has referred to Phil as a lot of things over the years. Best friend. Housemate. Business Partner.

But terminology is limiting, and none of it feels like enough. How can one word encapsulate everything they mean to each other?

[AO3 Link]

Fic under the cut.

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A Pair Of Headphones (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: it’s one thirty in the morning and i’ve been up since six. writing this whole thing i’ve felt very off my game so sorry if it’s crap. i know nothing about electronics/headphones and i tried sounding smart #thanksgoogle so yeah spot that in there. hope you enjoy this pointless marshmellow fluff. -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

I think (Y/N) should go first.” The words echoed through your mind as you felt around in the cool fabric of the pillow case, grabbing for something to capture your attention. A string wrapped around your wrist, tangled among everything else, and you snagged it between your fingers, wanting to see what it was. When you pulled up, you found resistance, the string entangled in a few other objects within the bag, and you shook it a few times; Dino gave you a funny look at your struggle.

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