the very first photograph

can someone explain to me how all too well hasn’t been adapted into a motion picture when the scarf saga is literally the most iconic break up story of our time? the lyric “but you keep my old scarf from that very first week” is literally supported by REAL photographic evidence proving the scarf was stolen and worn by the male lead post break up?? this historic story of love and heart break is deserving of several academy awards, a handful of golden globes, a tony award and probably a few grammys 


Sumerian Silver Lyre, from Ur, southern Iraq, c. 2600-2400 BC

This lyre was found in the ‘Great Death-Pit’, one of the graves in the Royal Cemetery at Ur. The burial in the Great Death-Pit was accompanied by seventy-four bodies - six men and sixty-eight women -laid down in rows on the floor of the pit. Three lyres were piled one on top of another. They were all made from wood which had decayed by the time they were excavated, but two of them, of which this is one, were entirely covered in sheet silver attached by small silver nails. The plaques down the front of the sounding box are made of shell. The silver cow’s head decorating the front has inlaid eyes of shell and lapis lazuli. The edges of the sound box have a narrow border of shell and lapis lazuli inlay.

When found, the lyre lay in the soil. The metal was very brittle and the uprights were squashed flat. First it was photographed, and then covered in wax and waxed cloth to hold it together for lifting. The silver on the top and back edge of the sounding box had been destroyed. Some of the silver preserved the impression of matting on which it must have originally lain. Eleven silver tubes acted as the tuning pegs.

Such instruments were probably important parts of rituals at court and temple. There are representations of lyre players and their instruments on cylinder seals, and on the Standard of Ur being played alongside a possible singer.

I’m actually quite happy to have just dried my very first “print on demand”, ordered by a photographer of the great tumblr community. Many thanks to you, Florian, I’m happy to send you the result in the very next time.

Though my prints (at least some of them) can be ordered in my society6 shop, a handmade and unique darkroom print still remains something different and special, even for me. I don’t use fibre-based paper often, and it’s still a bit of a challenge for me - but if I should happen to sell a darkroom print, it will get the best treatment, like in this case being printed onto Adox Fine Print Variotone Baryta and it will be signed and dated.

Thanks again to Florian - and of course to everyone else who likes and supports my work, perhaps even through a purchase.


Top 15 Hobbit cast members as voted by fans: Number one 

“I think it’d be interesting looking back through the footage that you have. I imagine it would be quite hard to find me in any of that behind the scenes footage because I certainly actively avoided those cameras. Even in the very first photograph of the Dwarves, for some reason I’m hiding in the back behind someone’s shoulder. Because I just didn’t know whether I could do this; I really didn’t know whether I could fill these boots. I thought I might be on my way home, so I just didn’t wanna to put myself forward until I’d understood what the character was. I love this book. I read it when I was seven years old. So I felt the weight of kingship and of responsibility, which was both mine and Thorin’s.” - Richard Armitage

nostalgia_memoirI worked my ass off in school to get a job in my first pick industry and company, then bought my dream Hasselblad camera with my very first paycheck coming out of college (actually, bought it on my credit card during first week on the job before my check even arrived). Then due to life’s obstacles, it took me another four years to buy my first bike, which was also my dream bike
I’ve been shooting photos as a hobby for almost ten years and then three years ago, I had the pure luck of being one of the very first photographers to start posting bike photos on Instagram, which allowed me to get over 100k followers (thank you all). It’s not that I’m better than other instagramers, I just got a head start.
The reason why I’m sharing this is because I’ll get messages from people thinking all this was just handed to me and/or want advice on how they can do what I do overnight. The reality is, you probably can’t, but this doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Just understand the reality of all this.
I love this photo because it represents all the things I just mentioned.


Prevost in NYC

Plenty of people have taken pictures of New York, but the French-born photographer Victor Prevost was one of the very first. He made these photographs using the rare calotype process. 

Victor Prevost. Statuary at Crystal Palace; Reed and Sturges Warehouse; Gori Marble Works. [1853-1857]. Contact prints made from calotype negative. New-York Historical Society.

AMA Transcript: In the Colors of a Photograph

Last week, @victoriandancer and @guacamoletrash dropped in for an AMA about their 2016 Resbang, In the Colors of a Photograph! Check out some of the fun:

Q: How much research on marine biology did you do for this?

victoriandancer: UMM not much, lol. I was a biotechnology major in college (which was only a few years ago) and I’m an immunology research technician now. I mostly pulled from my head. Some of the boat questions I looked up, and a few obscure marine bio things. I didn’t want to go into too much detail and lose people who weren’t bio nerds like me lol.

Q: Favorite part to write?

victoriandancer: My favorite part was the very first day they were out on the water and Soul was photographing Maka’s explorations. It was so serene and sweet and fun at the same time!

Q: For guac: You said it was your first time using Photoshop for your piece! Did you learn a lot?

guac: All I had ever used it for was a photography class I took in high school, and boy oh boy. I don’t think I’d ever used the brush tool until September? I learned so so so much, and I’m so ready to learn so much more!!!!!!

Q: Did anything inspire/motivate you to write this particular story/setting? And how did you think of it?

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My very first attempt at Astrophotography. Its not terribly interesting due to lack of subject, but for my first go ever I’m stoked. It was taken up at Tamborine Mountain on the Gold Coast.


“I think it’d be interesting looking back through the footage you have. I imagine it would be quite hard to find me in any of that behind the scenes footage. Cause I certainly actively avoided those cameras. Even in the very first photograph of the dwarves, for some reason I’m hiding in the back behind someone’s shoulder. Because I just didn’t know whether I could do this; I really didn’t know whether I could fill these boots. I thought I might be on my way back home, so I didn’t want to put myself forward until I had understood what the character was.“


I present to you my very first project as an amateur photographer “Heavydirtysoul Project ‘16”

Yesterday with my friend Brandie we were up until around 4am doing this project. It was honestly an amazing experience to feel professional in a type of way, I’m only a GCSE student at Photography at the moment but I will be moving on to do it at A-Level too.

This was inspired by the band Twenty One Pilots and their character “Blurryface”, I’ve been in the Clique for 4 months now and I am fairly new however it’s been one of the best 4 months. I was getting to that point where the music I was already listening to got a bit boring so to completely transform my music taste from Rap to this pop-punk-alternative-ukelele screamo-emo reggae band really uplifts things. Having the opportunity to see them in concert in Portsmouth on February 29th was just breath-taking.

Blurryface is an interesting character that withholds a mystery vibe that pulls me into him. It represents that side of Tyler which is insecure and negative.

Walking around half the town looking for cheap black face paint that was under £1 was a challenge but we managed in time, it was worth walking around with a black neck finding paint to paint our hands and definitely worth having 4 hours sleep because of this. Now I will spend the next week or so experimenting with these type of photoshops using both simple apps on my iPad and Photoshop CC itself.

Thank you to Twenty One Pilots for being who you are and inspiring so many people to expand their talents to the maximum to the point where they aren’t afraid what people think. @stillstreet

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Stay alive frens |-/

This is my very first photo. Or at least the first I showed to others. I took it while I was learning photography by myself with my dad’s Pentax Mx. It’s amazing to see how film adds so much texture and definition. 

Esta es mi primer foto. La primera de todas las otras muchas. O al menos la primera me me animé a mostrar aquel año. La saqué cuando estaba aprendiendo a fotografiar con la cámara de mi papá, una Pentax Mx. Es increíble como el negativo le agrega textura y definición.

El angelito - Cementerio de Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Agosto 2003 © Natalia Sofía Molina

Girls On Film

Summary: Rumbelle AU.  Tempted by the thought of making some quick money, Belle answers an ad for a model.  She finds a very attractive photographer waiting for her.  This is my first attempt at writing a Gold who isn’t Rumpelstiltskin, and I suspect it will be my last, although I might revisit this verse for some future PWP.  Rated T

The half-column ad caught Belle’s eye.

She was between jobs, the library she had worked at having closed as a cost-cutting measure. The branch on the other side of the city had no current openings, and while she had put out inquiries and hoped to find another position in her field within a month or two at most, she had thought it best to find something temporary to pay the bills so she didn’t have to dip into her savings too much. To that end, she had been perusing the classified ads in the morning paper.

MODELS WANTED! Looking for fresh new faces, non-augmented bodies. All shapes and sizes. Partial tasteful nudity required. Competitive rates.

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