the very moment there was finger poking i expected him to be on the ground

Bygones of the Sun | 01 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 10.4k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02  

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anonymous asked:

I always imagine Draco gardening, (idk because he gardened with his mom when he was little maybe?) anyway, now I've imagined Harry coming to see Draco, spotting him with dirt on his cheek and knees scuffed from the ground. I can't decide how Harry would react though. Would he think it's cute? Out of character? Weird?

As Harry walks down the stone steps into Draco’s garden, he can’t help but feel as if he is trespassing upon a scene he isn’t meant to see.

He’d known he wasn’t due at Draco’s til half past noon but he’d been bored and restless at his flat alone, and if truth be told he’d missed Draco something terrible after a week away on assignment.  So on a whim he’d tried to use the floo a few hours early and had been pleasantly surprised to find Draco had left the connection open for him.

Except when he’d stepped out into the lounge he’d not seen Draco anywhere.  He’d called out for him, and poked around his house, but there was no sign of him anywhere.  Harry had almost started to worry that something might be wrong until he’d noticed the kitchen door ajar which had led him out into the dewy, sunlit garden.  

It was unusually warm for this time of year and Harry had only expected to find Draco enjoying the sunshine.  He mostly definitely hadn’t expected to find Draco on his knees amongst a bed of flowers; his sleeves rolled up and grass stains on his knees.  But what Harry found most startling was the sight of Draco bent over on his hands and knees, a line of sweat dripping down his neck and his long, elegant fingers digging into the dark, rich soil.

Harry wasn’t sure why he found it so shocking, he’d known Draco liked to take care of his own flowers.  He’d told him as much on their third date, mentioning how he used to tend to the flowers in the garden with his mother as a child.   He’d said it casually enough at the time as if it was nothing, but Harry had known then it was Draco’s way of revealing something very intimate about himself to Harry.  The significance of that small comment had not been lost on him.

However there was a big difference between knowing Draco liked to garden and seeing him work the earth with his bare hands.  Harry wasn’t sure what it was exactly, all he knew was that the sight before him made his clothes feel too small and his heart feel too big.

And so when Draco abruptly stands a moment later, embarrassed and rubbing his hands on his pants Harry nearly sprints across the garden, pressing Draco back against the stone wall and tangling his fingers into Draco’s and holding on as if trying to anchor himself.  There is something different about this kiss, something raw and desperate and Harry dimly wonders if Draco feels as exposed as he does.

“If I’d have known you liked to see me dirty I might’ve invited you over to watch me garden a long time ago,” Draco teases when they finally stop kissing, his eyes locked on Harry with a gentle fondness that makes his chest ache.

“I love you,” Harry whispers quite suddenly.

Draco doesn’t say anything at first, just blinks a few times and Harry’s stomach drops immediately, wondering if he’s misread the moment.  But then its Draco’s turn to nearly slam Harry back against the wall, kissing him as if his life depends upon it.  

Draco doesn’t say anything, doesn’t say the words back, but his hands tremble as he hold’s onto Harry, pressing messy kisses to his neck and face and just about  anywhere he can reach. 

 And Harry smiles, because Draco hasn’t said the words out loud, but its in his eyes and his touch and his smile, and he knows that Draco is saying it back in his own way.  So Harry closes his eyes, letting Draco’s touches wash over him as he inhales the smell of grass and dirt, memorizing every moment and relishing in the overwhelming sensation of being loved.

damn the delivery boy.

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Expecting Parents AU / Fluff and Non-explicit smut.

Summary: Jeon Jeongguk is a computer science major working as a pizza delivery boy, and you are an uninspired published author who has just started an art degree. When you realise that the delivery boy is your old high school crush, he keeps coming back, but with more to offer than just puff pastry and vegetarian supreme. Though little did he know that he would end up giving you something much more that flips both of your worlds completely upside down in the form of two blue lines and nine months.

Count: 9,656 words.

month one.

Two lines.

The second is a little faint, but it is there, undeniably there, growing stronger by the second as your heart sinks deeper into the pit of your stomach and suddenly you are keeling over the sink, throwing up a combination of panic and regret. You wipe your mouth, sit back on the closed lid of the toilet, shut your eyes and take a deep breath, holding it until your lungs burn and your lashes fly back apart to look at the test still shaking between your fingertips.

There, right before your eyes, two fucking blue lines protruding like two middle fingers, poking up at you and saying – Congratulations sucker, you are pregnant!

Twenty-three years old and pregnant.

You throw up again.

This has got to be the biggest mistake of your life.

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Thranduil’s Talented Tongue - Thranduil x Reader

This Thranduil x Reader fanfic is based on the above imagine by @elven-nicknacks.

And believe me, the king takes his obligations very seriously. So better be prepared for some steamy action with Thranduil’s talented tongue.

I decided to take this one-shot towards a teasing side and include some very light bondage. But admit it, dominant and in control Thrandy is just absolutely irresistible. So I hope you enjoy your time with the King of Smirkwood ;). And I am definitely not sorry for the smut, the queen deserves a loving treatment from her king.

You can also find this one-shot on AO3.

Length: 3.986 words

I do not own Thranduil (unfortunately), nor any of the other characters from Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I do not make any money with this, this is purely for entertainment.

Thranduil’s Talented Tongue

With an exasperated sigh you slammed the door shut behind you, the wood creaking dangerously on its hinges. You were fuming and in a bad temper. „Ah! Those endless meetings!“ you grumbled to yourself, cursing under your breath as you fought to unfasten your cloak. „They drag on forever. Can they not spare the king for one evening?“

You stomped towards the bed and kicked off your slippers seeing with satisfaction as they bounced off the bedpost. „Why do I need to do without him and go to bed alone? They are all just boring officials with boring reports about boring things.“ 

You flung your cloak into the furthermost corner of the room and threw yourself onto the soft bed, enjoying the springy feeling as you bounced up and down softly with the momentum of your body’s motions. A naughty smile dawned on your face as you were reminded of all the other times the bed had bounced and shaken vigorously those countless times when Thranduil had made love to you there. He was such a passionate lover, tireless and ever striving to please you, his queen. You loved his playfulness and the fact that you could instil in him such desire that he would eventually cast away his self-restraint and do all those unspeakable things to you, his kisses burning on your skin, their imprint remaining on your body as a delicious memory. Just thinking about what he did to you sent flashes of heat through your body and you could feel your core begging to be caressed by his hands as they wandered all over your body just to find the spot that longed to be touched the most.

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Be a Good Boy

Member: JungKook // BTS

Genre: Smut, Romance

Short Summary:  A submissive/masochistic JungKook having a choking kink + there’s mommy kink, as well as orgasm denial (courtesy of @koneko14 ) and I don’t know where that came from ;-0

A/N: I’ll be waiting for my compensation for this ;-) @koneko14

Words: 1.3k

/ PT.1 // PT.2 /

“Jeon JeongGuk, if you don’t keep your hands to yourself, I swear to God that I will make you immobile.” She growled, warning in her tone as her eyes narrowed in onto the man whom she spoke to.

To her further aggravation, he was smirking with satisfaction of her annoyance, and she cursed quietly as his hips puckered up with his hands suddenly gripping her waist and pushing her down.

Since she was supposed to be the one leading that day, she was not going to put with his assertions in no shape or form and so she stopped herself from riding his dick, pushing his broad self into the bed and getting off, walking around the bed and leaning over to reach the black box under. “Are you serious?” JungKook’s voice stammered for a second, before a nervous chuckle escaped his lips.

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sheridandwyer  asked:

Hiya! Just found your blog! ❤ May I please request headcanons of the RFA + V + Saeran finding out mc is very ticklish and actually enjoys it, although she refuses to admit it out of embarrassment? She can't even say the word without getting all quiet and becoming a blushing mess? Thank you so much!

Haha, hope you like this! We veered a little bit on some of these. 


  • You were cuddling on the couch and it was getting kind of crowded
  • So he tells you to move over
  • You’re feeling a little playful, so you refuse
  • So he prods yours sides a little
  • You giggle and squirm to the side
  • He thinks its cute that you’re ticklish
  • But he doesn’t actually tickle you often
  • He starts to realize you won’t budge out of his way unless he starts to tickle you
  • “MC, do you actually like being tickled?” he says with a growing smile
  • You blush and try to deny it, but he can tell you’re lying
  • It just becomes a habit where his fingers will dance against your side whenever he embraces you


  • You always catch him off guard and poke his sides when he’s distracted
  • Or you’ll tickle around his neck
  • This guy is just ticklish every where and it makes it so easy
  • One day he sees you with your headphones on, and music loud, and he sees the perfect opportunity for revenge
  • He comes behind you and tickles your stomach
  • He didn’t expect you to be so ticklish though
  • You’re trying your best to run off as he continues to tickle you
  • He ends up pinning you on the ground as he finishes his handy work
  • You’re flushed and out of breath by the time he lets up
  • He’s so glad he got his revenge, but you looked so cute with that huge grin on your face
  • He leans over and kisses your nose before letting you free


  • There was a small fuzz got stuck in your hair
  • She reaches out to swipe it off and accidentally brushes your neck
  • You squirm and let out a short squeal
  • She stares at you wide eyed before laughing a little
  • “I didn’t know you were ticklish,” she chuckles before poking your side
  • You yelp again and back away from her
  • Liking the feeling of teasing you a bit, she starts chasing you around the house to tickle you
  • She doesn’t go all out but just hearing your little giggles at her prods and pokes makes her laugh just as hard as you
  • She would be lying if she said she didn’t poke your side occasionally on purpose, even if she claimed it was an accident


  • He had a long day at work
  • He sees you reading peacefully on the couch
  • He sits beside you and wraps his arms around you while resting his head on your shoulder
  • You pat him gently and let him rest there
  • Then he smells something sweet and pleasant…your perfume
  • He buries his face in the crook of your neck and inhales your scent
  • He was so gentle that you suddenly jump away from him
  • He stares at you blankly for a few moments, confused that you moved away but you were also laughing
  • He gets a small smirk on his face as he realizes you’re ticklish
  • He doesn’t tickle you on purpose
  • But ever since that day, whenever he tickles you by accident, he always chuckles at your adorable response


  • He was building something, and he had been pouring a lot of time into it
  • But here you come trying to annoy him by poking his cheek repeatedly
  • He’s getting really  irritated, so he just turns around and pokes your side
  • His eyes widen when you let a giggle slip
  • He smirks and you try to make a run for it, but it’s too late
  • He’s pinning you to the ground tickling anywhere he can reach
  • Tears are running down your face from laughter
  • “You gonna stop annoying me?” he says with a little squeeze on the area right above your knee
  • You try to catch your breath as you agree
  • You would think he would use this new information all the time, but he usually only tickles you appropriate times
  • In other words, only when he wants something or you’re bothering him


  • You stole all the blankets when you two were laying on the couch
  • He tries to grab the edge of the blanket, but he accidentally pinches your side
  • You let out a tiny laugh and his heart flutters a little
  • He gets a bit addicted to it and wants to hear it again
  • He’s pretty good at reading he mood when you want to be/don’t mind being tickled
  • So if you’re having a bad day and need a laugh, he’ll tickle you a little before giving you a small kiss
  • Hearing you laugh even gets a chuckle out of him


  • He was just trying to pass by you
  • So he rests a hand on the small of your back
  • Only it brushed a sensitive area and you shuddered and let out a small yelp
  • He apologizes, but he kind of chuckles a little at your reaction
  • After that, he’ll tickle you at the most random time
  • He’ll never full on pin you down and tickle you
  • But his little prods and pokes are enough to get you smiling 

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Flower Fucking

🌹He knew Dan wanted to take it slow, and he was ok with that, Phil was older by nearly ten years and he didn’t want to push his boyfriend. He loved him a lot, kissing him softly and cuddling him whenever he could.
🌹Dan was sure he was ready, they had been dating for around six months and he loved Phil with all his heart, he was definitely ready. Now he just had to try and find a way to tell Phil he was ready, he wanted to tell Phil at the right moment, but he also wanted to prepare for it, some music or flowers or something.
🌹After a few days of thinking about it, Dan came up with a plan; he would start by kissing Phil, pushing his hands up his shirt before leading him to the bedroom. He planned to have candles and flowers in his room, he didn’t want to use music so he could hear Phil clearly.
🌹Dan had a day at home, alone, to prepare his room for it, putting lube in the draw and candles around the room. Finally, he placed the flowers, before examining his work. He had an extra part now, he decided to make Phil wait for a few minutes whilst he put on lingerie and spread himself out on the bed.
🌹After a tiring day at work, Phil was ready to cuddle with Dan on the couch, to relieve his stress and relax a bit. He was not expecting an eager Dan to be sitting on his lap and making out with him. But he was all for it, his baby was beautiful and Phil knew how much Dan was into this.
🌹They kissed for a while, limbs intertangled, Dan’s hands up Phil’s shirt, exploring the planes of his chest. It was just as Phil got his shirt off, when Dan breathed into his ear ‘Want to take this to the bedroom?’, seductively nibbling on Phil’s ear.
🌹'Mmm, only if you’re ready baby’ Phil whispered, very much hoping Dan was. ‘Come in in about five minutes’ Dan groaned, cock hardening slightly at the thought of what they were going to do. He got up, running to his room to light the candles and get changed.
🌹Phil counted out five minutes on the clock, but he was not prepared for the sight inside. Dan strewn out on the bed, wearing black lace panties and thigh highs, and when he turned Phil could see the panties were backless, exposing Dan’s pale ass to him. ‘Oh fuck baby’ He whimpered, taking in the sight.
🌹He looked around, seeing all the flowers and candles that were strewn around the room, setting the mood. Dan had clearly put a lot of effort into this, Jesus Christ Dan wanted this, wanted him. He could feel his cock swelling in his jeans, there was probably a visible tent but he couldn’t bring himself to care in that moment.
🌹'Come here’ Dan whispered, hand snaking down his body to emphasis the curve of his waist to the elder. Phil complied, walking over to Dan, before stripping down to his boxers. Carefully, he clambered on the bed, facing Dan before leaning in and continuing what they started.
🌹Dan put his arms around Phil, pulling him close and grinding lightly on him, lightly but noticeably. Phil deepened the kiss, hands sliding down the back of Dan’s panties, gripping his arse tightly. ‘Phil- ah-Phiill’ Dan whimpered, overcome by desperation and lust for the man feeling him up.
🌹Phil’s hands played with Dan’s nipples, brushing them lightly at first before pinching them harder. His mouth working on his neck to colour it with reds and pinks. Dan whined against Phil, and bucked up, moaning as he ground down into Phil for some friction.
🌹 Phil reached for the lube in the bedside drawer, he somehow knew it was there and he threw the bottle next to them as his hands slid down to Dan’s panties, eyes full of lust and wanting. Flicking Dan’s panties to one side, his attention came to rest on Dan’s hard, red, leaking cock that wad poking above the waist band.
🌹The audible pop of the lube cracked above Dan’s desperate whimpers, that filled the room with the sound of sex and desperation.Coating his fingers with the slick substance, Phil spread Dan’s ass cheeks and carefully inserted a first finger. His head came lower, until he was looking straight at with the finger pumping in and out of Dan.
🌹He started to suck hickies into Dan’s soft, round ass whilst fingering him open, adding another layer of pleasure to the mix. ‘I love you so much Phil’ Dan breathed out, breath getting short. Phil responded by taking away his fingers and kissing him all along the jaw line, before saying 'I love you too baby’
🌹He grabbed a condom from the drawer, hand blindly feeling for the foil, before ripping it open and sheathing up his cock.’ Hurry Phiww’ Dan whined, becoming impatient. Phil spread a layer of lube on his cock, before lining himself up.
🌹'Ready baby?’ he asked the whimpering mess of Dan, receiving a nod in return. He pushed in slightly, letting Dan adjust to the feeling. Dan felt full, there was a slight burn but he forgot that when he felt a firm hand grip his cock and stroke it. Phil slowly pushed in, until he bottomed out, distracting Dan by giving him hickies and jerking him off.
🌹’M-move’ Dan stuttered, hips jerking to try and fuck himself on Phil’s cock. Phil responded to this by pulling nearly all the way out, before pushing back in, careful not to hurt Dan. He kept this up, jerking Dan off whilst fucking him gently, cock hitting his prostate every other time.
🌹'Close’ Dan whined out, heat pooling in his stomach as Phil’s thumb dipped in his slit. 'Come then baby’ Phil replied, sucking another hickie into Dan’s marked up neck, heat building up in his own stomach. Dan cried out, as white spurted out on his stomach and Phil’s hand.
🌹Phil continued to pound into him, chasing his own orgasm which was drawing closer, spurred on by Dan’s moaning. 'A-ah’ Phil cried out, coming into the condom with a final thrust into Dan. He pulled out, kissing Dan’s tired eyelids as he cleaned them up.

Fairy Tail Pranks ❤️️

Summary: A Valentine’s Day special based on the show “Impractical Jokers”. Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Loke love their jobs. They get to go around pulling pranks on people and each other all while earning a paycheck. It seemed like a normal day on the job, but one prank ends up changing Natsu’s life forever when he runs into a special woman at the park.

Rated: T for foul language.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, & Humor.

Word Count: 5,283

Read on or AO3.

Fairy Tail Pranks

“So your friend,” Loke started, running a hand through his short orange hair, “is she hot?”

“She’s engaged,” Levy said, wanting to crush whatever hopes the playboy had of hitting on her old college roommate in one blow. “Happily, I might add, judging by her tone when I talked to her.”

“Sooo,” he grinned, “what you’re saying is she’s not married yet?”

Levy could only drag a hand over her face in frustration. “She’s unavailable to you, and any other man for that matter.” She turned to face Jellal, seeing he finishing up a conversation with the sound crew. “Change of plans. Loke can’t prank Lucy tomorrow.”

“What?” Loke’s jaw dropped, shoulders going slack. “But I wanted to meet her!”

“Yeah, and I don’t want her getting hit on by a pervert!” Levy reasoned, then spoke to Jellal. “Throw someone like Gray or Natsu on her prank.”

“Why not Gajeel?” Jellal asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Lucy’s already met Gajeel. We all went to college together, so she’ll recognize him,” Levy explained. “It has to be a guy she doesn’t know,” she cast a glare over her shoulder at Loke, “but I don’t want her getting hit on.”

“Fair enough,” Jellal nodded. “I’ll probably send Gray.”

“Sounds good,” Levy smiled, excited to see Lucy’s expression tomorrow. Gray was married already, but his wife was back in their hometown holding down the fort. There was no way Gray would hit on her friend.

Levy McGarden worked with her boyfriend, Gajeel, and friends for a TV show called ‘Fairy Tail Pranks’. The show was fairly new, only started up two years ago. They were now back in Levy’s hometown where her old friend still lived. She hadn’t seen the beautiful woman known as Lucy Heartfilia in years, so she was excited for a reunion.

Only the reunion wouldn’t go as planned.

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The Limits of Terminology

Words: ~5k

Tags: Friends to lovers. Defining the relationship.Slight mention of sex but nothing too graphic guys

Rating: Mature I guess. Cus of the sex.

Summary: Dan has referred to Phil as a lot of things over the years. Best friend. Housemate. Business Partner.

But terminology is limiting, and none of it feels like enough. How can one word encapsulate everything they mean to each other?

[AO3 Link]

Fic under the cut.

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When Life Leaves Us Blind (love keeps us kind)

Belated Batfam week day #2: Shenanigans!


@speedypan @laundrymoney @xxxxsweetie-piexxxx

(let me know if you want to be added to the tag list for this week!)




    Tim was having a bad night.

    Not physically, of course. Patrol was quiet and almost boring. But a quiet city meant more time for him to wander the dark, empty alleys and rooftops alone, more time for his brain to twist a knife in his emotions while disassociation crept up his vaguely tingling fingers.

    He couldn’t even nail down exactly what was bothering him, which meant it bothered him more. Every noise seemed amplified, he jumped every time something moved near him. It was like his nerves were all on fire while he walked the silent roof’s edge, twirling his bo staff in one hand to give the numb and tingling fingers something to do.

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The Kiss (A dark and anti tale)

I know what you are asking and no. This is not a ship fic that the title may lead you to believe. In fact it is so much more than that.

This story tells the gripping tale of what happened 10 years ago… and the harrowing journey that led them to-

jk it’s a ship fic.

jk it’s actually just a fanfiction inspired by




(how do you like this coming to the surface guys? Don’t hate me senpais ily)

Enjoy. Or… like… don’t.

Dark stood idly, staring expectantly at his pupil and friend. “Does that all make sense?”

“It̶ ̷m̷a̵k̴e̵s̵.̷.̸.̴ ̸e̸n̸o̶u̸g̵h̴ ̶s̶e̸n̶s̵e̸.̸ ̸B̶u̶t̸ ̶w̸h̵y̷ ̸d̴o̸e̵s̶ ̸d̷i̸m̴e̵n̸s̶i̴o̴n̵a̵l̴ ̴t̷r̸a̶v̸e̶l̵ ̵h̷a̶v̶e̶ ̵s̶o̵ ̶m̶a̵n̴y̶ ̴r̷u̶l̶e̴s̴?̵” Anti sighed, pacing in front of his mentor. Anti’s voices began to echo what he had spoken. All in various tones and speeds, bouncing back and forth against the walls of the spacious room. Anti frowned deeply at the sounds of them, it was all very new for him- the voices. He would try to ignore them, but they were always with him… ever since Sean - his eyes burned brighter at the memory. Ever since Sean shut him out. Pushed him into darkness. Confinement. But that was before. That was when his name was Naes.

But now everything was different.

He was Anti, now. He would come back and repay what was owed. He would make his return to the world again, and every one of Sean’s little ‘subscribers’ would know his name.

Anti was oblivious that his lips had turned down into a nasty teeth clenched grimace. The voices turned to growls and barks, portraying how angry all of them really were over what had happened. They wanted vengeance too.

“Anti? What is the matter?”

Dark’s voice snapped Anti out of his silent seething, and Anti flinched. Dark was standing close to him, his red eyes watching him carefully. I̶t̷'̷s̴ ̶n̸o̴t̵h̶i̷n̶'̴ Anti dismissed.

Dark didn’t push him, he only intended to continue his lesson. “Did you hear anything that I said?” He said, eyes half lidded and narrowed in slight exasperation.

“N̷o̵p̷e̶.̸ ̸S̵o̷r̵r̷y̷.̴” Anti responded honestly, pushing his thoughts of resentment aside for the time being.

“I regress,” Dark began, wringing his fingers behind his back, “Inter-Dimensional travel can be very tricky, mistakes can happen. Simply put, the rules are there for a reason. Why, if there weren’t rules for a game, then it would no longer be a game…. Would it? There must be order. For all things. All beings. Especially ones such as you and I.” Dark paused for a moment, giving Anti time to take in the information he was given. Once he was satisfied with the engrossed expression on Anti’s face; he continued, “As Figments we possess the ability to travel through dimensions and other platforms in space. Which would never be as clean and organized as it is presently without what is known as the Council.”

“W̷h̶o̴'̷s̶ ̵i̸n̸ ̴t̶h̸e̸ ̸c̵o̷u̷n̵c̸i̴l̵ ̶a̸n̶y̴w̶a̶y̸s̸?̵” Anti asked thoughtfully, sticking out his bottom lip and fiddling with the black ear stretcher that was situated in his left lobe. He wished he could rip it off. It was a gift from Sean… It felt like forever ago when it had happened…

“Other unworldly beings who control what goes in and out of dimensions. And most importantly what enters the human world.” Dark answered, interrupting Anti’s thoughts once more. “They communicate by sending letters. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten your introductory letter yet. Or have you?”

Anti dimly recalled having an envelope plop down in front of him a few weeks back. At first he assumed it was from Sean, so he simply shrugged and threw it over his shoulder into a green flaming fire, “N̶o̷,̵ ̴I̵ ̵h̵a̴v̴e̵n̴'̷t̸ ̸g̷o̵t̶t̵e̴n̵ ̸o̴n̶e̷ ̸y̷e̶t̴.̵ ̶W̶e̵i̷r̵d̴.̶” Anti lied smoothly.

Dark sighed, “Very well. I will let them know to send one your way. In the meantime, shall we begin?”

“B̷e̶g̴i̶n̵ ̶w̸h̵a̷t̴,̵ ̶e̷x̴a̷c̴t̶l̷y̵?̴” Anti asked, tilting his head with a smile.

“Begin your teleportation lesson, of course.” Dark replied, shaking his head at his lack of common sense, he would have to teach him how to be intelligent too- but that was for another day.

“H̶e̴y̸!̴!̶!̸ ̴I̷ ̶k̵n̴o̸w̵ ̴h̴o̷w̸ ̸t̴o̵ ̷t̷e̶l̵e̵p̵o̷r̸t̶!̸ ̶” Anti barked defensively, crossing his arms now and glaring at him.

“Perhaps so, but practice can’t kill you. Nothing can actually. But you must remember that from today onwards I am your mentor and that what I say…“ Dark began to lean into where Anti’s face was. Anti straightened, his eyebrows furrowed at how close Dark was looming. “-Goes.” Dark finished.

Anti was so intimidated he quickly tore his eyes away from Dark’s, taking a step back, “F̸i̵-̸F̵i̶n̴e̸.̵.̶” He agreed.

Dark appeared a few feet from him again, smoothing down his black shirt as he walked away from him and continued explaining, “Very well, then. Rule one. It’s always important to focus whenever you are going to teleport.” Dark said. “If you let your mind wander too much…” He trailed off, wanting to give an example as his form shuddered and began to flicker back and forth from one place to the next. He breathes deeply, recovering from his example. “Not an enjoyable experience, quite stressful actually. And occasionally becomes air-bound. Rule number two, always remember to breathe. Even if us figments don’t need to, it always helps for concentration. It’s natural to take a deep breath before moving to your desired location.” He explained, and showed his case by intaking slowly. The movement lifted his shoulders up and he shut his eyes. The action was almost sensual as he closed his eyes, and vanished. Anti’s chest tightened at witnessing it, and he gnawed his inner cheek.

Then Dark appeared in front of Anti, who jumped in surprise. Anti broke into a grin, “N̵i̶c̸e̸ ̶o̸n̷e̶,̶ ̶D̷a̸r̶k̷y̴.̶ ̷Y̶o̴u̷ ̸g̵o̷t̴ ̴m̵e̵.̸” He admitted defeat, breaking into a dazzling wide-eyed grin.

Dark smirked in amusement, “Not my intention to ‘get you’. But why don’t you give it a try?”

Anti’s beam stretched wider, if it was possible. He nodded eagerly, “A̵l̶r̶i̶g̸h̸t̷”

“Try to take your time-” Dark tried to remind him…

But Anti was already wildly teleporting around the room, glitching from place to place in record-breaking time, poking Dark while he did so.

He poked Dark’s cheek and then teleported to the corner of the room.

He poked Dark’s back and then was out of reach once again.

Dark sighed, repressing a smile at how juvenile the green eyed figment was, “Yes…exactly like that.” He muttered sarcastically, yet found himself watching him with a tinge of delight.

“I’m doing it, Darky!” He shouted, flashing in front of him, and then to the side, and then behind him. Then Anti’s mind wandered back to the haunting example Dark had made.

That slow, gentle… patient inhalation of air. He recalled how Dark’s chest had lifted up with his diaphragm, the tee shirt he wore had tightened around his pectorals as he shut his eyes softly. Anti’s focus sputtered away as he pictured it, and he glitched out of reach; high up into the air, his face flushed. He was motionless for a moment as his body suspended in time and space, “O̶h̸ ̶s̶h̶i̸t̸.̷” He cursed and began to fall.

Dark promptly teleported under where he was, and held out his arms readily. Anti fell into them. Dark did not falter or stumble, he held him sternly; his eyebrows raised. Anti’s face had gone almost entirely red, and his eyes widened copiously. Dark was nonchalantly holding him bridal style without a care in the world.

“What did I tell you?” He murmured gently, his cool breath washing over Anti’s face while he spoke. “Never let your mind wander.”

“̴U̶-̵U̷m̵.̷.̵.̴ ̴O̷-̵o̷k̷.̴"̷ Anti whispered in reply, wondering why Dark was so close… wondering why he liked it.

“Does this make you uncomfortable?” Dark whispered, tightening the fingers that were holding up Anti’s legs. Anti didn’t respond, just as Dark expected. Dark bore his eyes into Anti’s and then he set him on his feet again. “Let’s move on, shall we?”

Anti teetered now that he was on stable ground, disoriented as a result of whatever just happened, “O̵.̷.̵.̸.̸.̸.̴.̷k̴a̵y̴”

Dark taught him next about the council rules, giving him a chance to write notes.

“Let me look at what you’ve written so far.” Dark said, holding out a hand for the notebook he had assigned to Anti.

“U̷-̷U̸h̵.̵.̴ ̸I̶-̸I̸'̴m̵ ̶n̸o̴t̵ ̴f̸i̶n̵i̶s̷h̵e̸d̵ ̷y̸e̵t̸.̴” Anti said, clutching it to his chest.

Dark’s hand did not waver, “Let me. LoOK.” He said through his teeth. “I won’t ask again.”

Anti rolled his eyes and relinquished the book, dropping it into Dark’s hand.

Dark turned it around and scanned it, “This is a crude drawing of you stabbing Jacksepticeye.” Dark stated in disbelief, holding up to analyze it further.

Anti pulled off a believable poker face, the voices breaking into hysterical laughter.

“Am I teaCHinG you in vAIn?” Dark questioned him, throwing the book to the ground and setting it aflame.

“A̷w̸ ̵t̷h̶a̶t̶ ̷t̸o̵o̸k̴ ̷m̶e̴ ̸a̶ ̵l̷o̵n̷g̷ ̸t̵i̴m̵e̴” Anti complained, falling to his knees and watching the book burn.

Dark stepped in front of him, his head tilted down to appraise him. “Frankly, I don’t give a damn.” He said, and grabbed Anti’s stubbled chin- tilting it up so Anti would look at him instead of the book. “When will you learn that I have no time for your shenanigans? You came here to learn. So learn.” He growled, and then released Anti’s chin.

Anti blushed again, and stood up so he wouldn’t be so short anymore. “F̶i̶n̶e̵.̴ ̷W̸h̶a̶t̷'̸s̶ ̸n̷e̸x̶t̸,̵ ̸t̶h̴e̷n̶?̶” He asked, sighing.

Dark commenced the final lesson of the day, he was growing weary of how uncooperative Anti was being. Dark also noticed each and every time that Anti became flustered over his flirting, how it caused him such discomfort.

“In the nature of figments such as us.. We must always remember to avoid our murderous urges to remain covert. If you’re going to work with me, you must avoid killing anyone who simply ‘bothers’ you. There are of course… exceptions to this.” Dark said, and a small chuckle bubbled up from his throat. “I’ll go into that later. But needless to say, it is imperitive that you contain it.”

Anti was studying his black nails, wanting to appear bored- it was kind of fun to annoy Dark. “S̷u̸r̸e̵.̷ ̶W̸h̷a̶t̴e̷v̶e̴r̴.̷”

Dark’s hand grabbed Anti’s wrist and shook it in the air, “You wouldn’t be saying ‘sure whatever’ when the council hUntS you down and chains you in your Void forever, nOw would you?” Dark’s voice was like the crack of a whip, making Anti wince.

“O̴k̵a̵y̵ ̶o̷k̸a̶y̴ ̴I̵ ̶g̴e̷t̸ ̷i̷t̸.̸” Anti sighed, pulling his hand away from his grip.

“I don’t think you do.” Dark disagreed. “No…” He shook his head eerily, his head downcast, face no longer visible as his shoulders shook. “…You like to play games. How do you feel about being played with?” Dark asked, looking up at him with pure black eyes. His face was mere inches away from Anti’s as he placed his hands on his unfocused pupil’s waist- pulling him in tight. Then Dark pressed his lips on his. Anti was blinking rapidly, momentarily paralyzed. When he realized that what was occurring was in fact reality, he let his eyes fall shut. Dark quickly tore away to gawk at him incredulously.

Anti had enjoyed it. Dark was so prepared to be rejected. The awkwardness of it all twisted him up inside. His plan had failed completely.

Anti however was hungry for more- his hands on Dark’s chest, clutching the black fabric there. He quickly leaned in for yet another kiss.

Dark was frigid as he watched him close in, felt their lips brush for the second time. Dark wasn’t having it, and he promptly seized Anti’s wrists. Then shoved Anti away by those wrists.

Anti threw his head back in a guffaw as he stumbled out of reach; his individual voices chattered amongst themselves in their own amazement, I̴ ̷c̸a̵n̷’̵t̵ ̶b̸e̶l̷i̸e̴v̷e̶ ̵y̶o̴u̶ ̴a̷c̵t̴u̵a̶l̸l̵y̶ k̶i̵s̷s̷e̴d̷ ̵m̴e̸.̸”̸ ̴

Dark expression changed to one of animosity, “I can’t believe you actually enjoyed it. I didn’t. I was just trying to prove a point!” Dark quickly said, stumbling over his words as if they were barriers in a losing race.

“S̷u̵r̸e̷ ̵y̸o̵u̴ ̸w̶e̵r̷e̵,̶ ̷d̴a̷r̶k̸y̶.̴” Anti stated, and made finger guns at him, his face still flushed despite having been rejected. Then Anti vanished, leaving Dark to his embarrassment.

[SUMMARY: Lisbeth sneaks into Negans compound, eventually finding his bedroom. Negan returns a lot sooner than she expected. As she is hiding, she realizes he is seriously wounded and he collapses in front of her.]

Semi fluff, flirty Negan.

Negan and Lisbeth.

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neiticora  asked:

11. Bandages with Evfra/Sara or Jaal/Sara! Much love from your friendly Angaran prompt-AI.

Evfra is bleeding.

For only being three words long, the thought sure is the sneeze that causes an avalanche in Sara’s brain. One - holy shit that looks bad. Two - medigel works on angara, right? Where’s Jaal when you need him? Three-

Did he take that instead of me?

Evfra is a brutal fighter when he has the freedom for it. She’s seen him snipe a target from truly breathtaking distances if the mission requires it, but she still remembers the gleam in his eyes in the split-second before the kett had ambushed them.

It resonates. She’d charged into battle with the same wild ferocity she always wielded, and he had joined her in the middle of the fray, slaughtering kett with the same terrifying efficiency he did everything. Including taking hits for her, apparently. Sara’s brain rocks back to reality as he stumbles, and she moves quickly to stabilise him, sliding under one of his arms.

“Heyheyhey, I’ve got you,” she says, except he’s of course refusing to rest his weight on her. That earns him a scowl, which gets her a blank look in return, because it’s just her luck to be saddled with the one angara in the universe allergic to sharing his feelings.

“I do not,” he growls, “require your assistance, Pathfinder.”

“Yeah, yeah, tell me again when you haven’t just had your back torn open.” She squints up at him as they stagger their way back to the relative shelter of the Nomad, before straight up kicking him in the shin. He grunts, sags for a second, and then gives her a look that’s somewhere between rolling his eyes and tearing her head off.

But he lets her lead him to the Nomad, so Sara’s going to consider this one a win.

She raises her voice for a second. “Vetra? Watch our backs, would you? We don’t seem to be that great at doing it ourselves.”

“Already on it,” the turian’s dry tones report back.

Evfra’s eyes flicker after her, return to Sara. They’re disconcertingly blue, and wow, now is definitely not the time to be thinking about that.

“You trust your team,” he says.

She lowers him to the ground, thanking her dubious parking skills for landing them next to one of the heat lamps the kett had set up. Warmth and cover, a good first start. And, her memory pings, Jaal has definitely used medigel before. Sara fumbles for some of her supply. Good step two.

“With my life,” she says. “Look, I’m not a doctor, but I’ve got medigel and steady hands that are going to reach this wound of yours a lot easier than yours are. Will you let me deal with it?”

He looks at her for so long that she starts to wonder if the translators have borked. She opens her mouth to repeat it, but he makes some kind of noise in the back of his throat, shaking his head. Frustration, she realises, although if it’s for her or himself she can’t tell.

“In this, at least, I’ll trust you.”

“Thanks,” she mutters,, crouching behind him. The round ripped through his armour when his shields were nearly depleted, and weeps a sluggish blue. Ugly to look at, but Sara’s just grateful not to be using words like pouring or gushing.

Honestly, she should probably have him removed the armour for this, but they’re still in uncertain territory, and…on Voeld. Heat lamp or not, it’s fucking freezing.

“You underestimate the importance of the angaran Resistance leader presenting an alien with his back,” he says flatly.

“I kind of thought our relationship had moved beyond that. I’m applying medigel,” she warns, not wanting to surprise a guy who just announced she’s lucky to be helping him at all. “Come on, Evfra. What do I have to do to prove I’m not here to hurt you?” A beat. “Or - or the rest of the angara.”

“I trust your intentions.” He doesn’t move other than breathing as she applies the medigel, sort of…awkwardly poking it to cover the worst parts of the wound, working around the cracked armour. “I even trust your skill. And I trust that you will do everything in your power to keep your people safe. The same as I would.”

Sara’s hands still, pressed flat to his back. She can feel the faintest rise and fall of his torso and - and the smallest tremble running through his form. Not bioelectricity, something else. Your people. Her mind flashes to the Tempest first, of course, but the Initiative is hard on its heels. The angara are allies - close allies, and Sara thinks that Evfra knows she’d do her damnedest to keep them safe in almost any situation imaginable.


She draws in a gulp of icy air, the next best thing to just beating her head against the side of the Nomad. It would be nice, Sara thinks, if one thing in her life could be simple. Just one thing.

“So what does that make me?” she asks, immediately inserting her foot into her mouth instead. Classic Ryder. “Because last I checked, that hit was coming right for me.”

She watches helplessly as his shoulders stiffen, and then he’s twisting, unfolding until he towers over her. Sara remains cross-legged on the ground, eyeing her goop covered fingers and determinedly pretending like she hadn’t just insinuated she meant something to the head of the Resistance. Strategy, she expects him to say. Or, politics. The last thing I need to deal with is your people making a fuss about the death of the human Pathfinder.

Except it seems that Evfra is subject to the same sentiments as the rest of the angara when it comes it emotion, if in his own taciturn way. What she gets instead is a hand in her face, and a gruff - very gruff–

“You are important.”

There’s a hideous sort of intimacy to the admission, coming from a man who had so brusquely explained the death of his family to her.

“Oh,” she says unsteadily. He’s the injured one, but she allows him to pull her to her feet. She stumbles a little because she’s Sara Ryder, free hand flying up to steady herself against his chest. “Right.”

His eyes are really blue. Alien, and all too recognisable at the same time. He fails to let go of her hand, and she fails to move hers from his chest. That fine tremor, she notes dizzily, slowly eases out of him. Like he’s become more certain of something, in this breathless moment between them.

“Incoming!” Vetra calls, and the sound of gunfire snaps Sara right back into Pathfinder mode.

“Get down!” she barks at Evfra, reaching for for her shotgun and forgetting everything about who and what he is at the same time.

His lips peel back from his teeth in an expression that might be a smirk, or might be a snarl, and if there were less kett incoming, Sara might find either option kind of (very) interesting.

“You must be joking,” he says, shields flickering to life around his form.

Ugh,” Sara says back, summoning her biotics and Charging the enemy in lieu of dealing with him and the riot of feelings the man stirs in her.

It’s probably the first time in the history of Andromeda that anyone has ever been glad of the kett for a rescue.

Friend Shaped

Title: Friend Shaped
Summary: Whatever Dipper had thought that summoning spell would result in, that wasn’t it.
Characters: Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Bill Cipher
Rating: K

A/N: this one is for  @skypher-drabbles - the request was Liam intreracting with the Pines kids (and being happy). This scenario was fun to come up with. Hope you like it and thanks again for your charity donation!
(This is pretty much based on Flat Dreams and won’t make much sense if you haven’t read it.)


To be completely, a hundred percent, absolutely honest, Dipper hadn’t thought that whole summoning thing could actually work.

He had sort of hoped it would, of course, or at least that something would happen so that he wouldn’t look like a complete idiot. He had also fervently hoped that, should it work - unlikely but not impossible, because he firmly believed nothing was - he would wind up summoning something that was… not too dangerous. Like maybe a pixie, or a fairy, or a leprechaun, or a gremlin they could put in a cage - just possibly not a demon. Please, anything but a demon.

He really didn’t want to have to tell his parents he had summoned Beelzebub or Lucifer or something in the living room while they were out for dinner. They’d ground him for life and then a little past that.

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Translate - Jinyoung (Day 74/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

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Prompt: Translate
Member: Jinyoung x Reader

Word Count: 1,582

Jinyoung glanced at you from across the coffee shop, trying not to stare, but finding it increasingly difficult. You were lost in the book that you were flipping through and every now and then you would bite down on your lip in concentration – a motion that made Jinyoung want to run over and press his own onto yours. It was his favorite book, and in that moment you were the most beautiful thing in the world to him.

“Here you go,” Jackson said, handing Jinyoung his coffee as he sat down next to him. Mark sat down across from Jinyoung and the latter frowned, his view of you now being obscured. Jinyoung shifted ever so slightly to the right so that you were in his line of sight and then grabbed his coffee, taking a small sip.

“So what should we do today?” Mark asked, glancing out of the window at the rain. He and Jackson began to discuss all the things to do in LA on a rainy day, but Jinyoung was barely paying attention at all because you had just set down the book to take a sip of your own drink and he could now see your face clearly. He let out a sigh unconsciously as he took in your features, tilting his head ever so slightly.

“Uh…Jinyoung?” Jinyoung snapped back to reality and glanced over at the two boys that were now staring at him in confusion and suspicion.

“Sorry, what?” Jinyoung asked, taking a sip of his drink.

Jackson shifted over to where he was almost on top of Jinyoung and followed his line of sight to where you were sitting. Jinyoung shooed him away with a “what are you doing” but Jackson was already processing what was happening. Mark briefly looked over his shoulder and it didn’t take him long to spot you either before he turned back to Jinyoung and Jackson with a smile on his face.

“Jinyoung, I thought you had more class than to stare at girls,” Mark teased as Jackson grinned and poked Jinyoung in the side. Jinyoung felt his face heat up as he pushed Jackson’s hand away.

“Shut up,” he mumbled, glancing back at you who had your head buried in your book once more. Jackson’s eyes flickered between you and Jinyoung and he nodded towards you.

“Go say something!” he exclaimed. Jinyoung looked at him in shock and then shook his head.

“No way! I don’t even speak English, what would I say?” he said, looking away from his friends.

“Your English is pretty good now! Just tell her you think she’s cute,” Jackson stated, pushing Jinyoung once more. When Jinyoung didn’t move, Mark sighed and stood up.

“Okay, my turn,” he said, edging out of the booth. Jinyoung watched Mark saunter over to you in horror, unable to get out of the booth because Jackson was blocking his exit.

“Hey there,” a voice said, pulling you from your concentration. You glanced up at the voice and your eyes fell on a young boy about your age with dark hair and a toothy smile. You glanced around before looking back at him and offering him a small smile.

“Hello,” you said, slowly. “Can I help you with something?” you asked, after a moment of silence passed. The boy put his hands in his pockets and shifted his weight onto his other foot.

“Yea, maybe,” he said, cooly. “I’m Mark. My friend thinks your cute but he’s too shy to tell you,” he said, smirking lightly as he pointed backwards to the booth behind him. As you glanced over, you saw a boy standing out of the booth and pulling another boy by the arm to drag him out. A smile drifted onto your face and you felt your cheeks warm up.

“Um…okay,” you said, not sure of what to do. All you wanted was a quiet place to read your book. You hadn’t expected to meet three attractive boys. You watched as the boy with the snapback dragged the one who you presumed liked you over to where you were sitting.

“Hey,” Snapback said with a big grin on his face. You lifted your hand in acknowledgement with a small ‘hi’ as Snapback pointed to his friend he had just dragged. “He likes you,” he said, in a teasing tone. His friend smacked him in the arm and then immediately looked at the ground.

The boy who supposedly liked you was definitely the cutest of all three. His hair was dark and soft and you held back the urge to run it through your fingers. He was dressed casually with dark jeans and a loose top and yet it seemed to look better on him than the others.

“Hi. I’m Y/N,” you said, still sitting down put holding a hand out to the boy. He finally looked up at you and gave you a small smile which made your heart beat pick up a bit. He took your hand gently and shook it, holding your gaze with his dark eyes as he spoke.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jinyoung,” he said, in English. It was clear that English wasn’t his first language, but you had to commend his effort. He had spoken very clearly and it was quite easy to understand, even with his adorable accent peeking through.

“Hi, Jinyoung,” you said in a breathy voice, continuing to smile at him. He hadn’t broken your gaze and when he did, it was as though you had taken off earphones. It had almost been silent when you were talking to him and now the sounds of the coffee shop flooded back into your system.

Jinyoung turned to Mark and said something in a different language that you couldn’t understand. It sounded almost beautiful coming from his lips though, and you immediately wish you spoke whatever language it was.

“He said he really likes the book your reading,” Mark translated. Your eyes flickered between Mark, Jinyoung, your book, and then back to Jinyoung.

“Oh!” you exclaimed, smiling once more. You turned to Jinyoung and smiled shyly. “It’s one of my favorites. I really love the author a lot so I decided to re-read this one before his new work comes out,” you said, as Jinyoung held your gaze. He immediately turned to Mark who began to speak the other language. Every now and then the other boy would jump in with a small blurb of translation with an excited look on his face.

You watched Jinyoung smile after Mark had translated for him and he looked at you as he spoke once more. Again, you didn’t understand a single word, but you were happy to hear him speak and look at him for as long as you could.

“He said he really likes the author too,” Mark said.

“And he also wants to know if you’ve read the book ‘Me against you’,” the other boy said.

“Actually, I think it’s ‘You against Me’,” Mark responded. You look confused for a moment but then let out a small laugh and shook your head.

“Oh you mean ‘Us against Them’,” you said, smiling once more. Jinyoung let out a small ‘ah’ and pointed to you, as if to say that you were correct and his little gesture made you smile once more as your cheeks burned.

“Yea, I really like that one too,” you said softly. You bit your lip as you and Jinyoung looked at each other for a few seconds before Mark’s phone went off. You watched him pick it up and speak in the other language for a few moments before he hung up. He spoke to the other two briefly before Snapback turned back to you with a smile.

“Sorry, we have to go back to our other friends,” he said. Then he motioned towards Jinyoung and then back at you. “But you guys can meet tomorrow if you want,” he added, grinning. Jinyoung looked at him in confusion and you knew that he didn’t know what his friend was saying.

“Yea, okay,” you said, biting your lip and smiling lightly. “I’d really like that,” you added, glancing at Jinyoung who was looking back and forth between Mark and Snapback for any idea of what was happening.

“We’ll have him meet you here, okay? Does noon work?” Mark asked. You nodded and said it worked out fine. “Do you want one of us to come with?” Mark asked, genuinely. You paused for a moment but then nodded.

“Yea, maybe that would be best. At least for the first date,” you said. As soon as the words left your lips you realized that you had insinuated more dates and your cheeks burned a bright crimson as Snapback let out a loud laugh. Jinyoung was now looking even more confused and you heard him speak to Mark, probably asking what had just happened. Mark held his hand up to Jinyoung and with a small smile, turned back to you.

“Sounds good, we’ll see you tomorrow then, okay?” he asked, ignoring Jinyoung’s pleas for translation. You felt a bit bad for the boy, being teased by his friends, but you grinned at the trio through your blush and nodded anyways. As Mark and Snapback began to drag Jinyoung back out the door you waved goodbye.

“Goodbye, Y/N!” Jinyoung said in pure English and you had to admit that your name sounded a lot better when it was coming from his lips.

ilona-the-hedgehog  asked:

Hey, I really like your stories! They're amazing! I just wanted to ask, could you maybe write a sonamy oneshot thing with werehog Sonic? I've just been in that mood lately 😅


Sometimes, we all just need some fluffs~ :)

And thank you~<3


Amy kicked her feet off the side of the couch, holding some tea as she looked out the window, humming slightly to herself as she saw the sun going down…

Tails and Professor Pickle were talking on boring subjects again, and she was getting restless to see Sonic again…

They hadn’t known his whereabouts, until at least another piece of the world was put back together.

All she needed was that lead…

She slowly turned to look at Tails and Professor Pickle, seeing that they were in no way paying attention to her anyway, she slowly walked backwards and against the wall, crawling slightly to then stealthily opening the door, and closing it lightly~

“We’re almost there, Sonic!” Chip called out, flying through another city they were rushing to pass, as Sonic ran on all fours, keeping up wtih Chip.

“Finally.” he didn’t mean to sound like he was grumbling, but with his new found deep, raspy voice, that’s just how it was now.

Suddenly, a horde of monsters spawned in the rear of where they were running, and Sonic skidded to a stop on his spiky shoes, and turned around.

“Hold on…” he swung himself around.

“Huh? What’s the hold up, Sonic?” Chip stopped to look behind him, before flying back near his face.

“Hmm… something doesn’t feel right.”


His eyes widened, “Amy!” he took off without another second of hesitation.

“Woah! It’s that girl again!” Chip kicked up his feet, getting ready to burst off, before springing out into the night to follow Sonic.

The hordes were being creepy as they walked slowly up to her, their arms up as if to grab her, but she swung them by the base of their waist and they were flung left and right with each powerful hit.

“Leave. Me. Alone!!” Amy cried out, not in the least afraid, but still wanting to get through to Sonic. “Soooniiic!!!”

Suddenly, from behind her, a large figure jumped over her, landing in front of her as she looked around before covering her head.

He roared out in front of the hordes, and they all immediately stopped advancing.

Once getting their attention, he smirked, and threw his arms out, taking them down one by one in a frenzy of moves.

His stretchy arms even punched out one that tried to leap for Amy, as she cried out in surprise, before rushing over to sonic’s back, and moving with him as he swung around.

“What are you doing here?” he tried to turn his head back to look at her, before refocusing on the battle.

“I… I was lonely! No one was paying attention to me.” she explained, as Sonic shook his head, letting out a groan as his eyes drooped down.

“You couldn’t have waited till after this was all over?” he commented, before flinging away the last monster and stomping a hand to the ground, as they all were flung in the air.



He turned around to see Amy had also been bounced into the air, and quickly reached up to pull her to him, before swinging a long arm out and slamming all the other monsters into dust against the side of a building’s wall.

He panted a moment, breathing heavily, before seeing his work there was done, and sighing.

He turned to look down at Amy.

“If you wanted to see me, couldn’t you have waited till the morning?” he cocked his head to the side, loosening his hold on her and raising his arm from her to the side.

He consciously made that decision, as he looked to his arm, and then to her.

“Ohh~ Like I said! I couldn’t wait any longer! I missed you~” Amy swished her body left and right, before throwing her hands down and up back to her face, being somewhat cute.

“…Ughh…” he looked away and scratched a clawed finger up to his head.

“…But… I don’t look like… myself.” he put the hand down and slowly up to his eyes, showing some sorrow in that fact as he looked over his hand.

Amy stared a moment, seeing his expression change at the appearance of his scary looking, new hand.

“Wouldn’t you rather be comforted by me..? and Not some… monster.”

She bent her eyelids back, seeing he was having some problems with that.

“You think I care so little as to only look upon appearances and images?”she placed her hands confidently to her sides, and leaned over to look up at his face, as he quickly looked down to her, amazed by her answer.

She giggled, jumping in front of him when he turned his head away, putting her hands behind her back as she swayed in her usual manner.

Flirty or whatever you want to call it, it certainly brought Sonic’s attention back to her.

Chip hovered close behind, but dared not interrupt the slight quarrel between the two.

He was highly fascinated at how she could break through Sonic’s walls and surprise him anyway! So interesting…

Could Sonic be influenced by Amy more than he let on?

Chip tilted his head, pondering the moment a bit, and putting his hands near his mouth, thinking about it…

“Whether Sonic comes in black, white, or blue! I’ll love you no matter what you look like, sound like, or even smell like! haha!” she slightly teased, but nodded her head to show that she meant it to some degree.

Sonic stared down at her a moment.

Realizing she meant it, his hand slowly came down, before he seemed to grow nervous and folded his arms, leaning back and avoiding her gaze by looking away.

It was a typical Sonic position, and she smiled when she recognized it.

For a moment, this large… fluffy frame suddenly faded into her hero, and in her mind’s eyes, as he looked back down, tensing his mouth a bit, she imagined a blush with hearts in the background.

She giddily twirled in her imaginings and jumped into Sonic’s arms.

He fell back a bit, but caught himself, and lightly patted her back.

“Alright, alright. I’ll take you home.”

“You mean it?!” she looked up, growing excited. “Will you carry me?”

“Uh…Ummm..” he looked at his dangerous hands…

He looked down at his hazardous way of running too…

He looked back up and thought, before sighing and drooping his arms down.

“Okay.. just this once…” he groaned, and turned around, before gesturing a thumb to his back.

“Hop on.”

“Ah! Y-… You want me to ride you..?” holding her fists up over her mouth and nose, she lifted a leg up to shy away from it.

“A-are you sure..?”

He looked away, sweat dropping.

“It’s only awkward when you make it awkward, Amy.”

“He’s right!” Chip suddenly flew in, as Amy was taken aback at his presence, almost having forgotten him. “You should just hop on! No questions asked.” Chip held up a pointer finger, and shook it around as to lightly scold her for second-guessing it.

She nodded, “R-right.” she carefully came up behind him, looking around for a safe way to mount, before seeing Sonic reach a hand back.

She stepped on the hand and smiled to him, gaining some balance, she jumped on his back and positioned herself to ride him.

He felt his now, longer and more ragged quills shift under her, and the sensation made him roll his shoulders back, not liking it for a moment.

“Are you comfortable?” Amy blinked down at him, as he suddenly flinched, his eyes growing wide and turning back to her.

“Ah… um. I’m fine.” he didn’t want to tell her what he was feeling, so he ended up just nodding and looking away. “I’m going to charge off now… get ready.”

“Right!” she held onto his ears, making his upper lip twitch at her tug, but got on all fours and wiggled his shoe into position.

“Chip.” he called out, head close to the ground as Chip flew off, spinning around to throw up a ‘thumbs up’ and then took off to show the way.

“Hold on, Amy!”


Sonic bolted off as Amy slightly felt herself fling off him for a moment, but gripped her legs to his waist and held on.

It was like riding a huge gorilla!

It made her laugh at how uncomfortable it was, his spines poking into her every now and again.

However, she was used to her own spines, and it didn’t bother her very much, nor hurt.

However… he wasn’t used to another piggy-back riding him, and so with each foot or hand fall, he felt her weight shift a bit, and it bothered him.

“Wee! Haha! Giddy up!”

“I’m not a horse…”

-A while after the adventure-

“You were SOOO fluffy! Hehe~ Hey! I have a question?” Amy spread her arms out, holding her already eaten ice cream cone and then put her legs down from leaning back and up to look sincerely to him.

He had also finished, and ate the cone, looking slightly bored before raising an eyebrow to her. “Hmm?”

“Can I get another piggy-back ride? It shouldn’t be so off now that you’re the right size again. After all!”

“Ha-ACK!” He choked a moment on his cone and beat his chest, swallowing it before turning to Amy, looking a bit worried…


“Please?!” she moved up to him, her hands down in front of her. “I really enjoyed that! Haha! And I think it’s fun.” she cutely looked away, remembering the moment.

“…Uhh…” he looked away, remembering it as anything ‘but’ fun…

“Please?” she looked to him again, tilting her head.

He suddenly remembered her words again… looking back to her.

No matter what I look like… she’ll always see me as Sonic.

He thought about how that really pulled him through those tough times…

“…I can’t dispute.” he shook his head down, sighing, before shrugging and getting up. “But again.” he held a pointer finger up, then turned his head slightly to an angle.

“This is the last time.”

He wiggled his finger around, a signature move by her beloved hero~

“Right! Hehe~” she grinned, as he turned and she hopped on as fast as she could, making him wobble back cause he wasn’t expecting her to just leap like that.

His spines bristled up a little and she giggled at their pokes, before he lowered them for her comfortably.

“S…Sorry.” he seemed a little embarrassed by that.

“Not a problem! After all, I’ve lived with my quills forever too, you know!” she wiggled her head up through his quills to get to peek over his shoulder to him, as it took every bit of self control not to spike his quills up again.

He reached back and bent down, grabbing her legs and looking forward, thinking where to go…

It could just be a joy ride, after all, he could take her home at anytime now…

He looked down.

The sensation… wasn’t as bad as the first time.

He took off, “Hold on!”


For some reason, those words resonated in Sonic…

As he ran, he suddenly found that the closeness didn’t bother him so much as before.

After all, he wasn’t scary. He didn’t have claws. And he sure as heck didn’t have so many sensitive, long quills like antennas to deal with!

 As Amy’s hands held closely to his neck, she pushed up a little to look just a little over his head, and smiled at the view.

He was rushing by some lovely scenery to keep her occupied, and of course, he enjoyed the terrain too.

He took a second to look down at her hands… then up to her face.

Her wide open smile filled him with some sense of accomplishment, or some fulfilling desire to make sure she was happy and pleased.

He smiled too, but hid it as she looked down to him, seeing his head had moved slightly.

She smiled, hoping he was admiring her beauty, and then continued to laugh as he took off.

Even with her against his quills, he was slowly becoming used to the intimacy, and who knows?

Maybe the experience could be helpful in the end? (~<3)

A Pair Of Headphones (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: it’s one thirty in the morning and i’ve been up since six. writing this whole thing i’ve felt very off my game so sorry if it’s crap. i know nothing about electronics/headphones and i tried sounding smart #thanksgoogle so yeah spot that in there. hope you enjoy this pointless marshmellow fluff. -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

I think (Y/N) should go first.” The words echoed through your mind as you felt around in the cool fabric of the pillow case, grabbing for something to capture your attention. A string wrapped around your wrist, tangled among everything else, and you snagged it between your fingers, wanting to see what it was. When you pulled up, you found resistance, the string entangled in a few other objects within the bag, and you shook it a few times; Dino gave you a funny look at your struggle.

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myklaineinthe67impala  asked:

Hi!! Sorry for bother you but a really want a teacher x student gradence au please please

“Barebone! I want to see you. In private.” Graves’ glare bore into the other students, their eyes rolling in an irked response to their overly dramatic instructor.

Loud clacking of dark dance shoes filled the studio, mirrors reflecting back the magnificent bodies of the students; some tall, some short, some thin, some larger, but all coordinated and elegant. Well, save for Credence. The boy’s limbs were gangly, seemingly disproportionate for his body, too long, moving in clumsy motions that often left the student upon the floor in a mess of bent legs and arms, back flat upon the hardwood floor, head throbbing from the cracking his skull made against the surface. His constant flailing coaxed stifled laughs from the remainder of the class, which were quickly shut down by a sharp, hissing shush that Graves would emit immediately, intolerant of any insubordination his students dared express. Credence would turn red, his brow sweating furiously in anxious embarrassment, damning the fact that he was required to take a liberal arts class despite his declared major; chemical engineering. 

Very much out of place, the boy had simply ended up in the class because he had to meet a requirement and this was the only available class. He had no choice lest he wanted to screw up his university schedule. Being tossed into the fray of daring, adventurous, outgoing dancers was discombobulating, confusing, distressing as they moved around him like elegant cranes as he flailed like a ruddy penguin who couldn’t see well. In the mirror in front of him, the boy’s frame shallow, bony and tall, unfit to be in tight clothing that showed his joints in what he imagined was horrifying to others, Credence saw but his pathetic self, dark and inept for what he was to do. Made worse, now he had finally attracted the attention of the instructor, no doubt because of the insistent screw ups he had during this particular class session, failing so badly that he had ended up smashing his jaw upon the ground and biting into his own tongue, blood seeping from his lip slowly; an ugly sight. He’d been sent out to clean up, the entire class murmuring, annoyed by the sorry interruption, frowning at the droplets that stained the boy’s button-up shirt a dark, disgusting red. Of course he would be reprimanded, how could a teacher accept such ineptitude in his own class, not to mention the fact that his teacher was known to show little care for his student’s emotions, asking only for great performance, expecting excellence. A sinking feeling drowned Credence’s entrails in his own abdomen, and he swallowed back the fear with an audible gulp.

“Yes…Yes sir…” Credence muttered in reply, his eyes wide for a moment before they lowered, a finger raising to scrape at a fleck of dried blood upon his chin, expression blatantly sad, vaguely afraid, and anxious. What else was to be expected from the walking mess that was Credence Barebone at the moment?

Graves trotted over to a corner, his every step calculated, wonderfully acted out, his lean body showcased through tight, flexible pants that clung to his flesh, and a collared shirt that lay unbuttoned down to the man’s mid-section. It did not take a much of a glance to dictate to anyone that the man was remarkably handsome, though his allure seemingly ended there. Graves spoke bluntly, lacking or withholding his ability to empathise with others, gruffly calling out students when they were acting immature, lashing out when one did something stupid. He had, several times, replied to Credence’s clumsy actions with witty, teasing remarks about how the boy contained the grace of a giraffe, complete with gamey limbs and a sorry appearance. How dark in the face had Credence become at such comments, hating many things simultaneously, but damning himself most of all. His hands grabbed at his own stomach, clutching at the ribs that protruded from his taut skin anxiously, a response he’d acquired while at university, grabbing whatever he could to keep his hands from clawing at his own flesh. 

Saying nothing, Graves pushed Credence close to the dance bar, a hand upon the small of the boy’s back guiding him. Credence braced himself by gripping the bar tight, and he gave a quizzical look towards the teacher, who simply raised his brow right back to Credence, his eyes looking straight at Credence, but without any sort of annoyance that he was used to, neatly stoic, with a vague sense of kindness. Credence felt the knot tying his intestines together loosen inexplicably. “P-Pardon…M-Mr. Graves…but wha-” Graves quickly put a finger to his lips and shushed the boy, asking for complete silence as he slid around Credence, his hands dancing upon the protruding hips beneath Credence’s thin pants, bone poking from the skin sharply. Gentle motions upon the young man’s iliac adjusted his posture and position, pushing and pulling slightly to get an appropriate alignment. Credence had no clue what was going on, only that his teacher was holding him by the hip, alone, just the two of them, and the realisation had begun to dawn on him, bringing a flush to his cheeks. 

“Relax.” Graves said with a husky voice, low, impatient, his eyes fixated upon Credence’s lower body, running rough fingers up and down the boy’s side, making miniscule adjustments that tickled Credence’s skin and left a burning sensation that was surprisingly pleasant. How was the boy to relax when he was being touched more intimately than he’d ever been before, thanks to Credence’s absolute lack of physical relationships, making him one of the most inexperienced young men on the campus, to his extreme embarrassment. “Raise you leg, like you tried to earlier.” Percival murmured to the boy, tone not rough, nor dominant, but nonetheless provoking enough to get Credence to tense. “W-What…?” Graves sighed and dug his fingers into the thin thigh, pulling upwards as he put his palm against the young man’s back and curved his spine. Credence gave a startled yipe, feeling the flush upon his neck and chest now, his ear afire, and his body tingling oddly. “There you go…”
Credence gawked at the mirror, seeing his body contorted, but beautiful, flowing naturally with the curves of his body, held in place by Graves’ strong build, gentle, but firm hands on his flesh. And even more perplexing than the image he was reflected in the mirror, were the roiling emotions in his chest that made his heart flutter in his throat much too pleasantly. He choked on his own breath and lost his balance rapidly, slipping upon his planted foot and crashing down on the floor, his ribs slamming into the ground painfully, a cry sounding from his throat, high-pitched, surprised. “M-Mr. Graves!” He shouted, just reflexively.

Percival, to his own misfortune, found himself clinging to Credence in a weak hope that he could prevent the boy from falling, but was met with the untimely effect of Gravity and found himself upon his own student, an entanglement of limbs, his face brought down on Credence’s chest hard and fast, his jaw sore immediately. “Oh…damn it…” Graves groaned, rubbing his aching flesh with a rough palm and shaking his head, trying to find his footing, but only grabbing Credence’s flesh, and awkwardly trying to touch his student, for obvious reasons. For a moment, they looked at one another, eyes wide, surprised, embarrassed both, and as Credence opened his mouth to shout, “I’M SO SORRY, MR. GRAVES!”, the teacher broke into a boisterous laughter and rolled off the young man’s chest to lay beside him in a giggling fit. The hilarity he found in the situation calmed Credence instantly, a wash of joy removing the pain that throbbed in his back, loosening his taut muscles and even tugging at the corners of his lips until he himself was also chuckling quietly alongside Percival’s cacophony. 

They lay for a few moments, the separation of teacher and student forgotten, and the moment simply taken in, exchanging playful glances that only elicited further laughing, until Graves broke the comedic scene. “You know, you really are beautiful, even if you are not the most graceful dancer…with just a bit of guidance, you could really put your form to use. It’s absolutely perfect for perfomance, gorgeous.” Credence bit his lip and turned his head to look at Percival, quickly sitting up and bringing his knees to his chest, shaking his head nervously. “N-No…. I mean, I’m…I’m not…trust me…Mr. Graves.” Percival shot a look at the boy and shifted to lay upon his folded legs, leaning forwards. “Credence, I’ve seen you move. While it’s unorthodox, it is truly wonderful it its own way…” Graves fought the urge that had been yanking at him for weeks now. “I’m serious, Credence. You’re different…” He neared. “But it’s not bad.” Graves’ nose nearly pushed against Credence’s now and the boy’s breath was held back, but he refused to shy away from Graves’ advances. “It just makes you special…” And Graves craned his neck, pressing his lips to Credence’s, thinking to himself, “Fuck…I’m kissing my own student, but I don’t give a damn.”

Let It Pour

Jasper Hale imagine requested by anon! “hi!!!! can you do a jasper imagine? jasper and y/n are alone in the woods during a storm talking and being cute but the reader ends up cutting her hand somehow? and how jasper would act or respond totry to keep himself from hurting or killing her? then the guilt afterwards? thanks!!!” Hope you like it!

You’d never seen Jasper as you saw him now, though your vision was marred by an onslaught of raindrops dripping over your lashes to swim along your waterlines. His honey hair clung to his diamond skin like dampened cords of silk, his cheeks streaming with water as you laid on the mossy earth below, your faces toward the sky, welcoming the storm as it met your skin. His eyes were clear, a rich butterscotch bordering on gold, his lashes clumped together by the water soaking the both of you through to the bone. He claimed he couldn’t feel the chill of the rain as you could, despite the fact that you were both equally saturated with water; the thin fabric of his shirt had been soaked to black, clinging to the contours of his chest, his shoulders, his abdomen… he was a dangerous sight to behold. Disheveled as he was, he laid beside you in all his beauty, his full lips curving into an easy smile, his gaze having fallen to your face, unknown to you, as you devoured the planes of his body with your starving eyes, never quite satisfied with your weakened view. Perhaps one day you would be able to see him, truly see him… but your fantasies would have to wait for another moment, when your thoughts could run rampant without such a glorious distraction. You raised your eyes to meet his, staring at the sparkles swarming within his irises through a bleary film, listening to his gentle chuckle at your obvious infatuation, your cheeks aflame beneath the generous coat of water dripping from your skin. His fingers, now no colder than the rain that fell over you, stroked along your temple, relocated water-slick strands of hair behind your ear, returning to the same path to include the hairs that refused to cooperate, drunk as they were with water. You sighed, your voice clear in the quiet.

“How is it you look like Adonis fresh from the ocean and I look like a drowned rat?” you breathed, watching Jasper’s brow furrow, his lips upturned in a grin. You could see your compliment stuck with him, but as always, he was more focused on you.

“No, you look beautiful,” he assured you, his voice softer than his caress, smoothing his palm over your hair, unintentionally straining the rain along the curve of your head, his eyes gleaming as he beheld you. “I have a bit of an unfair advantage, but… well, I’ve never seen a more stunning rat.” You slapped at his chest, his laughter joining your own, your hand remaining just below his shoulder, hovering over his silent heart. A part of you waited for a heartbeat against your skin, but you found only the hollow expansion of his lungs as he caught his breath. The forest was silent around you, save the sound of the rain striking the emerald canopy of leaves above you. With Jasper around, it’d be a miracle to hear much else; every animal within a five mile radius was holding its breath in the presence of the vampire, as if they knew they were all alternative trail mix. It was a peaceful silence, if a bit unsettling; it was something you were acclimating to. You would take the absence of the woodland creatures, the birdsong, all of it, if it meant you could remain in Jasper’s company. He easily trumped the wildlife.

You watched as his chest expanded, his eyes closing as he inhaled, his face a mask of blissful serenity, rain falling over the sharp ridge of his cheekbone, the moss serving as a pillow beneath his head absorbing the water like a sponge. You traced a finger beneath his eyes, your touch as light as if he were cracking porcelain, forgetting for a moment the infallible indestructibility he inherited along with his immortality. You moved with the water as it carved lines into his flawless complexion, moving to stray to the center of his lips, watching his composure fade as he beamed, his hand on your wrist guiding your hand away from his mouth as his lips parted, steering you away from the razors he called teeth.

“Why so cautious?” you teased, furrowing your brows in mock betrayal, your hand clenching into a fist. “You said you didn’t bite,” Jasper rolled himself on top of you, effectively pinning your body to the waterlogged moss beneath you, holding your hands by your face, your eyes physically incapable of following his blur of a movement. He bared his teeth at you, his eyes glinting with playful mischief.

“Why so frightened?” he returned, glancing once at your chest, within which your heart was jack-hammering against your rib cage. “Afraid I might?” You squirmed beneath him, fighting the smile that played across your lips as he dove in for the attack, his velvet lips pressing against your throat, his nose grazing the soft line of your jaw. You made a strangled sound of exaggerated injury, lolling your head to the side, your tongue poking out from the corner of your mouth, your eyes rolled backwards, much to Jasper’s amusement. He inched himself away from you, tsking under his breath, poking a finger at your side as if to test for response. “Shame, I really liked this one,” he sighed, predicting your jolt of feigned jealousy, catching you as you began to rise, an argument on your lips before suddenly he was on your lips with the water between you, his smile tangible as he moved against you, his hand ghosting over your shoulder en route to cradle your cheek, angling your face to better meet his. When he retracted, you were prompted by the strain on your muscles to hold yourself up, no longer relying on the impossible strength and lack of exertion on Jasper’s part, catching the weight of your upper body on the heel of your hand. Your palm dove for the ground, expecting to find the gentle cushion of moss, instead finding the jaded edge of an exposed stone. A searing pain stabbed through your hand as your flesh was torn on the rock, your eyes noting the rigid composure of the statue of a man beside you, if only for a moment, before you raised your eyes to find yourself alone in the small clearing, rain streaking your palm, diluting the crimson of your blood as it flowed from your wound. Your eyes panned around the trees, searching for a shadow, a glimpse of him between the branches… but you found nothing. He was gone.

You sat with the pad of your thumb pressed against the jagged puncture wound on your palm for what seemed like an hour, your hair streaming with water as you continued your search, growing more and more afraid as more and more time passed without sight or sound of Jasper. The birds returned to their branches, chirping as merrily as ever (despite the storm roiling in their skies), dashing all remaining hope that Jasper would return. If they thought it safe enough to return, he was long gone. You wiped at the wound, hoping the rainwater would be a sufficient cleaning agent, watching the blood pour from your hand. It wasn’t that bad, but it was enough to have you wondering about stitches. With your uninjured hand, you swiped the water from your face, your fingers probing your temples in frustration. You had no idea how to get yourself home. For one, you’d left from the Cullen’s house, nestled deep within the forest and literal miles from your own home, and Jasper had carried you who knew how far into the woods. For as long as you bled, you were trapped in the woods, water pouring over your body.

It was moments later that the animals began to disperse; first the birds, taking flight in flocks as if their trees had been set ablaze, their cries of warning silencing the rest of the forest’s gentle choir. Your heart froze in your chest; it was impossible to hear him coming, but you knew that Jasper being this close to you while your blood was still fresh on your skin was detrimental for you. Hell, it practically printed your name on a death certificate. You called his name, your voice trembling, your torn palm pressed tightly against the soaking fabric of your shirt. A voice in your ear, not unfamiliar but certainly not expected, nearly sent you to an early grave, your heart stammering quickly to life, working under the impression that its beats were numbered until recognition settled in. Carlisle spoke your name, reaching for your hand as he did, his eyes guarded and sympathetic.

“May I?” he inquired, watching your slow extension, allowing the doctor to inspect your wound. He probed the edges, watching you wince and offering an apologetic glance. “I’m very sorry this happened,” he spoke, his voice soft and caring. You shook your head, your free hand swiping your soaking hair from your face, whisking some droplets from your cheekbone as you did so.

“It’s alright, really. It doesn’t hurt that badly, it was just a little rock,” you explained, watching the doctor shake his head, his golden eyes burning on yours.

“That’s not what I meant,” he whispered, his lips pursed. Your eyes dropped in understanding, watching his fingers work to clean your wound with the assistance of a small handkerchief rather than meet his gaze. “Jasper only left you here because he was afraid of what he might do if he remained by your side as your blood polluted the air. He has made mistakes in the past that ended in violence and bloodshed, and he acted in what he thought was the best way to protect you. I hope you can understand. He had your best interest in mind, strange as it may seem. He came directly to me and sent me your way. There,” he smiled, tying the handkerchief in a clean knot around your palm, his hand patting the backside of yours. “I’ll take you home. Jasper is… he’s unable, at the moment.” You nodded slowly, numb from the shock of your day, allowing Carlisle to help you to your feet before lifting you into his arms. You were silent as the doctor ran, the raindrops striking your cheeks as the two of you sped through the forest, stopping only when you arrived at your front door. Carlisle eased you to your feet, opening the door for you and watching you step over the threshold, wishing you a good night as you shut the door. You heaved a sigh, clenching and unclenching your hand, feeling the gentle burn of the edges of your skin beneath the doctor’s handkerchief. You froze then, as your eyes lifted to look about your home, spotting a shadow by your staircase. Jasper stood with his arms crossed over his chest, the rigid line of his jaw displaying the state of his clenched teeth, his eyes on your hand, visible even in the dark.

“Y/n,” he spoke your name through unmoving teeth, his voice a strangled breath. You dared not move, dared not breathe, as the vampire in your home redirected his gaze to your face, his eyes pleading with you. “I won’t stay long, I can’t… I came to… apologize for my actions… today,” he spoke in short, strange bursts, each word calculated and fighting to tear his jaws open. “I didn’t want… to hurt you. Couldn’t bear to. I left you… in the middle of nowhere… and you were hurt. I’m so, so sorry. That I can’t,” he breathed slowly, which seemed only to make matters worse instead of organize his thoughts. He winced as if burnt, his forehead wrinkled in pain. He took a moment to collect himself before continuing, his voice further strained and gravel-toned from exertion. “I’m sorry that I can’t keep you safe.” You whispered his name, your breath stirring the air, his jaw clenching further. If he wasn’t careful, he’d shatter his teeth. “No, do not… do not tell me it’s alright. It isn’t. I keep thinking… about what could have happened to you. If I stayed, after I left…it’s inexcusable. All I can do… is apologize.” You moved towards him, your uninjured hand outstretched, though the distance that separated you forbade contact. Sensing your movement, the vampire pressed himself into the wall, his spine practically melting to mold against the plaster. “Y/n, don’t…” he spat his words through his teeth, his eyes clenched shut. “Don’t come any closer.” You paused, never losing your drive to join him, your hand falling to your side.

“You won’t hurt me, Jasper,” you breathed, his brows knotting with the effort it took him to remain restrained. His shoulders ceased to move; he had stopped breathing. You took another step… and he was a blur, making his exit, the gust of his passing slamming the back door behind him, the startling sound of wood against wood making you jump. Your hair scattered raindrops against the floor, marking the seconds since his departure. You exhaled slowly, your breath trembling as it passed your lips, your heartbeat loud in your ears, each pulse throbbing against the torn edges of your exposed flesh.

He was gone.