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Created in collaboration with Dronestagram, the world leading drone photography website, and Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, a highly renowned photography editor, Dronescapes is the first book to bring together 250 of the very best photographs taken by quadcopters around the globe. Readers will see the planet from entirely new vantage points, whether it’s a bird’s-eye view of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, a photograph taken inches away from an eagle in midflight, or a vertiginous shot taken above Mexico’s Tamul Waterfalls. There are extended commentaries on how individual images were created and a separate, concise guide containing technical advice on how to use a drone and select the right model. An introduction also discusses how the arrival of drone photography signals a major shift in the history of aerial photography. 


Church Of Broken Pieces By Shawn Theodore

Based in Philadelphia, photographer and creative director Shawn Theodore is best known for his unique portrayal of the African American community. 

He is now presenting his photographs in his very first solo museum exhibition titled “Church of Broken Pieces”, at the Richard Beavers Gallery in Brooklyn. 

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The first 4 are from IndyPopCon 2015, the 26th, 27th and 28th of June 2015.  The very first time that I met and photographed these young men.  They have come a long way but I think, so have I.  If not for these young men, I would not have picked up my camera again and started down an entirely new road in life.

The first photo will always and forever be my favorite as it was the first one that Jack ever reblogged (but it is also a photo that shows the shear joy he had in showing up and seeing his friends)

I look back and see how blurry and how in need those photos were.  I still have a long way to go but the journey is what matters now.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do

Last is from PAX East 2016 Autograph session.

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This Is Us- Chapter 23- Full Court Press- Part One

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Very NSFW (under the cut below)

The first photograph appeared in a local blog highlighting last week’s  fundraiser for Claire’s hospital. The event was a charity ball that Slainte had agreed to sponsor before Jamie had even met Claire. They arrived separately, sat at the same table but Joe and Gayle were interspaced between them. He hadn’t been paying her undue attention. There was nothing overt in the setup that might have made them take extra precautions.

Claire looked beautiful in a simple black dress and peek-a-boo pumps. They’d each gotten up at various times to mingle through the crowd during the course of the evening.  He’d wanted to stay at her side but he resisted that urge. Jamie was aware of the unconscious pull of her, drawing his eye again and again whenever she was near. But he couldn’t help that, he’d have a better chance defeating gravity.

She knew almost everyone in the room, it seemed to Jamie. He overheard more than one person complimenting her skill or thanking her for her care of them or a family member.

Joe had taken up the task of introducing their sponsor to all the board members, patrons and important staff. Jamie charmed them, danced with everyone from shy administrators to avaricious wives. Having dispatched his duties, he was free to finally ask her to dance without raising any eyebrows. At least, that had been the hope. He’d been itching to have Claire in his arms all evening. It was a slow one and Jamie meant to enjoy every second of it. Looking at the picture, he clearly had.

“It wouldna help to tell ye that yer a muckle sized clot-heid. What’s done is done.” Murtagh concluded as he clicked through to show him.

A sea of mmphms went around the room as Ian, Fergus and then finally Jamie looked their fill.

“Well, at least it’s a decent picture of you both.” Offered Fergus.

Ian smiled at his brother in law and Jamie shrugged. It was a beautiful picture, in any other context.

He and Claire were pressed up against each other, quite striking as the lights glowed behind them. One of her hands was resting on his shoulder and the other held firmly in his, snuggled up against his heart. A warm embrace to be sure and maybe that would have gone unnoticed save for the look of rampant desire and adoration in both their eyes.

Jamie, as it turned out, had been looking at a lot of pictures lately. He was putting together a slideshow for Ian and Jenny. This coming weekend was their tenth anniversary and to celebrate they were hosting a dinner. Very small, family only. But that would include Ian’s parents, John and Margaret Murray.  

Jamie was looking forward to getting away with Claire. They’d each juggled their schedules and taken a week off, starting tomorrow. It had been the best summer of his life in many ways but not a restful one. He missed the simple pleasures of swimming and hiking around Lallybroch, wanted to show Faith all the things his own parents had done with them when he was a lad.

It would also ease his sister’s mind, he knew, if he were there while she and Ian took off for a couple of days to Paris alone. Though, it wasn’t really necessary. Laoghaire, John and Meg would be there, too. This further widened the circle around Faith of those who knew the story. But the Murrays had known Jamie and Jenny their whole lives and stood as particular friends to Brian and Ellen.

As part of the slide show, Jamie wanted to include pictures of Faith. He’d asked Claire what she had that he could use. Claire shared her digital album. The folder contained about three hundred pictures of Faith but only  two dozen of Claire herself growing up.

There were three of Claire with her mother, all taken somewhere between the toddler and preschool years. Her mother was quite beautiful. Lithe and feminine. In the black and white saturation, Jamie got only a hint of what her natural coloring would be.  There was a gap with no pictures from Claire’s infancy and none of her father at all.

Then starting at about the first grade time period, several pictures appeared with Claire and a gentleman he assumed was Lamb. Yet none were taken in a conventional English setting. The backgrounds varied, he saw desert landscapes, mountainous regions and lush forests. In some pictures it was just Claire, in others she was part of larger groups. In her teenaged years she looked slightly uncomfortable caught in the camera’s lens.  

There was a picture of Claire on what had to be her wedding day to Frank judging by the boutonnieres in his and Lamb’s lapels. She looked heartbreakingly young and …. happy. Radiant if he allowed himself to be honest. He tried not to focus too much on the ones of her life with Frank but he couldn’t seem to help himself. Jamie rolled through these quickly, slowing down near the end of the folder.

There was one picture of Frank holding a positive pregnancy test, grinning from ear to ear. One of Claire’s flat belly with an ultrasound wand rolling in goop and, in the distance, a computer monitor too far away to show anything. Sadly, she seemed to have only of herself really pregnant. It was of her and Gayle at some reception. He loved how clearly the picture showed the outline of her beautiful belly, fabric stretched tight.

“Da, I’m done!” Faith announced coming into the living room trailed by Adso.

“Ah. Did ye remember to fill the water dish?” Jamie inquired.  

Faith gestured to her wet pants where she clearly spilled water in the attempt.

“Uh-huh.” She confirmed.

Jamie smiled and turned her show on, conveniently allowing him to finish up the project for Jenny and Ian.

He copied six of Claire’s pictures for what he needed and added a few more he’d taken of the three of them, of Claire and Faith at Lallybroch and of himself and Faith as well. Then it hit him. He ran through the pictures one more time to be sure. There were almost no pictures of just Claire and Faith between the time she was born and the time he met them. Every other picture was Faith alone or together with other people. He recognized Joe, some of the other children at the daycare, a terrific one with the nurses in the NICU.

He felt again that sudden fury at Frank Randall, no doubt exacerbated by seeing proof of the fact that at one point in time, he’d made her happy and they’d built a life together. Jamie knew it was irrational but he also knew his feelings arose from more than just jealousy. How would his daughter feel when she looked back as an adult and had such a spartan record of her own beginning?  

He transferred all the pictures he had to Claire’s folder and then immediately ordered a real photo book for Claire full of the best pictures from both of their collections. Jamie vowed to do a better job creating such memories in the future, helping Claire tell Faith the story of her family.

He was just finishing up when his phone started pinging. When he counted five in quick succession he knew something had happened. With a sense of dread he opened the text.

Slainte Founder Dating Mystery Woman

Jamie Fraser, Entrepreneur of the Year, Done Playing the Field?

Who’s That Girl Woman?

His heart sank. All three of the biggest papers had the photo. The last headline was from The Daily Mirror, with a Jack Randall byline and trotted out a chorus line of the sweet young things that were, prior to meeting Claire, his “go to” choice for public appearances. They were all from a local modeling agency that Slainte had a reciprocal marketing agreement with. The headline was deliberately baiting but if he were honest, Jamie would admit there was some truth to it.

The women were usually around ten years younger than he. That had more to do with the fact that models started careers in their late teens and early twenties and not due to any preferences of his. Jamie had never dated a single one of the ladies he was paired up with. Usually the arrangement was  a two-four appearance deal with the model. It worked well. There was never any expectation of a real relationship and the press scrutiny was never an invasion of privacy since both parties wanted the exposure.

Jamie “read” all three of the articles, each less than 100 words and then sent a couple of texts out to Fergus and Murtagh concerning “damage control.” It was a very good thing they would be leaving in the morning and out of town for awhile.

Jamie was already making dinner by the time he realized he hadn’t warned Claire about the articles. If anyone had contacted the papers tipping them to her identity, she’d be caught unaware. He tried calling but her phone went right to VM. He sent a text and an email. Shit!

As dinner baked away in the oven, Jamie did his best not dwell on the fact that he hadn’t heard from Claire. He didn’t get worried until the food was cooked, oven off and Faith started to complain about being hungry. He grabbed crackers and a sweater.

“Come mo nighean, let’s take a ride and go your mother.”

Jamie opened the door, ushering Faith out in front of him. He crashed into her less than ten steps with an “Omph!” throwing his hand out to keep her on her feet.


Jamie spun his head following Faith’s line of sight.


Claire was in a crouch position, scrambling quickly to her feet and wiping her eyes as she rose. He watched as she forced a smile on her face.

“Oh, Faith.  How are you?” Her voice sounded unnaturally loud and patently chipper and she would not look at him.

So, She’d seen the headlines.  His stomach curdled. As gently as a man holding nitroglycerin, Jamie carefully ushered her into the flat.  

“We were going to come get you, I’m hungry!” Faith told her.

“Well, then let’s go see what Da has made for supper.” Claire deliberately kept abreast of Faith, forcing Jamie to silently follow in their wake.

As he entered the kitchen Claire’s back was to him getting the food served. When she turned around her expression was grim and her eyes had a haunted look to them. He took the plates from her hands, placed Faith’s down, then theirs.

“Dinna stand on ceremony, Faith, dig in.” He instructed her then spun back quick as lightning and grabbed the countertop behind Claire. Neatly trapped, she was forced to stand still.

Jamie brought his head in close to her and whispered, “I’m sorry, Claire.”

She had a moment of clarity when she realized what he’d been thinking. She felt the soothing warmth of his body next to hers and moved her arms behind her, palming the backs of his hands in her own, leaning her body into his.

Joined, hands to hearts, Jamie’s nervous system relaxed instantly. He pressed his arms tight to her as her fingers squeezed his. She notched her chin against his shoulder.

“Not your fault.” She told him.

He sighed audibly and kissed the side of her head.

“Are you ok?” Jamie pulled back, wanting to look at her face.

Claire gave him a soft half-smile. “Later,” she promised.

Jamie had always been impressed with Claire’s ability to shelf the day’s troubles and focus on Faith. She engaged in small talk and kept Faith chattering away through the meal. She barely touched her food, though and her smile never reached her eyes.

Just as they were finishing up the landline rang. It was a shrill and unwelcome sound. Faith leapt from her chair and bolted for the handset.

“No Faith, don’t!” Claire exclaimed.

She shot Jamie a panicked look and ran after their daughter. She wasn’t quick enough, Faith was bringing the phone to her ear and Claire visibly reacted to the sound of the voice on the other end. She made a sudden grab of the handset and kept pulling until the phone detached from its mooring in a puff of drywall, leaving a mark in it’s wake. Faith let up a huge wail, badly frightened. Somewhere in the distance, she heard the phone start to ring again.


“Don’t answer it.” Claire said as she dropped down by Faith to offer her some comfort.

Jamie was half listening to Claire’s soothing apologies to Faith, but he was intent on getting to the bedroom phone to play back the message.

“Dr. Randall, I know you are there. We both know you are hiding something. My cousin gave me all your contact info. You know how persistent I can be.” A pause and then in a much harsher tone he heard, “You also know that the truth carries a weight no lie can counterfeit. Either you can cooperate with me, or I shall be forced to use methods less pleasant than talk. Call me back.” He rattled off a series of numbers which Jamie didn’t bother to write down. Black Jack Randall. So he and Frank were related.

Jamie’s hands were involuntarily clenched in a tight fist. Fucking bastard! He forced himself to relax and uncurl his fingers. He walked into the hall and, seeing Claire occupied with Faith in the kitchen, quietly shut the door and placed a series of phone calls himself.

Faith was helping Claire at the sink but Jamie could see her hands were shaking as they passed the dishes under the faucet. He plucked the plate from her hands and turned the water off. As they made eye contact she shook her head imperceptibly. She wasn’t up to talking.  

He held her gaze then announced, “Faith, lass change of plans. We’re going to surprise Uncan and Aunt Jenny by driving up to Lallybroch tonight. Can you make sure to put Adso’s toys in that wee bag in your room?” Faith’s eyes got big and she let out a shout of glee.

“Adso and Kitty and Maggie!” Faith ran off to do as he asked.

The second Faith was down the hall, Claire’s body slumped into him and she let out a grateful sigh.

“Sassenach?” He ventured. “Just get yer things together. Faith is all packed up and I dinna need much. I’ll get started on loading the car.”

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Marrissey Quotes to sob over

Your welcome…

“It’s no secret that I would be on the next bus to his house.”— Morrissey, 1990, upon being asked ‘If Johnny phoned and asked to work with you again, what would you say? ‘

“He is painfully shy,” emphasises Johnny Marr. “You’ve got to understand that. We all look out for Morrissey. It’s a very brotherly feeling. When we first rehearsed, I’d have done anything for him. And as a person Morrissey is really capable of a truly loving relationship. Every day he’s so open, so romantic and sensitive to other people’s emotions.”  Johnny Marr, 1985

“He was different with me than he was with everybody else. I couldn’t have given my music to anybody - anybody else, and he appreciated it more, because he just fell in love with it, and that went on all the way through the band. In many ways he was my biggest fan really.”
— Johnny Marr on Morrissey

“We really were swept away by passion for what we were about to embark upon. I remember talking about the New York Dolls’ album cover photograph on the very first day we got together - should we sprawl all over each other in photos like they did? Without sounding too pretentious, the two of us were able to project onto each other and into the ether, everything in us that had been suppressed for years. There was a lot of shouting “yeah!” at each other, great, passionate agreement: “Yeah, that’s what I want to do too…”— Johnny Marr, 2004, reflecting upon the day he met Morrissey.

“He is painfully shy,” emphasises Johnny Marr. “You’ve got to understand that. We all look out for Morrissey. It’s a very brotherly feeling. When we first rehearsed, I’d have done anything for him. And as a person Morrissey is really capable of a truly loving relationship. Every day he’s so open, so romantic and sensitive to other people’s emotions.”  Johnny Marr, 1985

“Obviously with Johnny, I feel very defensive about our relationship. Some things have to be shielded, but the dedication I feel to him is quite solid and impregnable.”   Morrissey.

“There’s a lot of our relationship in those songs. That’s not to say the words are about our relationship, but the feeling in the recordings and some of the songs are a product of our relationship because we are so wrapped up in each other.”
— Johnny Marr on working with Morrissey

“He appeared at a time when I was deeper than the depths, if you like. And he provided me with this massive energy boost. I could feel Johnny’s energy just seething inside of me.”  Morrissey.

“The relationship between me and Morrissey is the best in the group, of the four of us. I still see him now. I called him last night. Last time I saw him was a couple of days before he went in to do his recent album. We let a bored media get the better of us, but there’s always been a certain telepathy between us even when we didn’t see each other. We played a game with the press and they played with us, but it’s not true life. No, we’re friends.”
— Johnny Marr, 1993.

“He appeared at a time when I was deeper than the depths, if you like. And he provided me with this massive energy boost. I could feel Johnny’s energy just seething inside of me.”

Smash Hits: What would you do if you could be invisible for a day?
Johnny Marr: I think I’d just follow Morrissey around and see what he gets up to when he disappears…

“ We actually got together a few times. We went for a walk in the country, we went out to dinner one night and later we just went for a long drive. It was really good to see each other away from any scenes. Like everyone, in private we’re quite different characters. I know the real Morrissey and he knows the real me. "   Johnny Marr quote

” We really were swept away by passion for what we were about to embark upon. I remember talking about the New York Dolls’ album cover photograph on the very first day we got together - should we sprawl all over each other in photos like they did? Without sounding too pretentious, the two of us were able to project onto each other and into the ether, everything in us that had been suppressed for years. There was a lot of shouting “yeah!” at each other, great, passionate agreement: “Yeah, that’s what I want to do too… “ 'There was a sense that we’d really found each other. We really admired each other and wanted to spend every minute of the day with each other.‘   Johnny Marr, about meeting Morrissey.

“Only he and I know that something like a fight or a difference in lifestyles or court cases or who said what in the press about who, or what fans might say, is pretty small change compared to the connection we have. It’s very deep. In short, there’s a very big part of him that I understand. And he knows it.'  Johnny Marr.

“It was a special musical relationship. And those are few and far between. For Johnny and I it won’t come again. I think he knows that and I know it. The Smiths had the best of Johnny and me. Those were definitely *the* days.”  Morrissey

“We were totally excited about where we were going to go, and we were falling over ourselves with ideas. Looking back on it now, it’s an almost even stranger set of circumstances, that the two talents fitted together like a hand in glove. There, I’ve said it. I don’t think I’m the only one who could imagine that song being about Morrissey and myself. It certainly did describe our relationship, and was born out of that new relationship.  Johnny Marr

‘It got to the stage where I was so impressed and infatuated, that even if he couldn’t play, it really didn’t matter…’  Morrissey

“So much has been made of that first meeting with Morrissey, but I suppose that looking back at it, it must have been the attraction of opposites. Like, he is a very tidy person and very organised and that was a bit of a shock to me, plus I had never seen so many books in the one room. I had certainly never met anyone like him and it still intrigues me why he was interested in JM. I’m still a little puzzled. Still a little confused. Because a lot about us is really very different. Like I am quite into rock ‘n’ roll and he has obviously nothing at all to do with it. I did say before that I think he needs a good humping and I really believe that. I tell him that about three times a week so you can see that there is a lot more humour in the relationship than everyone thinks. He is certainly the funniest person I know.”
— Johnny Marr, 1985.

“I am shaken when I hear Johnny play guitar, because he is quite obviously gifted and almost unnaturally multi-talented. Since he shows an exact perspective on all things, I can’t help but wonder: What is he doing here with me? Formulating writing systems and mapping out how best to blend our dual natures – here, against the hiss of the paraffin lamp, and me wrapped in the sanctity of an enormous overcoat acquired in a Denver charity shop for $5. Why has Johnny not already sprayed his mark – elsewhere, with others less scarred and less complicated than I am? It seemed to me that Johnny had enough spark and determination to push his way in amongst Manchester’s headhunters – yet here he was, with someone whose natural bearing discouraged openness. Stranger still, we get on very well. It is a matter of finding yourself in possession of the one vital facet that the other lacks, but needs.” Morrissey (Autobiography)

Q: Do you love Johnny Marr? 

Morrissey: “Yes… that’s not a hard one. I loved and love Johnny Marr.” (Q, 1994).

“The thing that brought us really close together is the essence of why Morrissey lives his life and why I live my life.Without the art of pop music and pop culture, life doesn’t make any sense. It was a pretty serious, deep need. It wasn’t just the need to escape our social situation, because underneath it all, one of the things that makes us the same is that we’re both incredibly sensitive. There was this burden with serious mental problems that were taken care of by records.”— Johnny Marr 

“After the first meeting [with Morrissey] we really couldn’t get together often enough” says Marr. “It was a few times a week. We got a hell of a lot done in that first month”. They were, Marr admits, in awe of one another’s potential. “He and I almost had this unspoken relationship where we were both able to be ourselves but we both knew how important we were to each other. What shouldn’t be forgotten is that we really, really liked each other. It wasn’t some business arrangement or relationship of convenience. There was intrigue and understanding because as different as we were, the thing that was paramount inside each of us was pop records and that absolute promise of escape. And he understood that without us ever having to talk about it”. (Simon Goddard)

"We Loved Each Other” - Johnny Marr

“Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together” was written with Johnny Marr in mind and it is the only song I have written with him in mind, post-smiths.“   Morrissey - Mojo Magazine 2002

"Sometimes, I think all he needs is a good humping”   Johnny Marr about Morrissey

anonymous asked:

And what makes you so sure, honestly? Like, besides the over the top photoshop theories, what makes you think he's not his baby? I know some of you talk about how Liam talks about bear vs how Louis talks about Freddie, but you need to realize that there's not a formula on how to talk about your kid, every parent is different! And my main question is: why the hell would they make him have a fake baby??? Do you really think Louis (and his family) would be cool and play along with that???

What makes me so sure? *cracks knuckles*

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September 14, 2001

The September 11 attacks of 2001 happened on a Tuesday. At the time, I was still living in Connecticut (adjacent to New York state). I’d had plans to be in Michigan at the end of the week. With all U.S. commercial flights grounded, however, that wasn’t going to happen.

Since I had the day off from work anyway, I hopped on the Metro-North train into Manhattan (1.5 hours away) that Friday. Fledgling photographer that I was, I took my very first camera with me, a Minolta film SLR.

The surrealism started at the train station in New Haven. What would normally be a crowded morning commute train was in fact barren of people. No one in their right mind was going into New York City at this time.

Walking around in Manhattan was otherworldly; fighter jets roaming the skies overhead, groups of soldiers on street corners. I remember a firetruck slowly passing by, with dejected looking firefighters silently riding along. Everywhere there were clumps of flower and candle memorials on sidewalks, and makeshift bulletin boards with flyers for missing loved ones.

The photographs here aren’t the greatest, but hopefully can convey some sense of what it was like in the aftermath of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack.


A/N: This is for the anon who requested for model!dino ^^ I would also like to address one thing when you’re requesting and it’s being polite when you do it.. I’m honestly super happy when someone requests me to write something but asking nicely actually makes authors feel more appreciated and motivated. I hope I don’t sound rude bc I do feel that respect and being polite is super important :) Thank you for the request, tho! I’m glad you requested for Chan bc my boy needs more loving. As usual, I hope you all enjoy~

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  • So you’re a young aspiring photographer
  • You haven’t really made a big name for yourself, but you’re really going up the ranks for your unique take on photography
  • One day, you finally landed yourself a big gig
  • One of your designer friends called you up about her new clothing line and she wanted you to be their very first photographer!!!
  • So of course you said yes because this! is! finally! it!
  • Your big break!!!
  • But then your friend’s like “Oh yeah, a little detail: Lee Chan is going to be our model ;)”
  • And you’re like ‘w hat
  • Bc your friend knows you’re kind of a fan? An admirer of some sort? Of Lee Chan, a rising young model
  • Like, sometimes you both would go through magazines together and every time there’s Chan on a spread, you would often rave on how cool he looked in them
  • And when you walk on the streets, you would sometimes see him in advertisements with his broody and smouldering look
  • And sometimes it would fluster you bc ‘how could someone so young looks so mature at the same time?’
  • Science side of Tumblr, pls explain
  • So it made sense that you’re really excited about this photoshoot
  • So when the day of the photoshoot came, you made sure to dress especially nice since you’ve been really looking forward to this day!
  • When you reached the studio, there were a lot of people on the set but the one who caught your eyes was him
  • Lee Chan
  • You could feel your heart race a little faster at the sight of him bc wow, you’re actually going to work with this guy?
  • He looks so much more handsome in person tbh
  • “Hi, I’m Y/N and I’ll be your photographer of the day,” you smiled
  • “Hey, I’m Chan. I’m actually a big fan of your work!”
  • What? Him? A fan??? Aaaa
  • You, of course, were freaking out in the inside and you felt as if your life had led up to this moment
  • But Chan wasn’t kidding when he said that he liked your work
  • While your works are still few and far in between, given that you’re still making a name for yourself in the industry, your degree or artistry was undeniable
  • And when he heard that he was going to work with you, he didn’t know what to expect??
  • He didn’t expect you to be this young and this cute
  • ‘Act professional, Y/N. Act professional’ you chanted.
  • So you pretended as if you didn’t just have a fangirl moment and you’re like “Ah yes, yes, thank you! I love your works, too!” and you both proceeded with the photo shoot
  • Watching Chan work was like magic
  • He was such a great model and he made your life 101% easier bc clearly, he knows how to look good in front of the camera?
  • Like, sometimes the model could be super awkward and doesn’t know how to pose in front of a camera and you’d have to jump in to rescue them
  • And while it was no problem with you, sometimes the pictures wouldn’t come out as good as it could’ve been if the model had known what to do
  • And honestly the models really makes a difference
  • But Chan was a natural
  • You didn’t need to guide him much and it was as if he owned the floor
  • You finally called for a break and went out to check for the results
  • But when you did, you found the pictures came out quite unsatisfying? You felt as though there’s something missing…
  • The photoshoot was meant for a local clothing line catering to young-adults and was supposed to appeal to the youngin’s y’know
  • But in the picture, Dino looks kinda stiff?
  • He looked too broody and was kinda missing that zest lol
  • And Chan noticed the frown on your face and he’s like ‘Oh no, did I do something wrong :(“
  • You’re like “No! No! It’s just that…maybe you can smile?”
  • Chan was a little confused bc smile? Why would he smile?
  • No photographer has ever asked him to smile in a photoshoot before so why now?
  • But you’re like “Just do it!!”
  • So he smiled
  • And by God, if it’s not the most beautiful thing you’ve seen all week? Or maybe your entire life?
  • His smile was so bright, so boyish and he looked his age
  • His demeanor completely changed and you can finally confirm that he’s just a boy deep inside
  • The duality of a man tbh
  • You kinda felt your heart skip a beat and you’re like
  • “Yeah! That’s it! That’s what I’m talking about!”
  • And as Chan started to go through pose by pose, you couldn’t help but find him more and more attractive???
  • And you might not know it but he’s actually having fun!
  • He’d never thought he’d have this much fun modeling for a photo shoot
  • Usually he saw it as strictly business but with you? It’s different
  • His smile was completely genuine, partly bc it’s really amusing to watch you try to get good angles of him while throwing out commentaries like there’s no tomorrow
  • “Yeess, work it, Chan.”
  • “You’re doing great, sweetie.”
  • “Vogue.”
  • “yAAsSS.”
  • Watching you concentrate and work to get the best angles out of him was really something else and he could clearly see your passion and determination you put into your work
  • It definitely made you even cuter in his eyes but you didn’t hear that from him
  • Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun and before you know it, the photoshoot was coming to an end
  • You were pretty bummed about but also excited because the pictures came out aMAzing
  • You went to show him the pictures and he’s like
  • “Heh, I like it.”
  • ‘And you.’ but he didn’t actually say that
  • And you’re beaming bc he! likes it!
  • “You’re really handsome when you smile,” you blurted.
  • It was too late when you realized what you might’ve implied and he’s blushing bc
  • ‘Did they just call me..cute???’
  • So you’re like “Not that you’re not handsome when you’re not smiling!!! It’s just that–your smile! It’s–ugh.”
  • What a mess.
  • But also you have the right to be a mess bc I can confirm you that Chan’s smile irl really was a sight for sore eyes
  • It was kinda awkward for a second and Chan was shyly scratching the back of his neck as he looked at you through his eyelashes and said
  • “You look pretty when you smile, too.”
  • And you couldn’t help hiding your smile as the sudden heat crept onto your neck
  • Chan had enough of the awkwardness and kinda went
  • “So.. are you free after this? Do you wanna get some coffee? I mean, if you want to. And doesn’t have to be coffee. You can pick-”
  • And the poor guy started rambling and it’s kinda cute but also, he needs to stop so you cut him off
  • “Yes, I would like to get some coffee. I’m free after this so maybe we can go have dinner?”
  • And inside, he was a little stunned bc he didn’t really expect you to say yes so easily? He thought you were cool and here you were, accepting his offer to take you out
  • He felt like the luckiest guy and he couldn’t help the grin that stretched onto his face
  • And you almost wanted to hit him bc there it is again!!! That grin!!!
  • If anything, the butterflies in your stomach got a little bit crazier
  • And he’s like “Yes, yes, let’s go eat some dinner! I’ll pay!”
  • What a gentleman
  • And that’s how you end up going out with Chan and your designer friend totally did not set you up on purpose, definitely not.

On May 15, 1967, Paul McCartney was out on the town.

PAUL: The night I met Linda I was in the Bag O'Nails [nightclub] watching Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames play a great set. Speedy was banging away. She was there with the Animals, who she knew from photographing them in New York. They were sitting a couple of alcoves down, near the stage. The band had finished and they got up to either leave or go for a drink or a pee or something, and she passed our table. I was near the edge and stood up just as she was passing, blocking her exit. And so I said, ‘Oh, sorry. Hi. How are you? How’re you doing?’ I introduced myself, and said, 'We’re going on to another club after this, would you like to join us?' 

That was my big pulling line! Well, I’d never used it before, of course, but it worked this time! It was a fairly slim chance but it worked. She said, 'Yes, okay, we’ll go on. How shall we do it?’ I forget how we did it, 'You come in our car’ or whatever, and we all went on, the people I was with, and the Animals, we went on to the Speakeasy. 

It was the first evening any of us had ever heard a record called 'A Whiter Shade of Pale’ with words about feeling seasick. The lyrics were all very strange and poetic and the theme was a famous Bach theme but we didn’t know that. We just thought, God, what an incredible record! It was a sort of marker record. It was a benchmark. And we were all trying to guess who it was. So we had to go to the booth and ask, 'What was that one you just played?’ and he said, 'Oh yes, “Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum.’ 'Procol what? Is it Latin or something?’ And there were rumors went around about what that meant. So all the mystery of the evening.

LINDA: I first met Paul at the Bag O'Nails. The Animals were old friends because I’d photographed them so much in New York, so when I came to London they took me out; and we went to see Georgie Fame at the Bag O'Nails. And that’s where Paul and I met. We flirted a bit, and then it was time for me to go back with them and Paul said, 'Well, we’re going to another club. You want to come?’ I remember everybody at the table heard 'A Whiter Shade of Pale’ that night for the first time and we all thought, Who is that? Stevie Winwood? We all said Stevie. The minute that record came out, you just knew you loved it. That’s when we actually met. Then we went back to his house. We were in the Mini with I think Lulu and Dudley Edwards, who painted Paul’s piano; Paul was giving him a lift home. I was impressed to see his Magrittes.

They met again four days later at the launch party for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, an exclusive affair for a dozen journalists and a dozen photographers held at manager Brian Epstein’s house at 24 Chapel Street, Belgravia. Linda Eastman was in London to take photographs for a book called Rock and Other Four Letter Words on which she was collaborating with the journalist J. Marks.

LINDA: So we were in London to take pictures for this book. I’d always wanted to photograph Stevie Winwood because I loved Spencer Davis, I loved Stevie Winwood, and the Beatles. I’d pretty much photographed everybody else. But it was up to me, it’s not like Marks rang up people and said, 'I’m with Bantam Books. We want to take your picture.’ Nothing was organised, so I had to do it. I took my portfolio around to NEMS at Hille House, and Peter Brown looked at it. I’d met Peter when he and Brian Epstein came to New York, we had mutual friends. So I took my portfolio and asked him to show it to Brian. Brian liked it a lot and wanted to buy some of the pictures, which I loved. I gave them to him in the end. He said, 'Yes, you can photograph the Beatles.’ So I got to go to this press conference at Brian’s house for Sgt. Pepper. I got one good photo that I liked, which is that thumbs-up one. The rest are just like everyone else’s photographs, but for that one I said, 'Oh, come on, guys! You know?’ and that shows at least they were relating, because if you believe the press you’d never think John and Paul ever related.

(Quotes from Barry Miles’ Many Years From Now). The above photo was taken at the launch party by a press agency photographer and is the very first photo of Paul, then 24, and Linda, 25, together. They would not reconnect until a year later in America (in May 1968) and four months after that, would move in together. They married on March 12, 1969 and remained so until Linda’s untimely death from breast cancer on April 17, 1998. 

Four children and 30 years of marriage - and it all started 50 years ago at 9 Kingly Street. 


Sumerian Silver Lyre, from Ur, southern Iraq, c. 2600-2400 BC

This lyre was found in the ‘Great Death-Pit’, one of the graves in the Royal Cemetery at Ur. The burial in the Great Death-Pit was accompanied by seventy-four bodies - six men and sixty-eight women -laid down in rows on the floor of the pit. Three lyres were piled one on top of another. They were all made from wood which had decayed by the time they were excavated, but two of them, of which this is one, were entirely covered in sheet silver attached by small silver nails. The plaques down the front of the sounding box are made of shell. The silver cow’s head decorating the front has inlaid eyes of shell and lapis lazuli. The edges of the sound box have a narrow border of shell and lapis lazuli inlay.

When found, the lyre lay in the soil. The metal was very brittle and the uprights were squashed flat. First it was photographed, and then covered in wax and waxed cloth to hold it together for lifting. The silver on the top and back edge of the sounding box had been destroyed. Some of the silver preserved the impression of matting on which it must have originally lain. Eleven silver tubes acted as the tuning pegs.

Such instruments were probably important parts of rituals at court and temple. There are representations of lyre players and their instruments on cylinder seals, and on the Standard of Ur being played alongside a possible singer.

August 21, 2000:

After months of speculations about the cast of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ (“Sorcerer’s” for the Americans), we finally learnt the names of the trio who would be playing Harry, Ron and Hermione.

The media obviously focused on Daniel Radcliffe so all we knew about Emma (and Rupert Grint) then was that she was “a newcomer who has only performed in school plays”

For the occasion, the trio got their very first photoshoot all together, photographed by Terry O'Neill.

Analysis of VKM11

If the last few chapters were a vision of angst, this chapter definitely took things to the opposite end of the spectrum with it’s comical expressions, overreactions and a return to a Kaien Cross we haven’t seen much of since the first arc. It seems Ai has picked up on her mother’s habit of jumping in and out of windows, as she wakes up early from her slumber to check on the “idiot chairman” who milks his illness for all its worth, although no one ever actually says he’s dying. (I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t had any cold symptoms in a hundred years.)

Although this felt more like a bonus chapter than a part of our main story, I do think there were some interesting things to take away from this chapter that I wanted to talk about. This chapter felt an awful lot like the calm before the storm, and perhaps a final tribute to a character who may have just been marked for death.

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External image

- character/props/item : Guru-Guru  
- game : Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask
- maker or cosplayer : Alessandro Pereira (Myself)
- photographer :  cosgamerbrasil
- website links :
- comment : My very first and only cosplay to date, it took me a looooooooooooong time to completely finish it since i wanted it to be 100% accurate to the game, this cosplay got a manual crank mechanism and a sound system that plays both normal and sped up song of storms and a self made papercraft head which i can swap Guru-Guru’s face between happy and angry

the only “drawback” of this cosplay is the fact that the whole costume weights about 90 pounds… 

Kudos from Brazil :D


Top 15 Hobbit cast members as voted by fans: Number one 

“I think it’d be interesting looking back through the footage that you have. I imagine it would be quite hard to find me in any of that behind the scenes footage because I certainly actively avoided those cameras. Even in the very first photograph of the Dwarves, for some reason I’m hiding in the back behind someone’s shoulder. Because I just didn’t know whether I could do this; I really didn’t know whether I could fill these boots. I thought I might be on my way home, so I just didn’t wanna to put myself forward until I’d understood what the character was. I love this book. I read it when I was seven years old. So I felt the weight of kingship and of responsibility, which was both mine and Thorin’s.” - Richard Armitage

anonymous asked:

Hey! Can you do RFA+ V + Unknown headcannons were they are just walking down the street and the reader sees Rika (ITS A THEORY BUT I DONT THINK SHES DEAD) and runs off after her and just a little story/ reaction/ response please?? THANK YOU!! LOTS O LOVE

Oh man, be careful for spoilers on this blog!! I’d hate to confirm/deny anything for you. I’ll write this as spoiler-free as possible, okay~? Thank you for the request. <3<3


  • The both of you are eating fish cakes at a street festival when you see just a glimpse of her blonde hair as she turns the corner. You stop dead, barely sure what you saw - it couldn’t be her, right? How would you even recognize her? All you’ve seen are a few photos on the messenger and in the photo albums at Yoosung’s apartment.
  • You’re running anyway before you really realize it, weaving through the crowd and reaching desperately for her. Yoosung’s here, she’d want to see him, right? Maybe she’s looking for him? He’d be so happy if he could see her! You just need to catch her! 
  • You lose her in the crowd, and get lost yourself, among a huge throng of people and clutching onto this stupid fish-stick as the anxiety builds in your throat. Oh no, where is she? Where is she?
  • Where’s Yoosung? God, he’s going to be so disappointed.
  • You try looking for a little more - uselessly, aimlessly  - and then you heard Yoosung shouting from somewhere. You call in reply, and he’s pushing through two people a moment later, reaching out desperately for your hand.
  • He takes it, and you stare at him in confusion. Why’d you run off like that? he says, tearing up a bit because even though he hated it, even though he wanted to be cool and mature, sometimes he still got so scared that he cried a little. What were you thinking?
  • The truth comes out before you can think about it. I thought I saw Rika. If I caught her, you could see her finally. You weren’t Rika, after all. You could never fill the Rika shaped hole in his life.
  • He looks down at you, not sure to react at first, but then - shockingly - he smiles. 
  • Rika must be an angel now, he says to you, patting your head. And she came down to heaven to see if I was happy. I’m so glad she could see me like this, even if it was just for a moment…
  • You throw your arms around him, because sometimes Yoosung is so cool.

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This weird fly was extremely difficult to photograph. First of all it was very small… Also, it’s body was so dark that my camera didn’t want to pick up much detail. I have seen one fly like this before, but I was unsure if it was half-eaten or something. I am going to submit it to Bug
If you have any clue as to what this guy is, please share! Wings and legs very transparent. It gives the illusion as if it’s a little body is floating. Very odd species!!! Found in Texas.

Update: Chrysopilus basilaris, Snipe fly family. Thank you to @britsnana2

This picture, taken in 1920, is of the Tsushima family. Dazai Osamu, his real name is Tsushima Shuuji, is standing second from the left. The opening lines of No Longer Human describe the story’s protagonist, Youzou, in a very similar picture:

      The first, a childhood photograph you might call it, shows him about the age of ten, a small boy surrounded by a great many women (his sisters and cousins, no doubt). He stands in brightly checked trousers by the edge of a garden pond. His head is tilted at an angle thirty degrees to the left, and his teeth are bared in an ugly smirk. Ugly? You may well question the word, for insensitive people (that is to say, those indifferent to matters of beauty and ugliness) would mechanically comment with a bland, vacuous expression, “What an adorable little boy!” It is quite true that what commonly passes for “adorable” is sufficiently present in this child’s face to give a modicum of meaning to the compliment. But I think that anyone who has ever been subjected to the least exposure to what makes for beauty would most likely toss the photograph to one side with the gesture employed in brushing away a caterpillar, and mutter in profound revulsion, “What a dreadful child!”
      Indeed, the more carefully you examine the child’s smiling face the more you feel an indescribable, unspeakable horror creeping over you. You see that it is actually not a smiling face at all. The boy has not a suggestion of a smile. Look at his tightly clenched fists if you want proof. No human being can smile with his fists doubled like that. It is a monkey. A grinning monkey-face. The smile is nothing more than a puckering of ugly wrinkles. The photograph reproduces an expression so freakish, and at the same time so unclean and even nauseating, that your impulse is to say, “What a wizened, hideous little boy!” I have never seen a child with such an unaccountable expression.

- Dazai Osamu, No Longer Human