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BEFORE: Jan 31, 2016 118 lbs
AFTER: Feb 18, 2017 104 lbs
Literally had no clue I lost SO much weight in about 1 year and 2.5 weeks. I knew the scale changed but I honestly couldn’t see any difference. I know that when I measured then and now it was at least 2 inches lost everywhere but I still saw zero change.
This evening I wanted to try on my prom dress for this year to see if I’m getting close to my goal weight in terms of looks.
I’m super surprised at how different it all looks. My back fat is no longer being squished around by the straps, the top of the straps don’t dig into my shoulders, and the bottom two straps are even very lose when I pull them out a little ways (of course they’re still lopsided because this dress was altered to fit another girl years ago)
Even on the front view, it is muucchhh less tight. My boobs aren’t as big (yay for me tbh) and don’t create unsightly cleavage (bleh to me tbh). It also doesn’t tightly wrap around my waist. It now just nicely goes around just enough to stay where it is but not tight enough to create a little muffin top lol
I also just noticed how before I was wearing SPANX! So even then it wasn’t my true figure.
In the new photos I was wearing only underwear. No Spanx to hold it all in cause there isn’t near as much to hold.
Also notice how the thigh slit used to be tight against my legs. Now is just cascades down as it should.

I am so proud of myself for doing this weight loss the right way with healthy food and just exercise when I can fit it in.
Good job you.
You did it.

During the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry found himself in front of an army of Death Eaters looking Lord Voldemort in the face with nothing but righteous anger and a determination to end the war.  No wand, no Muggle weapons.  His friends, teachers, his makeshift family stood behind him ready to follow him into this fight.  Harry knew he was the face of this fight.  Harry was The Boy Who Lived and the people who believed in him would follow him into the open arms of death if it meant the war could end right there.  

What no one thought about, what no one realized, was at that very moment Harry needed help.  No one knew Narcissa had taken his wand, Draco’s wand, off him in the Forbidden Forest.  No one came to save him; they were waiting to be saved by him.  As Harry’s courage faltered he heard his name.  He tore his eyes from Voldemort’s murderous gaze to see Draco Malfoy run past the Dark Lord.  Malfoy ran straight to Harry, thrust a wand into his empty hand.  Someone had come to Harry’s rescue.  This was enough.  This was all Harry needed.


We’re created as complex beings which all truly belongs to our brains. It’s a magnificent construction of wires that keep everything running smoothly, functioning throughout our lives, never taking any time off, not even while we sleep. In layman’s terms, it all boils down to frequency of electrical impulses.

At this very moment, as you read this; your brain is fully engaged, shooting signals to every part of your body. Not until you lie down for the night will it slow down. Then, once you fall asleep, your mind will enter a stand-by state.

Knowing this little fact, you might be surprised that brain activity spikes ever so suddenly in the middle of the night. This is when the dreams start.

Entering this obscured reality, you’ll be at the mercy of your own subconscious mind. Everything in this peculiar place is a product of your imagination, but you do not control it. Places are simply pulled out of your memory and mashed into a nonsensical world, even the faces you see are merely people you remember from daily life.

Unconsciousness, fascinating as it is; can be equally terrifying. Take a moment to think of your worst nightmare, the one that jolted you back into reality, leaving your bedsheets soaked in sweat. What exactly frightened you so much? Was it the creature that lurked in the darkness, the tall slim beings with hollowed out eyes?

Peculiar, isn’t it? You couldn’t possibly have seen those monsters while you were awake. Yet, there they are, haunting your dreams. Your brain is a wonderful machine, it records everything you do, but it cannot remember the few minutes prior to falling asleep. I wonder why.

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i like thinking about the beginning of my relationship and even the times where we were just friends, then best friends, and the very organic and natural progression we’ve made to be here now :-) i’m overwhelmed with peace and excitement when i think about this! like wow, i’m so excited to be alive and to build a life together with my best friend, my lover, etc etc. i’m so excited for our future but i’m also so happy and excited for this very moment!! 

If you know me, you know that Yuki and Tooru’s maternal/childlike relationship is probably my absolute favorite in Furuba.  I know that when he’s introduced, he’s shown to be a possible competitor for a romantic partner, but as the series goes on, that subtly shifts into something much more precious.

I always wondered where the shift began. I know that Yuki himself says he realized it when Tooru went chasing after Kyou in his true form, but if that’s when he first realized it, then surely he must have been changing in his heart already, right?

I think this panel might be one of the first times we see Yuki’s feelings start to change.  Of course, to someone reading this for the first time, this could still seem romantic, but this is a very sweet moment between the two of them.  Yuki sees how Kisa has claimed Tooru as an older sister figure and considering the similarities between Kisa and Yuki, he knows that Tooru is exactly what she needs to recover her confidence.  I’m sure in this moment he is wishing that he had had someone like Tooru to help him when he was younger…but he’s also realizing that it’s not too late.  He can still have that mother-figure in his life, even now.

“She’s lucky” could translate to “I wish I had someone doting on me like you’re doting on her.”  This could easily confuse the reader into thinking he is just talking about Tooru’s attention and that this is a romantic claim, but it’s not.  He’s talking about the type of attention and care Tooru is showering Kisa with, a type of attention that he so sorely lacked growing up and still lacks even now.

He’s putting his head on her shoulder as if to say “Let me lean on you, too.”  ❤

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 20

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.9k

A/N: Still not the end. I don’t even kow what to say anymore. Stick around for a few more days and it’ll be over!


Part 19 <<<

All eyes were on Mara the very moment she climbed out of William’s car the next morning. The rumor that she passed out had spread around as quickly as wildfire but she couldn’t be bothered by the constant whispering she heard on her way to her locker. Being the center of the general attention was something she was used to and at ease with, regardless of the reason behind it.

Besides, there was really only one person she felt like giving her attention to this morning, and it was none of those gossips that talked in a hushed tone as soon as she entered a room. She endured the two first classes without saying a word apart from answering the teachers’ questions. When someone said hi to her, she smiled and nodded friendly but her lips were sealed. She simply wasn’t in the mood. Her night was shorter than what she would have liked, her brother even more sorry than what she thought and Chris even more worried.

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What are shikokus like? Temperament wise? What's it like to own them? I'm super interested in them and love how they look physically but know very little about their temperament and needs! Thanks!

Owning a Shikoku is usually about like this:

But sometimes it’s also like this:

At this very moment it happens to be like this:

In other words, she likes to hang out on the couch.

Shoko is an expert relaxer, but she’s also an expert adventurer:

She loves spending time outside and is always ready to go. In that respect, she seems tireless, but in reality she’s super good at just chilling out at home. In general Shikoku are considered to have a really great “off-switch,” but they’re still higher energy dogs that need a lot of activity. This is difficult for us sometimes, because we live in the frozen tundra north and in the winter it’s hard to get out like we do in the summertime. It’s important to provide other stimulation when that’s the case, but I’ve found that between a couple play sessions, one or two quick training sessions, and making her work for her food with dispenser toys, she’s usually pretty satisfied. Sometimes in the winter it can be weeks before we can get outside for any sort of adventure beyond bathroom breaks, so this is really quite impressive. In the summer, we will often be out hiking 1-2 hours a day.

However, if you don’t make a conscious effort to satisfy their needs, they can get pretty naughty. Shoko will definitely let me know if she’s restless, either by tugging at my clothes, nipping at me, or going to look for something around the house to destroy. It’s naughty behavior, sure, but it is ALWAYS my “fault,” and when she gets like that I take it as a reminder that I’m not doing enough. Still, if you’re looking for a complete couch potato dog, a Shikoku isn’t a good choice. They are GREAT couch potatoes, as long as you properly tire them out. In my opinion, it doesn’t take much to do so, but it is something to be aware of.

On that note, they love to destroy. It is one of Shoko’s favorite things, and I’ve heard from other owners that their Shikoku are the same. She likes tennis balls, but mostly so she can rip them apart. Squeaky toys have the squeaker ripped out immediately. This is a natural behavior, and it’s important to give them a proper outlet for it, or else they’ll end up destroying something valuable. In my opinion, it’s not fair to expect them not to destroy or to try and “train it out of them.” Just give them something they can rip up. Pretty much all of our empty cereal boxes, mac and cheese boxes, etc. go to Shoko. Toilet paper rolls get a bit of peanut butter smeared on the inside and the ends folded in. Entertains her for ~30 minutes, and in my opinion is better than a Kong, at least for Shoko, because she gets to rip it up. Yes, in my mind, the Shikoku’s need to destroy is a big enough aspect of their personality that it needs it’s own paragraph.

What else? They’re not particularly biddable. Shoko is never enthusiastic when I ask her to do something, except MAYBE if I’ve got something REALLY tasty. Usually she’s more reluctant, but we’ve trained enough that she will listen. Recall is a toss-up, always, because they have very high prey drive, so I wouldn’t consider them good off-leash, unless you do a LOT of work. I let Shoko off-leash in areas that I know there’s no way she could end up on a road. Usually she sticks pretty close, but I would never trust her in a city.

They’re also remarkable stoic. It can be hard to get a read on them, especially if you’re not familiar with the breed. This is a really crummy picture, but it’s a good example:

This is a super classic example of Shoko showing affection. She’ll plop down in front of you, with her back to you, and turn her ears back. This is usually about as cuddly as they get. They’ll lean on you, but they usually won’t cuddle. Very rarely will Shoko climb into someone’s lap. If you do happen to get a cuddle out of them somehow, it usually only lasts ~5 minutes. So if you’re looking for a cuddle bug, a Shikoku isn’t your best bet. 

They are still very attached to their people, although it can take awhile to establish that bond. I’d say it was honestly over a year before I felt really close with Shoko, but now that bond is something special. They want to be near you, whatever you’re doing, although it probably comes off as a lot more independent than, say, a border collie, or a lab. 

They’re reserved with strangers and can actually be reactive to them. Same goes for other unknown dogs. I personally haven’t had any experience with this, but Shoko is still young, so it might still develop. What I have had experience with is, in general, other dogs don’t like Shikoku. Their play style can be… rude. They can be obnoxious. I’ve had the best luck with Shoko getting along with huskies or other Japanese breeds. They also don’t like the way dogs like labs can be overly friendly and assertive. Shoko has definitely snapped at dogs that have been too “in her face.”

I think that pretty much covers the basics. Sorry this got so long. I guess I love talking about my dog. I get excited when people show interest in Shikoku, so definitely ask if you have more questions or need me to clarify anything! Also, keep in mind that this is largely anecdotal, and I’ve only had close interactions with one Shikoku. Most of it holds true with what I’ve heard from other owners and what I’ve seen in the other Shikoku I have met, but if you’re interested definitely try to talk to as many owners as possible and meet some Shikoku if you can! 

You know, the fact that Mark said one problematic thing in response to a good friend of his fucking up-and that’s what happened, a good friend of his fucked up big time, and he allowed the fact that he was a good friend to cloud his judgment and produce an inappropriate response to the situation-the fact that Mark said one problematic thing and suddenly he’s a gross, disgusting, disgraceful excuse for a human being baffles me

Mark is a genuinely good, loving, caring person and after everything he’s done, every fan he’s visited, all those thousands of dollars he’s raised for various charities, even at this very moment, and more-the fact that this one thing, this one mistake, suddenly makes him an “awful human being”?

That is what I find to be disgusting.

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Witch AU where the trainer is secretly a witch, who is being hunted down and Gladion, without knowing, falls in love with them. AU has two endings good and bad, which ending do you believe Gladion will end up in?

I didn’t really get this ask, it’s… not head canons. I am intrigued, though.

Bad Ending, I think, would be something along the lines of you being shot or close to dying or something and Gladion comes in at the very last moment. Maybe he’s crying, holding you, asking you if this is why you became distant with him. You don’t answer him. You just smile at him and tell him you’re sorry. And everything goes dark.

Good Ending would probably have Gladion telling you he knew, he found out through his sister Lillie who is also a witch, and he manages to save you before you’re dealt the killing blow.

I hope that was what you meant, if not, the ask section is always open. 

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So apparently one of the ways Bloodline 'debunks' ReySky is because Leia never 'thinks of a niece' in the book. Which...okay they are right she doesn't but we obviously are NOT privy to every thought running through Leia's head in that book. As is evidenced by the fact that we barely see her thinking about her own SON. They were very careful about what was revealed in that book and what wasn't and Luke having a kid is not something they are letting get spoiled in a BOOK. *headdesk*

1. I can’t think of a lot of people who think of their niece or nephew at every waking second of the day unless the relationship is super close. 

2. Why would we see Leia thinking of a niece anyway? Clearly Rey’s existence isn’t affecting anything going on in the plot at that very moment, so why does the book need a moment where Leia puts everything to a halt and thinks, “Oh, yeah. Luke’s kid who he hasn’t seen in years. That was sad.” How is it relevant? What purpose does it serve?

3. Maybe, just maybe, Leia doesn’t know her niece exists? Just a thought.

4. The fact that people are dragging on about this when this is the very same book that establishes Luke keeping his personal life extremely private is just laughable to me.


Michael C. Hall at the stagedoor of “Lazarus” in New York. This is the story of a fan he met there:

“I wanted Dexter to have a happy ending so I wrote some fan fiction giving Dexter redemption.

I then had the good fortune to personally hand it to Michael C Hall, and 18 months later I was able to see Michael star in David Bowie’s musical LAZARUS, and I was lucky enough to see Michael again at the stage door. 

He remembered me, and I asked him if he liked the story. He told me that my story was amazing. That moment was very special.”

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Another soulmate AU idea: the timer specifically being triggered by the (mutual) sight of the other person's face. (As of the typical unmasking scene wasn't already chaotic enough on it's own.)

I’ve been thinking about this and it is a DISASTER. Imma fic it when I’m more awake, but I have notes!

They’ve felt immensely weird around each other from the very first moment he introduced himself as an angel, and neither of them quite know why.

The weirdness only intensifies over time, and sometimes Christine’s wrist itches - something which it never did before - but every time she checks there’s nothing there.

Cue the night of the kidnapping. Before she faints she feels a searing pain in her wrist, but again it hasn’t changed any. Then she wakes below ground, and her wrist is strangely stiff, and she sees properly sees Erik with his mask, and sees that he’s rubbing at his wrist as well. She thinks he might already have a timer.

When she first sees his face after ripping his mask off the bolt of pain that sears through her wrist does make her faint. Erik’s wrist is in quite a bit of pain at the time too, so he doesn’t quite register what’s happened until he sees numbers slowly appearing on his skin, and frantically looks at her wrist and finds matching ones there.

He carries her to bed, and returns to his coffin in a numb stupor, thinking that he’ll sleep and everything will be perfectly as it should be when he wakes up.

He wakes up to Christine standing beside the coffin looking down at him, and sees that his sleeve has ridden up to reveal the timer. Before he can think of anything to say, she bows her head and presses a kiss to his still-unmasked forehead, and says, “I suppose I’ll have to get used to it.” He stares at her in shock.

Later, both having gathered themselves, they sit down to the most awkward tea of either of their lives. 

Erik: “I’m not quite convinced this is real.”

Christine: “I am. And I think we need to do something about it. It happens to other people all the time.”

Erik: “What do you propose we do? Elope?! Somehow, I don’t think eloping with this,” gestures at his face, “is what you want to do.”

Christine: “Why did you kidnap me, then?”

Erik: *silent*

Christine: “I see.” *sips her tea* “What should we do? What other people do, I suppose.” *swallows and braces herself, before taking his hand, and raising it to her lips. “Perhaps we ought to begin at the beginning, seeing as how you are very much not an angel.”

I need to think about this whole thing so much!

Do you ever find a wonderful post on tumblr mobile but then your dash decides to refresh at that very moment and you have to scroll down five thousand miles to find it again?